18 August 2017

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 4 Chapter 1G (Temp)

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Enlightenment Arc
Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Cities G

Brad Joker is a Rebel Physician.

He was someone who practiced medical profession, but compared to the other healer in this continent, who use Light attribute magic (recovery magic by stimulating the body’s systems), he didn’t rely on magic, but instead healed the incurable diseases by using medical examination and surgery, the sole Surgeon in this country.

Without clinging to god (on this continent there was the idea that Light attribute magic is the god’s grace, especially in the Lunaria Orthodoxy, which regard this as sacred power), a person could be healed with another person’s power.

This is Brad’s credo. Brad wandered around the battlefields in many nations, collecting unidentified corpses from the battlefield and conducted autopsies on them, investigating every nook and cranny of the anatomy of various races. Then with anesthesia and skillful operation technique, he established his own unique surgery treatments. Furthermore, he also absorbed the Three Eyed Tribe’s knowledge without prejudice, and was even familiar with the existence of germs and effects of antibiotic, and incorporated them into his own skills.

His ability was even on such a level that he was called as the Hand of God (althought this sounds like sarcasm as Brad is a misotheist). Especially for diseases that couldn’t be healed using the conventional Light magic, such as tumors, which he could remove with ease. It was such an incredible feat.

Light alone does not heal the people. The dark, too, gives comfort to the people.

…… The way he said this was chuunibyou-ish, but I sympathized with his way of thinking, so I wanted to recruit him. However, it was by not using the normal rope(method). It was because,

The skill(surgery) that I have is required to save the people who lack any treatment or the people in lands without Light magicians. I have no interest in money or power.

……Was what he said. Then, how I could recruit him? Not with, Money or Power, but by baiting…… *cough*, Goodstransaction. To be definite, it was by promising him surgical tools like scalpels and suture needles from the best blacksmiths of this country and by establishing a public insurance system, so everyone could have inexpensive health care (although I already had wanted to establish it someday in the future). Then, he wouldn’t be working as my subordinates, as a cooperative partner instead, which was how I was finally able to secure his recruitment.

Presently, just like Hilde, he was the leader of this country’s healthcare system.

In the first place, his acts of collecting corpses from the battlefields and performing autopsies incited everyone’s disgust. In addition, in the medical world, he was treated as a complete nonconformist. So, the most troublesome part about recruiting him was removing the prejudice against him. The person himself had such an attitude that I couldn’t expect him to explain everything by himself. Since it couldn’t be helped, I made him examine the sick people amongst the influential and well-connected people in this country and let him cure their diseases, which had been previously thought of as incurable, so that his skill would be accepted by others.

Once they saw how effective his skill was, society’s evaluation on him made a roundabout turn. The number of healthcare personnel that wanted to learn surgery from him also increased. That’s why currently, he was given an extremely important position as the Healer Director while training new surgeons. Me being me, so that no “fake surgeons” who didn’t have any surgery skills could appear, I hurriedly issued the legislation for licensing surgeon practice (The license system would cover only surgery practice at first, but I plan to eventually include Light magic Healing and pharmaceutics).

◇ ◇ ◇

…… Who is the patient?(Hilde)

The moment she heard that it was an emergency, as if a switch inside her had been flipped, Hilde’s expression turned serious. It had perfectly turned into a doctor’s expression. As expected from a professional. Brad explained the situation.

A pregnant woman on this settlement. She already had break the water[1]. It wouldn’t be strange for her to give birth soon, however, the fetus position is bad. He lies sideways in the mother’s womb with his back facing the cervix.(Brad)
A transverse lie…… Another rare troublesome case……(Hilde)

I didn’t really understand what they were talking about, but it looked like a difficult delivery.

The midwife had given up.(Brad)
Naturally. Since the fetus would stuck in the pelvis. Normally, the mother or the baby…… Either one must be sacrificed. To save the mother and the baby means……(Hilde)
Yes…… No other way but to do a section.(Brad)

Section…… So they mean a Cesarean Section! However, Hilde made a troubled face.

