23 March 2017

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 76

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すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 76: Late Night Tea Party

Later that same day at midnight.

In a spacious room that had just been granted to her 3 days ago, Eira lied down on the bed.
Eira’s room can be called as a 16 tatamis[1] wide room in the Japanese standard, for a room assigned to a servant, its wide was above the standard.
The first-class carpet that had been spread out on the floor, the bed, the tables and every other prepared furniture was obviously of excellent elegant quality.

Inside the pitch dark room, Eira was closing her eyes and lied down motionlessly for a moment, but suddenly she get up in an abrupt manner.

(I can’t sleep……)

Eira made a deep sigh as she recalled the situation she was appointed into and was worried to her wits end.
Three days ago, Zirconia had personally ordered her, Make Lieze and Kazura end up together, it was an order that she reluctantly undertook, and even after 3 days had passed, Eira still couldn’t make any move.

During these three days, Eira was accompanying Lieze and Kazura, as they visited the grain fields each day.
The times Eira ever meets with Kazura was when they depart to and return from the grain fields, and then at every breakfast, lunch and dinner time.
When Eira met with Kazura, Lieze was always together with him, so it was vanishingly improbable for Eira to be alone with Kazura.
Until now, Eira never joined their conversations, even once. She stood by in waiting behind both of them like a servant, silently, in perpetuity.

So basically, even to deepen her interaction with Kazura, the opportunity for this was nonexistent.
In the current situation, where only business like words were exchanged between them, naturally there wasn’t anything that she could do to somehow hitch Lieze and Kazura together.

In the plan that Eira first formulated, though it might take times, one way or another she would get friendly with Kazura by any means. Then, when it reached a state where she could chat naturally with him, she would interweave stories in the conversation to promote Lieze.

However, the current situation was hopeless.
Eira couldn’t speak with Kazura when she was together with Lieze, and when she wasn’t with Lieze, Eira needed to handle her own share of work. Kazura also moved around busily every day, so there was simply no time to have a nice slow chat.
How could she capture a target whom she didn’t even have a moment of contact? Eira was hurting her head thinking about this every day.

(At least, it will be alright if I can switch position with Marie-chan…… But this is impossible from the start, right? ……)

The other servant that had been tasked to be Kazura’s servant together with her, Marie, had markedly more chances to make contact with Kazura compared to Eira.
Perhaps if she could exchange position with Marie, then there might be a small chance to have a chat with Kazura when waking him in the morning, or escorting him before and after bathing, and then when confirming the content of every meal.

Perhaps because Marie had previous experience as a maid in Leveson House, she is really skillful in completing her daily works.
It was only at the first day when her work began that she didn’t comprehend the workplace environment, so she looked a bit confused, but after she had been explained about the sequence of jobs that need  to be performed at the kitchen, the washroom and the other places, while she was seeking Eira and the other maid’s instruction, she performed her work almost perfectly.
If there was something that she didn’t understand or couldn;t manage, then without trying to do it by herself, she would immediately seek instruction and consult with Eira. In doing so, she avoided worsening the problem.
Furthermore at the evening assembly performed every evening, she would properly report to Eira about the summary of the work details performed that day.
Even though she was still a young 13 year old, Eira felt that Marie was quite an excellent maid.
However, whether or not someone could immediately work as Lieze’s servant just because they are excellent would be another matter altogether.

Since Eira had always been beside Lieze since she was small, Eira was amongst a very small number of people whom Lieze permitted to see her true nature.
Even amongst them, Eira is the only one who could attend to Lieze, in which Lieze could completely let her guard down without any hesitation. And it was Eira alone whom Lieze strongly depended on. Eira was aware of this fact too.
If perhaps Marie replaced her as Lieze’s personal servant, or even if it was a proposal to relieve Eira from attending personally to anyone, perhaps Lieze would obstinately refuse it.
Furthermore, if Eira made that proposal herself, it was easy to imagine that Lieze would ended up terribly sad.

