17 August 2017

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 7 - Part 4

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

Kotarou is the boss.
Man up Yuuji!

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that my translation is 100% correct and I have very lousy English. Please correct me if I was wrong.

Bandou Tarou (坂東太郎)
Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 7. Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Farmer” to “Pioneer Group Leader”.
Part 4. Yuuji, Arrived at His First City in Another World

“Woof”, Kotarou made a short bark.
As if in respond to that , Kevin’s bodyguard who walked at the front called out to the group.

Everyone, there are monsters. We will deal with them, but please be vigilant just in case.(Bodyguard)

It was on the second day of their travel to the city after they had left Yuuji’s house.
Yuuji and Alice, who walked in the middle, stopped. Kevin the peddler was across from them, lined up with the second bodyguard who had been walking at the rear.

It seemed that the vanguard bodyguard would deal with the monsters while the other one would remain to guard Yuuji and the others.

Kevin-san, will he be fine alone? Alice and I can protect ourselves to some extent……(Yuuji)

Well, it should be alright. But you should prepare your weapons just in case.(Kevin)

Kevin didn’t seemed worried.
Despite Kevin’s advice, Yuuji hold up a black box in front of his face.
It was a camera.
So it would difficult to be broken or found out, the camera had been wrapped with cushion and conceal inside a wooden box. Of course, only the shutter button and the lens could be seen in plain sight.

The monsters that appeared were 5 goblins and 1 orc.
However, the bodyguard didn’t flinch after seeing their numbers and drew the two-handed blade that he carried on his back.
He would deal with them alone.

The man dashed towards the crowd of monsters.
The 5 goblins began to raise an alarm, “Gegyagegya”.

When they passed each other, the guard made the first sword slash, then the second, and the third.
Three goblins crumbled to the ground.
Without stopping, the guard rushed towards the orc.

The remaining 2 goblins that the guard had left alive, ran towards Yuuji’s group
The other bodyguard that was beside Yuuji and Kevin clicked his tongue. He drew two short swords from his left and right hip and stood before Yuuji and others. Perhaps because he was a dual wielder or because the enemies were goblins so one sword for each was enough.
He flashed the swords at the same time.
Without being able to do anything, the two goblins were quickly eliminated.

The remaining orc finally achieved its top speed.
It bent its waist and charged toward the man. Perhaps it wanted to ram him or do a shoulder tackle. To be rammed by a being almost 2 meters tall, the impact would be tremendous.

Yuuji put himself on guard as he was thinking that the guard would be blown away, but Kevin and the other guard didn’t look concerned at all.
For some reason, even Alice was cheering, “Go for it ojii-chan!” without any worries.
Kotarou was standing in front of Yuuji and others and observed the man’s battle. By the way, this dog didn’t make any move when the goblins appeared. It seemed that she knew the extent of the bodyguards’ abilities.

Just before he was about to be hit.
The man dodged to the left and slashed upwards with the sword in his hans.
After the orc took several steps forward, its feet tripped and it fell down.
It looks like the orc’s abdomen had been cut up with one slash.

The man slowly walked to the fallen orc and then held his swords up to finish it off.

“Waa, amazing!” admired Alice as she clapped her hands, so the man made a proud smile.
Kotarou made a look as if she was going to say, “Not bad.”[1]

Kevin-san…… Aren’t they so strong? Could it possibly be that this is the norm?(Yuuji)

No, I also think that they are quite strong. Compared to adventurers then they would perhaps belong to Rank 3 or Rank 4. The adventurers begin as Grade 10. Grade 8 and below is beginner. Grade 7 to Grade 5 is called as intermediate level with most adventurers belonging in this class. This might depend on the city size, but Premie only has 20 to 30 people with Grade 4 to Grade 3. Even if Grade 2 and Grade 1 are gathered, their number would be in a single digit. There is also a class called Special Grade. In this country there is only one person in the Capital who has this rank.(Kevin)

Kevin politely answered Yuuji’s question. Nevertheless, an adventurer’s Grade was just a rough estimate, it was based not only by strength but also their quest success rate or their credibility, as in their behavior. Kevin’s bodyguards were unexpectedly stronger than Yuuji thought.

Well, they aren’t registered as adventurers, since they are my company’s employees.(Kevin)

Originally, they were employees of the shop in the Capital that Kevin had apprenticed at and they were loaned to him up until now. However, since Kevin established a company in Prumie, he immediately employed them.

What a dangerous employee-san……(Yuuji)

Who heard Yuuji’s voice?
The bodyguards did. They turned towards Yuuji and made a wide wry smile.

It appears that they have a good sociability.

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

It was the noon of the fourth day after they started the journey to the city.
After encountering the monsters on the second day, their travelled progressed smoothly without any events.

If something could be said as different then on the second and third night, Yuuji asked the bodyguards to help him practice. Although they were only hitting each other with wooden sticks, it was a meaningful time for Yuuji. Or to be more correct, it was a meaningful time for Kotarou who watched Yuuji getting beaten up. It was as if she was doing an observational learning.

