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10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 7 - Part 5

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Bandou Tarou (坂東太郎)
Yukkuri Oniisan
Chapter 7. Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Farmer” to “Pioneer Group Leader”.
Part 5. Yuuji, being guided by Kevin the Peddler at His First City

Oo! Oo! Oo…….?(Yuuji)

With Kevin in the front, Yuuji, Alice, and Kotarou walked following the main street. One of the bodyguards was beside Kevin while the other one was at the rear. It seemed that they were being careful not to lose sight of Yuuji who was looking around at the city restlessly while holding the black box at times.

When looking at the city or the passer-by while walking, Yuuji raised his voice in surprise, admiration, and question.

At the people, and the houses, to put it simply, he raised his voices at everything.

Living up to its name, the main road was wide. At times, there were wagons and covered carriages passing, but the street was wide enough that they could pass each other smoothly.

The people who walked in the main road had various appearance.
People in travelling garbs like Kevin, people who wore armor and were holding weapons like Yuuji and the two guards, people who looked like traders, people who looked like farmer. The garments were diverse, and the races were varied too. Human of the Caucasoid race like Kevin and his two guards weren’t unexpected, but at times there were human who looked closer to that of the Mongoloid race like Yuuji. On the other hand, he also saw bipedal walking dogs and cats, beastkin like Marcel and his family. A group of Siberian Huskies that were wearing similar armor that gave off clanking sounds. Without a moment’s delay, Yuuji clicked the shutter.

The townscape was a jumble of buildings.
The houses and stores that were located beside the main road were mostly constructed out of a stone first story with additional wooden floors built on top. However, some houses only had a stone first story, while some other houses had their their first and second floors constructed from stone. Furthermore, there were houses made of bricks or mud walls. Since the houses were constructed out of wood and stone, they were white or black, but some houses were painted with bright colors like red or yellow.

It was understandable that Yuuji was making voices of surprise and question at this scenery.

The people who are visiting this city for the first time also made that reaction. It’s so mishmash, right?(Kevin)

The guide, Kevin the peddler, turned around and talked to Yuuji.
For Alice, when she first entered the city and opened her mouth in surprise “Waaa!”, that mouth was never closed. Kotarou was also looking around restively with great curiosity and sniffed the smell around.

It’s because this is a city of migrants. The people who came from the Capital, the people who came from surrounding villages, the people and slaves that were gathered as manpower to develop the land, the people like me who settle for trading, there were all sorts of people. Since the city expanded together with the surrounding land development, the houses and shops shapes are varied depending on the time they were constructed, the people who constructed them, or the dweller birthplace. Well, there are no houses that have the same style as Yuuji-san’s house, though……(Kevin)

In order to beat the great tumult and racket around them, Kevin informed Yuuji with a voice louder than usual.

For now, let’s head to my store.(Kevin)

Yuuji, who was relentlessly clicking the shutter of the black box concealed camera in his hand, and Alice, who was tremendously excited “Waw…waw…” while looking around. Kevin’s voice didn’t reach their ears at all.

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

Yuuji-san, Alice-chan, Kotarou-san. This is my store, Kevin Company!(Kevin)

Yuuji and the party had walked for about 30 minutes from the time they first entered the city, when finally, they reached Kevin’s store.
It was a building where the first floor was constructed with stones while the second floor was constructed from wood. The height was about a 3 stories. The first floor that faced the main road had a wide opening where the sample goods that lined up inside could be seen. The surrounding area was also had many shops, so this was an area where the shops gathered.

“Oooo” together with that sound, Yuuji and Alice looked at the store. Kotarou took a look at the store and then barked towards Kevin, as if to praise him, “Well well, not bad.” Even though she needed to look up at him, she was acting as if she was looking down to him.

Perhaps they noticed that the group gathered in front of the store, a middle age man and woman and a 15 year old boy came to greet the group.

Welcome back!(Employees)
Everyone, let’s go inside.(Kevin)

Kevin beckoned Yuuji’s group to enter the store. Kevin’s store was more splendid than what they had imagined. While Yuuji was acting timid for some reason as he entered the shop.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

Now, Yuuji-san. I had handed the letter to the apprentice to be delivered to the Lord’s mansion. Depending on the reply, perhaps you will meet with the Lord and his spouse in two or three days. Until then, I plan to have everyone stay in this place and teach Yuuji-san manners and other important points. Afterwards, we will look around the town to solicit members for the Pioneer group…… Will this be acceptable?(Kevin)

At the reception office on the second floor of Kevin’s Company, Kevin described the next plan. As expected, the meeting with the Lord, his spouse, and the magistrate was an incredibly important occasion for Kevin as well.

Eh, ah, yes. I understand.(Yuuji)

His first city in another world, his first city in 14 years. Even now, Yuuji couldn’t stop trembling. Kevin’s uneasiness became worse.
“Excuse me”, with that greeting a female employee, the one who had greeted Yuuji’s group in front of the store, entered the room. It seemed that she was bringing the tea. She looked to be in her mid 30’s. When the tea was placed down, a pleasant scent entered Yuuji’s nose. Seeing how Yuuji was flustered by it, Kevin’s eyes widened.

