28 March 2017

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Volume 2 - Chapter 3

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Natsuki Aoi 奈月葵
Yukkuri Oniisan

Volume 2
Chapter 3

Days had passed since the time I talked together with Princess in the arbor at the park and it now was the Sixth month where the sky continued to be spotless blue without any clouds. In Japan, the rainy season would begin, and it would be a hot and humid season, however, Fimeria Kingdom had no rainy season.[1]
However it would soon be a heat wave. Currently, the condition was still fine if the windows are opened, but this world didn’t have the convenience of civilization: air conditioning. Ah, how I long for it.
I was looking at the hot-looking sight beyond the window with a blank look, but I must not keep fleeing from reality forever. I returned my line of sight back to the clay works in my hand. Then, I tilted my head.

Hmm, something feels wrong.(Mira)

I looked at the small rabbit wood carving ―― my nii-chan’s masterwork ―― that I brought as a model, this time I tilted my head to the other direction.
Currently, I was in the middle of elective art class. Without looking at the class affiliation, the number of the participants for  each of the elective classes: crafts, music, painting, or dance, was limited to 60 people. If the applicant number was greater than this, then they draw lots after school. If they draw the correct lot then they were able to take the class like they wanted to, but if not then they will take their second choice. If their second choice class had already reached its limitation, then they would take the class of their third choice and continued to their fourth choice.
By the way, the first choice of commoner applicants was crafts. The next one would be painting. Few took music or dance. The reason for this was because the elementary first year students had few magic practices, but other than the training camp, at the crafts they could make goods using magic from their own mana. For students that have few opportunities to self-practice, the crafts class is their chance for practicing magic.
For the nobles, it was the opposite, the number of applicants for music and dance was numerous, and only few in crafts. With that said, what the clumsy me had chosen was the crafts.
…… I am sorry if I had robbed anyone of the chance. After all, I thought this is the best choice for me.
I can’t play any instrument in music class, and dancing is surprisingly a test of stamina. Above all, both of them would make me the center of the attention. Won’t it be a foregone conclusion that my body would be petrified from all that nervousness? About my artistic talent for painting.... I know from my previous life that it doesn’t exist, so painting is rejected. If it’s crafts then I estimated that perhaps I could barely manage it, so it was chosen.
And today’s topic was clayworks.

Maybe the ears are too short?(Mira)

Cladding both of my hand with Terra Formans(Earth Forming) magic, I pinched the bunny-san’s ears, and it smoothly lengthened.
 Gai who was sitting diagonally left in front of me was kneading the clay into the shape with his own hand. If he could use magic stones in the future, then he should be able to cast Terra Formans(Earth Forming) magic by using earth magic stone.

This time it’s too long.(Mira)

Once again, I carefully compared the wood carving bunny-san that my nii-chans presented to me as my birthday gift and the clay bunny-san on my hand, and then I sighed.
Even though the imouto is so clumsy, the nii-chans are too skillful. Kugh, is this the difference in talent!?

Or rather, I don’t know, it had become lop-eared rabbit-like[2]? But that kind of bunny, does it exist in this world? At the least, I don’t remember ever seeing something like that when I lived in Ilga Village.(Mira)

While I was talking to myself, I put my second idea into practice. I tried to fold the too long ears in the middle.
It was completed for now, so I ended the Terra Formans(Earth Forming). Just as if it had been waiting for that timing, Sensei who had saw the time from the clock flower, made an heartless verdict.

The lesson will be over in another 15 minutes. Since the completed works will decorate the shelf behind each class, everyone do your best.(Sensei)

The works that were made in the lesson would oftentimes be used to decorate the locker shelves at the back of the class, but who could imagine that even the another world have this kind of custom.[3]

(Eh, can this thing be shown to the public?)

I looked down at my handcrafted bunny and the questionable craftsmanship made my eyes swim away. At the destination of that swimming, was Keina who looked satisfied at her works.

Fumu, Lik' this a'richt.[4](Keina)

The clay work that she placed on her palm, was a beckoning cat[5] ――― or rather, a figure of a kitty cat washing its head with its left paw.

You are really skillful, Keina.(Mira)
Fufufufu. Thanks. Ah ‘aint got any magic but ‘dis kind o’ thing kin be said as mah specialty from a long time ago. If it’s dried ‘n’ painted with color, it kin be placed in th’ shop whin ah return home in th’ summer break.(Keina)

Uh-huh, Keina’s family manages a restaurant at a hot spring village, so a beckoning cat will be perfect. The cat raising its left paw means that it will beckon people to come.