Ultimately, it was futile.
If Marie was a common citizen, then she would have 2 days of break for every 10 days. During that time, Eira might be able to make contact with Kazura.
However, unfortunately, Marie is a slave.
Slave don’t receive any holiday, so there wouldn’t be a single day where Marie was released from her duty as Kazura’s servant.
All doors were completely closed for her.[2]

Lieze seems to have taken a liking to Kazura and Kazura didn’t seem to be that unhappy either. Even if she left both of them alone, she believed that both of them would end up together.
However, every afternoon when Eira was reporting Lieze’s schedule for the next day to Zirconia, she always asked, What about those two?. So, Eira couldn’t do nothing either.
It would be alright if Eira’s heart was strong enough to say Don’t ask for unreasonable things to Zirconia, but unfortunately, she was a timid person.
If she didn’t show any result one way or another, before long she might be reprimanded by Zirconia, which filled her with trepidation.

…… Let’s drink some tea.

Muttered Eira while sighed. She crawled out from the bed and put on the trouser placed at the bedside, and since she was only wearing a knee-length tunic, she also put on a stole.


Hmm, what to make today? Since recently I have been staying up late, perhaps I’ll drink some Echinacea[3].

Under the illumination of the candle in his hand, inside the kitchen where no one else present, Kazura was boiling a water in a small pot on the stone stove.
On top of the table beside him was a wooden basket that contained paper bags with herbs that had been minced and divided into small portions and a glass pot.
Kazura took out the paper bags containing Echinacea and Licorice[4], and broke the cellotape seal.
Echinacea has an immune boosting effect, so it is an herb that is useful when the body is tired.
The Licorice, which he also took out from the basket, was used for its sweetness this time.



Suddenly there was a voice from his back so Kazura turned around and saw the sight of Eira in sleep-wear, standing on the kitchen entrance holding a candlestick.
Eira was not expecting anyone to be in the kitchen at this hour; furthermore, for that person to be none other than Kazura. She want to cry from the bottom of her heart for her carelessness to go outside the room with sleep-wear and her stupidity to spontaneously let her voice out to be heard.
Even though it was outside her working hours, to appear in front of her master in sleep-wear, it was an act that was unacceptably impolite.

Good evening, Eira-san. Perhaps, you came for hot water?

Without completely unnoticing what happened inside Eira’s mind, Kazura smiled at her and began to address her.

Ah, yes, I thought I want to drink some tea…… A-ano, I am terribly sorry to be in this appearance. I never thought there would be another person, that……

Ah no need, since it’s already outside working hours I don’t mind it at-…… E-eh, Eira-san?

Kazura was instantly confused when he noticed that Eira had replied disorderly with an expression close to crying.
However, he quickly noticed that he was the cause of this and after thinking for a few second about what to do, he smiled once more towards Eira.

Umm, I also thought that I want to brew some tea right now. If you’d like to, can I offer you one cup?

E…….eh!? M-me!?

Yes, since you are always helpful to me, let me thank you for once. Now then, please have a seat there.

Without minding Eira who was frozen from the unexpected proposal, Kazura held the small pot with hot water and then walked towards the big dining room next to the kitchen.
Eira hurriedly pursued him with a half-run. Then, in front of the table, Have a seat, Kazura pulled out a chair while smiling to her.

Shall we put Elderflower[5] and Rose Hip[6] and…… German Chamomile[7]? …… Eira-san?

Kazura called out to Eira, who was standing in the dining room entrance with a bewildered expression.
Eira nervously approached Kazura and then sat at the chair while being prompted by him.

This is tea from the herbs harvested in my country, it’s called herbal tea[8]. I hope it will suit your taste.

While he was saying so, he pinched the herbs and put it into the glass pot, before pouring hot water from the small pot into the pot.
The herbs inside the glass pot gently dispersed as hot water was poured on them. The peculiar color of each herb slowly seeped out and began to dissolve in the hot water.

(Blimey[9], what I am thinking by using the glass pot in front of Eira-san?)

Kazura turned his face at Eira while thinking what to do if he was inquired by her, but Eira still had a nervous expression as she stared fixedly at the glass pot in silence.
Since it seem that she wasn’t going to ask anything, Kazura let out a sigh of relief inside his mind.
Previously, he had been told that the people in the Estate had been ordered by Nelson, Do not inquire too much about Kazura, so he thought that it had been thoroughly enforced without exception.

On the other hand, Eira being Eira, even though she was still confused at the situation where she was right now, she was captivated by the herbs that were floating inside the glass pot placed in front of her.
Because she had heard about Kazura to some extent from Zirconia a few days ago, she ended up not being flustered even when looking at the transparent glass pot placed before her.
However, the fact that the glass pot is an unknown tool was unchanged, and so she was engrossed at the beauty of the curious looking drifting herbs.

