27 March 2017

Isekai de "Kuro no Iyashite" tte Yobareteimasu - Volume 1 - Chapter 2 Part 4

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Volume 1
Chapter 2 Monster Subjugation at Camiazure
Part 4

Well then, shall we begin?(Leon)

His Highness Leon once again took another cloth-covered object from the small box. There was a small stone inside of it.

Please try to hold this stone.(Leon)

It was a small white elliptical stone. I tried to hold it in my hand, just like how I was told.
Then, the stone’s color began changed from a cloudy color to a grey one. Gradually, the grey color darkened and eventually became black. A deep greyish black color.

This is……?(Reene)
A stone called the Trial Stone. It is able to measure the amount of mana that a person holds. If it is white, then the mana is low, if it’s near black, then the mana is high. Someone who could make it dark like this hardly exists amongst humans.(Leon)

Then, His Highness Leon took out a long and narrow board from the box and put it on the table.
It was a rectangular board that resembled a ruler and its surface was painted with a white to black gradiation.
The left end was pure white in gradiation and had a 1 written on it. Then, the gradiation was divided into ten marks, with the other end, which was colored pitch black, labeled with a 10. These ten marks were not equally spaced. The space between the first and second marks was relatively short, while there was equal space from marks 3 to 9. Then, the space doubled when it reached mark 10.[1]
Ah, I see. This is to compare the color of the Trial Stone and rate the magic power on a scale of 1 to 10. (By the way, the numerals were like a cursive Roman numeral, so I could actually read them. Thank goodness. At the least, I could read numerals.) There was a horizontal groove on the board where the Trial Stone was placed. It began to roll, and stopped at about in the middle of the ninth mark.

Thou are a ninth rank. Equal to a sage.(Leon)

I was told that the people who became magicians were mostly above the fourth rank, while members of the Magic race were mostly tenth rank.
Those with first rank either didn’t have any mana or only possessed a miniscule amount of it.
To make the lives in the cities easier, various magic tools were employed. The people without mana wouldn’t be able to operate magic tools, which made their lives in the city will more difficult. So people with first rank practically resided in the rural areas or in the lower class area of the city.
It is not possible for someone to work in the castle if they can’t use magic tools. Since there are doors that can’t be opened without pouring mana into them and mana is needed even to use magic tools in order to clean and cook, so the people who worked as menial workers and gardeners in the castle needed to be at least second rank to be hired.
The maids and clerks needed to have third rank at the least, and court magicians needed to be no lower than fifth rank. It is possible to become a knight if someone has a good sword arm even if their mana is low, but since the Knights seek people who can use Sword Magic and similar skills, people with low mana hardly enter, and so most of the Knights consisted of people of third rank or above,
I looked at the Trial Stone measurement board once more. If my 700 MP range put me at ninth rank, then perhaps I could assume that the counter stop[2] for MP in humans was 999.
The length between the first and second marks was at half width, while spaces between the 3 to 9 marks were of equal width, while up to the tenth mark sit was double width, right? Then, if 999 is the tenth rank, then perhaps each mark is equal to 100. Perhaps the double width of the tenth rank means 200 and the half length means 50. The first rank is 0-50, second rank is 51-100, then it increased by intervals of 100 for the subsequent ranks. Surely it was something like this. Since I was on the 701-800 range of the ninth rank, then this estimation should be correct.
The distance of the first and second rank was narrow, perhaps because the people with zero mana or people with miniscule amounts of mana will have different livelihoods than those of people who have a bit more mana. Perhaps the minimum mana for one’s livelihood was in the range of 51-100.
That’s why the people who had less than 50 were at the first rank and made their livings out in the villages or in the city outskirts were mana wasn’t required. Yup, I understood this.

It is rare for a ninth rank to be a human. Furthermore, thou are a healer. If this get found out, then it might cause various troubles. If thou are harassed by someone, then thou can mention my name out loud. I am protecting thou. This will help thou. If thou are in my patronage, then there won’t be anyone who would force themselves thoughtlessly on thou.(Leon)

His Highness Leon said these words to me. I see. Not only were healers low in numbers to begin with, if they are of ninth rank, then it’s easy to understand that they can perform treatment that usually requires several normal healers.
Just with simple calculation, I, who has 700 MP, could do the work that needs two 350 MP healers.