We have completed it too!(Arthur)(Bertha)

Sitting on the other side of the table were Keina’s childhood friends, underling-A a.k.a Arthur-kun, and underling-B a.k.a. Bertha-kun. They displayed the clay work that they had completed.
Arthur-kun’s was a cat that was sitting down while raising both of its paws. It looks as if it was about to swoop down onto something. I am sure that a beckoning cat that was raising its right paw was for to invoke financial luck. And so, this child that raise both of its paws, then would it beckon both people and financial luck? But raising both of its paws also could be seen as I give up
I looked at Bertha-kun’s work: it was a curled up sleeping cat.

Does everyone like cats?(Mira)

Seeing that the three made cats, I tried to ask them, but they replied with unexpected answers.

If ye ask whither a’m a dog-person or cat-person, then a’m a dog-person, Keina said.
Ah lik’ dog, too, replied Arthur-kun.
M-me is cat, answered Bertha-kun, the only one who likes cats.

Bertha-kun seemed have a bewildered tone at Keina and Arthur-kun’s preference. I also tilted my head.

If you are a dog-person, then why do you make a cat?(Mira)
A dog, ye know, sure hard to decide th’ pose. I ain’t hate cats too, ‘n’ if it’s a promotion goods then it will them cats.(Keina)
Since th’ Aneki[6] at mah place lik’ cats. If ah mak’ a cat ‘n’ gave it to her, ah kin earn pocket money.(Arthur)
Hey, hey.(Bertha)

Bertha-kun made an amazed expression since he heard this for the first time even though they were childhood friend.

So, Mira likes bunnies, desuno?(Filseria)

Princess, who was sitting on my left, looked at the bunny on my table and asked me. By the way, her work was a bird. It’s not the swan-type bird with long neck, but more of a spot-billed duck-type one.

Yes, I like them. I like small animals that are soft and fluffy.(Mira)

I like bunnies and small birds too. I just can’t have enough of their round silhouette when their fur puffed up. Just by seeing it, my heart becomes warm and fluffy. I would succumb to the urge to wrap my hand around a tiny round hamster. Since it would bite back, I wouldn’t do it, though.

But you made the bunny by looking at the bunny the nii-chan had given to you, it’s just copying, right?(Gai)

Gai was hitting it right on the sore spot. My eyes swam away once more.

Ah, yeah. It’s like that.(Mira)

By the way, Gai’s work was……

This is… Lizard?(Mira)
Nope. Mana Eater.(Gai)

This child! Why do you make something like that? Won’t it make you end up remembering about that time?

Ah also thought ‘dat is a lizard.(Arthur)
I have seen it in the Monster Illustration book, but is it something like this?(Bertha)
Seriously guys!? Which part of it looks like a Lizard? Please tell me so I can fix it!(Gai)

When Albert-kun and Bertha-kun also said that it looks like a lizard, Gai made a heartfelt request.

It’s more crocodile-ish.(Arthur)
It has fangs, so make it so that it can be seen more clearly?(Bertha)

They began to take turns in expressing their opinion to Gai.
In my opinion, the Mana Eater that Gai had made was a clay work so it was tiny. Because of that it might look like a lizard. Yeah. I won’t tell them this.

If it’s to show the fangs, then how about if the mouth is open, like ‘Gwaaah’?(Boy)
I am not an Earth Magician, so a change that big will take too much time so it’s impossible.(Gai)

The boy from the back seats heard their conversation and joined in, but Gai waved his hand sideways to reject the advice. With Gai as the center, the consultation assembly circle became wider little by little.

Hey, Keina. Are Mana Eater popular amongst the boys?(Mira)

Honestly, it was hard for me to comprehend this.

Since it’s called th’ wirst magic beast, so maybe it feels cool? Though, it’s ain’t like they wanna actually catch up with one.(Keina)
That’s true.(Mira)

While I was agreeing with Keina, Sensei clapped his hand.

Alright everyone, you might be consulting with each other, but have you finished your own work yet?(Sensei)

When Sensei warned them, the boys returned to their seats.