Eira-san, what kind of tea do you usually drink? Is it something like what the maids brew for me at mealtime?

Kazura addressed Eira who was engrossed at the pot, so Eira removed her eyes from the pot and straightened herself before looking at Kazura.

Yes, it is mostly tea made from herbs that were bought from the city…… Ano, to pay consideration to someone like me, I am truly grateful. And yet, I am in such appearance…… Please pardon my impoliteness……

No, not at all, please no need to be that formal. If you are that tense, I will also feel tired. Let’s be more at ease.

E-even if you say that to me……

Kazura made a wry smile at Eira who was still bewildered with a nervous expression, while he picked up the glass pot.

Then, it will soon be the proper time.

He took out a teacup from the basket and placed it in front of Eira before he poured the tea that had been just decocted into it.
The mixture of the tender scent peculiar to German Chamomile and the fruity scent of the Rose Hip was a truly indescribable scent which faintly spreading out.

Have a taste. If the taste doesn’t suit you, please say so. Since I brought various types of herbs, I can brew a different type.

Kazura said this as he took his seat, took out another teacup from the basket and poured the herb tea into it.
Then, ignoring the bewildered Eira in front of the teacup, he brought the teacup to his mouth.
Seeing this, Eira too picked the teacup up and after giving a word of thanks to Kazura, she tasted the tea.

…… Delicious.

After she taste the herb tea, Eira finally smiled from its taste and fragrance, and so Kazura smiled in relief.

I’m glad to hear it. Also this is a snack called cookie, please have a taste of this too. It’s delicious.

Then Kazura took out a paper bag with cookies from the basket. He unwrapped it onto a nearby plate and offered it to Eira.
Eira gave her thanks to Kazura, picked up a cookie and took a bite.

(Cookies are something that is sold in the city, even I sometime make i-…… ah, delicious!)

Cookie were a food that exist in this world too. It is generally made by kneading bread wheat flour with salt or fruit mixed in and then baked.
Although it seemed that from how Kazura talked about it, it was as if he thought that Eira didn’t know what a cookie is. Eira then remembered the talk about how Kazura is Greysior.
If Kazura is really Greysior, then it was understandable that he didn’t really know in detail about the food in this world.
Eira remembered how the food that Kazura usually ate was something custom made by Marie, so perhaps the food of this world didn’t suit his taste.

It’s really delicious! This is the first time I ever ate sa delicious cookie this sweet!

That’s good to hear…… Eh? So it seems that cookies are not a particularly unusual food…… Forgive my rudeness.

Eira answered with a wide smile on her face. Kazura made a wry smile and scratched his head from his slip of tongue.


Eira noticed that her previous statement had made Kazura lose face[10] and immediately her face became pale white, but Kazura didn’t seem to be bothered at all, he just went, Oh well and swept away the issue.
Furthermore, if the initiative to chat in this friendly manner came from Kazura’s side, now was the best opportunity to be friendly with him.
Eira had quite a resistance to suddenly converse in an easygoing manner with a superior that she practically never talk to beforehand, but she might as well stifle this resistance and converse with him in a normal manner.

U-umm, I sometime make cookies too. It’s mostly by baking dough mixed with minced fruits, but even though this cookie doesn’t contain any fruits, it is deliciously sweet. What is mixed in it for it to have a taste like this?

Hmm, this is something that I had bought, so I don’t really know it in detail, but certainly it is sugar, butter and salt…… I’m certain that the ingredients are something like that……


Kazura was thinking while holding his teacup. Eira tilted her head and ask him back.

Yes, its appearance looks like salt and has a sweet taste. It’s different from the sweetness from a fruit. It’s like a seasoning that simply only has sweet taste.

So it’s a sweet salt? So there was something like that…… Also, I have never heard about butter before.

Eira began to ask questions with a fascinating interest as if something inside her had burst out. Kazura also answered her question while feeling relieved that her nervousness had finally been loosened.

Butter is certainly something that is eventually be made by repeatedly shaking animal milk inside a container…… Since I only have a faint memory of it, I will investigate it in details when I return to the country later. If it’s possible to make it, then do you want to make it together next time?

