04 April 2017

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 6 Epilogue

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Bandou Tarou (坂東太郎)
Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 6. Yuuji, Changing Job from Pioneer to Farmer

Marcel-san, the tree will fall soon, stay sharp alright?(Yuuji)

I understand, Yuuji-sama.(Marcel)

After Kevin’s departure, the snowy landscape dotted the forest as it welcomed the winter’s arrival.
Even today, there was a sound of people working the land from the area around Yuuji’s house.

Yuuji fell the forest’s trees, while Alice and the beastfolk Marcel was helping cleaning the branch.
Yuuji’s slave Marcel had made free use of the saw, the hatchet and the hand plane to turn the trees that Yuuji had fell last year into wooden boards. Though the tool quality was rather poor, the saw and the hand plane also exists in the other world. However it wasn’t the pull hand plane like the Japanese’s kind, but the pushing type.
Even so, this might be a fortuitous thing for Yuuji who had abandoned the thought of making wooden boards. Nevertheless, the things that Marcel could make was only simple furniture, so as expected, he couldn’t build a house.

Yuuji’s objective for this winter was felling the trees and expand the farmland as much as possible before the spring arrive. Then, defeating the monsters that Kotarou had pulled and get his Rank Up.
In that sense, he felt that the number of the goblins and orcs, which he had consulted with Kevin had increased, was a plus point for his aim. Already on this winter, Yuuji, Alice, and Kotarou had their respective Rank Up.

By the way, even today, Kotarou and the catfolk Nina were patrolling the surrounding and hunting snow rabbit. Of course, if they encountered monsters, they would draw them towards the home. They were truly strong women. Ever since the family migrated to this place, one woman and one dog, the two of them had fairly get along with each other.

Kotarou would search for the prey, then Nina would kill it with her bow. Their prizes were either deer, boar or snow rabbit; and a more than enough amount on top of that. With Yuuji’s advice, Nina’s development of the dishes for the canning was progressing well. Yuuji was also pleased with the amount of money that he would receive from Kevin in the future for his help.

Fuu, Alice, Marcel-san, Mark-kun, let’s take a break!(Yuuji)

With Yuuji’s yell, the big and small bipedal golden retriever quickly came running to him. Even though they were running atop the snow, they were fast. Alice, who was wearing thick lumpy clothes, was walking carefully so she won’t fall down. Recently she was devoting herself in learning how to become more girlish. Even though she was just a 8 years old, she was already a maiden in the heart.

With a shrug, the cloth cover on the yaranga’s entrance was lifted and a warm comfy air streamed from it. Shrugging the snow that clung to them, the four of them entered the yaranga.
On a corner of the yaranga, there was a traditional style electric heater placed on it. It was the one that Yuuji’s parents had used in the kitchen.

The reason why Yuuji constructed the yaranga behind the garage, as close as possible to the house, was all for this.
He plugged an extension cord into the power socket in the garage and then measure the most distance it can cover. On that place, he built the yaranga.
To secure the extension cords, he was forced to rearrange the electronic appliances’ position inside the home, but this wall all so that the Yaranga could be more pleasant for people to live in, so it was something that had to be done. By the way, the hardest part was not securing the extension cords, but the cords treatment to make it waterproofed and short circuit prevention. In the first place, an extension cord for indoor usage isn’t recommended to be used at the outdoor.

Whoa, it’s warm Yuuji-nii!(Alice)

As her cheek was red from cold albeit being heavily covered with thick clothing, which consists of Yuuji’s imouto’s – Sakura’s – coat, Sakura’s knitted hat and gloves, Alice raised her voice in joy.

The dogfolk father and son pair – Marcel and Mark – quickly curled up in front of the electric heater. Their lying down appearances were just like those of a curled golden retriever wearing clothes. Perhaps the warmth was satisfying, their tails were wagging in a synchronized movement.
Yuuji smiled at the scene of Alice and both of the dogfolk. This healed his heart that was tired from all the hard physical work.

From a NEET into a pioneer.
From a pioneer into a farmer that plant, raise and harvest the crops.
The harvest amount was still a small amount, but Yuuji finally can be called as a farmer from a pioneer.

By obtaining a slave, the number of people increased, so the land opening and the farm work need to be increased all the more.

Opening the land, hunting, raising the Rank.

Every day preparing for the upcoming first city visit in the spring.

Thus the third winter since Yuuji arrived in this other world, passed calmly in this way.


Chapter 6 end.

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