01 February 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 31

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Oh yeah... Isaac useお前 Omae to call Kazura. This is not considered as polite (and maybe impolite to some people) in Japan.

Oh yeah… I change tree copse to tree grove (I will change all the copses in previous chapters). The reason is since grove is a small forest while copse is a thicket of small trees or shrubs. Maybe I should use woods instead… English is confusing….

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Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 31: Visitor of Fate

I see. So, the army was only dropping by the village in order to conduct marching practice as they did the inspection?(Kazura)

Yes. As usual, Father accompanied Isaac-san to inspect the village and he returned to Isteria with the army. Everyone in the village was careful with their conduct, no problems had occurred.(Valetta)

Under the clear sky, Kazura was walking together with Valetta towards the location where waterwheel Mk.2 was by the riverside, while receiving a report about what had happened yesterday from her.
From what was heard from Valetta, it seemed like the recent strife was skillfully dealt with.
Although there were dangerous proposals from the villagers, Valetta’s quick wittedness was able to successfully divert them, and ended it peacefully.

It seems Isaac had been asking many things about waterwheel and the crops, and though there maybe orders from Isteria to report in detail about the waterwheel production method and farming techniques, it was something bound to happen sooner or later.

That’s good...... But, Valetta-san might be summoned to Isteria to give an explanation about how to build a waterwheel...... I’m really sorry for making you into a substitute.(Kazura)

Ah, you don’t need to apologize! If it’s only this, I have no problem because Kazura-san has done so much to help. Furthermore, even if I do get summoned, I will quickly return, as I will perform to my utmost ability.(Valetta)

They conversed like this while walking, right up until they arrived at the water channel where the waterwheel Mk.2 was installed.
Since Valetta had placed the wooden board yesterday to close the sluice gate connecting the channel to the river, the waterwheel wasn’t moving at the moment.

Valetta promptly approached the waterwheel’s side and looked at the axle part.

It seems that this axle component had worn down during the operation......(Valetta)

Valetta said this and Kazura replaced her to take a look at the axle component when he arrived in front the waterwheel.

Let’s see...... Ah, it has been surprisingly worn out. It’s good that it was noticed before it snapped.(Kazura)

Kazura confirmed the condition of the damaged axle in the stopped waterwheel, and opened his notebook he to write down a memo in the middle of the sketch of the waterwheel with red pen.
If they didn’t take any measure soon, then the waterwheel Mk.2 would become useless.

As expected, should either the axle or the bearings be reinforced with metal or something similar to it?...... I could bring copper from Japan, but would it be better to use goods purchased from Isteria?(Kazura)

If the wood could be reinforced with either bronze or pure copper, it should be able to protect the axle against abrasion from the friction when it rotates, so there should be no problem in that aspect.
Given that this was correct, then it would be simple to bring in the materials from Japan. However, to prepare in case Isaac or Isteria’s government official would question about the supplier of the materials, it might be better to procure them in Isteria.

If we produced it in the village, it would be necessary to build a larger furnace. The small furnace in the village can only be used to repairing tools, so it co-.....!?(Valetta)

Kazura was examining the axle and writing a memo on the notebook when Valetta, who was talking behind him, stopped abruptly mid sentence. Wondering if something had happened, he looked behind.

How is the condition of the waterwheel?(Voice)


When Kazura turned around, he was speechless, due to the sudden appearance of the three soldiers.
Valetta was transfixed at the man at the man in front of her, whom seems to be the commander ―― Isaac ―― while slightly trembling.
Even though Isaac threw the question in a friendly tone, the gaze in his eyes was cold.

Meanwhile, the two soldiers, who were waiting behind Isaac, moved in to surround Kazura and Valetta from both sides.

Who are you? You are not an inhabitant of Grisea Village.(Isaac)

When Isaac confirmed that his subordinates has surrounded Kazura’s group from the side, he looked Kazura straight in the eyes and began demanding an explanation.
Kazura, whom had became the subject of questioning, had his thought process temporarily suspended when he first saw the soldier in front of him due to the suddenness of the event, but when he saw Valetta trembling uncontrollably beside him, he ironically regained some of his composure.

Judging from the situation, the soldiers seem to have been waiting for Kazura to appear here.
How could they had gotten wind of Kazura’s existence? He couldn’t get an answer for this question right now, but he had to try breaking from this desperate situation in one way or another.
If he failes to deceive them, then it wouldn’t be just Kazura, but Grisea Village itself would fall into unpleasant situation.
Instead of Valetta who had fallen into a state of panic, Kazura must deal with it himself.