…… Can we do it? I heard that the mother’s survival rate is only 20%, you know?(Hilde)
I had nailed the reason for the low survival rate.(Brad)
Oh? …… Then what is it?(Hilde)
Since they operate without you and I.(Brad)

Brad declared it as if this was an unshakeable truth. Hilde scowled at that arrogant remark.

It’s amazing how you can say those words without hesitation……(Hilde)
It’s the truth. Or more accurately, since they don’t possess my techniques and the Three Eyed Tribe’s knowledge of infection. Their method was just to simply cut the belly, take out the fetus, put the edges of the wound together and make the wound recover using Light magic. There is no anesthesia, so the mother will be in great pain. Since they don’t have a proper incision and suturing technique, the wound’s opening didn’t close properly even after using Light magic,d causing the mother to die from blood loss. And since they don’t have yje Three Eyed Tribe’s antibiotics, it would be very easy for the mother to get postpartum infections. That’s why the survival rate is low.(Brad)

After saying this, Brad held out his hand to Hilde.

With me alone, the success rate will be 80%. However, with your hygiene management by my side, then that probability can certainly be brought to close to 100%.(Brad)
…… Good grief, it can’t be helped, right?(Hilde)

Hilde took Brad’s hand.

In front of a physician, all patients are equal. That’s why a physician must also not be fastidious.(Hilde)

After saying this, Hilde turned towards us.

The King and the Refugee Leader! It’s exactly what you’ve heard just now. I’m sorry, but I want to borrow your subordinate’s assistance.(Brad)
Yes, certainly.(Souma)
Of course. We are family. A leader will work hard to protect the family.(Jirukoma)
Thank you. Dragonewt-jou-chan(missy)!(Brad)
Y-yes! Me!?(Carla)

When she was called, Carla jumped in surprise.

Go to the medical research laboratory in the Capital and fetch the tools and medicines as quickly as possible. If you mention my black bag to the researcher, then they would understand. It will be fine even if you only brought the bag back.(Brad)
I-I understand!(Carla)

Carla exited the tent in a hurry. After that, Hilde looked at Jirukoma.

I want to borrow this refugee leader’s tent. Even if it’s just for a little, I want to move into a place with better sanitation.(Hilde)
I won’t mind. Use it as you like.(Jirukoma)
Then, to search for fellows who have the same blood type as the pregnant woman, please gather the refugees.(Hilde)

This was something that I had heard later, but this world also has ABO blood typing (although what they called it was different). It was mysterious, if the blood type was same, then it was possible to roughly do a blood transfusion even across the races. ‘Roughly’ was because there are blood types that couldn’t be donated to any other blood types. Perhaps it was because there was something similar to the Rhesus positive or negative blood type.

And then, the King already knows about sanitation, right? Then explain it to others and tidy the place up even just a bit. Also, boil a lot of water. I want to sterilize the tools.(Hilde)
I understand! Liscia, Owen, let’s do it!(Souma)
As your wish!(Owen)
P-please let me helps, too!(Komayin)

Komayin also followed us and helped us out in tidying up the space inside the tent and boiling a large amount of hot water. Each of us were endeavoring in what we could do. Everybody was doing their best. In some way, this was like a presentation of our country’s current situation.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

When the preparations were completed, our roles were over. Right now, inside the tent, Brad and Hilde were performing the operation. We could hear the breathing voice of the pregnant woman inside the tent. The only thing that we could do was just waiting outside the tent until the operation had been finished. Liscia, who was watching intensely at the entrance, spoke out with a worried expression.

I heard that they will cut open the pregnant lady’s belly, but will that be alright?(Liscia)
Without context, it as if you are asking about a bizarre crime…… You need not worry.(Souma)

I placed my hand on Liscia’s head.