Yuuji-san…… By any chance, are you not accustomed to being in contact with an adult female?(Kevin)

Yuuji made a yelp.
Kevin’s spot-on remark was too sharp.
For 14 years, Yuuji had never spoken with any female other than his family. No, that’s not right. When he first met with the adventurer trio, he had a short exchange of words with the female adventurer of the trio.

This…… might be bad, this muttering leaked out from Kevin’s mouth.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

Kevin-san, this is, needed, right?(Yuuji)

Yes. No doubt about it. I’ve never met her directly, but the Lord’s wife’s beauty is famous in this city. I must get Yuuji-san accustomed to women even just for a little bit…… It is worrying problem, right?(Kevin)

Who are you both giving excuses to? Both Yuuji and Kevin’s true desires and false façade were mixed up together.[1]

The sun had fallen. It was night.
Alice and Kotarou and one of the bodyguards remained in the store, while Yuuji, Kevin and the other guard, were riding a carriage.

Alice who was tired after the day’s excitement promptly slept on the bed inside the room assigned to her, but Kotarou was looking at the male troupe, barked in displeasure, and stayed behind to watch over the store, as if saying, “These males really are a hopeless case.” What an understanding woman. She is a dog, though.

Yuuji are taken by Kevin to the pleasure quarter.

The carriage arrived at a certain large building.
The guard, Kevin and Yuuji exited the carriage in turn and after receiving the greeting from the bouncer like guy they entered the premise.
It seemed that the first floor was a place to enjoy alcohol and conversations.
Gulp, Yuuji swallowed his saliva.
The first place was a place to enjoy alcohol and conversations…… If both parties were interested then in the room on the second floor…… Kevin relayed that information.

Guided by a frightfully buff male employee, the troupe took a seat. When they were asked what the order was, Kevin as the representative ordered some alcohol. Kevin and the bodyguard were used to this. Yuuji was meekly obedient just like a new employee taken by his senior to a cabaret bar, only his eyes were restlessly looking around.

Holding the alcohol the troupe had ordered, a team of ladies arrived. Then each of them sat beside the troupe.

Yuuji activated the special skill that he had honed during these last 21 years.
‘It’s huge. E, or perhaps, F’.
Yuuji’s skill, Eyes of God(Scouter)[2]
By the way, the correct answers percentage of this skill was unknown. Yuuji’s woman experience was only once and he was treated as a Keep-Kun.[3]

A woman with a plunging V neck dress began to converse with Yuuji. He replied while being flustered. However, she was a pro. Perhaps, she noticed that Yuuji was not accustomed to women, she conversed with a simple lines that anyone could reply to, so Yuuji’s nervousness gradually decreased.
Before he knew it, a smile was floating on Yuuji’s face.
Kevin’s prediction had succeeded. In the first place, Yuuji was repeatedly taking quick glances at his partner chest with a quite perverted smile. Of course, his partner had found out where was Yuuji looking at. The only person who didn’t think that he was found out was only Yuuji himself. Man is such a pitiful creature.

Yuuji female partner approached him and then she softly bring her lips to his ear.
The sensation on Yuuji’s arm, the F guess was correct.
Nee, if you like to, then to the second floor……” Yuuji’s chest was beating with expectation.

Since the women was close to him, ‘it’ came into Yuuji’s sight.

Thick hair.

Of course, his partner was not a beastkin, but a normal human.

Her arms, were hairy.

Even while trembling in dread, Yuuji’s took a glance at her legs just to make sure.

Her shins, were also hairy.

As the breaking despondent sound could be heard, Yuuji’s mood withered in a twinkle.
As if to fleeing from that sensation, Yuuji moved away.

“Geez, how innocent”, the woman’s words didn’t enter his ear.
Since it was visible, she should have noticed it, but the women didn’t mind about it at all.
It appears that, it was the norm to not depilate the arm and shin.

The difference of culture was so frightening.

In the end, Yuuji, who was born and raised in modern Japan, carried in Kevin and guard’s arms, in an indescribable lifeless and downcast look, back to the store.
With the tiny self-confidence that he gained from conversing with his female partner, he sincerely felt the greatness of modern Japanese women who never slackened with their effort.

By the way, when they reached the store, Kotarou approached, going circle on Yuuji and sniffed him around. After that, she made a scoff, “humph” and left him.
As if saying, “What a Hetare(Loser).”

Kotarou is the star of this chapter.
Also… Scouter… Eyes of God… My sides……

[1] Originally: Honme and Tatemae, are Japanese words that describe the contrast between a person's true feelings and desires (本音 hon'ne, "true sound") and the behavior and opinions one displays in public (建前 tatemae, "built in front", "façade").
[2] 神の眼(スカウター)
[3] Keep-kun is a man who is kept for the time being as boyfriend until the honmei-kun, or ideal marriage partner, comes along. In English: a back-up partner, stand-by lover, spare-tyre lover. In Chinese: 爱情备胎. In Indonesian: a TTM, pacar cadangan.


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