16 March 2017

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 3 Epilogue A

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Postwar Arc
Epilogue In the Middle of the Snow… A

This world has eight days in one week. Then, there are four weeks in a month, so every month has 32 days. Since there are twelve months in a year, a year will have 384 days. The ninth month to the eleventh month will be autumn and the twelfth month to the second month will be winter, just like in Japan. Today is the thirty-first day of the twelfth month. On Earth’s calendar it would be called Oomisoka(New Year's Eve)[1], but in this world’s almanac, it was just the last day of the year.

In this country, it was normal to quietly celebrate the New Year’s Eve and New Year with one’s family, so, excepting the Priest that managed the New Year’s ritual, the Castle normally wouldn’t be that busy (since the government’s year’s end was on the first day of the fourth month[2]), but currently there were chaotic commotions in the banquet hall of Parnam’s Castle.

Aisha, carry that set to the right.(Liscia)
Roger, Prin-…… Liscia-dono.(Aisha)

Following Liscia’s instruction, with a “humph”, Aisha lifted up the stage set that needed several people to lift it and carried it on her shoulder. By the way, since they had become fellow Queen Consort candidates, Aisha came to call Liscia as Liscia-dono. Though, sometimes Aisha slipped and called her princess.

Carla, Hal. Please line up two of those prop pillars here.(Souma)
As you wish. Master.(Carla)
Right oh, right oh… Humph.(Halberd)

Just like what I had instructed, Carla and the Assault Captain of the EDF[3], Halberd, fixed the Parthenon-like marble pillar (fake) objects at the floor. Afterward, together with Liscia, I took out the blueprints in my hand while promptly giving out instructions to the subordinates (& fiancée).

It’s not just the EDF, to even put the future queen to physical work is too surprising.(Ludwin)
It will be unthinkable in the other countries, nodesu. Aside from that, Hal, do your work quickly nodesu!(Kaede)
I am!(Halberd)

Behind us were the Commander of the Royal Guard Knights that guarded the venue, Ludwin, and his adjutant, Kaede-chan. I turned back to look at them and waved my hand.[4]

Oh well, Aisha herself said that she wanted to help. Also, it’s a fact that there is no one in this castle that is stronger than Aisha.(Souma)

If there is an indoor crane, it would be easier, but that kind of thing doesn’t exist here, so we could only rely on pure muscle power. So there was no reason to let Aisha’s physical strength be left unused. Liscia, who stood beside me, made a sigh.

Good grief…… If you said this much earlier, then we wouldn’t have to end up with a schedule this tight……(Liscia)
It can’t be helped. Since the idea came to my mind just one week ago.(Souma)
It’s amazing that everyone immediately decide Let’s do it! to that idea.(Liscia)

Well recently, it feels as if the brakes had been broken. With Roroa and Colbert’s admission, the finances had improved and the “the acquainted talented person from Ludwin’s connection” had also begun to show their real ability (I will tell you about that person later on a different occasion)[5]. Perhaps because of the implementation of various novel policies, Friedonia’s citizens themselves also had a tendency to prefer unconventional mysterious things, it looked like they were brimming with inquisitive spirits. It was a Japanese-like-artisan spirit, or to be precise: If you do something to the extremes, even if it’s useless, it’s art-type of feeling.[6]

Therefore, one week ago, when it came to my mind and I casually made a remark about it,

Oh that reminds me, it’s already at the end of the year. If it’s the end of the year, then it will be Red and White singing contest[7], right?

……It’s not like I want to it to be performed. At first, Roroa, who happened to hear it, replied, *lick*. This reeks of profit.,[8]  so I ended up explaining to her about the Red and White singing contest. Curiously, Juna-san also got pulled into the talk, We also want to show our real ability , even the Loreleis(Song Princesses) Pamyu and Nanna, and the general-turned-singer, Margarita, also showed a lot of interest in it, and before I knew it, it had become a situation where I couldn’t just say, Nope. Nothing!

When I became aware of it, the songstresses of the Singing Café Lorelei (it already turned into a talent agency[9]), the participants of the Singing Contest Programheld at Van, and many others had already gathered, and the planning scope had become quite big. Since it was already a crash program from there, the preparation for it was advanced forward by an ad hoc approach. Well, in this way everyone did something to complete it, so it was fun, just like a school’s cultural festival, but because of that, the works didn’t decrease, right….