I-Isaac-san, this is......(Valetta)

You, be silent!(Isaac)

Isaac glared at Valetta, who was trying to cut into the conversation, and forbade her from further dialogue, before staring straight into Kazura’s eyes once more.

Answer immediately. Or have you any reason to not be able to answer?(Isaac)

Kazura observed the man, who was glaring at him.

(So this person is Isaac? He’s quite young)(Kazura)

He thought in a relaxed manner, while deciding on how he would reply to Isaac for a few seconds.

Isaac, who was in front Kazura, if he was the very person described by Valin and Valetta, then there was still a silver lining.
Even if he wouldn’t listen to Kazura’s story, the possibility of him to suddenly be sentenced to death by hanging would be very low.
Although, there wouldn’t be any changes in this critical situation.

......I am a travelling merchant. While I getting lost and was wandering around this area, I arrived at Grisea Village, and so I was allowed to live in the village for a little while.

When Kazura answered this way, Isaac didn’t show any particular expressions, and changed his focus towards the notebook that Kazura held in his hand.

Merchant......huh? Then let me see the book in your hand.(Isaac)

Kazura handed over the notebook to Isaac, and told the frightened Valetta in low voice that everything will be fine, and smiled.
Isaac received the note and stroked the cover with his finger. He made a little grunt due to the quality of the paper, before flipping through the pages

......blueprint or waterwheel. There are other things written here, but...... Are you the one who designed this waterwheel?(Isaac)

Yes, that’s correct.(Kazura)

I have never seen these letter on the book, so which country are you from?(Isaac)

Kazura gave Valetta a smile to calm her down, but it was hard for him to come up with a good plan in this short time period.
When he had first arrived in the village, he told the villagers I am a merchant as a reply to fill the conversation, however if he keeps giving out poorly alibis like this, then the situation would only become worse.
It seemed that right now, it was necessary for him to strengthen his resolve.

I came from the world inside the tree grove near Grisea Village, I think you would understand what I mean, right?(Kazura)

......What did you say?(Isaac)

The reply was so unexpected, that Isaac unconsciously questioned at Kazura again.
The two soldiers who surrounded Kazura’s group also had this befuzzled expression, as if to say “what has this guy talking about?”

While receiving their gazes, Kazura took a deep breath, and then began speaking, his eyes on Isaac.

I said, I came from the God’s Realm to save the people in Grisea Village.(Kazura)


Having heard Kazura’s reply, Issac’s group gaped at each other.
Due to an answer that they didn’t expect, their befuddled expression could be plainly seen.

In front of them, Kazura gave off an external feeling of a truly dignified person, however, inside his heart he was actually gushing cold sweat for doing something he wasn’t accustomed to.
If Kazura could return to village and show some of the tools that he had brought from Japan to Isaac, then he would have confidence that if he convincingly say that it were Goods from God’s Realm then he could obtained their recognition. However, right now, there was only a pen and a note in his hand.

While Kazura was thinking if he could obtain their recognition by showing them even a cellphone after returning to the village for the time being, Isaac continued his inquisition, his expression still showing some doubt.

Wasn’t it you yourself who said that you were a merchant who wandered around this area before arriving at this village? Your answer isn’t consistent.(Isaac)

...... That was only a figure a speech. You see, even a merchant in God’s Realm could lose his way. While I was lost and arrived in Grisea Village, wouldn’t I have to wander for a while in the middle of the tree grove?(Kazura)

When the inconsistencies of his statements were pointed out, Kazura gave his answer in desperation. However, guessing from Isaac’s expression, this only fanned the flames of his doubt even more.

No, did you just said that you live-.......(Isaac)

I-It’s true! This person is Greysior-sama who benevolently came from God’s Realm to save the village!(Valetta)

When Isaac wanted to continue poking at the contradictions in Kazura’s statement for the second time, Valetta raised her voice to cover for Kazura.
As expected, if the previous situation kept progressing, it would end badly for Kazura.
......By throwing the keyword “Greysior”, even if there were another contradiction, it wouldn’t matter anymore.

Gre...... What did you say?(Isaac)

It’s Greysior-sama!(Valetta)

Are you saying this man is Greysior-sama?(Isaac)

That’s right!(Valetta)

Valetta firmly gave her affirmation, Isaac let out a sigh with a dejected expression.

...... I’ve never heard of Greysior-sama being a merchant.(Isaac)


No, even in the God’s Realm there is still commerce....(Kazura)

Ignoring Kazura who was still trying to gloss out the error, Isaac gave an order to the soldier beside Kazura.

