21 January 2018

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 4 Chapter 4A

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Enlightenment Arc
Chapter 4 FDF A

――― One day on the middle of the Second Month of 1547 CE (Continent Era)

Oh! Your Majesty, I bid you welcome!(Moltov)

After passing through the doors of the recording studio, of the Royal Voice Broadcast, that was constructed inside the castle, I was greeted with an exaggerated gesture from a nice looking middle-aged nobleman. He was the father of Ivan Juniro ――the person behind Friedonia's first tokusatsu hero Silvan――, Moltov Juniro.

Hi, Moltov. How goes the program production?(Souma)
I am producing it by seeing Your Majesty's example.(Moltov)

Actually several days ago, his son Ivan, as Silvan, had become popular, so I took a momentous decision to appoint Moltov as the production director of the broadcast program. I wanted to create a system where we could still produce the programs even when I was busy with other work. I thought that since Moltov himself had the same special effects ability like Ivan, wouldn’t he be remarkably cut out for this task? Moltov put his hands on his beard while speaking.

My, producing this program is a profound task. What the citizens want to see, what they don’t want to see, what we want to show to the public, what we don’t want to show…… balancing these aspects is very difficult.(Moltov)

He seemed to be seriously thinking about this, so I felt relieved.

……Do you want to quit?(Souma)
Not at all!  This is something worth doing!(Moltov)

Moltov smiled lively as he said this. Somehow I felt that he had a better expression than when he was pressing his daughter Siena to be my consort. Siena herself had appeared in the tokusatsu program alongside her older brother Ivan as Silvan’s support heroine (a position similar to Electro-Wave Human Tackle in Kamen Rider Stronger, or Diana in Spielban).[1]

I think I had found my life’s calling. The nobles’ path of advancement is limited. It will be either through increasing merits in military or domestic affairs, or through becoming a relative of the Royal Family. Because there were no other ways, they ended up trying their utmost best on that path. But His Majesty has taught a new way to my father. A joy to produce broadcast programs that can delight the citizens. I am truly grateful.

She said this while smiling softly. Geez, what a praiseworthy girl. I couldn’t believe that she shares the same blood as that noisy pair of father and son. Let’s get back to the topic. Just like what Siena had said, Moltov was rigorously working on the program’s production. I extended my hand out to Moltov.

I'm expecting much from you, Moltov. If you continue to learning diligently at this pace, perhaps one day I might be able to entrust you with one of the orbs.(Souma)
It can’t be! An orb!?(Moltov)
Yes. And then, it will not just be public broadcasting, but I'd like for you to open an independent broadcast station.(Souma)

In other words, I want him to establish a commercial broadcasting station. If we only perform public broadcasting indefinitely, the number of programs that we could produce would be limited. Well, in order to implement this, we would have to wait for more technological advancements and legislations related to broadcasting, so it wouldn’t be something that was going to happen soon. However, I expected it to happen in the next five to ten years, so we should still prepare for it. Moltov smiled cheerfully.

So I will be entrusted with an independent broadcast station?! My dreams spread out even more!(Moltov)
Yes, so please do your best.(Souma)
Please leave it to me!(Moltov)

Moltov hit his chest.[2]

By the way, Your Majesty, why are you here today?(Moltov)
Oh, yes, that’s right. I thought that Juna-san might be here……(Souma)
Juna Dohma-dono is it? Right now she is in the middle of the Educational Program broadcast.(Moltov)

Mortov pointed at the studio. Right now was the time for Juna-san’s Educational Program live broadcast. The song that Juna-san was currently singing and dancing was the West Breeze One After Another[3]. It was my favorite song in the NHK’s Educational TV children’s music program Singing Odoronpa![4]. The appearance of Juna-san dancing with flowing scarves attached to her sleeves, fluttering and trailing behind her as she moved, was truly like that of a celestial maiden(Tennyo).[5] I instinctively thought of the poem: The pathways of the clouds, seal up![6]

When the broadcast was eventually finished, Juna-san ran towards me while still in her costume.

What's the matter, Your Majesty? You shouldn’t have any appoinments in your schedule to visit here today, right?(Juna)
No, I’m not. Just, there is something that I wanted to ask Juna-san for a bit.(Souma)

Juna-san asked and I nodded.

For three days starting from tomorrow, I will depart from the capital to meet with a certain person, so I'd like Juna-san to come with me as my companion.(Souma)
I don’t mind, but…… That means you will be absent from the Capital for three days?(Juna)

Juna-san slightly tilted her head.

With all due respect, but wouldn’t the government affairs be stalled in Your Majesty’s absence?(Juna)
Ah, it wouldn’t be a problem, since the thing that I asked Ginya to make had been completed.(Souma)

I asked Ginya Maxwell, the self-proclaimed Over Scientist and the fiancée of the Royal Knights Commander Ludwin, to construct “a certain thing”.

My ability, the Living Poltergeist, is an ability to split my own consciousness and to transfer it into objects to make them float and manipulate them from a bird's-eye perspective, but the effective range was only about 100 meters. Hence, when I made the pens work in the office, I must stay within the 100 meter radius from the office at all times. For that reason, I was so busy with my work that I couldn’t go outside the Capital for more than a day excluding emergency situations.

