13 February 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 33.

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Bow down to Greysior-sama you transgressing mortals!

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Chapter 33: Strategic Bargaining[1]

No matter happens, if a person will become beneficial to you in the future, turn they to your ally before they even become big.

Don’t oppose those with greater power than you. Join under their wing by any means necessary, and if it’s possible, increase your rank so you can use that power.

While looking at the unknown tools that were spread out in front of his eyes, the aide recalled the maxims that his father had taught when he was still a child.

The village chief had just blurted out carelessly a while ago, but the man named Kazura, who had explained various unknown tools to Isaac, really the Greysior from the legends?
If he was really Greysior then…… It’s not “if for example” anymore, but it really exists near him, fate was smiling to him.
To gain Greysior as an ally, even if it currently wasn’t a reality, he would do anything made a good impression to Greysior, after all he had obtained a heaven-sent opportunity.

This is called canned food, it contains food inside. Even if we leave as it is, it can be stored for several years.(Kazura)

While having no idea of what the man standing in the back was thinking, Kazura took out a new canned food from the travelling bag and explained it to Isaac.

Won’t the food inside it rot?(Isaac)

If it’s before the designated expiration date, then it will be fine. But, the expiration date is different depending on the type…… Shall we try to open it?(Kazura)

……No, it’s fine. I’ll try this in Isteria later.(Isaac)

Kazura was explaining to Isaac, while making a sigh of relief in his heart.
Based on Isaac’s reply, he roughly believed in Kazura’s explanation.
……But it didn’t change the fact that Kazura still need to be brought to Isteria.

Aah……As expected, I still need to go to Isteria no matter what, right?(Kazura)

…...I’m sorry but at this current point I still can’t conclude if you are Greysior-sama or not. Even if I have seen various tools, it isn’t a definite evidence that you are Greysior-sama.(Isaac)

Isaac gave a very strained answered; his forehead was covered in cold sweat.
Inside his heart, after seeing the several kinds of tools that were spread out in front of his eyes, Isaac started to think that Kazura maybe was Greysior, however he still hadn’t seen definite evidence that proved Kazura is a god.
Kazura personally was thinking what kind of thing he could show to make this obstinate captain yield.

(Definite evidence for Greysior……It must be that…)(Kazura)

Kazura threw a sidelong glance to Issac and gauged his possible reactions. Kazura was thinking for several seconds before giving an answer and putting his hand to his knees to stand.

Then shall I show you the definite evidence that I am Greysior? Everyone please follow me.(Kazura)

Hey. Even if you say follow you where do you intend to go?(Isaac)

Following Kazura, Isaac stood in hurry, while Kazura showed a grin.

Of course, it’s the Entrance to God’s Realm.(Kazura)


10 minutes had passed since they leave village chief’s house.
Kazura and 4 others were now inside the tree grove in the village outskirts.
By the way, the two soldiers that were guarding in front of the residence were to still continue their task.

From this point onwards, it’s the domain of the gods. Except for me, no one can proceed beyond this point.(Kazura)

When Kazura confirmed the location of tree with the mark, that this was the place where Valetta teleported just before, he walked forward.



Kazura called Valetta and she stepped forward to Kazura’s side.
Then, just like when she teleported from that place previously, Valetta suddenly disappeared.


She-she dis-disappear!?(Aide)


Seeing Valetta disappeared in front of their eyes, Valin and the aide’s expression were plastered in astonishment.
It was only Isaac who stood still while showing a sullen expression.

It’s alright. Valetta-san only has returned to the grove entrance.(Kazura)

 Hearing Kazura’s words Valin showed a relieved expression.
To see his daughter suddenly disappear, off course any father would become worried.

Isaac-san also could come to this place. Just like Valetta-san, you will be returned to the grove entrance.(Kazura)

Kazura said this and then with a humbling expression, Isaac genuflected[2] and bowed down his head.

……I ask you forgiveness to have conducted many impoliteness. Everything wasonly caused by my own judgment, the soldiers and the aide had nothing to do with it. So in exchange for my life, please spare the others.(Isaac)

Eh?...... Wa-wait a moment!(Kazura)

Ca-Captain!? What are you doing?!(Aide)

While saying this Isaac drew his short sword from his waist and began to put the blade on his neck, Kazura and the aide rushed over in confusion and stopped the blade in his hand from slicing his neck.

Please stop it! Even I’ll be troubled to receive your life!(Kazura)

However, then how can I apologize to Greysior-sama…….(Isaac)

While having a slight cut in his neck that began leaking blood, Isaac protestingly spoke out.
It seemed that he seriously intended to cut his neck.

…… There is nothing to apologize to. You just only faithfully performed your duty…… Furthermore, your intention to protect your subordinates in this situation is also commendable. You are a good human, how could I punish you?(Kazura)

Kazura get down in his one knee and put his hand on Isaac’s shoulder. While thinking lines that a god of benevolence will say, Kazura made a speech to Isaac with the softest expression he could make.
The accosted Isaac looked up to Kazura while Kazura’s words leave a deep impression in him, however his expression became cloudy once more.