Yuuji-san, soon we will leave the forest and the city will come in sight. Let’s have our lunch there, then we will travel to the city without stopping.(Kevin)

Kevin called out to Yuuji.
Surely enough, the space between the trees opened up and the sunlight that entered the forest made the surroundings bright.
There were tree stumps here and there, so there were traces of human presence.
“I understand”, Yuuji answered with low voice. Alice was sleeping on the wooden rack that Yuuji carried on his back. He was being careful, so as to not wake her.

After walking for several tens of minutes.
The forest ended and the scenery widened.
It looked like they came out in a place of higher elevation than that of the surrounding area.
When he looked forward, he could see a city.

It was Yuuji’s first city after four years coming to this world.
It was Yuuji’s first city after fourteen years of being a hikiNEET.

Next to the forest edge, there were great expanse of grassland with gently sloping hills and dells.
After some distance, he could see developed farmlands.

At his right side he could see a flowing river.
Yuuji followed the river’s flow direction until the unbroken walls at the riverside caught his sight.
Its foundation was from stone while the top was made from wood. Since it was far away he couldn’t see the height precisely but it was about 4 or 5 meter walls.
Starting from the riverside, it continued like the curve of a great circle over the land.

The moat in front of the wall, filled with water taken from the river, was sparkling under the light of the sun.
In the middle of the moat there was a bridge and at its end, a gate.
It seemed that it was the entrance of the city.

Yuuji stood unmoving with his mouth widely opened. “Oooooooo”, at times a weird wail would leaked out of from his mouth. Perhaps he was assailed by a deep feeling of astonishment.
Kotarou stopped her feet and just took a good look at the scenery.
Alice who was sleeping in the wooden rack on Yuuji’s back began to squirm around. It seems that when Yuuji stopped, the swaying ceased and so she was awakened. “Ah, it’s the city! This is Alice’s first time in the city! Ehehe~, what kinds of things will there be?” She was in merry and frolicking. She was a girl that had a good mood after waking up.

Perhaps they were being considerate to Yuuji’s party.
Kevin and his guards stopped walking and searched for a good place to rest.
They would eat their lunch there.

Yuuji-san, since it will still be awhile until we arrive at the city, let’s have our lunch first here. Even if we walk slowly, we will arrive at the city before sundown.(Kevin)

Kevin words didn’t enter Yuuji’s ears at all, though.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

Ah, Kevin-san, welcome back. Please wait a moment. Captain, Captain!(Guard)

It had been about 2 hours since Yuuji saw the city for the first time. Finally, the party arrived at the gate. Yuuji was absentminded somehow while Alice was moving around to see the water moat or the wall in high spirits. They were watched over by Kotarou. What a woman who’s good at taking care of others. She is a dog, though.

The soldiers at the gate recognized Kevin for some reason. One of them quickly went inside the station and called out someone who looked like their Captain.

Good day, Captain-san. Just as I’d informed you, this is Alice-chan of Anfore Village and this is Yuuji-san that came to apply for Pioneer Citizenship.(Kevin)

Alice is Alice! 8 years old! Lived in Anfore Village!(Alice)

Perhaps because she realized that she was being introduced, Alice quickly made a self-introduction.
The stern man that was called as Captain softened his expression. It seemed that he was fond of children.

Oh, I see, Alice-chan’s good manners are commendable.(Captain)

The Captain squatted down until he was in Alice’s eyes level and praised her. Then he turned around and called out to his subordinates, “Hey!” Then a woman that held several ledger-like-things approached.

Alice-chan, could you have a talk with this onee-chan over there? Since it is necessary if Alice-chan wants to enter the city.(Captain)

It seemed that they had prepared this after Kevin had informed them before about a child survivor of Anfore Village. They were being lenient to the children.

Meanwhile, for Yuuji, the Captain asked his name, birthplace, and location of the planned Pioneer Land, and he wrote it down on the coarse paper in his hand. Then, Yuuji received a wooden tag from the Captain. Just as  he had discussed with Kevin beforehand, Yuuji lied about his birthplace. Kevin was not accompanying Alice but Yuuji and sometimes he covered for Yuuji.
By the way, this wooden tag was only effective for seven days, but if his Pioneer Citizen application was accepted then he could stay even after this period was over. If his application was rejected then he must return the wooden tag to the gate and leave the city. It was quite a strict rule.
It seemed there was no problem for Kotarou to enter the city. However, if she cause harm to other people then the master must be responsible and if it was a horrible case then he might be turned into a slave, so he must be careful. Yuuji was surprised when he was informed with this.

Anyway, after 30 minutes, Yuuji, Alice and Kotarou, were able to pass through the entrance gate into the city.

Finally, Yuuji was able to step his feet inside the city.
Then, Kevin, who was walking several steps ahead, turned around and then spread his arms wide. With a wide smile, he addressed Yuuji and the others.

Yuuji-san, Alice-chan, Kotarou-san. Welcome to the Pioneers Town, Premie!(Kevin)


Finally the city after 85 chapters? What is this? ZTJ?

[1] She said: “なかなかやるじゃない” Like a shounen manga chara. Wait she is just a dog, right?


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