21 February 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 34

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The mystery of personal security goods finally revealed.
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Chapter 34: Preparation for Departure


Towards Valetta, who requested to accompany along to Isteria, Kazura wanted to say something with a troubled face, but he cut his words short.
Because Valetta knew that Kazura wasn’t really a God but just a normal human being, she might be worried about him, while Kazura intended to not potentially cause any trouble for the villagers as much as possible.
If Valetta went along with him to Isteria, then she would certainly be remembered by the leaders in Isteria including Nelson, so if possible, Kazura wished to go by himself.

Greysior-sama, if Valin-san or Valetta-san also accompany us to Isteria then it would make it easier to describe how the events unfolded in the village until the current situation accurately. Furthermore, if they accompany Greysior-sama to Isteria then I think the villagers will also be more relieved……(Isaac)

While Kazura was thinking what answer he should give to Valetta, Isaac kneeled down to the ground and made a proposal for the current situation.
Certainly, just like what Isaac had said, if Valin or Valetta went together with Kazura, then it could influence the villager’s emotions to some extent.
Besides, if Kazura went to Isteria alone, then it would be similar to the scene in the Legend of Greysior and would cause the villagers to be worried.

……I understand. Valetta-san and Valin-san also can accompany me along in the journey.(Kazura)

When Kazura said this words, Valetta and Valin’s expression became relieved.
Isaac and Havel also gave off a relieved mood.

Then, shall we return to the residence to pick up the belongings? Before we depart, I want to brief the villagers so Valin-san, please assemble everyone in front of the residence. Valetta-san and Valin-san, please also prepare your belongings to take for the journey.(Kazura)

Vice Captain.(Isaac)

While Kazura gave out instruction to Valin and Valetta, Isaac stood up and called Havel who was kneeling beside him.


Go with Valin, and order the soldiers to withdraw to outside the village.(Isaac)

What answer should I give if the soldiers asked question about the person that is supposed to be in the village?(Havel)

Tell them that he is a noble from other country that was in the middle of seeking political asylum and happened to visit the village. There is no need to name the country. You also need to say that we will treat him courteously until we have escorted him to Isteria.(Isaac)


While observing the conversation between Isaac and Havel, Kazura nodded and say “Alright!” inside his mind.
Perhaps, it was to prevent the rumor from spreading out, which would happen if Isaac told the soldiers about Greysior’s existence.
Since currently they hadn’t reported anything to Isteria’s top brass, this could be thought as a justified decision.
Even Kazura would be troubled if the rumor that Greysior appeared spread out, so their decision was beneficial to him.

Kazura noticed that Havel had stood up and then he began walking towards the village.


Then, I will gather my belongings. Isaac-san, please wait here for a moment. I will return soon.(Kazura)

I understand. Please tell me if there something that I can do to help.(Isaac)

When Kazura arrived in front of the residence, he instructed Isaac to wait in the place.
Seeing that Isaac bowed his head respectfully when he received Kazura’s instruction, the two soldiers that was guarding in front the residence showed a surprised expression at first, but then they also imitate their Captain and also bowed their heads toward Kazura.

While leaving the three people in that situation, Kazura and Valetta entered the residence together and headed to his room where his luggage, like his travelling bag, was placed.

Then, Lipo-D and canned food is necessary, as for the others…… I wonder if it’s better to just take them all…(Kazura)

Ano, Kazura-san.(Valetta)

When he returned to his familiar 8 Jou[i] sized room, Kazura sat in front of the travelling bag and carry case and began evaluating the luggage he would bring along to Isteria. Valetta also sat beside him and then immediately began to ask him.
Since Valetta didn’t heard Kazura’s group conversation after she was teleported to the tree grove’s entrance, she might be rather curious about it.
Kazura-san, you said that you would go to Isteria to talk with Nelson-sama, but what kind of talk does Kazura-san intend to do?(Valetta)

Well, from what I conversed with Isaac-san’s group in the tree grove a while ago, I will offer a little support to help Isteria as Greysior. Then, in exchange for this support, the Feudal Lord will guarantee the safety of the village and my freedom.(Kazura)

Support, is it…… Does Kazura-san means, that Kazura-san intend to give food aids or knowledge about tools?(Valetta)

Yes, since I can’t carry such large amounts of food, the main form of support will be instructions of how to built tools like waterwheel.(Kazura)

Kazura said this in a nonchalant manner, so Valetta looked downcast with uneasy expression.

But…… In that case, won’t Kazura be unable to return from Isteria? Since I believe they surely won’t be satisfied with just waterwheel and won’t stop begging to be taught about other technology. If I was in the Feudal Lord’s position, then I will give various reasons to possibly confine Kazura-san in a place close to my side. Since, the technology that I wanted also won’t be limited to those that are useful for agriculture like waterwheel……

Ah, it will be fine. No matter what he say, I will surely return to the village after several days with my God’s authority. At any rate, since I am Greysior, the Feudal Lord also can’t firmly oppose my return to the village, right? At most, he will only search for reasons to guard until I return to the village, the only thing he can do is just monitor me.(Kazura)

At that time, then I will nominate Isaac-san and Havel-san for the duty, Kazura declared in light tone. Although Valetta was still a bit flabbergasted, she continued her objections.