However, thou are a ninth rank, surely thou will have a long life.(Leon)

His Highness Leon’s words surprised me. It appears that a person’s lifespan will differ according to their mana.
I was informed that in this world, people with high mana tend to have a long lifespan.
The people with high mana will have their appearance and growth suspended at the time when they nearly reach their maximum mana value. Afterwards, they will began to age slowly when they reached the end of their lifespan. Since I already possessed mana of ninth rank and it won’t grow drastically more than this, it can be said that perhaps my appearance won’t change from what I look like right now.
On the other hand, people without any mana will quickly grow old. The first rank will have their lifespan ended at around 60 years old, the second ranks will live to 80 years, the third rank 100, and the fourth rank up to 120.
Then, starting from the fifth rank, the lifespan greatly increases; fifth rank is 150, sixth rank is 200, and seventh and higher ranks can live youthfully from 250 to 300 years until they begin aging.
Also, the Magic Race, which has a lot of mana, has long livespans, too. The higher ranks can even live for up to 5000 years.
That reminds me, the Knight from yesterday was in his 30s, his appearance also looked like someone in their 30’s. Since his MP is 100-ish, right? So he is third rank.
Perhaps, up until fourth rank, people’s appearance will age accordingly to their physical age, and then people of higher rank than this will live long lives without aging based off of their mana. Since His Highness Leon is in the 400’s range, then he is sixth rank. Van-san and Cyan-san are in the 300’s range, so they are fifth rank. I see, that’s why everyone was so vivaciously youthful looking even though they were in their 80’s or had passed 100 years already.
Ah, what should I do if he says, Actually, I am 125 years old? I knew this because I had seen the status, but normally this is the scene where I am extremely surprised. Can I make a surprised expression? I couldn’t play this small drama, that’s why I could easily be seen through by His Highness Leon back then.
Please don’t say it. Especially, since His Highness Leon is too sharp. If he says his age and I’m not surprised, then he will say Thou are not that surprised, I see. Uwaa, what a pressure. What should I do. This is more than bad. If they are talking about age right now and my acting was terribly suspicious, then I will surely be made to confess and spit out the fact that I can see statuses. I will get found out. Stop it. Please-don’t-say-itttt ‼

What’s wrong? Why are thou so flustered?(Leon)

Gueeeh, even just by thinking about it, I already made a suspicious action. I really am no good, really just a small fry. Curse my timid self……

No, umm, that, umm… It’s really nothing.(Reene)
Does thou loath to live for 300 years?(Leon)
No, I don’t. Umm, umm…… I want to become an adult woman!(Reene)

I ended up putting an emphasis on this point…… Yeah. The snickering from the men was painful.

I see, I’m sorry to say, but that wish will not come true. Since one’s appearance depends on one;s mana, thy appearance might be at the age when thou reaches the maximal amount of mana. No need to worry about it. When thou reaches thy lifespan then thou will begin to slowly age. The day when thou becomes an adult woman that thou have said, might come sooner or later after 300 years have passed.(Leon)

Guhaa, it’s really no good. Why say something that is painful for me right now. I put both of my hands on my cheeks and writhed.
Ah, but thanks to this, the mood had loosened. With this, I might frankly ask this. Feigning ignorance all the time is hard. Let’s ask about the age right now, rather than speaking about it when the situation becomes bad.
However, His Highness’ acting skill is scary, so let’s ask Van-san.
While still holding my face with both of my hands, I looked up at Van-san, who stood besides me.

Umm, Van-san and Cyan-san, are actually much older?(Reene)
Oh, me? My age is 86.(Van)
Whoa, an oji-san isn’t it?(Reene)
Don’t call me oji-san. Cyan-san is also the same age.(Van)

I looked at Cyan-san on the other side.

I am 82 years old.(Cyan)
Even though you are so beautiful?(Reene)
Is beautiful the correct word for a man?(Cyan)

Thank goodness.
I succeeded in asking it naturally. Feeling relieved, I looked at the front, and met with His Highness Leon’s eyes, which were shining with amusement. I had already reached my limit. I quickly hide my face and yelled.

