16 April 2017

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Interlude 3 Chapter 6-0 Part 3

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Last Interlude before Chapter 7.

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Bandou Tarou (坂東太郎)
Yukkuri Oniisan

Interlude 3
Chapter 6-0. The First Yuuji’s House Site Offline Camping part 3

It was on the outskirts of Utsunomiya City which had been enveloped by the evening’s twilight.
On Yuuji’s house site, the preparation for the barbecue and the camping progressed steadily.

Activating the generator, Camera Ossan and Verification Thread’s Images Detective were establishing the balloon lighting to provide illumination for their video recording.
Perhaps because he was interested in it, George’s friend, the CG creator Louis approached and tried to speak with them. With crude English, somehow both of them could reply to his conversation. Rather than from speech, Louis was looking at the set’s illumination and with a satisfied face, he reached out his hand. It seems he seeking a handshake. As a fellow worker who deal with lighting, it seems that they had reached an understanding. It was just, after the handshake and Louise bring out his business card, the other two took a posture of reverence.

Gunji-sensei and Cool NEET, together with Well-Informed NEET, which could be said as the Brain Team, begin to sort the purchased goods. Or rather, if they didn’t sort the good then they would lack a place where they could do barbecue or camping.

Let’s avoid putting it in the place where the house was previously located. In case we get transported, there might be a chance that the position could overlap.(Cool NEET)

Then, let’s ask Sakura-chan and establish a No-Entry Area. Since we don’t know when it will happen.(Gunji-sensei)

“Don’t know when it will happen”, since he put this maxim in mind, even now, Gunji-sensei were carrying the large backpack. Perhaps because of his influence, the other group were also carrying a backpack like him while moving.
After establishing the No Entry Area, borrowing the hands of the Anonymous who had too much spare time, they were piling the goods.

In case we didn’t get transported to another world this night, then let’s purchase a prefab storage.(Gunji-sensei)

Gunji-sensei muttered. Perhaps this was what called as being realistic, though this point was questionable.

The sun had fallen, under the illuminated by the balloon lightning and the lights from lantern lined up in the middle of the place, the barbecue finally begin.

Amongst the 4 large sized barbecue grill, one of them was under George and Louis exclusive occupation. Holding a beer in one hand, grilling nothing but meat, which they offered to the others. By the way, this grill was the only standing barbecue grill type, which enabled them to grill even while standing. A large sized American style grill that George had overwhelmingly insisted, “This could be used even in another world.”

Other than the four barbecue grill, there was one charcoal-based grill was being reserved. The one being in charge of it was Anonymous ETNE and MEAT. Even though they were bathed in sweat, they were cracking smiles and laughs while putting the charcoal in. Perhaps something was fun for them? What a bunch of dangerous men who was enchanted by fire.

By the way, the First Group that had gathered in the morning had done a round of greeting to the Yuuji’s house neighbors, nearby police station, and fire station. So that they won’t be reported, or perhaps it was a preparation so that it wouldn’t be a problem even if they did get reported.

Amongst the 4 large sized barbecue grill, one of them was under George and Louis exclusive occupation. Furthermore, another one was quietly placed at a place a bit away from the group. It was Well-informed NEET and the two guys from the Clothes Purchasing Group.

He held a rod over the tender coal fire and slowly turned it around. When it had a grilled mark, he smeared the thick batter uniformly before putting it back to the fire.
It was a baumkuchen.
By the way, in this method of cooking, depending on the number of layers, it would take at least 3 hours to be completed. It was no more than watching the batter grilled over the fire and then repeating it once more. Or perhaps it was like a drilled act.

Isn’t this calming?(NEET 1)

Yes.(NEET 2)

I’m glad I came to this place today.(NEET 1)

Me too.(NEET 2)

The guys from Clothes Purchasing Group exchanging their words quietly like a whisper. It was dull. However, certainly something had been born inside their heart.
By the way, the initiator, the erudite Well-Informed NEET, was explaining, “Even the current famous Hiroshima’s confectionary maker was selling baumkuchen they make in the beginning”[1], but both of the guys were not following him. It was just a nice BGM for them.

Excluding the men who was grilling baumkuchen in the corner, the barbecue exhilaration-filled-party. The conversation topic was, of course, about what will they do if they were transported to another world.
The two people from the Photography Group does have those overly ambitious thoughts, too. It was natural. If they could take photographs in the another world, then all of their shot would be a novel thing that was never caught on a film before. If they uploaded the images and videos, then these would clean sweep any awards, and the famous English broadcast company or Nat-Geo would scrambling to contact them for a courtesy call.

The ones with tremendously high mental tension were the George and Louis duo. After both of them finished eating the meat, they sat down on a camp stool, each of them embracing an 180 cm crowbar standing between their legs. What a hasty people. Were they aiming to kill as soon as they saw an enemy? American otakus is sure a proactive people.

“If I can meet with Alice-chan, then it will be enough. I-its gonna be fine, I won’t get close to her too much and I also had bought a lot of clothes for her, so will Alice-chan be happy from this?”, the person who said this was the usual guy. It seems that he didn’t have any plan to make an active contact. But one could not deny the inherent risk. “If we are transported to another world, let’s inform Alice-chan and warn the others of this matter.” The surrounding Anonymous exchanged glances with other and took this solemn oath.

The duo with High-Tension until now, Anonymous ETNE and MEAT, were somehow quiet. They were whispering for some reason, they were earnestly writing at the notes in their hand. At times, they suddenly held out their hand and the likes, completely devoting themselves studying various poses. It seems that want to use magic if they were transported to another world. And so, they were thinking about their chant. Both of them completely devoting themselves in making their chuunibyou note.

Just one person.

Yuuji’s imouto, Sakura. Only her who was silent.

The Local Team, her friend Emi and Infrastructure Worker, had already returned to their own homes.

She was sitting comfortably on a camping chair not far from the camp, she was just passing time quietly as if she was praying.


Beside her, there was another person sitting on the same chair, it was Gunji-sensei.

Giving a sidelong glance at the excitement in the camp, both of them were sitting on the chair silently for the entire time while taking a sip of the beer in their hand at times.

Both of them silently stayed still, as if praying to Gods to send them to another world.


FINISHED. Continue to Chapter 6 Prologue.
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[1] He is speaking about Juscheim company.


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