Amongst the troubles was the White part of the White and Red singing contest. Starting from Juna-san, the Red Team (female singers) was glamorous and thick with style, but the male singer had a thin impression. Since they were mostly country singers, the songs they sung were mostly only the folk songs of this world. Imagine if in the Red and White singing contest, there was no one from Johnny[10], only Enka singers[11]…… Then, there wouldn’t be any charm to it, right? For that reason, the male Idols, who had been rather lukewarm compared to the Loreleis(Song Princesses) until now, the Orpheuses(Song Knights)[12],  would participate in the grand-scale battle.

Now then, Song Knights, assemble!(Souma)
「「「Yes(OU) ![13]」」」

When I called out, three young men, that were standing by on the sides, assembled. Amongst them was a tall silver haired twenty-something year old man who made a salute while reporting.

Song Knight Unit YAIBA, present at the post!(Ax)

He was a human from Van and the leader of this Song Knight unit YAIBA, Ax Steiner[14]. He was an eye-soothingly impressively handsome man(ikemen), but perhaps because he had such a formal way of talking (a common feature of Amidonian men) that it felt like such good looking features were wasted instead. Hearing Ax’s greeting, a frivolous-looking striped-haired tiger-looking young man, who looked the same age as me, made a wry smile.

Geez, Leader, it ain’t good to be too formal. Yea agree, right Kukri-cchi?[15](Kotetsu)
I think that your speech is also too informal, Kotetsu-kun.(Kukri)

The frivolous-looking young man was Kotetsu Bry[16] from the tiger beastfolk race, and, while we are talking about it, the handsome boy(bishounen)(?), who looked like a middle-school student no matter how you looked at it, was Kukri Carol. You might have realized it from his surname, but Kukri was the twin brother of the Song Princess Pamyu Carol. To every appearance, he was a shota amongst the unit’s member, however, he was the oldest between the three. As expected, the youthling race is frightening.[17]

These three people were the members of the first Friedonia Kingdom idol unit YAIBA. The unit name originated from the fact that the three had bladed weapon-like name, so I decided on the name immediately, plus we didn’t have that much time to spend time on the name. Since Hal’s name also was weapon-like, I thought about turning him into a member, but the person himself firmly refused. I was told by Kaede-chan, Hal has got quite a voice, but he is tone deaf nanodesuyo. I clapped my hands.

YAIBA will have a rehearsal as soon as the set has been completed.(Souma)
Yes! Will it be fine if we are the ones who do it first!?(Ax)
Since I want to test the stage’s strength first, this time, the only entrant composed of multiple people who will sing while dancing will be just be you three. If the stage can handle you three, then it will be fine to be used by the others.(Souma)
Yes! I will obey!(Ax)

As always, Ax replied very formally, and then he headed towards the complete stage, the other two followed him while making strained laughs.

Aw man, why is our leader so stiff like that?(Kotetsu)
Perhaps he is nervous? Or possibly it was his personality from the start?(Kukri)
Hey you guys! Be sharp!(Margareta)

Suddenly being yelled when they were walking slovenly, their backs jolted with shivers. When they timidly turned around, they could see the grim-faced Margarita in a bright red dress standing. …… Her appearance was gorgeous, but with that dress, her impact had increased by three times. Only by being red.[18]

You guys are Friedonia’s face! Straighten your back magnificently!(Margareta)
If you understand, then go! Double time!(Margareta)
「「W-we will obey!」」(Kotetsu)(Kukri)

Margarita was someone who became a general in the male-dominated society of Amidonia. So with her menacing look, both of them ended up replying in an Ax-like style and ran towards the stage. It was like a drill instructor working with new recruits. While I was thinking this, Margarita noticed my presence.

Y-your Majesty. I am sorry for making you see this embarrassing event.(Margareta)
Ah, I don’t mind. Since they are a group with strong personalities, it’s really helpful since you are managing them. However……  That is a splendid appearance.(Souma)
This is…… I slipped out from the fitting session.(Margareta)
Slip out?(Souma)
Oh, there ye are. Ye can’t run away in the middle of fitting session, ye know Mar-chan?(Roroa)

Margarita made a shriek-like yell when she turned around and saw Roroa rushing towards her with wide smile plastered on her face. Then she smoothly clung onto my hand.

Darling. I also had done me best. Praise me, praise me!(Roroa)

She put her cheek near my shoulder and rubbed against it while saying those words. It was more or less feel like an action of a small young animal…… but well it’s cute, right? Actually, without Roro’s financial cooperation, this project wouldn’t be able to be done. I then patted Roroa’s head.

Good job. Uumm, you are amazingly helpful. Thank you, Roroa.(Souma)
You have received the word of thanks, so you should be satisfied enough, right? Since we are in the middle of work, please move away.(Liscia)

Liscia picked up Roroa’s lapel and then tore her off from me, as if she was moving a hindering playful kitten away. Roroa also followed the mood and replied, Nyan♪.[19]

I know about that. Mar-chan, follow me. We are still in the middle of the fitting session.(Roroa)
By fitting session, you mean that red dress?(Souma)

When I asked, Roroa laughed daringly.