It’s fine! You don’t need to say it! I don’t need to hear the sparkling handsome Prince’s age!(Reene)

Please don’t say it. Since it will be hard for me to make a reaction for it. It will be fine for me not to know it. Also, I can secretly ask about this later. For me to act surprised against His Highness Leon as an opponent, was impossibly impossible impossibru.

I see, Then I won’t say it.(Leon)

He replied with a laughing voice.
A female college student is too weak. The way to survive the battlefield would surely be different, isn’t it?
Together with a sly old fox like him, how could I protect my secret?


His Highness Leon’s another world knowledge lecture was finished for the moment, so I was in the middle of exploring the village.
Really, I had been totally steamrollered by them. They made me tell all of my secrets. His Highness Leon is too scary, even though he is so cool.
Today, the village’s condition had been considerably recovered compared to how it was yesterday. Well, of course since there was magic. Perhaps since there are Earth attribute magics, public works and the likes will be easier to do.
Since the villagers have low mana, the work that required mana was instead performed by the magicians, Knights and their servants.
The monster’s corpse was still being dismantled to obtain useful materials. After any necessary materials had been harvested, it will be incinerated with fire magic. Since the shell fragments were really hard, it could be used for armor, shields or any kind of defensive equipments.
Yup, it will be a great shield, with such hardness.
Then, they could retrieve what is called the Monster’s Core from the monster. I didn’t notice it until now, though. Monster’s Core is the same as a magic stone, something that is used for magic tools and purchased by the adventurer guild.
I heard that we will leave this village tomorrow and depart for Coltea.
Since I can’t help with anything, I was just strolling idly by like this, but the people from the Knight Order were busy. Any repair works that couldn’t be finished by today will be requested to the adventurers, they said.
While I was slowly circling the village, there were people who were stealing glances at me. When I saw them, it was the villagers who bowed their head really deeply at me. What’s with this? Did they think that I was a person from the Knight Order? So, the Knight Order is really famous, I see.
Since they were the heroes who rescue the village from that pseudo-stegosaurus, right?
Van-san, Cyan-san, His Highness Leon, and the commander-san were already above 80 and 100 years old, but their appearances could only be described as people in the twenties. However, there were also true old people amongst the villagers; when I saw their statuses, the oji-san and the oba-san all had an appearance befitting of their ages.
Just like what His Highness Leon had said, the difference in mana means the difference in lifespan. For fellow humans to have a lifespan variation of 60 to 300 years old, the other world is really another world.
So, I also won’t age for 300 years, huh? It won’t matter if I return back to Japan, though. But, if I don’t return, it will be 300 years. Yup. I am happy that I won’t grow old. As a maiden, that is.
But you know, I might scream it to escape from the situation, but I do admire the adult women. How should I say it, something like I like beautiful onee-sans.
The company where I got a job at, had a woman as the HR section chief. She was really good-looking, so I want to become a woman like her. I want to have a senior friend like that. I yearn to become an adult woman and nurture a friendship like that.
So, while I was totally immersed in my “adult woman” delusion, someone suddenly called out to me.

「『Black Healer-dono!

Whoa, it was the first time I was called by it! It’s the title! Who is it!? Who is calling me!? While I wanted to reply like this, I turned my head and saw a Knight whom shoulder was pierced by fragments which I had healed yesterday. I’m sure his name is Hugh-san.

I am Greo from Blue Knight Order Second Division. I wish to express my gratitude to Black Healer-dono.(Hugh)

Greo? Ah, it’s his family name, right?
That was close, if I called him Hugh-san here then he might ask Why do you know my name?
I need to make a distinction of what I had been told and what I saw on my own. Being able to see statuses is convenient, but perhaps it might be complicated if I was ambiguous on this matter.

Umm, what do you mean by Black Healer……(Reene)
You have been the talks of the entire villagers. Everyone feels admiration towards the healing skills of Black Healer-dono. The great Gaia’s Daughter whom appeared in our country.(Hugh)

Wait, no, wait, wait, stop it. What’s with this embarrassing feeling that’s tickling my stomach.
Then, the villagers that were looking at me since before, because they knew that I was the Black Healer?
Furthermore, what does Gaia’s Daughter? mean? Ah, leaving that aside, I need to ask about Greo-san’s body’s condition.