Cesarean section is the popular method to deal with difficult deliveries in my country. There, the death rate of the mother had been lowered to only 5 out of every 100,000 deliveries.[2] It’s so low that everyone no longer fear that the mother will die from childbirth.(Souma)
…… As always, Souma’s country is amazing.(Liscia)
Yeah. The ones who are able to do something almost similar to my country’s medical treatment, are those two people. Well, since there is no Light magic in my world, the comparison isn’t exactly the same.

Then I asked Jirukoma who stood beside me.

Where is the husband of that pregnant lady?(Souma)
……It’s unclear if he is still alive or dead. They were separated from each other while fleeing from the north. She said that she will give birth to the child in her womb and wait for her husband.(Jirukoma)
I see……(Souma)

A mother is strong. That fact won’t change, no matter which world it is.

Even for these refugees, the child inside her womb became our hope. So that we won’t ever lose anything again, this is our sincere feeling. That’s why we decided that the baby will become the entire community’s baby, loved and raised by everyone.(Jirukoma)
I see…… So, Jirukoma.(Souma)

I turned my face towards Jirukoma.

I know about the skills of Brad and Hilde. That’s why I believe they will save both the mother and the baby. In addition, let me say something.(Souma)
…… What it will be?(Jirukoma)
The baby will be born in this country. Then, raise that baby in this country. Rather than the unknown land of his parents, this country is the baby’s homeland.(Souma)

He might have already understood what I wanted to say. Jirukoma slowly closed his eyes.

You have said that that baby is the entire community’s own, loved and raised by everyone. Then, you must not let your grief be inherited by a baby who doesn’t know anything. Becoming the citizen of this country or going away. You can choose either option. However, since this country can become the homeland of the baby, why force the lifestyle of people from ruined countries onto the baby……(Souma)
Call everyone to gather.(Jirukoma)

Jirukoma placed his hand on the worried Komayin’s shoulder.

I have made up my mind. I will hand over the position of community leader to Komayin.(Jirukoma)
W-what are you talking about, Brother(Anija)!(Komayin)
…… What are you intending to do?(Souma)

When I asked this, Jirukoma made a sad expression and sighed out.

To be honest, in this community, there are people who are exhausted with the nomadic lifestyle. If these exhausted people could make this country their homeland, then I believe it would be a wonderful thing…… However, several of the diehards won’t give up on returning to their homeland, and those people will be forced to leave.(Jirukoma)

Then, Jirukoma looked up at the northern sky.

I… plan to take along these diehards with me and return to the north. There, we will become soldiers in a recruiting country and wait for a time until we can recapture our homeland back.(Jirukoma)

Komayin grabbed both of Jirukoma’s arms as if to keep him from leaving.

Brother(Anija) is someone who is needed by this community! I am someone who said that the King’s proposal was terrible! I will be the one who will performs that duty!(Komayin)
You can’t. The reason why Komayin feels that His Majesty’s proposal is cruel is because you thought about the people of this community, right? If you have that kind of heart, then you surely will become a mediator better than me.(Jirukoma)
However, didn’t Brother(Anija) say that the King’s proposal was wonderful!?(Komayin)
…… I was, only better at hiding my true feeling than you.(Jirukoma)

Jirukoma then softly released Komayin’s hands.

Even inside of me, there is a feeling of not giving up on returning to our homeland. However, I have been entrusted with the duty as leader of this community. That’s why I covered that feeling and pushed it deep into my heart.(Jirukoma)
However, that is no longer needed. His Majesty had said that if the people in this community love this country then they will be received as this country’s citizens. The people will finally reach a place where they can have a peaceful life. That means that my role is also over. It will be fine for me to let that feeling out.(Jirukoma)

Jirukoma smiled to Komayin who was crying in tears. His expression, it seemed that he had made his decision. ――― Really……

Don’t make your imouto cry. Idiot.[3](Souma)
I have no word to refute that…… I will leave Komayin and the others in your hands, please treat them well.(Jirukoma)
What I can personally do is only limited in helping with the legal procedures. The one who will truly protect her and the others will be the country itself.(Souma)
Then please make this country last forever. So that no one, able to destroy it.(Jirukoma)
…… I will do my best.(Souma)

When I answered, we could hear a feeble cry from inside the tent. Wea~. Wea~? When I try to recall what kind of voice is this, Liscia yelled, The baby is born! Ah, so it was the sound of a baby crying! I thought it would sound more like an “Ogyaa”……

(The baby has been born safely. Next will be the mother……)

We looked at the tent entrance, while praying for the safety of the mother and the baby.