Bind his hands.(Isaac)


Inside the quiet forest, the aide who received the messenger’s report from Isaac, issued instructions for the subordinate soldiers that were gathered in the surrounding area.
The soldiers who received the order had a stiff expression, everyone were equally nervous.

Our objective is to confine every villagers inside their own house. The instructions afterwards will be given when the Captain returns, so until then, no one is allowed to leave their posts.(Aide)


After the aide gave his instructions, one soldier raised his hand.

If by some chance the villagers resist, could we perform our duties in a much more physical manner?(Soldier)

The soldier inquired, swinging the short spear in his right hand. The aide immediately shakes his head.

No you can’t. If they showed some reluctance, you mustn’t immediately assault them. Persuade them to remain in their house to your utmost abilities. If it’s futile, then you may report tome.(Aide)

When the aid said these words, the majority of the soldiers showed various displeased expressions.
They thought that they were in the army, not to mention there were nobles, so why must they deal with mere peasants in a courteous manner?

Even for the male aide, had he been the Captain, he would have allowed violent behaviors if it was deemed necessary, as long as it could reliably accomplish their task at hand. However, the Captain was Isaac, who wouldn’t approve of such conduct.
Since this unit was established one year ago, he had acted together with Isaac as his aide, so he roughly understood how Isaac thinks.
Based on his action, he thought he might be able to get high evaluation.

This is an order. Objections are unacceptable.(Aide)

The aide then gave out the command,

Alright, commence your individual task.(Aide)

The subordinates began to move.


As Isaac’s subordinates executed the operation to gain control of Grisea Village., Kazura’s group was moving towards Grisea Village.
Kazura’s arms were tied behind his back, the knot secured tightly and seemed difficult to seem to unfasten.
From another person’s perspective, he looked no different from a criminal.

Valetta who walked beside Kazura wasn’t tied up, but there were two soldiers closely watching her while following behind her.

This...... It can be used to write without having to dip it in ink?......(Isaac)

Isaac was using the ballpoint pen that he had confiscated from Kazura, and tested writing with it on the piece of parchment that he brought while walking.
Unlike the quill pen that Isaac normally used, then pen could write letters without having to dip it in ink every time.
This was the first time he had used a pen this convenient, Isaac made a small nod.

That thing is called a ballpoint pen. If we returned to the village, there are other tools that I had brought from the God’s Realm.(Kazura)

While he sad this, he was reminded of his personal goods at the residence in the village.
When he had returned to the village this morning, he had stored not only the travel bag, but also the carry case his father handed to him, in his personal room at the residence.
He didn’t confirm the content of the carry case, but there might be one or two goods that could attract Isaac’s interest.
Furthermore, Kazura estimated that the content of the travel bag would be enough to serve as proof that he came from God’s Realm. So his mental state was relatively calm.

Although the conversation between them near the waterwheel just now only sowed distrust in Isaac, if Kazura could show the tools he brought from Japan, it would work out somehow.

There is one more thing I want to ask.(Isaac)

Isaac, whose eyes were fixed to the pen, stopped walking and turned around towards Kazura.

You, how many days had passed since you came to Grisea Village?(Isaac)

Let see...... If I remember correctly, it was maybe just over 30 days.(Kazura)

Receiving Isaac’s question, Kazura recalled the date of the day he resigned from his company and today’s before giving his answer.
To be exact, it had been 34 days since the day he first arrived in this other world.

30 days...... I previously visited this village 20 days ago......(Isaac)

Isaac murmured and showed an expression as if he was thinking about something in silence, before once more started walking forward.
The other two soldiers also didn’t say anything to their superior, only walking in silence.

Kazura looked at Valetta who walked beside him. Just like Isaac, she was thinking about something and walking in silence.
Perhaps, she was thinking about what she should do when they arrived at the village.

(Before reaching the village, I need to at least untie this rope...... The current situation is no different from the Greysior in the legend......)(Kazura)

If the villagers see Kazura with his hands tied behind his back, in the same manner as was told in the legend, there was a possibility that the villagers would begin an uprising to protect Kazura.
While en route to examine the condition of the waterwheel in the river, Kazura heard about yesterday’s commotion between the villagers and Valin from Valetta, so he thought that the possibility for the villagers raising their weapons would be tremendously high.

Time before Kazura’s group arrives at Grisea Village: 20 minutes.
 The Wheel of Fate began to move on a grander scale.


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