Greo-san, do you feel well? Do you feel any discomfort anywhere?(Reene)
I feel indescribably well. It is all thanks to Healer-dono. Please accept my gratitude.(Hugh)
There is no need to thank me. I am glad that you have healed properly.(Reene)
「『Black Healer-dono. You have saved my life. Until now I never knew someone who could survive such wounds. The three of us could only be alive today because Healer-dono had come to this place. This favor will not be forgotten.(Hugh)

When he said this, Greo-san kneeled and gave a Knight’s salute.

Please call me Hugh. Black Healer-dono, I had already pledged my sword to His Highness. This life also belonged to His Highness. Because of this reason, I couldn’t pledge my sword to you. However, I vow to protect you wherever my sword could reach.(Hugh)

Hugh-san gave me his name. Then, he gave me his Knight’s vow.
What to do? How should I reply to him? I don’t know these kind of things. I wonder if thank you very much is okay. If there is a proper etiquette for this, please forgive me.

Thank you very much, Hugh-san. After this, I will also be travelling together to Coltea. Since it is the first time I will be in the city, there are still many things that I need to learn, so please teach me. Also, if you may, please just call me Reene.(Reene)
It will be my pleasure, Reene-dono.(Hugh)

Hugh-san made a bow and then quickly ran in another direction. Since the villagers’ eyes were watching me curiously, I quickly returned to the house that had sheltered me yesterday.
When I returned to the house, Healer Gin-san had been waiting for me.
Gin-san’s light brown hair had been cut short, so it was sharply pointed atop his head. I didn’t had the time to observe it yesterday, but his plain-at-a-glance face was actually really good-looking when looking at it closely. His height was shorter than Van-san’s, perhaps about 180 cm.

Reene-dono. I am really grateful for yesterday. Does your body feel well?(Gin)
Gin-san, I am sorry to collapse like that yesterday. I am already alright. My mana also had been fully restored.(Reene)
That was the first time I had ever seen the Icy Young Noble being that worried. He had been really worried about you. He was also the person who made you drink the Blue Dewherb, since he didn’t let me to touch you.(Gin)

Icy Young Noble is Cyan-san, right? Un, I understood that he had been worried. Sorry. Also, he made me drink the Blue Dewherb? I am sorry for wasting such valuable resource. I will reflect on myself.

As a fellow healer, I understood how Reene-dono felt. Wanting to heal more of the people at that place even if it as only a little. I also had the same thought against my better judgment. The first time, I made a mistake and fainted, too. However, mana exhaustion is a frightening thing. Have you ever seen a person who died from exhaustion?
No, I haven’t.

What came to my mind was perhaps something like that Arm inside that fog.

It is really horrible. The entire body dries up, the arms become so brittle that they could snap off. Ah, what an unpleasant way to die. I heard Reene-dono wants to become adventurer. Perhaps, one day you will also notice it when you enter the battlefield. The people who had been fighting together with you suddenly dry up and die. Is your life is at its limit? Will you be killed when your mana run out? Will you die by mana exhaustion? There might be a time where you will have to pick a choice.

Uwa, how scary. But certainly if I going to be killed anyway, I might choose to recite a spell to kill the opponent even if I had to dry up and die.
…… Ah, that’s right. Yesterday, when I collapsed, it seems that I was being held by Cyan-san.
To be held by a beautiful person like him, even when I recalled this now, could make me writhe in agony. But to imagine that, if at that time, I used too much MP and then I dried up and died in Cyan-san’s arms, then?
Kyaaaaa. Horrible. That’s too horrible.
A cool beauty ikemen helding the dried up dying husk that was me in his hands. He looked at my mummy-like face. Noooooooo. No way no way no way no way.

Gin-san…… I will reflect on my acts like I had never have before.(Reene)
Yes. It is good if you can understand how frightening mana exhaustion is.(Gin)

I will absolutely won’t die from mana exhaustion, was my new resolution. But when I said that I will make sure to carry a lot of ethers, Gin-san sighed and then shook his head.