He tried to explain while relying at the faint memory of butter making trial class when he went to play in the ranch with his parents in his childhood, but that memory was too vague so he wasn’t confident enough whether or not this method could make butter.
On the next return to Japan, he intend to investigate the right process to make it either from searching on the internet or going to the Gunmā Ranch.[12]

Eh, but……

Eira flinched at the unexpected proposal.
She thought that she should gently react and refuse in polite way of speaking, but if his proposal was serious then this would be an unparalleled chance to deepen her friendship with Kazura.
She had noticed this from observing Kazura for the last few days, that since Kazura behaved really kind and polite even to the servant, he would forgive a little impoliteness.
I should push through this chance, Eira cheered herself.

T-then, please do so, by all means. Since we can extract some milk from the Myagis that are kept inside the mansion grounds, I think I can procure some for use.

(Whoa, she jump on board.)

Although he thought that perhaps she would refuse, since there was nothing to lose, he tried to ask her. Unexpectedly, Eira accepted Kazura’s invitation.
However, Kazura thought that it would be convenient if he met with Eira every day, since he wanted to get along and deepen the friendship if it was possible.
Kazura thought that because in the future he would be living at Nelson’s Estate for a long period of time, he wanted to have steady communication with the people he often met with.

I understand. Two days from now, I will temporarily return to my country and I think I will come back to Isteria again in 7 or 8 days. Therefore, let’s try to make the butter at a day where Eira-san is free.

Thank you very much. Perhaps if we can make the butter, I could make more delicious cookies than what I had made until now. I will also prepare the fruits too.

Perhaps because she was still a bit nervous, there was still some stiffness remaining in Eira’s smile.
However, Kazura nodded in his heart that if he could repeat this kind of interaction in the future, then sooner or later he could see her honest smile.

Also, I always come to the kitchen to boil water around this hour. If you feel like it, then you will be always welcomed to join me. I will treat you to herb tea again. Of course, with cookies.

Fufu, then, I will also make some snacks to bring when I come next time. I am quite versed in making snacks.

Oh, then I will be looking forward to it. I also need to think about a more delicious herb blend.

Thus, the late night tea party (indeterminate) just for both of them and the opening of butter making class (schedule pending) has been decided.


It looks like Kazura counterattack, the herb tea and the cookie are too effective! Eira getto da ze! Satou will be proud at him.

[1] 26.44 m^2 (or 284.7 ft^2)
[2] Today’s idiom: 八方塞がり = blocked from eight direction; cornered; embattled on all side
[3] Echinacea: mostly refer to Echinacea purpurea, also known as eastern purple coneflower, hedgehog coneflower, or purple coneflower. It belonged to Sunflower family. It is purposed use is for increasing body immunity. But honestly as a doctor I will ask Kazura to get a proper sleep. Echinacea tea taste rather nice actually.
[4] Licorice is the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra. Also known as sweet root. Licorice had been used in many traditional Chinese medicine, perhaps because of its sweet taste and corticosteroid mimicking pharmacology.
[5] Elderflower is the flower of elderberry or Sambucus nigra. Elderflower cordial (flower and sugar water) has been popular in North Western Europe where it has a strong Victorian heritage. However, versions of an elderflower cordial recipe can be traced back to Roman times. Nowadays it can be found in almost all of the former Roman Empire territory, predominantly in Central Europe, especially in England, Germany, Austria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia, where people have acquired a special taste for it and still make it in the traditional way.
[6] The rose hip, also known as rose haw or rose hep, is the fruit of the rose plant, that is typically red-to-orange, but ranges from dark purple to black in some species.
[7] There are two Chamomile: German (Matricaria chamomilla) and Roman/English (Chamaemelum nobile)
[8] Herb tea is in gairaigo (foreign loan word written with katakana). Kazura also say herb in gairaigo. In general, no Arcadian people say gairaigo words other than what Kazura introduced to them.
[9] Or drat, or turd, or crap, or darn, or shit, or damn, or or , or 糟糕. Why blimey? Since I think Kazura is kinda more British like with all his tea drinking… (no offence real British people)
[10] Or embarrassed, I put lose face since its sound more ‘Eastern’, LoL. The original word is 恥をかかして, which is to cause disgrace/humiliate someone.
[11] Kazura said 砂糖 (satou) in Kanji which means sugar, while Eira said it as just the hiragana  さとう (satou). This is how the author displayed Eira’s unfamiliarity with “sugar”. By the way, the other very famous Satou is written as 佐藤 in Kanji.
[12] The Ranch where he buy the manure before.


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