Mufufu~ Just wait for it. The real one will pluck yer guts.(Roroa)
I object Princess! Please, please just spare me from that.(Margareta)
Since it’s already an order, just accept it.(Roroa)
No way! 18 meters is no way!(Margareta)

Roroa was dragging Margarita away, who was losing her composure in a never before seen degree. Even Margarita, who can make men cry with her thunderous voice, was no match for the Amidonia’s Princess, Roroa. I still don’t know much about the balance of power in Amidonia’s camp.

Or rather, what’s the thing about 18 meters?(Souma)
It’s the length of the dress.(Juna)

The one who answered my question was the Song Princess, Juna-san. Since she will be doing rehearsal after the Song Knights Unit YAIBA, she came to this place.

Roroa-san proposed it, she said “since it will knock the audience senseless”…… Taking Margarita into her plan, she would wear a tremendous 18 meter long dress. That dress has been sprinkled with the light algae used in the street lights, so it produces light that is dazzling to the eyes.(Juna)
…… What to do. If this becomes a yearly custom, then I could see that in the future it would become very gaudy year by year.(Souma)

Although, I had thought of her as the Big Boss of the world of show biz, she was more like the Last Boss…… I had planned got her to sing Snake Eater (Japanese Version)[20], but perhaps let’s change it to Together with the wind.[21]. Then, I noticed that there was one girl hiding behind Juna-san. It was a girl that looked to be about 15-16 years old. She was cute, but there was no piercing feeling from her. That girl had The Class’ Madonna or A girl you wanted to be your childhood friend kind of feeling.

Juna-san. Who is this girl?(Souma)
Let me introduce her, Your Majesty. This girl is Komari Colda-san[22]. She has been trainee at the singing café Lorelei up until now, but I planned for her to debut in this singing contest.(Juna)
Ko-Komari Colda! Nice to meet chu!(Komari)

With a magnificent slip of tongue, Komari bowed her head very deeply. While making a wry smile at the nervous Komari’s behavior, Juna-san added some words for her.

This girl has a promising singing voice and obediently practices with zeal. I believe that she will metamorphose into an outstanding singer in the future.(Juna)
Oh really? That’s so amazing.(Souma)
N-not at all, far from it! For me to surpass Juna-sama, it’s too much for me!(Komari)

After I saw the panicked Komori trying to be humble, I thought, ‘ah, I see……’. This girl’s appeal might be her ambience of immatureness that made people unconsciously want to support her. It was a charm that was unlike Juna-san who had already matured. Then, when she had matured, she might become a Song Princess that could move the entire Kingdom’s entertainment world. She was a talent who I would love to see how her future will turn out.

Ah, Juna-dono, Komari-dono. So you are here.(Colbert)

Then, Friedonia’s Minister of Finance, Colbert, came. For some reason, the cat-eared beastfolk, Nanna, was on his shoulder, while standing behind him, the youthling Pamyu was tugging on his sleeve. How should I say it…… The scene was just like that of a father and his daughters.

I see that they have become quite attached to you, Colbert.(Souma)
Though I might say that this has been imposed on me by Your Majesty……(Colbert)

Other than his position as Minister of Finance, I also asked Colbert to become these girls’ fund manager (+ various other procedures). At this moment, the country underwent a ‘Lorelei(Song Princess) boom’. Especially for Juna, Nanna, and Pamyu, who were the top Song Princess, the amount of money that moved around them was in such tremendous degrees that they couldn’t deal with it personally. Excluding Juna-san, who was a candidate for Royal Consort that resided in the castle, Nanna and Pamyu were both commoners before becoming Song Princesses, so it could be dangerous if they held that much money.

For that reason, I asked Colbert, who was well versed in financial matters, to manage these girls’ funds, and also for him to do various tasks like selecting bodyguard personnel for the girls (chosen mainly from the female members of the EDF) and other tidbits. So, in other words, he was the manager for both Nanna and Pamyu. That’s why, I knew that there were many occasions for the girls to meet with him, but I was wondering why they had been following him around like this. When I asked this to the people in question,

Since he treated me with a meal! Eating lots of fish is good!(Nanna)
After the meeting, Colbert-san will treat us to a nice dinner. In doing so, he didn’t treat me like a child and treated me just like a lady.(Pamyu)

……were the answers that I got. So it’s baiting with food! Well, in Pamyu’s case it was a bit different……

Colbert, if you want to put your hands on them, do it when they are bigger.(Souma)
I won’t!?(Colbert)
But it looks like I can’t become bigger than what I am already……(Pamyu)

Pamyu’s expression looked like she was sulking. S-sorry for what I had said.