No can do. Apart from emergency, you must never use magic above the limit value.(Gin)

The point when the remaining MP had been decreased to such that the body start to feel unsteady was called as the limit value.
I asked about how if a person keep drinking ethers or blue dewherbs so that they wouldn’t faint from mana exhaustion and could continue to use magic, but it seems that this is impossible.
Since using magic will whittle away willpower, there was no one who could continue to use magic with the same power, even when their mana had been fully recovered.
If mana dried up instantly, it would be fatal, but using magic until one is drained or recovering mana and then continued to use magic, either way, these would burden one’s spirit.  That’s why if they keep forcing themselves to use magic, then eventually the mana amount will permanently decrease, the mind will be injured, and the lifespan will drastically decrease. There were many magicians who became disabled and then died.
I see, how scary. Ah, but I could understand this. After all, magic is extremely tiring. I will quickly fall asleep at night and my stomach will quickly grow hungry. My head also goes painfully numb.
If I keep using MP above its maximum value everyday, then it will injure my mind, right?
Then, entering a dungeon and carrying a lot of ethers to level up like in a game, will be something that I must not follow. Ethers were something that were only used as a last resort in emergency cases like in the war or monster subjugation.

This is why Cyan-san and Van-san were scolding me.(Reene)

Thinking back again, I am thankful that Cyan-san and Van-san didn’t praise me back then.
After all, you see, if they praised me that time, then if the same situation happened again next time, then I might do the same thing and use my magic u to the limit again. Even if I understood that this was dangerous for me, I might end up being asked by the surroundings, why I couldn’t do it this time when I had done the same before.
So this was what Cyan-san meant when he said, a Healer will be requested endlessly.]

Van and Cyan had been that worried for you. Since you were here, the extent of the damage was lesser than expected, so everyone is grateful to you. However, as a Healer, you must not stretch yourself too thin. Please also treasure yourself.(Gin)

Yes. I will reflect on this. Next time, I will surely do it properly.
Gin-san saw my expression, made a small smile and then he began to talk..

sLet’s talk about the main issue. Actually, the villagers are requesting Black Healer-dono’s healing. Since a Healer rarely visits a remote village like this, when we were accompanying a subjugation or inspection party like this, we usually perform a healing service for the village. This is also a part of the plan to grasp the hearts of the populace. Since the rumor of yesterday’s healing had spread out to everyone in the village, every villager has been asking for the healing from the exceptional Gaia’s Daughter.(Gin)

Hugh-san had mentioned this phrase before.

What is Gaia’s Daughter?(Reene)
They are ability-holders who are loved by the Goddess Gaia. Your healing technique is completely different from our’s.(Gin)

