15 April 2017

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Interlude 3 Chapter 6-0 Part 1

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Author notes: This chapter happened during Chapter 6 Prologue. Chronologically, it was one year before the current story, before Yuuji obtained the beastfolk family.
Take care since there will be CHAOS.
Moreover, please note that the previous story, there is a thread that mentioned of an offline camping preparation.
Though, I also write it again if you have skipped it over……

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Convention Date                 April 12~13
Rendezvous Point               JR Utsunomiya Station Western Exit, in front of Gyouza Statue
Be careful not to mix it up with Tobu Utsunomiya Station

Meeting Time
First Group                : 11.00 Gyouza Tour (Managed by : Infrastructure Worker)
Second Group          : 13.00 Clothing Purchase Tour (Managed by: Sakura’s Friend)
Third Group               : 13.00 Home Center Tour (Merged with First Group. Managed by: Infrastructure Worker)
All Group                   : 15.00 All groups meet and head to Yuuji’s former house site
Detached Group      : Camera Ossan’s Car Group. Confirm the meeting time with each other

Points to Note
Camping in Yuuji’s Former House Site
The convention day, is the day where Yuuji’s house is transported to another world 2 years ago.
There is a possibility to be transported to another world at night
If you want to stay, please have bring your own luggage before participating
Yuuji’s Imouto Sakura and her husband, George (American) will be staying
Her attorney lawyer-sensei will be the host, I’m sorry but I will return mid-way
The maximum number of people that will be participating in Camping at Yuuji’s Former House Site will be limited to 30 people
For the people who leave mid-way, return at the end or don’t want to face the risk of transported to another world:
Please arrange the lodging location yourself

(FROM Interlude 2 - BB2)

Interlude 3
Chapter 6-0. The First Yuuji’s House Site Offline Camping Part 1

JR Utsunomiya Station Western Exit.
April 12th, 10:45.
The first group for Yuuji’s House Site Offline Camping had fallen into a state of chaos from its first gathering.

Hey! The gyouza statue had changed place!

His username was Infrastructure Worker
He worked at an infrastructure company in his hometown of Utsunomiya, a winner in life, with a wife and children. As one of the locals, he should have leading the first group, but he had failed from the very first beginning.

The meeting place, the unique statue of a Venus covered in a gyouza skin at JR Utsunomiya Station Western Exit, had been relocated from the bus terminal on the western exit to the pedestrian deck.

For now let’s write the change of meeting place on the bulletin board, if they find someone, just wait without dispersing.

The Yuuji’s House Site Offline Camping had a scent of chaos drifting from it since that early start.

Alright! Including me, there are 9 people! With this, the first group had all gathered! Since I parked the rental station wagon below, let’s move there! Don’t stray from group!

Under Infrastructure Worker’s command, the men followed him in succession.
Ah, “I an Anonymous without any username”, “So you are Well-Informed NEET?” “Hey, does that lolicon scum join the first group?” There were various clamorous conversation coming from them.
Including Infrastructure Worker, the group of nine men didn’t wear anything that can be said as stylish, but they were also not that conspicuously out of place.
It was because this city there was a business complex that it was called as the Akiba of Northern Kanto[1]. It was normal for a group like this to visit the area. But as expected, it was an exaggeration for it to be referred as Akiba.

The station wagon that Infrastructure Worker had driven arrived an establishment immediately behind that building complex, it was on that underground. They had entered the Gyouza Themepark which had 5 permanent stores and 1 daily store.[2]
“So we came to this place”, “Even though we are guided by a local, is this really a tourist attraction?”, there were complaints like these.

Shut it! It can’t be helped since the member is many! If it’s this place, then we can have a chow!