◇ ◇ ◇

――― One week later.

How cute~♪(Liscia)
I-it’s so soft……(Komayin)
Liscia, l-let me hold the baby too.(Carla)
Short haired Liscia and Mister Souma's Dragon Maid
The triangle eared baby that had been sleeping in the mother’s arms was being hugged by Liscia, Komayin, and Carla in turns. Last week, Brad had said that the operation had been successful, however we couldn’t see her on that day and was curious about how things had progressed since then, so that’s why, with the same group of people who had been there that day, we came to pay a visit. Since I am also quite fond of children, I also wanted to get close to see the baby, but there was no room for me to intrude between those three. S-so this was the motherhood instinct…..

Ah, I’m sorry that my companions are so noisy……(Souma)

When I said this, the baby’s mother smiled.

It’s fine, to be loved by the Princess, is this child’s good fortune.(Mother)

The cat-eared beastkin mother gave a calm impression. I felt relieved at seeing her healthy look (since there was no time, we couldn’t see her on the day of the surgery). Her post-partum recovery progressed well. The mother lightly rocked the baby.

You are truly fortunate. For someone like His Majesty, to be even worried for you.(Mother)

We had disclosed our identities to the Mother. Since our face were already known, I judged that it was useless to hide our identities. In the beginning, the mother was continuously thanking us (it was like when Koumon-sama took out his inrou(seal box)[4]), but she had gotten used to us by now.

Well, I think that this baby is certainly fortunate. Or perhaps, extremely lucky. After all, the ones who competes for the position of the number one and two best physicians of this country, were both present when this baby was born.(Souma)
That’s true. Not only did they save this baby, but they had also saved me.(Mother)

That day, it was by chance that Hilde was visiting this settlement. It was a coincidence that we met with her in the former slums and that she had casually heard our plans to go to the refugee settlement. If Hilde hadn’t thought about following us, then, both of these excellent physicians wouldn’t have been assembled in this place that day. In addition, if the day of the baby’s birth was off even by one day, then perhaps the baby wouldn’t be able to meet with such excellent physicians. If we thought like this, then this baby had saved the mother’s life.

Just like a fukunokami(god of fortune)……(Souma)
It’s a word from my world. It has the meaning of Fortune.(Souma)
Fortune…… Umm, Your Majesty-(Mother)

The mother timidly approached me.

That Fuku name[5], could you confer it onto this baby?(Mother)
Hmm? Will the name be good, or rather, are you asking me to bestow a name?(Souma)
In this world, it’s believed that by receiving a name from someone with a higher status or prominent position, the child would share that person’s influence. So, confer the baby a name.(Liscia)

Liscia who was holding the baby right now, answered me. Well, in that case, then so be it.

This baby is a boy, right?(Souma)
Then, from today on, you will be called Fuku. May you grow up well.(Souma)

As I said this, I patted his head and Fuku-kun responded with Dauu while still having his eyes closed. To reply even while sleeping!? This guy…… In the future, he might indeed become a great man. While thinking about this, “Jiii~[6], Liscia drilled her eyes at me.

W-what is it?(Souma)
Other people’s babies are nice, but our own child should be even cuter, right~(Liscia)
Ah, since the delivery method of cesarean section had already been firmly established and the number of ob-gyn physicians will increase in the future, it will be fine to give birth at anytime.(Souma)

Liscia eyes were staring at me, amazed at my reply.

And I thought you would be talking like a hetare(loser) again.(Liscia)
Look here…… Well, that too. I have the readiness to become a husband, but I still don’t have the readiness to become a father.(Souma)

To increase the number of Royal family members that had decreased due to the succession crisis after the death of the King two generations ago, which had been told to me many times, Marx the chamberlain had said I won’t permit contraception until at least one child is born! So I was being careful here.

