05 February 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 32.

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Chapter 32: A God or a Criminal?

Valetta-san, I want to ask you something(Isaac)

Fifteen minutes had passed since Kazura’s group had walked towards the village.
Isaac, who’d walked in front while thinking about something, stopped his feet and turned around to ask Valetta.

The people of Grisea Village…… Do they also think of this man as Greysior-sama?(Isaac)

While saying this Isaac made a sidelong glance at Kazura’s face, Issac’s expression was really serious.
‘This man’, when he said these words, his confusion could be faintly heard just in his way of talking. I came from God’s Realm. He might be troubled by Kazura’s words even if it was just a little bit.

Of course. This gentleman[1], is Greysior-sama himself.(Valetta)

And your basis of why you believe this to be so?(Isaac)

That is……(Valetta)

Receiving Isaac’s question, Valetta made a quick glance at Kazura’s direction.

(Can I say it?...... Is what Valetta want to say, right?  In this situation then there is no other way than to speak honestly to some degree……)(Kazura)

Kazura could read what Valetta gaze means and so he made a slight nod.
After Valetta confirmed that Kazura had nod, after a short pause, she continued her words again.

The events so far are completely identical to the legend of Greysior-sama that is passed down in this village. One month ago, when the food shortage threatened to destroy us, this gentleman suddenly appeared from inside the tree grove and brought a large amount of food and saved everyone.(Valetta)

Hearing Valetta’s explanation, the two soldiers at the back gasped.
Contrasting with those soldiers, Isaac’s countenance didn’t even change.

Completely identical to the legend? Since you say this then his attire, the food effect, and other details were the same thing as in the legend?(Isaac)

……That’s right. Wearing clothes made from fabrics that we’d never seen before until now, just by eating a bit of the food our physical strength gushed up just like a miracle. (Valetta)

That food and cloth, did you put it somewhere in the village?(Isaac)

That is……(Valetta)

Receiving Isaac’s rapid question, Valetta could be seen thinking how far she could go while giving her reply.

Perhaps, she was guessing the content of the luggage that Kazura brought from Japan several hours ago while talking to Isaac.
As for the massive quantity of books in the residence, it could be easily be covered up so there were no likelihood for it to be found, but the travel bag and carry case was left alone inside Kazura’s room.
After coming back from Japan, he never opened the bag or carry case, so Valetta didn’t know their content.
……similarly, since Kazura also never saw the content of the carry case, he didn’t know about the things that was inside it, however,

It’s in my room at Village Chief’s residence. In that place I put things that I brought from God’s Realm.(Kazura)

So the things in that room, was everything that you had brought?(Isaac)

Isaac threw another question at Kazura that intrude in the conversation.
Perhaps if he knew what the things and where it located, he could order his subordinate to collect it.

……No, I suppose some of the food that I had brought also exist in every house in the village.(Kazura)

After he started to live in the village, he gave food to the villagers several times, so every house should have some of them stored.
The family with baby also had some formula milk powder remained, and there should be some rice and canned food remained.

……Is that so?(Isaac)

Isaac muttered and then he turned towards the soldier that stood behind Kazura.

Untie this man.(Isaac)

Yes, Sir!(Soldier)

The soldier that receive Isaac’s order gave a short reply, then after entrusting his short spear to the other soldier, he began untying the rope that bind Kazura’s hand behind his back.
Because Isaac knew about the legend of Greysior, as the result from hearing Valetta and Kazura’s story, he conclude that if they returned to the village in this state then it could end badly.

Although the rope is removed, don’t ever think for a moment about escaping. Since that impudent behavior only add more weight on you grave crime.(Isaac)

Crime…… Excuse me, but what kind of crime I had committed that I am arrested like this?(Kazura)

Your charge of crime is…… Root.(Isaac)

Kazura responded to the word ‘Crime’ and so asked a question. Isaac opened his mouth to answer but he immediately close it, then he called out to the soldier that stood behind Valetta.


State the crimes charged on this man.(Isaac)

When he received the order, the still young soldier ―― his name seems to be Root ―― correcting his posture and began explaining.

The crimes are perjury and illegal entry. However…… if his name is listed in the in the Grisea Village name register in Isteria, then the last charge isn’t applicable. Still, in case his place of origin is outside Grisea Village and is a settlement inside the Isteria territory, then except for special case changing place of residence without permission is not allowed, the penalty imposed on illegal residence changing is either a fine or forced labor.(Root)

Hearing explanation that Root smoothly spoke, while caressing his unbounded wrist, Kazura let out a sigh.
It appears that the law maintenance in this world was firmer than what Kazura had thought before.
But he never expected that the prospect for him to know about this was when he was being arrested.

Isaac, hearing Root’s explanation, nodded and then turned back to Kazura.