Also, please finish the work in five more minutes, alright?(Sensei)

……Five minutes.
I looked down at the work at my hand. If you ask me if it is completed, then it sure is, but the quality is low. Somehow this makes me feel depressed. It is frustrating that I can’t reproduce it even though I have an example.
What to do, I tilted my head left and right when I heard Gai speaking to himself.

Hmm. The scales are not very good looking, but I can’t help it. If only I could use Terra Formans(Earth Forming) then I could create the small parts, too.(Gai)
I see, that’s right.(Mira)

For the troubled me, Gai’s murmuring was a divine revelation. This place is a magic school in a magic world. Furthermore today’s topic has the objective to train the precision of Terra Formans(Earth Forming). Since it will be alright to use it for the lesson, it would not do if I don’t do it, right? Yup.

Mira, yer a’richt?(Keina)
Is something wrong, desuno?(Filseria)

Since I, who was contemplating, suddenly said that I understood something, even Keina and Princess followed Gai and asked me with a worried expression. I answered everyone with a smile.

I will remake it!(Mira)
You will remake the doll, desuno?(Filseria)

As soon as I replied, I once again invoked my magic.

Guno, Terra Formans(Earth Forming).(Mira)

Guno, who was standing at the back, received my mana and then both of my hands were covered from the light of Terra Formans(Earth Forming) magic.


With a shout, I struck the clay with my palm and crushed it on the desk.

Whit urr ye doing, Mira-chan!(Arthur)
Mi-Mira, thare onlie five mair minutes ye know!?(Keina)
Mira, you can’t give up in despair desuno…(Filseria)

Because of my unexpected action, Gai and Bertha-kun yelled out, while Arthur-kun, Keina, and Princess said out in panic.
Or rather, Princess, you had been inadvertently cruel. Is it because the bunny just now was something that can be despaired about? Is it really so?
I really wanted to asked this, but there was no time for that. I held back many things that I wanted to say, and close my eyes to concentrate.


I imagined a ball as big as a softball, and slowly raised my hand. When I opened my eyes to see at it, there was a magic circle at the top of the table. At the middle of it was a round clay ball.
Alright, a simple shape one is easy.
The cylinder that I had made during the training camp was also something like that, but for a simply shaped one, there is no need for my hand to guide the shape if I can imagine it clearly. However, no matter how you look at it, presenting a ball as my work of art was too playful.
I wrapped the clay ball with both of my hand, and seared the image of onii-chan’s bunny-san into my mind before closing my eyes once more. Leaving aside that wood and clay were different, I recalled the image of the bunny-san as the target.


The shape of the clay changed in a twinkle. I didn’t think about the process to make it. I just continued to imagine nothing but the completed shape. When I was shutting myself out from the surrounding voices and immersing myself deeply, there was a Spirit’s Thought Transmission that came to my mind.


The image of Guno smiling floated in my mind.

Isn’t it already enough.(Guno)

At his prompt, I ended the magic, and then slowly opened both of my hands. The clay ball had become identical with the wooden bunny-san.

Na wey!(Keina)

Keina can’t believe her eyes and approached to see it closely. From my left and the front seat, there were sporadic applauding hands clapping.

Wow, Mira-chan’s absurd action is aye as th’ same.(Arthur)
Isn’t it? If the hand can’t do the trick, then doing it only by imagining it, is something that Mira-chan-ish.(Bertha)
Since it is Mira.(Filseria)

Not only Arthur-kun and Bertha-kun, but Princess too has the same reasoning that was Since it’s Mira. I had gotten accustomed to be treated as someone who broke common sense, but it was a bit lonely. While I was thinking like that, in front me, I saw Gai make a nod with shining eyes.

Hey, Gai. What is it now? Why are you nodding?(Mira)

Can you tell it to this onee-san?

Hm? About how Mira is amazing like always.(Gai)

I was losing my composure when I thought that even my childhood friend ended up taking a Since it is Mira attitude, but it turned out to be something different. Since the time when I first used magic, Gai had always honestly praised me, and this made me feel embarrassed to myself. Sorry for doubting you, ‘kay?

…… Sensei, isn’t the lesson almost over?(Boy)
Eh, ah, that’s true(Sensei)

Sensei who was looking at my table flabbergasted, was surprised when being called out by another student, before announcing that the class had ended.


