30 March 2017

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 6 Part 8

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Bandou Tarou (坂東太郎)
Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 6. Yuuji, Changing Job from Pioneer to Farmer
Part 8 : Yuuji, Guiding around the House

Umm……. Kevin-san, I wonder what's going on(Yuuji)

In front of Kotarou, the three people from the beastfolk family were making a gesture of showing their bellies.
Seeing that gesture for the first time, Yuuji asked Kevin.

This is…… A gesture that some beastfolk shown to a person of higher social position. Although I too only saw it several times……(Kevin)

Aloof from Yuuji and Kevin the Peddler’s conversation, Kotarou barked as if to say, “I will depend on you in the future”.
Then the three people slowly raised their body.

Umm…… Why you make a gesture of respect to Kotarou? Perhaps you understand her words?(Yuuji)

Yuuji asked the family. As expected, he was bothered by it.
Yuuji’s slave Marcel, the father of the family, showed a surprised expression as he turned to look at Yuuji, before replying.

I am sorry, Yuuji-sama. Even though my master is Yuuji-sama…… No, even a dogfolk don’t understand a dog’s words. However, just by seeing Kotarou, for some reason, she appeared like someone of high position……(Marcel)

Tilting his head, Marcel saw at Nina the catfolk and his son, Mark. However, both of them shook their head as they didn’t understand it either. Mark was shaking his head vigorously that his ears were swinging flappingly.

Hmm…… We-well no matter. Since there is no minus anyway.(Yuuji)

Since the person himself don’t know it, Yuuji seemed to stop thinking about it.

Then I will guide Marcel-san and the others to the house. However, since I thought that it will be for one person, it was temporary housing since I don’t have the skill to build it…… Ah, Alice, can you return to the house earlier? Since I want to talk about work with Kevin-san.(Yuuji)

“Ye~s~”, Alice answered energetically. She was heading towards the entranceway, but she repeatedly turned back her stole a glance at the beastfolk family. It was as if she was a child curious about her new neighbor.
Yuuji exited the house ground to the outside and guide the group towards the house’s western area.
“Woof”, Kotarou walked beside Yuuji, as if she was want to say, “I will also come along.” Her tail was wagging left and right, her mood was so good that she would even hum a poem if possible.
“Follow us properly, alright”, sometimes she would look back at the beastfolk family. She had completely treated them as her underlings.


This is…… A strange shape. I had gone to many towns, but this is the first time I saw a house in this shape.(Kevin)

When he saw the Yaranga that Yuuji constructed, Kevin the Peddler stated his surprise.
Unlike the beginning, where it was only covered with blue tarpaulin, the interior and the exterior was also wrapped with clothes. For now, it was using the curtain or sheets from the unused rooms.

This is something like a temporary home used by migrating nomads. It’s also the first time I build something like this. By pulling the wooden support and the cloth, it can be quickly disassembled and it’s also easy to construct on a level ground. Though it might be cramped for three people to live in, but try to enter first.(Yuuji)

While saying this words, Yuuji lifted the cloth covering the entrance.
There were soft fallen leaves spread on the floor to insulate it from the naked ground, furthermore, a silver insulating sheet was covering it. Since Yuuji thought that the sparkle from the sheet is annoying to the eyes, he spread a carpet from his parent room atop of it. Inside there was two cushions and small table and one camping sleeping bag. Just in case, he also prepared a blanket.

Thank you very much, Yuuji-sama. This is enough for us three to live in.(Marcel)

Marcel the father replied. There was no private space at all, but it seems that for the beastfolk family, there was no problem at all. However, it seems that Mark wouldn’t be able to expect anymore brother or sister.

Then I will put the water jug, blanket, and other supplies on this place. Where should the chicken moved into? Also, the kitchen and the lavatory……(Kevin)

This time, in addition to the three adventurers that Kevin always bring with him, there were also his two private guards. Since everyone carried a knapsack, they were carrying more goods than the usual. They had brought 6 chickens, which were keep inside a small cage and were clucking restlessly.

It will be alright for the lavatory to be outside, but I am bothered about the kitchen.(Nina)

The catfolk Nina, who was playfully chasing after Kotarou’s tail, suddenly turned and asked. Somehow, she had quickly been in good terms with Kotarou, but as expected, she was a mother who looks after the family’s kitchen.

The chicken will be kept inside the house yard, so I will receive it later. Even without drawing it, water and hot water will be provided by the house. Perhaps, it will be alright to store it in the water jug? More or less, it will be fine to cook inside building, but…… Normally, how you make a toilet? As expected, perhaps it will be no good if we don’t construct a proper kitchen and toilet outside.(Yuuji)

A lavatory…… In the village, they mostly would dig a hole outside. When they finish relieving themselves, they would bury it with ashes from certain herb and soil. The ashes functioned as deodorant and sickness countermeasure. Because we more or less bring the ashes with us, for now, it will be at least alright by digging a hole for the lavatory. When spring came, please have Nina-san inform you about the herbs. However, to cook inside the building is it…… Then, let’s build a stove outside…… (Kevin)

Even when talking, Kevin continued to unload the luggage. When he said about building a stove outside, the two guards immediately begin to build it. It seems that they had got used to this.
Kevin, who was unloading the luggage, took out a square dark gray box.
From the color, the shape, and the size, it was like the aluminum lunch box of the past.