Just like what he said. Because the villagers believed that you are Greysior-sama, I temporarily release you from the rope, however it doesn’t mean that I had acquitted you. You will follow our instruction until the investigation is finished.(Isaac)

Do you mean that this gentleman will be taken and cross examined in Isteria?(Valetta)

Valetta spoke these words with anxious expression, Isaac affirmed and nodded, ‘That’s right’.

In the current situation, I cannot help from doing so(Isaac)


Valetta-san, it’s alright.(Kazura)
As if to prevent Valetta from opposing too fervently, Kazura called out to her.
Until now, Isaac had been polite in dealing with Kazura’s group, but he was a noble.
Since he had been polite in his interaction so far, it was easy to forget about it, however for a mere peasant to talk back at nobles, it might be something impudent in this world.
Thinking about things that could happen next, not only Kazura, but Valetta and the villagers shouldn’t give unfavorable impression to Isaac as best as they could.

It seems that Isaac-san is different from the feudal lord that met with me a long time ago. Just like he had said, it will be fine to me to go and have a talk in Isteria.(Kazura)


Isaac-san, in case I have proven myself as Greysior in the legend, then can I be considered as guiltless of any crime?(Kazura)

……That is…(Isaac)

Kazura asked without any apprehension and wrung out an answer from Isaac.
Kazura’s question had the same meaning as: “Can you punish a God?”
Since faith in gods was the norm in this country, of course there could be no other answer.

If you really are Greysior-sama, then I can’t charge you with crime. However, if you are lying, then……(Isaac)

…… If I’m lying, then?(Kazura)

Isaac said it in pretentious way, so Kazura asked, then Isaac opened his mouth with a grinning expression.

You might be punished by pulling out your tongue. In case you are proven to be lying, then the judge could give out a verdict to you for inciting people by impersonating God. It would be unlikely that the sentence is other than capital punishment or the equivalent.(Isaac)

I see, so if I’m lying then my tongue will be pulled out. That is frightening.(Kazura)


Fumufumu, it was as if Kazura had listened to something interesting, Isaac was dumbfounded, but after letting out a sigh and once again he straighten his expression.

…..Either way, we will return to the village to confirm the room in the residence. After seeing the goods that you said had been brought from God’s Realm, then I can hand some judgment for you.

Isaac said this, and once more began walking towards the village.


It had been 10 minutes as they walked towards the village with Isaac as the lead.
When they finally reach the entrance of the village, one of the two soldiers who was guarding the village entrance, came running to meet Isaac.
The soldier was heavily armored with wearing bronze reinforced thick leather armor and helmet, a shield in his back, and a short spear in his hand.

How did it went?(Isaac)

Isaac called out to the soldier that came rushing began saluting to give report.

The inhabitants had been contained inside their own home. We have gained total control of the Village Chief’s residence, currently Vice Captain is giving directions from the residence.(Soldiers)

Good. There is no one injured?(Isaac)

Yes. There are neither a single soldier nor villager injured, since Vice-Captain had strictly ordered to absolutely refrain from any violent conducts.

Hearing that report, Isaac nodded in satisfaction.
Apparently, while Kazura’s group was away from the village, Isaac’s subordinate had gained control of the village.

Because Kazura was worried if the villagers saw his current condition, it was fortunate that the villagers were detained inside their house.
If the villagers were separated and isolated in their house, then the possibility of them conducting a mass uprising to rescue Kazura would also be low.
Although in the future, it might be necessary to do a follow up by gathering the villagers to receive an explanation straight from Kazura’s mouth.

Indeed, good job. Return to your post.(Isaac)

Yes, Sir!(Soldier)

After Isaac sent the soldier back to his post, he turned towards Kazura’s group.

Then, we will head towards Village Chief’s residence, however I sincerely ask you to follow without making a clamor. All the villagers might be inside their houses, but their ears might pick up the noise.(Isaac)

Both of them nodded affirmatively, then Isaac began walking towards the residence.


Ah, Captain(Isaac’s Aide/Vice-Captain)

Kazura-san! So, you are safe!(Valin)

When they arrived at the residence, the vice-captain and Valin, the village chief, who were in deep conversation about something in the entrance, greeted them.
The soldier in the residence was not the vice-captain alone but also several others that were patrolling around the residence.


Isaac turned around after hearing Valin’s words.

It’s my alias in the village.(Kazura)

Kazura began explaining.

I had said that I am Kazura, a travelling merchant, to the villagers……. Well, but it looks like everyone already know about my true identity.(Kazura)


Valin had his breath taken away by Kazura’s unexpected words.
Until now he was under impression that Kazura hadn’t knew yet, but it was also not something impossible if Kazura said that he already knew.
Kazura smiled to Valin who had became pale because of this situation and said that it’ll fine.

Even if my true identity has been found out, I will not disappear from the village. So do not worry.(Kazura)

How could…… Greysior-sama……(Valin)

……What is going on?(Vice-Captain)

While seeing the conversation between Kazura and Valin, the Vice-Captain, who didn’t understand the situation at all, made a puzzled expression when he heard the word that Valin expressed.
Isaac wanted to open his mouth to explain to the Vice-Captain, but after examining the surrounding situation, he went towards and stood beside the Vice-Captain.