However, not only have I addressed Greysior-sama in disrespectful way[3] but I also dared to bind your hands with rope. For a human to do such deed towards a god, is not something that can be permissible in any other way…...(Isaac)

Seeing Isaac like this,

(What a troublesome fellow……)(Kazura)

Kazura was thinking like this, even so, never breaking the smile in his face as he stroke Isaac’s head.

That is something inevitable. Since I am seen in a human form, even if it is another person, they may also show a similar reaction like you.(Kazura)


I have absolved every one of the sins that you made since you came to this village. And thus, the talk about this topic is finished.(Kazura)


Kazura said these words to Isaac, who still wanted to settle his sin, and closed the argumentation forcefully.
“I have absolved every of your sin”, when Kazura said these words, the other 3 people couldn’t help to surprised, but this was a natural reaction.
After all, from their standpoints, Isaac had directly received an absolution from a god.

Then, with this I think I have shown a definite evidence for my identity as the real Greysior. I think there is also no need for me to go to Isteria, don’t you agree?(Kazura)

……Greysior-sama. With all due respect, please let me say something.(Aide)

Yareyare(Good grief), Kazura said out in this situation and the aide that stood beside Isaac, genuflected towards Kazura.

Currently, at this land of Arcadia, there has been an outbreak of large-scale famine and every day numerous people lost their life. With Greysior-sama power’s as the God of Benevolence and Bountiful Harvest[4], please may you do something to save us.(Aide)

……Ah……That is true……(Kazura)

The aide showed an expression of someone in his wit’s end, in Kazura’s inner mind he let out a sigh, “That’s so much true…”
He had previously heard this from Valetta and Valin, but currently this country was assaulted by a drought that caused a great famine.
 When the God of Benevolence and Bountiful Harvest was in front of him, it was inevitable if the aide asked him for help.

Whle thinking about how to answer it, Kazura didn’t say anything. Isaac sheathed back his short sword and genuflected just like the aide.

I also beg of you. The royal family and the feudal lords of each area took various measures to protect the people, however the damage keep on expanding. Please save the people of this country.(Isaac)

Yes…… But there is one thing I wish to know, how large is the population of this country?(Kazura)

I believe it is about 2 and a half million souls.(Isaac)


Hearing the numbers 2.5 million from Isaac’s mouth, Kazura momentarily astounded.
Of course it didn’t mean that everyone was starving, but even if it only 1% of this population was now faced famine, the number was still about 25,000 people.
Furthermore, based on their speech, currently the entire country underwent a famine.
So it wouldn’t be strange if the number of the people that need help could increase two or three times of that number.

2.5 million people…… By the way, how large is the population in Estelle domain?(Kazura)

It is about 450 thousand souls…… But, is the number, as expected, too big?(Isaac)

Isaac speech was sprinkled by uneasiness, while Kazura,

Of course it is! That’s too much!!(Kazura)

Was what he wanted to say but he swallowed back the urge to say this back to his throat, while his forehead unpleasantly perspire with sweat, Kazura began speaking.

No, of course it is not so. However, me personally saving the people, in my opinion, is undesirable. Humankind’s problems must be resolved by humankind’s own power.(Kazura)

To be honest, to fill tens of thousands of people’s stomach at the same time was something impossible for Kazura to do.
Although he believed with his financial power he could somehow manage to do it, the problem was the transportation capacity and the length of the period to give the support.
If he used the pullcart like what he had done until now, he wouldn’t able to haul the necessary amount.
If he dismantle the mansion door, then a small car could pass through, however it was also impossible for him to continuously transport food for thousands of people like this.

B-But then that means……!(Aide)

Hearing Kazura’s explanation, the aide made an appeal with a pleading expression.
When they seek salvation from the God of Benevolence that appeared in front of their eyes, of all the things, he refused with You must solve it yourselves .
So of course, he made an objection.

Havel[5], watch your tongue! You are in god’s presence!!(Isaac)

However, if this keep continue thousands and maybe tens thousands of people will die starving……!(Havel)

The aide ―― his name was Havel ―― was rebuked by Isaac to be more prudent. But, Havel tried to continue speaking directly, so Kazura gently made a smile.

I did not say that I will forsake you. So that everyone of you may overcome this crisis, I also will lent a little help.(Kazura)

Although, to be honest he didn’t want to continue this conversation, but if he rejected their plea at this point, it could develop in a situation that was unfavorable to the villagers of Grisea Village.
“Why only Grisea Village received god’s grace freely?” Surely everyone would think like this.

Is-Is that true!?(Havel)


“Help”, when they heard this word, Havel’s face immediately brightened as Kazura nodded yes to his question.
Beside Havel, Isaac’s eyes were moist from being deeply impressed.

