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Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Money Raising Conference

……Ah, sorry. It’s only something that I wanted to try saying for a bit.(Kazura)

An awkward sweat appeared on Kazura’s forehead as he apologized to all the people present in the room who were looking motionlessly at the marbles which appeared from the bags.

Ka-Kazura-san these obsidian called baargenseyl……(Zirconia)

I am really sorry, please forget the bargain sale part. This obsidian, which was made in the God’s Realm, is called ‘glass marble’. It can also be called as ‘glass’.[1](Kazura)

It seems that the meaning of the word bargain sale itself didn’t get transmitted, so Zirconia had misunderstood bargain sale as the name of the marble inside the bag.
Kazura completely felt bad for this.

Glass…… Inside of its transparency, there are various colors mixed in it. So God’s Realm even could make something like this…… It looks like the plastic that you had shown to us before.(Zirconia)

I don’t mind if you want to see it closely. T-then how much can these be sold? If we have these, then could we somehow be able to keep the budget afloat?(Kazura)

When Kazura encouraged them to do so, Zirconia and Nelson looked at the marbles closely.
If colored obsidian is extremely expensive, then the glass marble would surely possess a considerably large value.

That’s true…… Though currently, I couldn’t say precisely how much it will be, I believe we could sell this for a fairly large sum of money. However, this is too extraordinary and it will be hard to claim it as something mined from the mine…… Not only this thing being transparent, it’s also mixed with color and also a perfect sphere, so it is likely to gather considerable attention.(Nelson)

That’s right…… It will be fine for obtaining temporary fund, but in the future, there might be people who probe into it.(Zirconia)

Ugh, is that so. So that means, rather than a marble a colored glass might be better.(Kazura)

“I see”, Kazura nodded, and so Zirconia, who was gazing at the marble, shifted her sight towards him.

So there is colored glass too?(Zirconia)

Yes, it does. It’s called crystal glass, but unlike these marbles, the color isn’t within the transparency itself, but it is a transparent glass that possesses many colors. Perhaps it is similar to the obsidian that sometimes appears on the market in this country.(Kazura)

The crystal glass that Kazura mentioned is the colored glass that is used for glasswork.
It could be obtained in any amount at a shop that deals with lampworking goods in Japan, Kazura intended to procure the glass from there.

I will procure some on my next return to God’s Realm, so that you may sell it as a source of fund. Do you have any color you wish for?(Kazura)

When Kazura asked so, Nelson returned the marbles into the bag and turned towards to Kazura.

Thank you very much. Then, may I ask the color to be yellow-green or light blue like the ones that appeared on the market? Also, I believe that rather than a sphere like this marble, it will be better if the shape is rugged and uneven.(Nelson)

I understand. I will bring some suitable pieces, if it’s good then please sell it. Then supplement the lack of funds for public works with that money. Also, when that money is used for the services of public works, it is necessary to ensure the citizen receive a part of the money too.[2](Kazura)

Though he didn’t know how much money could be obtained with the crystal glass that he intended to bring, it seems that based on Nelson’s story, they could fetch quite a sum of money. With the addition with the aggregate mining yield, there will be no doubt that it will be a considerable amount.

We can assume that the near-future finance will be good with this, then after the issue of food situation inside the territory has stabilized, the next issue will be of securing funds. When I asked Nelson-san before, I had received an explanation that the territory had a chronic lack of funds, but does the current situation have no prospect of improvement at all?(Kazura)

Yes, if the grain fields had been perfectly restored and the harvest income increased more than before then we could secure funds to some degree. However, every year several thousand emigrants from other provinces will come to the provinces, so the free food assistance from the other provinces to feed the emigrants is a must. There is no problem with the support from Fraise Province in the south, but the support from Gregorn Province in the west is worrying……(Nelson)

Ah, now that you mention it, I had heard this situation before…… Gathering people to anticipate the resumption of war, is it?(Kazura)

When Kazura first arrived at Isteria with Valetta and others, he had received an explanation about Isteria Province population from Lodurr.
He said that it was gathering people to anticipate the resumption of war, but with the population increasing by several thousand each year, without a large and quick agricultural land expansion, the crop’s output wouldn’t be enough.
He was informed that there was free food assistance from the other provinces, however, from Nelson and Zirconia’s explanation, the assistance amount from Gregorn Province in the west had decreased significantly.
As a result, the food shortage situation in Isteria Province ended up worsening, so they must increase food production by any means.

Then, let’s also expand the farmland beside the current grain fields. I will teach you how to make a tool that can draw water up called a hand pump.[3] If we use this, then we can surely expand the farmland.(Kazura)

Hand pump…… This is also a tool that I have never heard before, can’t we just use the existing waterwheel? Even if there is a problem in parts precision, since it is already in mass production, I think it will be simple if we amass their number.(Zirconia)

(Hm? I thought she will immediately bite at this topic. Is she being considerate to me?)(Kazura)

Kazura was a bit disappointed at Zirconia’s lack of immediate snap at the plan to offer new tools.
If Kazura was at Zirconia’s position, he would jump at the proposition to offer advanced tools.
Kazura tilted his head as he thought whether she was deeply grateful for the continuous offers of tools and knowledge from the last few days.