With the elective art class finished, which was the last class of the busy today, we returned to each of the classrooms to place our clay work. Since the vocational practice room was located on the second floor of the central building and it wasn’t connected to my classroom at the eastern building, it will take time and labor to go there, but it can’t be helped. It also couldn’t be helped if there was a descending stairway on the way, too.
But I am saved since my classroom is located on the first floor, right? When I become a second year student next year, I would end up on the second floor, though.
If my acrophobia didn’t get better even by a bit, if I ended up separated from Princess or Keina’s group due to class shuffle, I would be greatly troubled since the person that could help me will be gone. It was because, even if we were in the same Magician Course, when the class is different, except for the combined class and elective class, our schedule would be different.
Alright, when push comes to shove, I will have Guno and others to help me. I turned back and looked at them who were walking a bit behind me and hardened my pessimistic resolution. Then, for now, I looked forward at the hurdle in front of me.
I gave my clay bunny to Arthur-kun and Bertha-kun carried Gai’s lizardish Mana Eater. The wooden bunny-san had been put into the tie-dyed pouch[7] and was inside the tote bag with my notes and pens. That tote bag was now dangling at Keina’s hand.
Of both of my hands, which now had been freed, one was holding hands with Gai’s, while the other one was placed on the staircase. The standby preparation was OK. I slowly began to descend the stairs. When I finally reached the first floor, I felt that I had endured through a trial.

Arthur-kun, Bertha-kun, Keina, thank you for holding our things.(Mira)
Nay, na worries.(Arthur)
Something like this is no biggie.(Bertha)
That’s richt. Something lik’ ‘dis can’t be said as a big help. If ye worry ‘bout it, then how ‘bout ye treat us juice?(Keina)
Then, on tomorrow’s lunch break I will surely treat you!(Mira)

We were having a banter when Keina handed me my bag and so I also made a jestful promise too.

Aw richt. Then mah is apple juice.(Keina)

Keina turned her body cheerfully and started walking towards the classroom. Then we began to follow her.

Then, mah is orange.(Arthur)
I will be orange too.(Bertha)

I nodded at Albert-kun and Bertha-kun’s requests before shifting my look towards Princess and Gai’s direction.

What would Princess like to have to drink? Gai, too.(Mira)
I will also be treated?(Gai)
Me too, desuno?(Filseria)

I nodded ‘of course’ to Gai and Princess who were staring at me in puzzlement.

Since Gai and Princess have also helped me in many occasions before.(Mira)
Uuu. Then in my case…… look, you know, it’s normal to help someone who I treat as a little sister.[8](Gai)

It seems that he didn’t want to say any word of thanks for being saved in the training camp. Perhaps it’s a man’s pride…… or maybe not, right? Gai is a child who will say thanks when it’s the time where thanks need to be said. Gai’s mother, Ina-san was strict in teaching discipline.
Then why is it? Perhaps he didn’t feel that much of a debt of favor to me?
U-myuu, I don’t understand.[9]

I also don’t need any thanks desuno. It’s natural for me to help Mira desuno.(Filseria)
Thank you very much. But, Princess, please quietly let me treat you.(Mira)

I even put on a larger and tried to make Princess understand.

…… Ah, I see, it’s for that. Then I will have a pomegranate juice desuno.(Filseria)
Yes. As your wish.(Mira)

As expected from Princess, she noticed. If we consider that even when Keina’s group are my friends for sure, I said I will treat you juice, was so that I wouldn’t feel inferior for being helped. By drinking the juice, I can even my debt. It was something like that.
However, if Gai and Princess, who had helped me in many occasion more than Keina’s group, didn’t want to receive anything in return by saying, It’s natural to help one’s friend, then that means Keina’s group asking for a reward from a friend is a miserly conduct.

Gai, till tomorrow please think about what you want to drink, alright?(Mira)

Gai was tilting his head, but when the time arrived, he might get swept away by the mood and request something. If this didn’t happen then I might force him to get something, anything will do.
Afterward, we continued to chat about many things until we arrived at the elementary school section at the eastern building.


From our standpoint the Class-1 and the Class-2 were lined up together, while Gai’s Class-4 was in the middle of the building.