It became obvious afterward that the effective range of this ability can be disregarded when the object that my consciousness was transferred into was a doll, but unfortunately, I couldn’t write that well with dolls. Even though I could write well when manipulating the pen directly, but it was extremely difficult to make the doll hold the pen and write. It was as if you were using a remote control to operate a robotic arm holding a pen. Even when I concentrated intently, I could only write earthworm-like letters.
I mustn’t leave such a messy handwriting in important documents. There were many documents where any misreadings can become serious problem, after all. To conclude, even if using the doll could disregard the ability’s limited range, it didn’t change the current situation where I couldn’t leave the Kingdom for a prolonged period of time. So I thought like this: “I wish I had a doll that can write letters”. That way I can work even if I am in a faraway place, and thus I could leave the Capital completely reassured.

Then, Ginya appeared on the stage. With the dragon bones as the basis, combined with various metals and biological materials, she was able to construct the mechanical dragon Mechadra. Then, I discovered that my ability could move it just like a real dragon. So I wondered if she could make a doll that was able to perform a human-like hand movement. I asked her to construct it, and she finished it just a few days ago, the Kobo Arm Mark I[7].

This is…… How should I say it……?(Juna)

After waiting for Juna-san to have a change of clothes, we went to the government affair office room to show her the object in question, and Juna-san was at a loss for words. It was unusual for Juna-san to be this dismayed, but this wasn’t that surprising, since Kobo Arm Mark I was remarkably “disgusting”. There was a single weirdly life-like arm attached to the L-shaped base. To put it into simple terms, it was like an artificial arm manipulator, but…… Ginya… Why did you make it in such a realistic shape?

I attached the Kobo Arm Mark I  to the prepared mannequin and tried to actually move it with Living Poltergeist. Then, the Kobo Arm Mark I, that became the mannequin’s arm, started to move smoothly, hold the pen, and write letters on the paper. Due to the shape of its body, the disgusting feeling was doubled. Perhaps, this is what we called the uncanny valley?

The officials who saw that this working were always paralyzed in an instant. The maids and butlers who brought tea to this room oftentimes screamed and fainted.(Souma)
What they felt……. I understand it really well.(Juna)

As expected, even Juna-san had a cramp on her smiling face. Because this was like a scene out of a ghost story.

Well anyway, thanks to this, I am able to leave the Capital. This seems to use valuable materials and so it might be impossible in short span of time, but perhaps it won’t even be necessary for me to stay in the castle at all when this is mass-produced.(Souma)
I don’t want to see the scene of a bunch of duplicates of this thing moving together……(Juna)

Juna-san said so, and I strongly agreed. In a room where no one is there, single-armed dolls kept on writing letters…… Just imagining this could scrape off the SAN stat.[8] Juna-san shook her head as if she had regained her composure again.

However, Your Majesty, why are you making me a partner this time? Why not Princess, Aisha-dono or Roroa-san?(Juna)
Well…… It’s because the person I will be meeting is a formidable one. I wish for Juna-san to assist me. If it’s the others…… I feel…… that they would be facing an opponent that is too tough for them.(Souma)
……. And that person you will be meeting is?(Juna)
The current Friedonia Self Defence Force Supreme Commander, Excel Walter.(Souma)
…… I see. So it is Great Mother……(Juna)

When I mentioned the name of the person who could be referred to as her grandmother, Juna-san nodded as if she could understand my reasoning. However, she quickly tilted her head.

But, Your Majesty. Great Mother has always been Your Majesty’s ally, right? By saying ‘a tough opponent’, is there something that needs such a confrontational stance?(Juna)

Juna-san made an uneasy face, so I shook my head.

No, it’s not. The reason for me to leave the Capital for three days is to inspect the state of progress of the project that I have been working on with Excel, but…… apart from that…… actually, it seemed that Hakuya and Marx recently made contact with Excel.(Souma)
The Prime Minister and the Chamberlain? Just why……. Is there something serious?(Juna)
Ah, no, it’s not that a big problem. It’s not a secret either. It seemed that she was simply consulted by the both of them, but…… the topic of that consultation……(Souma)
……What is the topic of that consultation?(Juna)
That is…… it seemed that they were discussing about the “assigned woman” for me……(Souma)

The moment I mentioned this, there was a slight twitch in Juna-san’s mouth. An “assigned woman” is a custom of this country's upper society (the nobles above the Knight title), when a boy of that House was recognized as an adult, an “experienced” woman will be assigned to him. So that in the future, the boy wouldn’t be embarrassed when welcoming his new wife, the woman will teach the boy…… “night etiquette”. The teaching method will be through a classroom lecture similar to a health and physical education class, but…… there are also “practice lessons”. I roughly scratched my head.

I am also a healthy man and Liscia, Aisha and Juna-san are always on my side. Even if they leave me alone, they thought that I would lay my hands on one of you, so this matter was never brought up…… But, since I never laid my hands on anyone no matter how much time had passed, it seemed that Marx grew impatient and then said that there ought to be some education for this matter. Hakuya also seemed to agree with that opinion.(Souma)
I see…… So it’s like that.(Juna)

Juna nodded with a cramped expression. I continued my story.