The local: Infrastructure Worker, insisted. As a salaryman, he had only guided the out-of-town business guests to this place, and this past track-record is what support his current decision.
The group quickly made orders as they pleased and then have a toast with teas and beers. “Oh, as expected from the famous store, it’s delicious”, “This taste made my excited”. Where had their complaint about this place being a real tourist attraction disappear into?
“Boiled and steamed gyouza are the popular type in China and they mostly didn’t put garlic into it”, recited Well-Informed NEET. “Ah his erudite knowledge is a real deal and a bit annoying too”, the residents exchanged glances with each other. But no one pointed this out for now. This was also a form of kindness.
Since they had took troubles to come to Utsonomiya, hence they should have a fun! These active people of the first group, who had deliberately gathered first, was a group of people with high communication skill.

In any case, this and that, just like Infrastructure Worker’s intention, it can be said that the first group was quite excited.

After they were enjoying the gyouza, one part of the residents was red-faced from the beer in the midday, so they were window-shopping at the business complex that was referred as the Akiba of Northern Kanto before they were driven by Infrastructure Worker back to the JR Utsunomiya Station. Of course, Infrastructure Worker didn’t drink any alcohol. He was only watched jealously at the men who drink the alcohol.

The time was 12:50. It was the meeting time for the Second Group that was going for a Clothing Purchase Tour and the Third Group that headed towards Home Center.
The attention of the group, that was heading towards the meeting place, was gathered at the sight of a man in a suit carrying a large backpack. It seems that he was talking with a young man.
The name of a man came to the mind of the nine people of the First Group.
That suits and that rucksack, that person must be none other than Gunji-sensei.

From the First Group to the Third Group, all group linked up without any problem.

JR Utsunomiya Station Western Exit.
In front of the Gyouza statue at the pedestrian deck.
In the end, about 30 participants, including the guide Infrastructure Worker and Sakura’s Friend, had gathered. With this, all member of the Second and Third Group had gathered at 13:00.
“Long time no see, ah, George-san, nice to meet you!”, said a female’s voice. However, it seems that the only female participant was just Yuuji’s imouto, Sakura, and her friend, Emi. Certainly, for the first offline meeting to be camping at a place that lacks any facilities might be a hurdle that was too much for other women.

Alright, then the Home Center’s group, come with me! The Clothes Purchasing Group follow Emi-chan!

Infrastructure Worker shouted out. As expected from a salaryman who had a plethora of experience of organizing drinking party.

Gunji-sensei and Cool NEET seems to lack any power in this matter. Both of them obediently tucked themselves at the end of the Home Center group and discussed something with each other. Perhaps, they had got along with each other. They were a combination that makes you would like to hear the conversation that you didn’t want to hear.

Sakura’s husband George and his friend Louis were there. But they didn’t speak anything. It looks like they already in the highest mental tension state. The residents maintain a distance from them. Well, it’s natural. Who wants to try chatting with American in a high-tension state? There was no hero there. Or rather, the ones they could rely to, Sakura, was with her friend Emi in the Clothes Purchasing Group. Without any interpreter, they were marching along to the Home Center.

Both Camera Ossan and the Verification Thread’s Images Detective were immediately conversing with each other, their topic revolved around cameras. Both of them brought huge baggage. Or rather each of them were pulling a trolley. They were serious.

It was a chaos.
Before the actual camping session begins, it was already a chaos.

This time, different from the verification offline meeting, no one was putting a nameplate.
It was no wonder since the surrounding had eyes.
However, this decision of not putting a nameplate would become something that they soon will regret.

Mixed with them inconspicuously and quietly. Blending inside the Clothes Purchasing Group…

Was the Loli-, no, the Pedo-Scum.


What will happen next?

[1] Orion Street (Orion Dori), Utsunomiya. The largest shopping arcade in Tochigi Prefecture. Many Anime shops and event were held in this place, hence the nickname: “Akiba of Northern Kanto”.
[2] I think the author is referring: Kirasse, a eateries located on La Park Nagasakiya B1, 2-3-12 Baba-dori, Utsunomiya-shi, it located near Orion Street and it had 5 permanent Gyouza stores and 1 daily store that changed each day. You can eat many types of gyouza in Kirasse. Don’t forget to visit it if you go to Utsunomiya/Tochigi. Use GMaps 3D, it's awesome!


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