Then, I will place the work.(Gai)
Then we too. After we placed it, we will gather up again.(Keina)

Gai was quickly running towards Class-4, while Keina’s group headed towards Class-2.
After school was the time when the part-time student work to clean the classrooms. The first year elementary students also didn’t have any club activities. Hence, we were all part of the go-home club. It was because we would hinder the classroom cleaning if we kept hanging out in the classroom.
Even to return home, there will be a carriage waiting for us and Keina’s group were boarding students so it was just a short walk from the school’s main gate. However, when our schedule matches, we would return home together.
I and Princess entered Class-1 and headed towards the lockers at the back of the class.
Things that didn’t fit into the table would be stored in these lockers. However, there weren’t any padlock prepared by the school, so using it was at one’s own risk.
The classmate who went to the classroom like us placed their works decorating the locker and went home one after another. We too, put our clay work on top of the locker shelves and walked towards the hallway.

Filseria-sama, Mira-san, gokigen’you.[10](Girl)
Everyone, gokigen’you.(Filseria)

When my classmates exchanged their farewell, Princess and I also replied with the same action.
So this is the greeting of the nobles ojou-samas. Princess seemed to be familiar with it and exchange the greeting in a gracious manner, however, I am still not used to it until now. When I arrived at the hallway, I meet with Keina who put a complacent smile.

You heard it?(Mira)
Yup, ah do. Hey Mira, urr ye still ain’t have shed out yer bashfulness?(Keina)
After all, I believe it won’t suit me. It should be ‘bye-bye’…… right?(Mira)

Even if social status won’t matter in the Academy, I didn’t have the nerve to do that greeting. But even if I was embarrassed by it, I have no other option but to reply Gokigen’you.
And then I heard a voice that was dissimilar to that complex conflict.

Gai, see you tomorrow.(Boy)
Yeah, see you tomorrow!(Gai)

A noble boy made a small wave and Gai replied his informal farewell.
Ugh, I am absolutely not jealous at all!


We met with Gai and the six of us walked towards the east gate. It was because it was closer to the eastern building than the Main Gate, also it was closer to the dormitory.
The Academy have four gates. One of it was at the northern side, a large gate that faced the great plain that leads to Yggurd  Mountain. The other three gates were located at the southern side. The Main Gate was the middle gate of the southern gates was the, while the gate located on its right and left was called  East Gate and West Gate. The Main Gate was the largest gate amongst the gates that faced the road. The guests that arrived with a carriage would pass this gate where their carriage and the horse could be taken care of.
The carriages, that came to pick up the students, would be waiting at an open place in front of the Main Gate. It should be like that……. However, in front of the East Gate, there was a box carriage that faced the opposite direction of the castle.

Are? Isn’t that coach, th’ Royalty’s one?(Arthur)
It had the Royal Family’s crest, so perhaps it does. Isn’t that true, Princess?(Bertha)

Arthur-kun tilted his head while Bertha-kun nodded at him and confirmed it with Princess.

Yes. That is our family’s crest.(Filseria)

The Academy’s emblem that resembles a star was a copy of what is used by the Royal Family’s. An indigo blue pentagonal shield with silver rim, inside it a white dragon’s wings were spread out to protect a silver star. This was the Royal Family’s crest. It isn’t something that can be used without permission.

Welcome back, Filseria-sama.(Coachman)

When we approached, every coachman was different from the usual people. They were unfamiliar faces, too. However, their appearance of giving a refined deep bow to Princess was something that I had familiar with.

What happened to the usual people desuno?(Filseria)
While it is embarrassing to say, their health is a bit unwell.(Coachman)
Is that so desuno? Please tell them to get well soon, desuno.(Filseria)
I will convey your order. I believed they will be honored for the Princess to be concerned for them.(Coachman)

With the coachman lending his hand, Princess climbed on the carriage’s step. Since Princess boarded the carriage, then I too climbed on the step.
Then I was immediately thrown towards the sofa and the carriage began to dash.

What are you doing with Mira desuno!(Filseria)

There was something pointed at the enraged Princess who was covering me behind her, it was an unsheathed short sword. The man, who was pointing it, threw off his coachman’s façade and made an evil smile.

Don’t move!(Kidnapper)

Ah, yes, yes. It’s the clichéd fantasy world’s kidnapping, what a thing I have here.
…… Why I had not suspicious of it even for a bit, really, me!

Resistance is futile. Sit there!(Kidnapper)

Obeying the kidnapper’s order, I sat beside the Princess. Maybe because the carriage was shaking violently as it was dashing at high speed and the smell that I sense was horrible, I felt nauseous.
Even though the exterior was completely identical with the Royal Family’s carriage, the inside had this horrible smell. At any rate, I felt sick. What had this carriage had been used for? Or perhaps this was a new carriage? Sick house syndrome?[11] A chemical substance or magical substance?
The nerve! I think this carriage is a fake. But why they need to deceive me.