Captain, what the heck had……(Vice-Captain)

I will explain later. Just get inside the residence first……Both of you stand guard at this place. Absolutely do not let anyone enter inside.(Isaac)

Without knowing the reason for the current situation, the Vice-Captain requested an explanation from Isaac, but Isaac replied in such way, so he obediently entered the residence.
Root and one other soldier, who were ordered to stand guard, took their position at both sides of the entrance to the residence.

Which room?(Isaac)

It’s the room further inside from the living room.(Kazura)

When Isaac entered the residence, he headed towards the room that Kazura pointed out.
While walking towards the room, Valetta, who was beside Kazura, was thinking hardly about something, while Kazura himself was quite nervous.
If Isaac saw the various tools that he had brought from Japan, then Isaac also had no choice but to admit that Kazura isA person who came from God’s Realm……As Greysior.

However, the problem was “What will happen next?”
First, it could be said that he would certainly be taken to Isteria.
Just because Isaac accepted that Kazura was Greysior, it was unthinkable for him to let Kazura go.
Even if Isaac didn’t make a move on Kazura, the people who receive Isaac’s report and know about his existence would think of ways they could use him, so there was no doubt that they would utilize various means to curry favor from him.
Although he could push through a chance to return to Japan and become a free man, but if he done this then he didn’t know what kind of treatment the people of Grisea Village would receive in the future

Kazura was frantically thinking for ways to resolve this peacefully, when Isaac’s hand reached the door to the room, he immediately put away the things he was thinking about.
First, he need to make Isaac accept that he is Greysior.
Whatever would happen then, he can just deal with it later.

……is this it?(Isaac)

Isaac opened the door and squatted near the travel bag and carry case in the middle of the room. He touched it while making a small mutter.
What Isaac touched was the carry case that made from resin[2], however of course he had never touched something like this before.
The travel bag was made from polyester, so it was also the first time he saw something like this.

By the way, beside the bag and the case was Kazura’s clothing, that he was wearing when he came, folded nicely, however it seemed that Isaac postponed examining it for the time being.

Is this made from leather?(Isaac)

No, it is made from petroleum.(Kazura)

Peudroleum?...... What’s that?(Isaac)

Isaac made a response towards the word ‘petroleum’ that he had never heard before. When Kazura look towards Valetta, she shook her head slightly.
It seemed that, in this world, the word ‘petroleum’ was not known.
Kazura thought that if it ‘oil’ then Isaac would know this word, but since it was troublesome to explain, he just decided to cut the words short and leave it be.

It’s a flammable water in God’s Realm. After processing it, it was made into that.(Kazura)

It was a lackluster explanation, but there were no lies in his summary.
Isaac muttered with marveling expression.

Is this also made from water?(Isaac)

He rubbed the travel bag several times, then he turned his face towards Kazura.

I want to confirm the content of this, but…(Isaac)

……I understand.(Kazura)

Hearing Isaac’s request, Kazura approached and kneeled to open the zipper.
Inside the travel bag, there were a lot of goods that Kazura had purchased in Japan like aroma oil, lipo-D and many other things.

Kazura reached his hand inside the bag, and took out a penlight.

That is?(Isaac)

Isaac stared at the penlight that Kazura took out with great interest.

Well, please watch this.(Kazura)

When Kazura said this, he pointed the penlight to the wall, then pressed the switch located on its side.


At the moment it was switched on, the penlight shined the wall with a bright light. Isaac forgot how to breathe.
Behind Kazura, the Vice-Captain also made the same surprised expression just like Isaac.

Kazura who sensed Isaac’s group reaction gave a proper feedback.

This is a tube with the light spirit’s power contained inside, so it could be used as a tool for illumination. Then as for the other…(Kazura)

It was a good thing that Isaac’s group was so surprised that they couldn’t speak even a word. While adding a suitable explanation, Kazura was wondering what kind of thing to show next, and put his hand inside the bag.



Looking at my own smartphone:
The core of this tool is made from layered wafers made from purified sand and deep earth rock that had been crafted in such way so the gap between the layers is much smaller than even the tip of the hair. It is powered by a miniscule form of lightning circulating inside the numerous finely crafted conduits between the gaps. The gaps was the location where resided a complex semi-sapient highly intelligent familiar that handle orders input, processing it, and executing it with such speed and precision that even the most intelligent human hardly able to match it…… Also you can talk with other people!

[1] Valetta use Okata お方. A polite form to refer a third party. The best English have is Lady or Gentleman. Umm… Any help?
[2] The resin that is mentioned in this section refers to synthetic resin (epoxy resin or polyester resin). Kazura’s carry case most likely from polyester or polypropilene resin.


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