However, the thing that concerned me the most was the high death rate of pregnant women.(Souma)

When I examined this country’s population, I was surprised by the high level of infants and pregnant women ortality. Even though in Japan, we would still be worried for the safe delivery of the baby, it was almost unthinkable to think of a case where a pregnant woman died. However, for this country, pregnant women “sometimes” died. For every 1,000 pregnant women, several of them would certainly die. In this country where obstetrics and gynecology medical care were not firmly established, when the pregnant woman gave birth, it was literally “risking her life”.

I, as a King, was told to have several wives and a lot of children. If Liscia, Aisha, Juna, or Roroa became pregnant and then I lost one of them in childbirth, then…… I might not be able to endure it. So that this won’t happen, to reduce the risk of me losing my family to the lowest degree, I advanced the health care system reforms.

But that’s sounds like I am abusing my authority.(Souma)
It’s fine, right? Since the results were also beneficial to everyone.(Liscia)

Liscia said this while smiling, but then she immediately made a teasing expression.

Nee, Souma. Since the ban on making children is gone, then how about we try an effort for it immediately tonight?(Liscia)
Ah, that…… You know, can you wait a bit longer?(Souma)
In the end, you still act like a hetare(loser)!(Liscia)

Since Liscia yelled, Fuku-kun was surprised. Afterwards, he was handed back over to his mother and everyone made a funny face while he was being rocked by his mother in order to calm him down. But then he saw Owen’s face, and he became surprised and cried again. And so, it had become a topsy-turvy panic.


Next Chapter:
It is said that heaven does not create one man above or below another man. Any existing distinction between the wise and the stupid, between the rich and the poor, comes down to a matter of education.
            Fukuzawa Yukichi. Gakumon no Susume [An Encouragement of Learning]. (1872–1876).

By the way, I just realized that I named the previous chapter's link wrong. It should have been 04-1F, not 07-1F. Oh well...

[1] Amniorrhexis, or amniotic sac membrane rupture or breaking waters “my water broke”. In Indonesian: pecah ketuban. It’s the sign for incoming contraction. [E/N: It’s not as dire as it’s shown on TV/movies. In real life, a pregnant woman can go for a full day or more without experiencing a single contraction after her water breaks. You don’t have always have to immediately rush her to the hospital after her water breaks, but it generally depends on the woman.] Still, if 24 hour passed without any contraction, the risk of infection will increase. So if you can, bring any water break women to hospital or at least call a midwive.
[2] Japan is one of the countries with low maternal mortality rate. Meanwhile Indonesia is astoundingly 126 per 100.000.
[3] バカ野郎GO CHIAKI! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGHIaYrGHHE
[4] Mito Koumon is a famous Japanese Jidaigeki drama. He is the historic Tokugawa Mitsukuni, former vice-shogun and retired second daimyō of the Mito Domain. In the guise of Mitsuemon, a retired crêpe (a type of silk cloth) merchant from Echigo, he roams the realm with two samurai retainers, the fun-loving Sasaki Sukesaburou (Suke-san) and the studious Atsumi Kakunoshin (Kaku-san). An episode typically starts with some injustice perpetrated by a corrupt official, wealthy merchant or gangster; the travelers arrive incognito, discover the injustice and quietly investigate it; and the episode concludes with a brawl in which the unarmed, disguised protagonists better a crowd of samurai and gangsters, culminating with the presentation of the inrou (a sash back that usually carries a seal) that reveals the hero's identity. Afterwards, the hero passes judgement upon the villains, and sets things straight with fair comments and encouragements, and then moves on with the journey. Souma like to use the same story when going incognito.
[5] I won’t localize this as Lucky or whatnot. [E/N: Lucky sounds like a dog’s name & this is a cat beastkin baby lol.]
[6] SFX of Staaaaaaaaaareeeee.


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