And then, they consulted with Excel who had lived for 500 years and was experienced in romance. Do you happen to know the right woman for this? and then……(Souma)
……Somehow, I have a bad feeling.(Juna)
Excel nominated herself.(Souma)

Juna-san yelled, which seemed really out of character. It looked like she couldn’t stay calm when imagining the situation where her fiancé (even though it was still a secret) and her grandmother having a ‘relationship’. It felt like there was a mix of impatience and anger on her face…… This was a bit novel. By the way, when Excel proposed this,

Ara, won’t it be better if I am the one, then? I am well experienced in this and since I am from a long-lived tribe, I will not be able to be impregnated, if ‘it’ is just for several times. Ufufu .

She seemed to have laughed like this. However, according to Marx and Hakuya who asked for the consultation, in contrast to her beautiful mid-20s appearance, her eyes were shining like a serpent who found the prey. We-well, as expected from a member of the Sea Dragon Tribe. Juna-san was greatly troubled by this.

This is what I heard from Axera-oba-sama(aunt) (Excel's daughter, Carla’s mother). When oba-sama was still a girl, Great Mother seduced the men who were falling in love with her and then teased her with this.(Juna)
Whoa…… that’s the worst……(Souma)
Well, more or less, the target was only the people that oba-sama wasn’t interested in at all and it was to make them completely give up on their love for her…… Obaa-sama said with a tired expression, I don’t want to see my classmates who were completely rejected when courting my own mother.』」(Juna)

That is…… yeah. Certainly, when I first met with Castor, it was mentioned that he had courted Excel. Indeed, she was charmingly beautiful and if I didn’t develop a resistance thanks to Liscia and others, I might have been at risk for falling for her too.

Ww-well, that's why I'd like Juna-san to accompany me. So?(Souma)
…… I understand. I will protect Your Majesty with my body and soul.(Juna)

Juna-san bowed with a face that as if hiding her resolution. Of course, I wouldn’t ask what it was that she wass protecting me from. Then Juna-san looked as if she remembered something, and she then turned away her face as if she was embarrassed for some reason. Wondering what it was, I waited for Juna-san to ready herself and speak up.

Ano…… Your Majesty…… The matter this time…… Umm…… Wouldn’t everything…… be resolved if Your Majesty laid your hands? Either on Princess, Aisha-dono, Roroa-san……. or…… me……(Juna)

She said this while looking down at first before peering up at me with slightly upturned eyes. This sight struck home to my heart, however, I firmly endured it (although Marx might have said that I shouldn’t do that)

I believe that…… to do …… that thing, it’s better when I have firmly settled down. Since it is an act to usher in a “new family”, before that, I want to build an “unshakable home”. That’s why, after the wedding ceremony is finished and we become a proper couple, then……(Souma)
I see……(Juna)

Juna-san looked a bit disappointed, but she soon smiled gently.

I think that it is so Your Majesty-ish. I feel that you really cherish us.(Juna)
Of course I do!(Souma)
Then, I will look forward to “that time”.(Juna)

That smile was so superbly lovely that I drew Juna 's body to me firmly. While embracing her, she felt soft and smelled nice.
I have not built an unshakeable home yet…… but this much is fine.


Don’t worry Juna. It won’t stay PG-15 for long. LoL.

[1] Kamen Rider Stronger, April 5, 1975 to December 27, 1975.
Jikuu Senshi Spielban, aired from April 7, 1986 to March 9, 1987.
[2] This gesture:
[4] Utatte Odoronpa! A children television show broadcasted from 1995  to 2006, the iteration that Souma mentioned is broadcasted from 2001 to 2006.
[5] Celestial maiden or Tennyo is the Japanese version of Apsara imported from China version of Apsar, Feitian . Apsarās are known as vidhya dhari or tep apsar (ទេពអប្សរ) in Khmer, accharā (Pāli) or a bố sa la tư (Vietnamese), bidadari (Indonesian and Malay), biraddali (Tausug), hapsari/apsari or widadari/widyadari (Javanese) and aapson (Thai: อัปสร). English translations of the word "apsara" include "nymph", "celestial nymph", and "celestial maiden". Also Juna’s scarves are like hagoromo. Don’t know hagoromo? Just look at Aqua from Konosuba.
[6] This line is a tanka waka poem from Kokinshu (KKS XVII: 872) written by Yoshimine no Munesada (Soujou Henjou) 「良岑宗貞(僧正遍照)」one of the Six best Waka poets and one of the Thirty-six Poetry Immortals. The lines are:
天津風O, Heaven’s winds,
雲の通ひ路The pathways of the clouds
吹き閉ぢよSeal up!
をとめの姿Let these maiden forms
しばしとどめむBe held here a little while!
By the way, the maidens refer to Gosechi dancers who themselves represent Tennyo dancing.
[7] Could be a shorthand for Ko-Robo (Little Robot)
[8] SAN is the acronym for Sanity. it is used in Call of Cthulhu TRPG (Tabletop RPG). When a character had the SAN stat decreased too much, the character will go insane.


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