Mira, your face look pale. Have you already become carriage-sick?(Filseria)
What is this? I heard that she is feeble, but she already sick? In that case, then there is no need to buy the expensive Spirit Repellent.(Kidnapper)

Whoaa, he had been looking down on me. This made me feel angry. Or rather, there was no shard remain of his refined conduct. Just how much this person had been putting a sheep clothing?
A wasted money usage? But the Spirit Repellent was a phrase that I had heard about somewhere before.

Spirit Repellent?(Mira)

When I muttered this, the man made a proud snort.

An incense that the Spirits hate. If we seal the magic then the only leftover means of resistance will be the physical enhancement. However, an enhancement that is used by a normal brat is not a big deal.(Kidnapper)

While he was saying this words the man looked at me and made a wide grin.

I had been vigilant for a brat that had the magic power of the demon race in the stories, for she to be carriage sick and can’t use physical enhancement.(Kidnapper)

Unyaaaa! How vexing! Vexing! Ve~xi~ng~!

With a carriage this smelly, anyone would get sick!(Mira)

I muttered defiantly and the man made a weird look.

Mira, is this carriage have a smell desuno?(Filseria)

Even thought it was this smelly, you don’t know? Princess, do you caught a cold?

Perhaps, you are smelling the Spirit Repellent scent?(Kidnapper)

From the man’s words, I quickly realized that both of them didn’t catch any cold. Even though it would be good if the cold get worse and the kidnapper collapsed from it. Tsk. In a simpler term, then the sick feeling I had was because of that magical substance fault.
At that time, I noticed a familiar voice, which made Princess and me looked at each other.

Wait dammit![12](Gai)

It was Gai, who should have been left behind at the Academy, came in pursuit for us.

Shit! What the hell with that brat? Does he had other Magic Attribute and not just Fire?(Kidnapper)

No, his only Magic Attribute is Fire. He only concentrated his mana to instantaneously enhance his feet.
Something like that, but I wouldn’t inform the kidnapper.
Since Gai didn’t possess mana stones,  and he couldn’t use it in the first place. Only after he could handle his own mana to some extent, that he was able to learn to utilize mana stones. Since he couldn’t interfere with the winds, he received the full brunt of air resistance, but he was running as he was not caring about such thing. In the first place, he was already a child who was fast at his feet, but currently, he was like an Idaten.[13]
However, rather than he came pursuing us, I wish him to call for help instead.
Ah, even so, perhaps Keina and other will inform Sensei or contact the Capital’s Guards.

Release Mira and Princess!(Gai)
You idiot! Why the hell you didn’t deal with that brat!(Kidnapper)
The hell if I know! If I know that he is a brat that can chase carriage, I would have cut him at the spot!(Kidnapper 2)

The kidnappers inside and outside the carriage quarreled.
Ah, that’s why they were kidnapping me?
If they had left me alone behind, then with my magic cheat I would beat them up to rescue Princess. Hence why they crammed me inside the carriage where I can’t use my magic like this.
Even though I finally get a test subject for my electric magic which will be okay even if their heart got stopped. How regrettable. By burning a Spirit Repellent, then I can’t use magic which uses Spirit as the intermediary.
As for the Physical Enhancement that could be performed even without Spirit…… If I persist in it, then perhaps I could use it, but with a short sword pointed at me as it now, I must not make a careless move. In addition, my physical condition was at the worst. Inside the small confined carriage, I doubted I could unleash a power enough to overwhelm an adult man.
If I failed, then although these people have some aims for me, they might kill me. However, at the very least, I want Princess to escape. But I could never imagine that the Spirit Repellent would even influence me this much.
Gai’s angry words made the people on the road turned their head, which informed the surrounding that this carriage wasn’t just a normal carriage. As one would expect, there was no one who risked themselves to stop this carriage, but they could at least make a report about this.

Arrow. Shoot the arrow!(Kidnapper)

I could hear footsteps on the carriage’s roof. It seems that one of the kidnappers in the driver seat moved to the top.

To even shoot an arrow, stop it at once!(Filseria)

I hugged Princess, who was going to approach the kidnapper, from behind to stop her. It was too dangerous to move toward a man holding a lethal weapon while being unarmed herself.