…… It will be fine if that place could use waterwheel, but not only waterwheel has a large size, due to how it works, the places where we could install it are limited. The hand pump is comparatively smaller so we wouldn’t need to be that concerned about the installation site. In addition, it could even draw water to more than 5 met-…… to a place higher than the city outer walls, and the water can be drawn up quickly. However, different from waterwheel, a human action is needed to draw the water and compared to the waterwheel, the amount of water it draws is relatively smaller.(Kazura)

Kazura explained while remembering the subject that he had investigated using the internet on his last return to Japan. Nelson and the other 3 people, “Ooo…”, expressed their admiration.
The waterwheel installed on the river was wheel-shaped with a diameter of 4 meters, so it could only draw water up as high as its highest parts, minus its submerged parts.

However, the hand pump that Kazura explained right now could draw water up to an even higher place than the waterwheel.
Not only it could bring water up without problem to somewhat higher place, using a relay combination of water ponds and hand pumps, then it could draw water to an even higher place.
If the water reservoir pond at a higher place was constructed using traditional method, then if they were not careful, the water would seep through the soil and decreased, but if they build the reservoir pond with mortar using the lime that can even be procured from this world, then the water wouldn’t be able to seep away.
In case there was a need for a large-scale water storage then it should be fine to construct a simple large box-like water tank.

That is an amazing tool. I will make the arrangement for the necessary personnel and tools as maximum priority.(Zirconia)

Yes.  I supposed I have been requesting too much; even so, I will leave the preparation to you. Since I will bring a sample hand pump and the paper with the method to build it from the God’s Realm eventually, the production of it need to wait until then.(Kazura)

…… Kazura-dono, there is something I want to ask.(Nelson)

Kazura smiled back at Zirconia who was smiling delightedly after she heard Kazura’s explanation, when Nelson, who had been thinking with a somewhat serious expression, began to talk.

Can that tool called hand pump be installed in a narrow place like a mine tunnel?(Nelson)

Although it depends on the area, but the pump itself is not something that’s large, so I believe it could. The size will be this about this big…… its underside will be attached to a long pipe, and by putting that pipe into the water table, you can draw the water up.(Kazura)

 While Kazura was explaining, his hand demonstrated the hand pump’s size with his hand.

Fumu…… Kazura-dono, if we have that hand pump, then perhaps we could greatly increase the mine productivity. If it had been completed, then I want to use several of it in the mine.(Nelson)

The mine? How will you use it?(Kazura)

In contrast with Kazura who asked as if he completely didn’t understand how it will be used, the others made a surprised expression.

It’s to drain the underground water. At the northwest mountain, other than open-air mining there is also a horizontal tunnel mining, however, there were many cases where the underground water gushed out in the middle of mining. If the water is not much then it could be drained using buckets, but if the underground water is too much then there is nothing to do but to abandon the ore at that place. However, if we can use that pump……(Nelson)

I see, it will be possible to mine the whole unobtainable submerged ores, isn’t it?(Kazura)

Kazura admiringly nodded when Nelson explained.
Even though he was just informed about the hand pump, he immediately thought about how to use it outside for farming, as expected from someone with feudal lord position.

Furthermore, if we could gather a massive amount of water using the hand pump, then it will be possible to instantly rinse off the entire ore deposit in at the open-air mines.[4] The force of water should be able to expose the ore deposit close to the ground surface and we will be able to detect the ore deposit that we weren’t able to find until now too.(Nelson)

(……What with this person, his head is amazingly sharp!)(Kazura)

Although Kazura was nodding at Nelson’s explanation, he shuddered inside his heart at Nelson’s inventiveness and thinking rate.
Since until now Kazura didn’t work together that much with Nelson, Kazura only could imagine him always busy and pressed by the office work.
However, as expected from the feudal lord that govern Isteria where 300,000 people lived, even though he only heard the matter once, he might come with many ideas about it.

Besides, if we could save a large amount of water then we could also collapse the already exhausted tunnel by flooding it. If we scavenge the collapsed tunnel, then we would still be able to mine some of the ore or find a new ore vein. Then by using the water that had been gathered beforehand, we could wash and sort the gathered ore and the amount of mined ore would exceptionally increase.[5](Nelson)

T-that’s true, that is a good idea. Please try it by all means.(Kazura)

Though he felt a chill at his back, Kazura acknowledged him with a smile, Nelson also made a smile and thanked him.

Kazura-san, about the matter that I had heard when we were going together at the fields before……(Zirconia)

When it looked like the talks with Nelson had reached its conclusion, this time Zirconia approached to talk.

I remembered that Kazura-san had a good plan that could improve the citizen’s daily life and generate profit at the same time. May I hear that plan in detail at this time?(Zirconia)

Daily life?...... Ah! That’s right. Let’s talk about it right now.(Kazura)

Although he had hinted about it to Zirconia before, it had completely escaped his mind since he was tired day after day.
If Zirconia didn’t bring up this subject again, perhaps he would continue to forget about this for a long time.

