03 August 2017

The Bad, The Evil and The Worse. Arc 1 - Chapter 3

Ian McDaniels
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Yukkuri Oniisan

The Bad, The Evil and The Worse
Arc 1 The Beginnings of Evil
Chapter 3 Jack Be Foolish, Jack Be RIP

“What the fuck is that?!” (Overboss Lieutenant 2)

“Dats ah fuqinDeffclah! Ow da fuqdehdehtgitehnheer?!” (Overboss Lieutenant 1)

“Who cares?! Just kill the damn thing!” (Overboss Jack)

Jack had gone from furious to panicked in a matter of moments. Deathclaws were Alpha Predators capable of tearing even the best suits of Power Armor to sheds and ripping apart entire towns. He had never had to face a Deathclaw without having a large amount of firepower to aid him or having set a trap for the animals but he knew from experience that a mature Deathclaw was trouble, even for five men in Power Armor. He had seen Deathclaws before, but none of them were as big as this one. If it faced the biggest Alpha Male he had ever seen, the Alpha Male wouldn’t even come up to its middle.

“Shitbiscuits! If I hadn’t left those Fiends outside I could have used them to slow down this thing!” Jack cursed in is head.

“I ain’t going down like this! Sorry, Jack! You’re on your own!” (Overboss Lieutenant 3)

As one of the Bosses ran, the Giant Deathclaw quickly caught up to him and with a swipe along the ground with one of its talons the runner had his legs removed, Powered Armor and all. It then picked him up and with a thunderous roar it threw him all the way across the Throne room and into a wall. As if he was a toy, the legless Boss bounced off the wall with a sickening crunch as his wildly flailing limbs caused the Powered Armor to over-act and snap his bones and shred his tissues. From within the crumpled and twisted wreck of metal, blood could be seen oozing out in great amounts. At the entire spectacle, Jack and the three remaining Bosses, we left with mouths agape and a horrible feeling that they would face the same fate very soon.

“Hey, hey, hey now…. I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot…”Overboss Lieutenant 4 was trying to get out of the impending massacre. He dropped his weapon and kneeled to Schwartz and asked, “L-look! I surrender! I’ll do what you want! You’ll spare me right? Right…?”

“You already made your choice, now you must endure the consequences. Besides, how many people have rejected your advances and mercy only to eventually beg for their lives? May I ask what you did to them?” (Schwartz)

“Damnit!!!!!!” yelled Boss #4 as he grabbed his LMG and tried to aim.

“Fool.” (Schwartz)

Boss #4 was suddenly several meters in the air. He was convinced that the Deathclaw had thrown him, but soon realized he was floating in place. His body was covered in a light blue glow and Schwartz was pointing at him with two fingers. As Schwartz pointed his two fingers to his left, Boss #4 flew at high speed to his right, smashing into the wall. Schwartz began to quickly point in different directions and Boss #4 quickly lost consciousness and died as the g-forces and kinetic trauma overwhelmed him and his brain experienced hundreds of concussions in an extremely short amount of time. With a final gesture, Boss #4’s lifeless body smashed into the ground at Jack’s feet.

“That was one of my many abilities, [Telekinesis EX]. Here is another one, [Graviton Flux]…” (Schwartz)

As soon as he said [Graviton Flux], the remaining Bosses and Jack were pulled to the ground by a massive force, as if the gravitational forces that applied to them alone had multiplied exponentially. To make matters worse, it was painfully apparent that the force was increasing incrementally until at last they lay flat on the floor. Soon enough they began to hear a terrifying sound, the sound of their Power Armor beginning to buckle and crumple under the gravitational force equal to tens of earths.

“I forgot to mention, [Graviton Flux] affects things more intensely the heavier they are. You on your own aren’t that heavy, and amplifying the G-forces you experience will end this too quickly, so instead I used [Graviton Flux] on your armor. As a side effect, you feel some of the force, but not all of it. That is something to be both thankful for and angry about, seeing as if you were affected directly, you would have become red sludge by now.” (Schwartz)

As his Power Armor started to constrict his breathing, Jack cried out in agony.

“Please! Just END IT!” (Jack)

“Killing you quickly? Where would be the fun in that? No, you f*cked up, and you f*cked up big time. You led your subordinates into a death trap because you did not even bother to notice the numerous signs of danger. Your leadership is bad and you should feel bad. All those you have brought with you shall share your fate. Because of your inability to sense danger and your arrogance they will all die. Their blood, their pain, their deaths are on your hands. Now go to the void and come back as a Radroach or something!” (Schwartz)

At that moment, Jack heard the crunch of his lieutenants being crushed in their armor. Immediately afterwards, he was levitating in the air and an ocean of scrap metal was on the floor. The scrap metal began to float around him for a moment before being drawn to him like a magnet. As more and more chunks of metal began pressing against him he began to feel pressure rivaling the effects of [Graviton Flux]. Soon enough, all he could see was black as the metal had formed a 4-meter-thick spherical coffin of iron, copper, tin and steel around him. As Jack took his final breaths he cursed everyone but himself. He cursed his lieutenants for not being strong enough. He cursed his Raiders for not coming in after him. But most of all, he cursed his daughter for not making his Power Armor strong enough to kill that monster, Schwartz.

Jack died as he lived, blaming everyone else for his own problems and mistakes.


“Hey, there’s literally nothing here save buildings and infrastructure!” (Anonymous Raider 1)

“Where were the chems we were promised?!” (Anonymous Fiend 1)

Outside the palace, things were quickly devolving into anarchy. Fiends and Raiders alike were turning on each other, everyone blaming and accusing everyone else of leading them by the nose. It looked like the great alliance of Overboss Jack was about to collapse into an orgy of infighting and self-destruction. That is, until the doors to the palace opened and an Unknown Man walked out with the broken remains of the 4 Overboss Lieutenants levitating alongside him. He held out his right hand and a 4-meter-wide ball made of various metals floated out the door to hover above him.

“These are the remains of your masters! They rejected my most gracious offer to serve me! As their pawns, their sin is your sin and your sin is their sin! If you curse anything or anyone in your final moments, curse them, as your deaths will be due to their rejection of my mercy and benevolence! Ripley, come and assist me in this little scuffle! As for you little children, ENTERAIN ME! LET THE SLAUGHTER COMMENCE!” (Unknown Man/ Schwartz)


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