I asked many questions and it seems that a normal Healer’s magic would only amplify someone’s power and stimulate it so that the recovery happened faster.
So it was something like increasing physical strength, strengthening the immune system, increasing self-healing abilities or the likes. Therefore, it wasn’t something like regenerating missing bones like what I had done yesterday.
Gaia seems to be a goddess of this world.
At times, when someone who could use powerful magic like me appeared, that was an ability especially conferred to by Gaia, hence the title of what they were called. Such a person was then referred to as either Gaia-sent Children, Gaia’s Son, or Gaia’s Daughter.
If that person was persecuted then Gaia would be angry and the earth will shake. That’s why everyone treats them well.
There weren’t that many Gaia-sent Childen, currently in Fantasma, there was only one Gaia’s Son who appeared 200 years in the past and resided in the temple in the capital city. When I asked about whether he was like a miko, I was informed that he was the temple’s healer. Although, that person could also fuse broken bones just like me, it seems that it took a lot of time.
Me? I am perhaps not one of them. Surely since I am a person from another world. In addition, the origin of my magic image is from the games, that’s why I can’t explain what my magic is. She is an unknown god for me but I decided to become her daughter.
After all, if someone does something forcibly to me, then the earth will shake, so the possibility of me being forced will decrease! To have this kind of setting, I am extremely lucky!
Next ,I will have to be careful so that I won’t be treasured that much and enter the Miko route. Gaia’s Daughter is a Miko-ish flag[3], right?
Danger, danger. For the moment, I want to treat the villagers. Since they believe that if they are healed by the Black Healer who had done amazing healing, then they would quickly be healthy. How nerve wracking.
Well, today my MP is maxed out. Not only that, I’m the only one who isn’t doing anything right now.
I gave my acknowledgment, and Gin-san replied Thank you very much. Today I will also be accompanying you before we exited the room. He might be wanting to say Don’t overdo it and collapse like yesterday. Yes, I have reflected, so it will be alright.
Immediately, the village chief-like person yelled, Everyone rejoice! Black Healer-sama has consented to heal us! and the villagers shouted their cheers. Please don’t clamor that much.
And so, I passed the afternoon healing a lot of villagers.
In a remote village without a healer, even a trivial disease could be fatal. That’s why everyone looked at me with eyes full of reverence. I am not a god, so I beg of you, don’t bow your head that much.
Since this place wasn’t have furnished with a sewage system, it was a bit unclean. If there was a sick person then the disease might quickly spread throughout the village.
That’s why sick people would be locked up inside a room, even the window wouldn’t be opened. They couldn’t recover like this, right? Things like filth or foul air were really bad for a sick person.
I asked Gin-san and he replied that this place lacked a sewage system because this is a village. Towns are properly furnished with a sewage system, and the toilet even had a flushing magic tool. However, since the ones who reside in the city slums or villages were people who couldn’t use magic, then there was no meaning to install such tools in those places.
That’s why I disseminated information about washing and gargling, proper garbage collection, putting out clean sheets for the sick, properly ventilating the quarantine room, and explained many things in detail to the village elder and other important people in the village. This might be trivial information but I am thankful that I have this Earthly knowledge, since I don’t have any other useful knowledge.
The next schedule were as the individual examination.
In case when there was a sickness, I used Status Recovery on the bad parts from Scan and Heal on the whole, which recovered most people. The injured people also recovered with Heal and Increase Self-Recovery Rate.
I was saved since there were not that many people with malnutrition. It seems that in this country, even remote regions have good food situations. This might be the meaning of a “prosperous nation”.
Even if people with malnutrition will recover temporarily with Heal, this won’t solve the fundamental cause. Even if I say to take more nutrition, this will be hard if the country is poor.
The next schedule was mainly anamnesis-thingy[4].  You see, even only listening to what senior people want to say can make them feel more healthy, right? Even having a handshake with the rumored Black Healer-sama can make them shed happy tears, Now I could live even more. I am so grateful..
That’s why , while still shaking the hand and listening to their stories, I used Scan to check the body condition and then used Heal, while giving a bit of advice about eating and living habits, like chewing food slowly will be good for the digestion, or if it possible please eat diverse type of foods little by little, or similar advice.
This is something that I realized after examining so many patients, but everyone’s status Current Status column didn’t show anything on it. Which reminds me, yesterday I was to be at my wit’s end, so I didn’t question it, but Hugh-san and the other two people also didn’t have Physical Body Loss or Dying written on the column. Then, what kind of thing will be written on this Current Status column? Even though it would be really easy to understand if Gastrointestinal Disorder or Esophagus Tumor were written on it.
What the purpose of it, I wondered, this Current Status column.