It will be fine. It will absolutely never hit Gai.(Mira)
It won’t hit. It simply can’t hit him.(Mira)
What are you talking about?(Kidnapper)

The short sword flashed in front of my eyes. I made a glare at the man who was asking for the meaning behind my words.

My Spirits won’t let it hit him.(Mira)

Perhaps because of the Spirit Repellent smell, it seems that they couldn’t approach more than a fixed distance to the carriage, however, Rufi had been pursuing this carriage from the moment it began to dash out suddenly.
The first time I could sense their presence was at the training camp. Due to my Spirit Eyes that can see them without trouble, it was difficult for me to sense their presence. Surely, it was because I was relying too much on my eyes. I could only sense my Contracted Spirits, however, it granted me much relief.
Surely they will come to help.
Even when we were separated, it was still possible to hold a conversation. If Rufi knows about the situation, then the other Spirits will also know. The problem was that how could they inform this to the humans, but since Guno can write, they could do it one way or another.
An irate voice came from the carriage’s roof.

Damn it, how can this be. The arrow is fucking snapped midway!(Kidnapper 2)

Hearing his partner’s yell, the man in front of me smacked his lips.

So, it’s a High Spirit.(Kidnapper)

Commonly, without magician’s mana, Low Spirits can only use petty magic. It’s because Low Spirits used most of their mana to maintain their own existence. However, High Spirits are different. They are able to use big magic independently.
If Rufi hadn’t become High Spirit, then it might be impossible for her to keep flying after this speeding carriage for a long time or to block arrows that would hurt Gai.
Although rather than just blocking, it seems that she more like cutting the arrows instead. This is… Perhaps she was quite angry, right? Surely she was.

It’s better for you to stop this kidnapping. Especially for the people outside the carriage. They need to surrender quickly. The Wind Spirit is going to attack.(Mira)
What are you tal-……(Kidnapper)
Gwaach!(Kidnapper 2)

There was a yell and then there a sound of the archer guy falling.

It’s look like I was too late.(Mira)
The thing just now……(Kidnapper)
Isn’t it just a Globus Ventus(Wind Ball)? If he fell down from a speeding carriage in this speed, he will surely broken a bone or two.(Mira)

When I nonchalantly made a remark, he tightly grasped the short sword.

Your Contracted Spirits won’t endanger their master.(Kidnapper)
(This guy, is he intend to threaten the Spirits by taking me hostage?)

Princess had flared at the kidnapper before, but currently she was once more trembling in fear. She tightly grasped my robe with her slender fingers.

(It’s alright. I will protect Princess.)

Since they burnt Spirit Repellent, the Spirits can’t approach and I was heavily affected by its smell, so I can’t use physical enhancement ――― perhaps this was this guy had been thinking. Since he was currently underestimating me, it was my chance.
When the moment of opportunity to jump the gun on the criminal……

(Physical Enhancement commence!)

Without missing the criminal’s gap, I concentrated so that I could wear my Mana Armor at any time.
I never thought about subjugating these people. My objective was to escape from this place.
Surely before long, the Capital’s Guards will come. Since this was a Royalty’s kidnapping attempt, the Royal Guards Knights will sure come in rush.
When the criminals were surrounded by the Knights, we will run away before turned into hostages. Then with the Knights cooperation, I will arrest these guys.

(Don’t think that you will able to escape!)


Long Chapters……
See you guys in April, hopefully I can finish 2 chapters like what I had intended to do…

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_Asian_rainy_season In Japan, it happened at June and July; also known as Samidare.
[2] Like this English Lop Rabbit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_Lop .
[3] It’s a custom in Japanese elementary school.
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[10] Literally "(I wish) you stay feeling happy." A colloquial, very formal, feminine greeting used in areas such as Kyoto and Osaka. Gokigenyou is used both to say "hello" and "goodbye," much the way "good day" and "good evening" are used in English. I
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[13] Idaten (韋駄天) also known as Skanda (or Karthikeya or Murugan for Tamil people) in Hinduism. In Buddhism, he is a Bodhisattva (also known as Wei Tuo (韋馱) in Chinese) regarded as a devoted guardian of Buddhist monasteries who guards the Buddhist teachings. He is associated with a swift speed from a legend that asserts that he ran with great speed to catch the thieves who stole the ashes of the deceased Buddha Gautama.
So a phrase “He ran like an Idaten” might be modernized as “He ran like Usain Bolt”.


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