T-the four of you want to have a rehearsal, right?(Souma)
Yes. After the members of YAIBA, the next turn will be our’s.(Juna)

I looked at the group mentioned by Juna-san, the YAIBA trio was singing Hero[23] enthusiastically. Yup, as expected, it was the coolest song. The cool handsome men(ikemen) (there is one cute-type mixed in, though)  singing a cool song. What a perfect combination. By the way, the trio also sang Race Against Time[24] and Fantasy Boys[25]. The choice of songs all tended to be Ultraman songs, but it was because of my lack of knowledge about male idol groups, so as the result, for now I tried to emulate Project DMM (cause you know, they are a male trio unit).[26]

Everyone, we have brought the meal.(Serina)
I-It’s just simple made riceballs and sandwiches. Of course, we also have napolitan bread, yes!(Poncho)
Nii-sama, nee-sama. It’s meal time.(Tomoe)

While we were watching YAIBA’s rehearsal, Serina, Poncho, and Tomoe-chan came with the maids corps behind them. Everyone carried large baskets in their hands. Perhaps they were filled with riceballs or bread. Then, they put them on the long table and everyone hurriedly gathered around.

Oh, it looks delicious. Can I really eat it?(Halberd)
Hal, please clean your hands properly desuyo.(Kaede)
Carla-san. Please prepare tea for everyone.(Serina)
Ce-certainly, immediately, Chief Maid!(Carla)

The surroundings became lively with chatter, I watched it all absentmindedly.

The number has increased a lot……(Souma)
That’s true.(Liscia)

Though, they were just words I had said unconsciously, Liscia happened to hear them. As I awkwardly turned my face towards her, she was smiling widely.
The people that Souma has gathered and the people who gathered around Souma, before we realized it, it has become a large family.(Liscia)
…… On the contrary, I feel happy about this, so no need to worry. It’s just that the people I want to protect has increased.(Souma)
What are you saying?(Liscia)

Liscia put her hands at her sides and puffed her chest up.

I believe that the people that you want to protect, also want to protect your reign. That’s why…… The people you want to protect, will surely protect you.(Liscia)
……Is that so?(Souma)

Liscia made a powerful assertion. It was a mystery how we got to this situation.

I see…… Now then, Liscia. Can I leave this place to you for a while?(Souma)
I’m fine with it…… Where are you going to?(Liscia)
There is someone that I need to meet for a bit. Look, Hakuya has come.(Souma)

When we looked at the entrance, Hakuya was entering the room.

Then, I will be leaving for just a moment.(Souma)
Yeah, just leave this place to me.(Liscia)

With Liscia seeing me off, I left the banquet hall.


I disagree to Souma. For me Autumn begin in October and Winter begin in January. This is because I based it in Anime Season. :
Also: Colbert is confirmed as a predator! IFYWIM……

NEXT CHAPTER: THE FINAL REVEAL!! Remember the scriptwriters that Souma had mentioned before when he mentioned who orchestrated the war? Prepare to meet the conductor!