Ah, Kevin-san!  Is that… perhaps!(Yuuji)

Yes, Yuuji-san. It had been a bit more than a year since Yuuji-san taught this. Finally, we are able to make the canned food container. By inserting it here, the lid will become airtight. We have finally found the material that won’t melt easily from heat once it hardened!  After this, I carried several of this to test during the winter and if they can pass the winter without any problem, then I plan to sell this in the spring!(Kevin)

While showing a big smile, Kevin handed over the prototype canned food to Yuuji.
Yuuji received it and ascertained its weight. It was rough to touch and really heavy. It seemed that it wasn’t that polished like the canned food in modern Japan. Though the lid was made from metal, it was joined using something translucent. It was something that looks like silicone gel but felt different when touched.

Hmm, what is this? Kevin-san, in the end, how do you bond the metals?(Yuuji)

Fufufu, that is a secret. But since it was something that I made together with Yuuji-san, I will secretly tell Yuuji-san later. Ah, that’s right, this catfolk, Nina, is registered as an employee in my company. I asked her to develop dishes for the canned food. Since it’s hard for information to be leaked out from this place and as a hunter she could procure the meat by herself. Ah, perhaps if Yuuji-san can give advice about the dishes for the canned food, please put it in the record. Accordingly, Yuuji-san will receive payment, as well.(Kevin)

This place will be the first branch of the company that Kevin found in Premie City, was something that Kevin muttered while grinning. The future prospect, or possibly a delusion called dream was filling him.

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

After showing the Yaranga, Yuuji finished the tour by showing the currently installed wooden fence that enclosed the house plot. He and Kevin returned back to the house and converse with each other while sitting interposed by the gate like what they usually do. For them to speak like this, while they were could converse without any problem at the outside just now, might because this had become their habit.

The adventurers, his guards, and the dogfolk Marcel was unloading the luggage or constructing the stove and toilet. Besides them, there was a small golden retriever walking uprightly on two feet around the site. It was Mark. It seems that he intended to help with something.

The catfolk Nina had left with a bow in her hand, leaving a word that she would go around to grasp the area as a hunter. For some reason, Kotarou was guiding her. It seems that they had been friendly to each other. Perhaps they had understood from the very first day: the other party is a fellow female comrade in looking after children. A catfolk and a dog, they were a match for each other.

Then, Yuuji-san. I am sorry that I referred to you a family, which is different from our first arrangement. Marcel, the father, will become Yuuji-san’s slave, while Nina, the mother, will be working as my company’s employee. Please leave a record if there are discussions about Yuuji-san’s knowledge of food or canned food. Since I will report the sales calculation and the details with Yuuji-san too. Well, if the canned food become popular, then it wouldn’t be a problem if you leave everything to me!(Kevin)

It seems that he was putting a hope on the canned food sales as Kevin was quite in a good mood. He might already aiming in the future market share.

That’s right, since that day, I had established a company at the nearby Premier City. Its current name is Kevin Company. Since I had left the selling at the clerks and there are apprentices too, I can move quite freely. Then, Yuuji-san…… How about the Pioneer Land and Pioneer Citizen registration?(Kevin)

With his expression turned serious all of a sudden, Kevin asked for the answer of the homework that he had given to Yuuji at their third visit in the Spring.
Perhaps because he had been expecting this question, Yuuji also showed a resolute will in his eyes.

I will apply. Just, as expected, I want the fact that I came from another world stay concealed. This might get found out one day, but until then I planned to search for fighting strength and support as much as possible.(Yuuji)

This was Yuuji’s… and also the residents of the Bulletin Board’s conclusion.

A Pioneer Citizen is registered in Citizen Register, and so they could freely enter and leave cities.
The fact that he is a Visitor, will be concealed as much as possible, then search for a support so that he won’t be attacked or kidnapped.
And then, of course, increasing the fighting strength of Yuuji, Alice, and Kotarou.

Someday, he would get find out by people other than Kevin and his group. Or if before this, something happened to Kevin himself, then Yuuji would become impoverished.
After considering the current risk and the risk occurred if he moved out, then for the sake of a safe comfortable life, Yuuji had decided to went to the city.

Of course, since the snow will fall soon, the trip to the town will be conducted in the spring next year.


The beastfolk family didn’t wrong per se. Kotarou is indeed a higher existence (somehow).

Let’s just think that it was Kotarou who was summoned to another world. Yuuji and the house were just an omake. Buy 1 get 1 thingy.


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