On the next day, we bid our farewells to the villagers and then departed for Coltea.
The Knight Order group rode on numerous carriages, while surrounded by horse riding Knights as escorts. The escort was performed in shifts and the Knights on break would be resting inside the carriages.
The carriage that the Knights and the servants were riding in was like a carriage covered by a semicircular cloth, while His Highness Leon’s carriage was, how should I say this? Pumpkin carriage type. When the perfectly box-shaped door was opened, the inside had a U-shaped sofa with a table, and the servant would serve out beverages. It was just like the interior of a limousine that I had seen on TV.
I boarded the carriage that was immediately behind His Highness’ carriage. We stopped when monsters appeared on the route, but in the end, they couldn’t match the Knight Order. Instant kill. Even if there were casualties, Gin-san I were here. Since the number of people was high, bandits and the likes also wouldn’t attack, so the journey was progressing extremely well.
His Highness Leon had said that he could teach more knowledge if his plan was open, but you know, even with my background setting of having never gone outside the village and having no knowledge of the outside world, it was hard for me to think up a question.
I must refrain from asking a question of what this world’s inhabitant know as a matter of course, even if they are confined inside a village. For example, whether the moon has waning and waxing, whether there are four seasons, whether there is rain or snowfall, and other questions. Perhaps there might be two moons or it was blue-colored. Perhaps there aren’t four seasons but this warmness would continue indefinitely. Even perhaps, the stars didn’t exist.
Since tonight we will sleep outdoors, I will ascertain the stars and the moon. Please let me wouldn’t be called by His Highness Leon today.
—— perhaps my prayer had been heard, that day ended without anything happening.
In the campsite, everyone was sleeping inside the tents, but since I was the only woman here and there weren’t any spare tents left, it had been arranged that I were to sleep in His Highness’ Limousine Carriage (I named it, since I don’t know its name, after all) that had been lent out to me.
With my height, the Limousine Carriage’s interior was quite spacious, and the sofa was a wonderful bed.
Just for caution’s sake, I put a barrier on the carriage for my self-defense. Since if I couldn’t hear outside sounds it could be risky when danger approached. I made it so I could hear sounds from the outside, but no one could enter and no sounds from the inside could be heard outside.
When I got up for nature’s call, it was the first time I had ever saw the night sky. There was a moon that just like the one I saw back on Earth, the air was clean, so the whole sky was twinkling with stars. The moon was a bit waned, ah, so this world, too has a waning and waxing moon cycle. I was glad since it was the same as Earth.
Luckily, I also knew that this place has four seasons, since Hugh-san who stood as sentry said, When it’s winter, this place will snow densely.
Good job, Hugh-san. Please teach me many things. Since it would be easier if I could hear from him, which felt much more safer than asking His Highness. His Highness is too sharp, if I asked something suspicious, then he would see right through me all the way, you know. I used this chance to ask grey zone questions, which could expose me, as much as possible and learnt many things.
The full moon cycle is exactly 30 days, so one month is 30 days. Therefore a full moon always happened on the same day every month. The full moon always happened on the first day of every month and the new moon always happened on the sixteenth day of every month. The four seasons are mostly the same as Japan’s, the second month is in the midwinter, the eighth month is in the midsummer.
Incidentally, I also asked His Highness’ age. Yup, with this I will be alright even when His Highness brought his age into the conversation.
On the next day, His Highness’ schedule was open so he called me into his carriage.

Today, let’s learn about the myths.(Leon)


This world is Gaia’s Miniature Garden[5]
Gaia created the Miniature Garden
She placed the soil, and created one continent
She poured the water, and created sea and rivers
She bestowed souls, and gave birth to living creatures
The creatures filled the land and prospered

Gaia supported the miniature garden with both of her hands
Eventually, she couldn’t support the life-filled land by herself
Therefore, Gaia created Maou (Magic Lord)

In the center(heart) of the land, a Mistletoe was created, and become the cornerstone of the land
If Maou dies, then the Mistletoe will give birth to a new Maou

Gaia supported the land from below, Maou supported the center(heart) of the land


Eh? So that means this world only has one continent?(Reene)

Only one continent? It wasn’t round like Earth?

That’s correct. The map that I had showed to thou in Camiazure. There is nothing beyond it.(Leon)

The map that was drawn in Camiazure. A close-to-oblong, elliptical sunny side up egg.
The egg white part was where the human countries were. The egg yolk part was the magic races’ country.
The yolk had been always been governed by magic races, protecting the Mistletoe and the Maou.
In the center of the land there was the Mistletoe and the Maou’s castle. It was surrounded by a Sea of Trees.
The Sea of Trees was a dangerous place with a lot of large-sized monsters. Maou’s castle was in the center of it.
Surrounding the Sea of Trees were the castles of Maou’s retainers, who were called the Eight Dukes, protecting Maou’s castle and the Mistletoe with a strong barrier.

What is the meaning of “Maou supported the center(heart) of the land”?(Reene)
We don’t know. Only that Maou is connected to Gaia. If a Maou died, then Gaia will give birth to a new Maou.(Leon)
If the Maou died, shouldn’t someone from the magic races become a Maou?(Reene)
No one else could become a Maou. The one born from the Mistletoe was the Maou, only one exists in the entire land.(Leon)

There is only one Maou? Then, what about Maou’s children? They won’t become Maou?