[1] Cultural notes! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C5%8Cmisoka. Ōmisoka (大晦日?)—or ōtsugomori (大晦?)—is a Japanese traditional celebration on the last day of the year. It’s a very big day in Japan and considered an important day where family gathers around and they visit the temple for the ringing of the temple bells, which is going to be sounded for 108 times. The modern world festivities of New Year’s Eve is the Western culture equal.
[2] Also called Fas iscal Year. Not surprisingly, Japanese Fiscal year begin in 1 April.
[3] Actually国防軍, or Defense Force. which is the short form for Elfrieden Kingdom Defence Force Army (エルフリーデン王国防衛軍). Just like what I had mentioned in Arc 3 Chapter 5A: any further mention of 国防軍will be translated as EDF. However, since the country already became Friedonia United Kingdom, perhaps it should be FDF? Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5qfWt1ACBw
[4] In Japan, hand waving is a gesture used to display confusion or that the individual waving their hand does not know or understand or agree with a statement.
[5] There is no hint about the gender on the Japanese RAW.
[6] If you see a Japanese game show, you can see how many people do useless things to the extreme. Just google TV Champion for an example.
(E/N: don’t forget the infamous crotch hitting game show. https://youtu.be/fA4PxJkthOY It was so infamous that it was parodied on an American TV show. https://youtu.be/LeBYenU5ntU) Oh yeah… This is one of reasons why you shouldn’t nuke a country twice.
[7] 紅白歌合戦Kouhaku Uta Gassen = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kōhaku_Uta_Gassen If you don’t know about this, you are not Weabo enough.
[8] She licked her lips or fingers, not Souma’s. Although that would be fine, too….
[9] You know, like the one in Idolmaster! Or if you know KPOP, a company similar to JYJ or SM Entertainment.
[10] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_&_Associates A famous talent agency in Japan
[11] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enka Which considered to be a genre deeply rooted in the traditional music and considered to be people’s music, just like how the Country genre is in USA, the trot genre in Korea or the dangdut genre in Indonesia.
For KPOPers. Imagine if in Inkigayo there is no one from SM or JYJ or any boybands / girlgroups, only trot singers.
[12] 歌姫 = Song Princess is how a songstress/diva is called in Japan. It is also Lorelei’s other name. As its counterpart  歌騎士 = Song Knight or Orpheus. I don’t know why it is Orpheus, perhaps because these handsome Knights will charm you with a pleasant dream? It looks they went with the Strong Muscled Male Boyband type. . (E/N: It’s because Orpheus was a famous Greek musician & singer whose skills were so great that he charmed the King & Queen of the Underworld & persuaded them to let his dead wife be revived. It was also said that his music was so beautiful that when he was attacked by jealous women, their sticks & stones that they threw at him refused to hit him. His music was even stronger than the song of the Sirens. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orpheus) Oh that’s make sense.
[13] It is read as YES, but spoken with a OUGH! (Masculine way to say Yes)
[14] Yaiba is one of the spelling for which means: blade/edge. Also アックス=シュタイナー Akkusu Shuteinaa. What a masculine name, Axe of Stone! Sounds like a good band name.
[15] -ッチ (-cchi) like -リン (-rin) and -たん (-tan) are mostly suffixed to the name of a someone to create a really informal/familiar/intimate nickname. Calling someone “Ai-tan” instead of “Ai-san” implied that you are really close to “Ai”.
[16]コテツ=ブライKotetsu Burai. Oh… boy… the degree of the pun in the name is painful……  First Kotetsu came from 虎徹, which is the name of Nagasone Kotetsu, the famous blacksmith. His namesake on any swords were used in many famous Japanese pop culture sword name. This name suits Kotetsu in the story since the kanji means tiger and he is a tiger beastfolk. Also his surname: Bry, ブライ, could be written as無頼which means a scoundrel/ruffian/hoodlum, which explains his very familiar/informal tone of speaking.
[17] Youthling is a 子人 (kohito - child-person), a parody of how dwarf is written on Japan 小人 (kohito - small person). Both and can be spelled as Ko
[18] Shout out for Char. His custom red MS is said to be three time faster than usual.
[19] I like Nyan better than Meow. (E/N: https://youtu.be/QH2-TGUlwu4) Btw… This is my phone ringtone… Since I can’t put my “Onii-chan denwadayo” as a ringtone on the hospital.
[20] Opening song from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. https://youtu.be/8C9niRuUb5g A great James Bond-like opening Song… Also, see the reference to Big Boss?
[21] 風といっしょに, a 1998 song from Kobayashi Sachiko, the Ending song of Pokemon the First Movie https://youtu.be/Pvzpy7rvAKM Man, I feel so old now… I saw that movie when it was first released back then, you know…
[22]コマリ=コルダKomari Koruda ... wait... Komarikoruda? 困り子るだ?
[23] Hero or 英雄 is a song from the Japanese group DOA and the Opening Song of Ultraman Nexus. https://youtu.be/hip3e4wxzoQ . I must admit that the lyrics are rather cool sounding and the song is quite catchy.
[24] 時の中を走り抜けて from Ultraman USA (an Ultraman animated movie from 1989) https://youtu.be/G7ZvvUw-t4k
[25] 空想少年 is a song from Ultraman Legend, part of Ultraman Cosmos https://youtu.be/ G8Sx9bMsDzs
[26] Project DMM is a Japanese musical group that primarily performs theme songs for the Ultraman series.


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    1. Halberd was the one who was mocking Soma in Lorelei cafe and Carla is Excel's(or was it Extel? Best female in this novel who's not Juna anyways) granddaughter. That dragonnewt who became a slave after Soma dragged a ship to the castle and shot her down.

      That said though, would be nice if yukkuri could take some time to make a characters page (Preferably with lots of cute pictures!)

  37. If you're still in doubt, you can use pretty boy for bishounen :3 It's what most people translate it as. Also, YAIBA somehow reminds me of ShinganCrimsonz lol.

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