Then what will Kazura-san do if Nelson-sama don’t acknowledge Kazura-san as Greysior-sama? Isaac-san’s group only believed after seeing I disappeared in the tree grove, but I think it will be hard to do so to Nelson-sama……(Valetta)

After hearing what Valetta had spoken, fumu, Kazura began thinking for a bit.

If I show the lighter or Lipo-D and Isaac-san’s group give positive words, then I think it will be easy. However, if both of them are just lowly officers then it will take time to gain the Feudal Lord’s trust…… Even so, from the stories that I had heard from Valetta and Valin-san, Nelson is fairly flexible as a Feudal Lord, so I think it will turn out fine. But when push comes to shove, if I show him the digital camera, he will surely acknowledge me. If by any chance he still doesn’t believe me, then there nothing to do except for me to propose something that will benefit the Feudal Lord. We will think again what to talk if that time comes.(Kazura)

Kazura confidently answered, so Valetta made a small relieved sigh while she asked a question about a word that raised her curiosity.

Ano, digital camera is a tool to take photographs, right? Do Kazura-san bring it right now?(Valetta)

Yes, I have brought it.(Kazura)

To answer Valetta’s question, Kazura fished out a silver colored digital camera from inside the contents of the traveling bag.
It was Kazura’s favourite, he has been using it since before he won the lottery. The model was a bit old but in that time it was quite a high-end model, so its performance was also considerably excellent.
Since he had sorted out the contents before he moved out from his residence, it only contained few pictures that he had secretly taken in the village.

Valetta took a look at the digital camera, then she began to talk in serious manner.

Kazura-san, I believe it will be better if the digital camera isn’t seen by anyone. Especially by the nobles, if they know about the usage of digital camera then they will try to obtain it by all possible means.(Valetta)

Nobles?...... Ah, certainly they will. They certainly will use it for no good. Then I will surely remember to not show it to other people, as best as I can.(Kazura)

What Kazura means with “no good” was using it in planning an assassination for important people.
In this world, the only sure method to know how someone looks like was to see them directly, although they could guess from their portrait painting. So, the existence of photographs was really handy.
If someone who was dealing with assassination knew about the existence of digital camera that could take a clear picture photographs then they would even slash someone’s throat to obtain it.
If they could take a face photograph of the assassination target beforehand, then it would shorten the time for the assassin who received the task to specify his target.
So Kazura need caution in dealing with this.

Even if Kazura-san wants to take all the tools in this room to Isteria, I think it will be better if Kazura-san took the unnecessary things back to Japan. Since Isaac-san and Havel-san had seen the tools, if we left the goods in the room then they could send someone to steal it. Although, I think they wouldn’t do this if they really believe that Kazura-san is Greysior-sama.(Valetta)

That’s true. Since the luggage amount is really something…… By the way, I still don’t know what the content of this carry case. Shall we open this?(Kazura)

Kazura said these and then with a click he opened both of the case’s lock.

…… What the heck is this(Nandakorewa)?(Kazura)

The carry case was opened. Kazura peeked at the content and then became stiffened up, while Valetta took some of the content and was inspecting it.

Umm, clothes, books, swords, and boots. Also a leather gauntlet, and…… Ah, this helmet seems to have metal plate inside.(Valetta)

When Kazura received the carry case from his father Shinji, he said This is personal security goods that will useful for your country life. However, when Kazura personally saw the contents, he even had a glimpse of something that looks like a stun gun and gas mask among it.
No matter how he looked at it, these had no relation with “country life”.

Kazura picked up something that looked like a stab-proof vest from the carry case’s content, and then he grumbled with a wry smile.

That sleazy old man, doesn’t this mean he really know that the mansion has a room that connected to another world……?(Kazura)

Two days ago, when Kazura indirectly asked Shinji about the room in the mansion, he answered that I don’t know about any room like that. But after seeing the content of the carry case that Shinji gave to Kazura, his answer was very much dubious. After this, if Kazura had time to talk with Shinji, Kazura needed to question him once more about this.

Eeh? Kazura-san didn’t tell Kazura-san’s father about coming to this world?(Valetta)

Hearing Kazura’s grumble, Valetta asked him with surprised looks. Kazura nodded.