Zirconia-san, have you ever heard about a building called ice house?[6](Kazura)

Ice house? …… No, this is the first time I ever heard about it. Do you know about it, Nelson?(Zirconia)

No, I also never heard about it…… What kind of building it is?(Nelson)

Kazura nodded at the two who showed a confused expression and he made a brief explanation about it.
Of course, since he hadn’t investigated the ice house in details, he could only explain to the extent of the meager knowledge he had right now.

Umm, to put it simply, it’s an ice storehouse. It’s a building to store a large quantity of cut-out ices from the lake or pond during the winter, so it can be retrieved for use in the summer.(Kazura)

…… The winter ice could be stored until the summer?(Zirconia)

Zirconia made a doubtful expression at Kazura’s explanation.
Won’t it melts?, was written on her face.

Although you might think that all the ice would be melted away before the summer, but with this method, we could store the ice for a long period of time without melting. I will teach you how to build the ice house later.(Kazura)

To be able to use ice even in the summer, then if we store meat or fish in that ice house, you mean we could preserve it with the cold?(Nelson)

Nelson asked with a great interested, so Kazura nodded.

Well, something like that. With the method that I remembered, the ice that had been saved in the winter could be sold when its summer. If we could also produce and sell a cabinet-sized ice house, that is called ‘refrigerator’, the demand for the ice will be inexhaustible.(Kazura)

Cabinet-sized? …… If it’s that big, then it could even be placed inside the common citizen’s house. If we can store the ice that is cut during the winter, which originally will be worthless, then…… I see, I see.[7](Nelson)

Perhaps he somehow could understand what kind a thing a refrigerator is, Nelson nodded with an admiration on his face.

So, the problem is we need a pond where we can cut that ice. I was thinking whether we could make the ice by using the reservoirs in the grain fields area, but will the ice that formed will be enough to be cut?(Kazura)

When Kazura mentioned this to Zirconia, she put her hand at her mouth and made a thinking gesture.

…… I think the size will be a little problematic to be cut. Since in the mountain the winter is relatively colder, if we make new reservoir there and put water into it, I believe in midwinter we could obtain a thicker ice. I will investigate if there is a suitable place to make the reservoir.(Zirconia)

Please do so…… Ah, but, this time I also want to investigate together, please hold the location selection until then. When I return from God’s Realm, I will reexamine about the ice house once more.(Kazura)

Kazura temporarily thought to leave the reservoir construction location to Zirconia, but when he thought about it, there should be a good and bad location to build the reservoir.
What kind of place to be chosen for reservoir construction was something that he didn’t know, hence it would be better if he asked an expert trader once he returned to Japan.
Thought it was close to a simple thinking that this way will be good to make ice, the ancestor knowhow about what needed to be done should exist, there was no other option but to utilize it.
After all, the knowledge that can be used had been investigated it in detail so it could be utilized effectively.

(…… reexamine?)(Zirconia)

Umm, for now we will put the matter of the ice house on hold at this point, what we are going to do next……? Ah, it is indispensable for us to discuss about the waterwheel manufacturing precision. I want to go to see the workshop.(Kazura)

When Kazura said so and stretch his hand to the documents that had become a huge pile atop the tale, Zirconia who stood beside him threw a sidelong glance at him.
However, she immediately helped Kazura take out the document, and then she began to explain about the workshop inside Isteria to Kazura.


Zirconia-neesan(26) had smelt something about Kazura(25)! Perhaps she might discover what Valetta(16) had already know that Kazura is not a God? Then what about Zirconia(26) scheme of matchmaking him with Lieze(14)?
Next chapter is about Eira(??)! Since Kazura(25) need an older maid too, other than Marie(13)…

[1] Kazura said the first glass marble as ビー玉, while the second Glass is in katakana (ガラス). Also Bargain Sale was originally in katakana, as it is a gairago バーゲンセール (gairaigo = a loan word or transvocalization word from a foreign language). Hence basically, it’s a foreign word which is not translated by whatever magic translation ability that Kazura had. Hence why Zirconia mistook it as the obsidian marbles name.
[2] In Keynesian Economics, it is believed that government spending could inject money to the private sector or directly create work to invigorate the economy. In this case, Isteria Province spending on public works will serve both as future investment (better harvest, lesser flood) and increasing public wealth (the money to pay the worker and craftsmen which then will use money to buy things from other people who will then buy things from other people, ad infinitum, in essential increase the aggregate demand).
[3] Kazura said Pump in Gairaigo Ponpu
[4] A technique known as Hushing which harks back from Roman Era 
[5] A poor man version of mine explosive. Perhaps Kazura needs to teach them how to make ANFO. I can imagine that Zirconia will be very happy :D
[6] Real type of Building How to build one, no electricity needed: HERE
[7] A basic economics: A rare thing will be expensive, a common thing will be cheap. In winter, ice is plenty so it cost almost to nothing. In summer, ice is non-existent so it will cost a great deal of money. So if they cut ice in winter (CHEAP) and then sold it in summer (EXPENSIVE) then they can obtain profit.


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