Do you remember the current date? Purple Spirit Era 823th year, 8thmonth, 8th day. This calendar is used by all countries in the land. When a new Maou appears, the calendar begins anew. So it means, it has been 823 years since the present Maou, Purple Spirit King first reigned.(Leon)

So Era is the same as a regnal year? Like Heisei or Showa?[6]

Why did the calendar changed on Maou’s birth?(Reene)
Since during Maou’s generational change, there were many occasions when power relationships between countries will greatly changed.(Leon)
Changes in power relationships?(Reene)
Yes, during Maou’s generational change, the world will be destroyed.(Leon)
A Maou will have a long peaceful reign, but just before his death, he will become insane. The insane Maou will rampage and disrupt the world.(Leon)
Become insane and disrupt the world, this is horrible, right? Why they won’t stop it?(Reene)
An insane Maou will use all of his mighty magic power to continue destroying and slaughtering until it is exhausted. As Maou is an existence connected to Gaia, normally no one could win against it. Although a Maou who had become insane will have his brutal power increased, but at the same time he will also lose his reasoning and so become completely devoted to the brute force approach. This was what the Maou’s retainers will exploit to defeat him.(Leon)

So he is strong, but since he is just raging around without tactics, somehow he could be defeated.
From Maou’s first rampage and until the next Maou appears, the monsters that were instigated by Maou’s insanity will also become ferocious and run amok on the land.
The insane Maou’s rampage, the battle between Maou and its retainers, and the ferocious transformed monsters that attacked cities were what disrupted the world.

When the previous Maou, the Amber King, became insane more than 800 years ago, the eastern part of this world was mostly devastated. Since the western half luckily escaped the devastation, Fantasma and Güselbahn that held the power at that time expanded their territories and so we reached our current situation. We learnt that when the Maou two generations ago, the Golden Dew King went insane 4800 years ago, it was more terrible. Including the magic realm, the whole continent was devastated.(Leon)

Maou’s succession story was so intense. Eh, but will it be alright that the cities were destroyed by his rampage? There weren’t any compensation issues or the likes? I tried to ask this but, it seems that everyone thought that Maou was just this kind of existence.
The Goddess and Maou are connected. That’s why Maou might also be ranked the same as the Goddess. So it will be considered like a natural disaster. Maou’s succession period was diverse in length, the shortest was several hundred years, the longest was 7500 years. The previous Maou was 1200 years, and the one preceding him was 4800 years. It seems that no one can predict when they will become insane.
When the Maou two generations ago, the Golden Dew King, became insane, the survivors restored the continent that had become an empty lot, and a powerful person at that time founded a country, which become Fantasma today. From there, it expanded its territory, and during the previous Maou’s, the Amber King, bout of insanity, its damage was relatively light and so it quickly recovered. Once again, it expanded its territory until it had become a major country that held a third of this continent.
The story about Maou was really interesting. Let’s check this in detail at the library later.


What will the Prince do to Reene indeed…

[1] See, my helpful example:
[2] Maximum value possible of a stat in RPG games. When it reaches maximum (usually 256 or 999) the counter stops increasing, hence: Counter Stop.
[3] Play a Visual Novel or learn some programming if you don’t know what a flag means.
[4] Anamnesis: Medical interview to obtain medical history. You know like: chief complaints, history of the present illness, past medical history, review of systems, family diseases, etc.
[5] Hakoniwa 箱庭. a box garden; a miniature landscape garden arranged in a box or box-like container (with natural materials combined with human-made materials). This thing is popular in Japan from Edo period. The English equivalent might be: “This world is Gaia’s L*GO play box” or “This world is Gaia’s Wargaming Table” or just plain “This world is Gaia’s diorama”. (E/N: The word you’re looking for is “terrarium”.) This is the reason why I need editor.
[6] Heisei and Showa are Japanese Emperor regnal years. Shouwa is the regnal year of Emperor Hirohito (Emperor Showa) from 1926.12.25 to 1989.01.07, while Heisei is the current Emperor Akihito’s regnal year. When a king dies, the regnal year will also change.


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