Yes. Not only I didn’t tell him, I haven’t told anyone about the existence of the door that leads into this world. When I returned to Japan two days ago I tried to probe Dad indirectly about it, however he answered as if he didn’t know a thing about it…… Even so, seeing these, I bet he might be just playing stupid. If he really believe that I was only living in the countryside, then there is no need for dangerous things like these.(Kazura)

That’s right… Japan is a country with good public order……(Valetta)

Kazura answered while folding his arms and grumbling, as Valetta picked up a sword that was stored diagonally in the carry case. She unfastened the metal button on its clasp and, while holding the handle, she pulled the sword from the scabbard.
The double edged blade had been maintained well, if she saw the blade carefully, there were some parts of the blade that showed traces of heavy use.
Its total size was about 80 cm and the blade about 60 cm.
It didn’t have any eye catching decoration, but it gave out a strong impression of being a magnificent long sword.
From the appearance, it resembled a Western Europe knight’s sword.

It’s well maintained…… Is it made from iron?(Valetta)

Hearing Valetta’s words, Kazura raised his face and examined the long sword in Valetta’s hand.
‘Let me see’, Kazura said these words, after Valetta gave it to him, he examined the sword in his right hand. Certainly the blade was made from iron.
Perhaps, this was steel.
The long blade weight was different from a short blade. The profound heaviness was transmitted down to his hand.

Yes, it seems to be made from steel. There are traces of it being used before…… It is possible that this is something that my Dad had used before.(Kazura)

Kazura muttered that if the Japanese police found him in possession of this, certainly he would be arrested for violating Swords and Firearms Control Law.

Then that means that this is an heirloom sword. You need to treasure it……. I also need to make my preparation for the journey.(Valetta)

Valetta made a statement and then leaving Kazura who was contemplatively engrossed in looking at the swords, she exited the room.


It had been 30 minutes after Valetta and Kazura returned to the residence.
They exited the residence holding their prepared luggage. In front of the residence, all villagers had gathered.
Kazura had a travel bag slung over his left shoulder while holding carry case in his right hand.
Valetta was carrying a large sack bag in her back, unlike the previous journey she didn’t brought short spears or other weapons.
Her attire was similar to the previous journey, a mantle worn over her usual clothes.

There were no visages of the soldiers that had just gained total control of the village in front of the residence, the only soldiers in this place were just the two soldier that Isaac ordered to stand watch in the residence’s entrance and Isaac himself.
The villagers showed an uneasy expression and barraging Valin who stood in the middle of them with questions, so it was quite a commotion. But when they saw Kazura, they immediately became silent. Everyone’s gaze was into him.

Kazura walked forward towards the villagers and began addressing.

Everyone, I will make a journey to Isteria to lend a bit of my wisdom for the lord that govern this land.(Kazura)

Hearing Kazura’s speech, the gathered villagers once again made a commotion. The air were filled with spreading unrest, so Kazura raised his voice.

Be silent.(Kazura)

Once again the villagers quitted down.

I wish everyone to not misunderstand. My journey to Isteria is not something forced to me against my will. I will certainly return to this village after several days so please have ease in your heart. Furthermore, Valin-san and Valetta-san will also accompany me to Isteria, so I am not travelling alone.(Kazura)

After the villagers heard that Valin and Valetta will also go with Kazura, their expression softened with some relief, but they still showed some uneasiness.
However, this was not something unjustified.
Just like in the legend of Greysior that was passed down in the village, even if currently Kazura’s hands weren’t tied and get dragged away, the villagers still considered that, this situation could be called as the army taking away Greysior, the savior of this village.

Ka-Kazura-sama, I……(Colts)

When he had calmed the uneasy villagers, Kazura once again want to address them, but at that time from amongst the villager, one boy came out and walked towards him.


Hearing his name called out by Kazura, Colts looked up to Kazura with teary eyes and opened his mouth trying to say something, but he immediately closed his mouth and cast down his eyes to the ground.
Kazura squatted down so he was in Colts’ eye level, Kazura gently pat his head and softly spoke to him.

It will be fine. I will certainly come back after several day, then we can play together again.(Kazura)

U-Um, I……(Colts)

Colts-kun, you cannot say something that will trouble Greysior-sama.(Isaac)

When Colts once again opened his mouth to talk, his speech was interrupted by Isaac’s swift remark. It startled the villagers that begin showering Isaac with their gaze.
It wasn’t surprising, considering the villagers believed that Kazura desire to not reveal his true identity as Greysior.
The villagers, who thought they mustn’t let Kazura notice that they recognized Kazura as Greysior, were of course surprised.


Kazura threw a look to Isaac as if to say, please don’t cut into conversation needlessly. Isaac was straightening his posture and bowed down his head to Kazura.
Seeing Isaac acted like this, Kazura let out a sigh, before once again shift his attention towards the villagers.

I will certainly return. So everyone, when I am not here, please do not make any rash actions.(Kazura)

He warned the villagers.





[i] One Jou is about 1.653 meter square. It’s a size of one tatami mat.


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  9. Thanks for the chapter!

    Heheheh, I knew it that he wasn't the only one! Hell, for all we know his mom might be from the other world!

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