I will teach you about the methods to increase farming output and how to make efficient tools like the waterwheel. If in a small quantity, then I also can provide supplies like food……However, there are some conditions.(Kazura)


The both of them who were delighted to receive a god’s assistance, exchanged glance at each other after hearing the word, “Condition”.
Their appearance was as if saying that they didn’t have the slightest idea about what would be spoken.
Kazura erased the smile he had shown to them until now, and with a serious expression, began talking.

I want you to not interfere in what I will do in Grisea Village from hereafter. Furthermore, if there is unjustified treatment on either the village or the villagers, then I will immediately withdraw my support.(Kazura)

Greysior-sama, do you mean that we need to give Grisea Village a special treatment?(Isaac)

Towards Isaac who asked back with a same serious expression, Kazura shook his head.

No, that is not correct. What I mean is for you to not forcibly remove nor summon the villagers from the village against their will, for the purpose of siphoning the knowledge they had received from me. About the tax and other obligations, there will be no problem if it is in accordance to the existing law. Of course, remaking the law or creating a law loophole for it is also out of question.(Kazura)

Kazura stated these in one go. Isaac and Havel who heard this were a bit surprised
They never expected that Kazura would be that much concerned about Grisea Village.

Right now, Kazura purported that It is not a special treatment, however when he said Do not interfere in whatever I will do in the village, it was already quite a special treatment.
Actually, the people of Grisea Village had enough food given from Kazura, and considering the previous rain, the increase in food production would be guaranteed to happen.
Even if it was said the tax and other obligations amount until now were good, with that situation this would be deemed as not sufficient.[6]

However, at the present time, Kazura had been called as Greysior himself.
For Isaac and Havel, they surely also couldn’t state any contradictory opinion.

……We understand. The subject that Greysior-sama had mentioned, I will personally convey them to this land Lord, Nelson-sama. We will be sure to act according to Greysior-sama’s intention.(Isaac)

Hearing Isaac’s reply, Kazura let out a small sigh.
This might seem too high-handed a measure, but somehow he able to secure they promise to not interfere in his conducts at the village.
Because he was able to secure the promise that wouldn’t cause any inconvenience to the village, if afterwards he gave some support to this country, he would able to do it without letting the village meet any trouble.

……Although this was more or less likely to become a troublesome thing to be deal with, Kazura had also repeatedly accepted this. He thought this was his best bet.
It wasn’t exaggerated to say that with this, Kazura’s freedom in this other world. except for inside Grisea Village, had disappeared into oblivion, however this result was much better than letting himself to be arrested and for the villagers to be convicted.

Then, shall I visit Isteria too?(Kazura)

Kazura said this as he stood up, Isaac and Havel looked at him with a surprised expression.

Are you kindly inclined to travel to Isteria!?(Isaac)

Yes, I think it will be more convenient this way.(Kazura)

If only Isaac’s group that return to Isteria, without Kazura the talks could be arbitrarily deviated, so it would be more convenient for himself to directly give the explanation.
Although this was quite troublesome, it was necessary for him to go to Isteria and have a discussion directly with Isteria’s leadership.

Then, even right now, we can immediately go…… Since the unit also brought Rata together, Greysior-sama could ride it.(Isaac)


When Kazura and Isaac’s group were still discussing, Valetta came running from the direction of the village.
Valetta saw the kneeling Isaac’s group, so she had guessed how the discussion developed into.

Valetta-san, I need to say farewell for some time. I need to go to Isteria to settle the discussion.(Kazura)

Hearing Kazura’s words, Valetta tightly clasped both of her hands and casted her eyes down on the ground.
Seeing her appearance like this, Kazura then said in a hurry.

It will be fine, I absolutely only go for several days……(Kazura)

“I will be back”[7], he said, however Valetta suddenly raised her face and interrupt Kazura’s speech.

I will also go!(Valetta)

She boldly declared.

Next chapter! Prepare for Isteria! The Mystery of “Personal Security Goods” finally revealed.

[1] The words used in here is Kakkehiki駆け引き that can means bargaining, but also means strategy/tactic
[2] Genuflection: kneeling, lower one's body briefly by bending one knee to the ground, typically in worship or as a sign of respect. This is different from dogeza (prostration). In order of respect: bowing < genuflection < prostration
[3] In Japanese RAW, Isaac apologizes for calling Kazura (Greysior) with OMAE, a rather impolite second person pronoun. Since English only has a single you so I took a little liberty in the translation. In case you’ve been wondering, Kazura’s way of speech became more formal (even more so than when he speak with Valetta). Since you know, he’s a “god” and all……
[4] Since God of Benevolence and Fertility sounds weird… Although in many culture, harvest gods also worshipped for women fertility…
[5] ハベル Haberu = Havel, Haver, Habel, Haber, Hubel, Huber. Fun fact Haberu can also means 侍る (also read as haberu) = to wait upon; to serve. The word can also means a waiter, a server, a retainer/samurai
[6] Since the production is increased, the tax also proportionally increased. But since Grisea Village hide their true harvest capability, their tax is lower than what it supposed be.
[7] Insert Terminator theme here.


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