01 April 2017

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 6 Part 9

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Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 6. Yuuji, Changing Job from Pioneer to Farmer
Part 9 : Bulletin Board Yuuji, Uploading the Beastfolk Family’s Images and Videos

Is Kemomimi[1]I finally came out after 10 years, but my home kinda went into another world Part 23Still Not Yet!?

1 : Overwhelmingly Dog-Person
This is the thread to enjoy the reports, images, and videos of another world that Yuuji has uploaded.
Is it really another world? How did he fabricate it? This is the thread to verify this.

Yuuji had arranged for a kemomimi beastfolk slave to learn the other world’s knowledge for pioneering the land!
The Peddler that will bring the slave in the autumn still hadn’t arrived.
Is Kemomimi still not yet, Yuuji!? It will winter soon, Yuuji!
It is prohibited to repost.

The next thread will be set up by the NEET who step on the 900th post.

21: Yuuji
Sorry to make you guys waiting
This is the images of the everyone’s long-awaited kemomimi!


22: Anonymous ETNE
It’s festival!

23: Overwhelmingly Dog-Person
We have been waiting for you, Yuuji!

24: Anonymous NEET
At last, you have come!

25: Anonymous MEAT
I have seen the images
Certainly, it’s kemomimi

26: Anonymous NEET

27: Anonymous NEET
This is different!
This isn’t it!
It meets the requirement, but this isn’t it!

28: Kemona-Lv.MAX[2]
Hell yeah!
Furry type is my taste!

29: Anonymous NEET
So this thread has this kind of hentai fellow?

30: Anonymous NEET
As always the editing quality is stronk

31: Well-Informed NEET
So it’s a beast walking on two legs style, huh?
I wonder how their skeletal structure will be……
Cold they speak languages?

32: Overwhelmingly Dog-Person
Everyone wouldn’t mind if I stay at Yuuji family’s house while bringing 10 or even 20 dogs, right guys?

Put the videos too!
Also the profile!

33: Infrastructure Worker
The slaves suddenly become three people, how amazing Yuuji

34: Yuuji
They can speak words normally
Though the catfolk’s ‘na’ become a ‘nya’

The slave is only the father

Alright, then here come the videos!

Dogfolk: Marcel: Father: Farmer: can do some woodworking

Catfolk: Nina: Mother: Hunter: can cook

Dogfolk: Mark: Son: Seriously cute

35: Anonymous ETNE
It’s different from the kemomimi that I wished for!
There was a time where I too thought like that

So cu~teeee~

36: Anonymous NEET
A golden retriever and black cat who stand on two feet and wear a cloth

Something new is awakening in me

37: Anonymous NEET
Mark-kun feel like a shota

A new door is opening for me!

38: Infrastructure Worker
>> 36-37
You guys, calm down!
They were mostly dog and cat, you know!

But, you know…… not bad!

39: Overwhelmingly Dog-Person
There are red sweats flowed out from my eyes……

I implore you, God!
Let me in the other world, too!

40: YES Lolita NO Touch
Damn it damn it
I won’t give up Alice to that mutt called Mark!

41: Anonymous NEET
<< 40
Just go to sleep already

42: Anonymous MEAT
There is no gore?
Hey, there is no gore, right?
Someone with a gore resistance, please check the videos for me!

43: Anonymous NEET
Yuuji’s slave, the father Marcel
A big golden retriever
He bowed towards the camera
After that he seemed doesn’t  know what to do next
He looked at the camera while tilting his head to the side
Then he looked around restlessly for help

Even though he is an ossan, so cu~te~

44: Anonymous NEET
The mother, Nina
A big black cat
She showed great interest at the camera
Her tail slowly wagging in wide sweep
She was looking at the camera with sparkling eyes
When she was going to reach her hand towards the camera, Marcel stopped her
She looked disappointed

She is damned cute

45: Anonymous NEET
The son, Mark
A bit small golden retriever
He bowed towards the camera
Perhaps he was nervous that he was looking at the camera tremblingly
His tail is between his leg
What with this immoral guilty feeling

For a golden retriever walking on two legs
His shota attribute is too high!

46: Anonymous MEAT
So there is no gore
I will try to watch it

47: Kemona-Lv.MAX
My good man Yuuji, please more videos!
From many, more angle, please!

48: Camera Ossan
This delicate fur texture
The furs reflect the light according to its movement

Hey, this is a bit impossible for an edited video
This kind of editing has surpassed Hollywood level, you know

For now, I will have an offline camp meeting
I will hand over the data to Louis-kun

49: Verification Thread’s Image Detective
If this is Yuuji’s editing
Then Yuuji will become the supreme one in the industry
Or perhaps, rather than mere supreme one, he will be treated like a god

Is this real?
Is this really another world?

50: Anonymous MEAT
This is this, that is that!

So, how is it?
Is it fluffy?
Is it fluffy!?

51: Infrastructure Worker
There is too much Kemona on this thread
The level is too high you know guys

52: Yuuji
>> 50
It seems that the kemomimi and the tail can only be touched by the family
Since it’s a proof of affection

But I had patted Mark-kun’s head!
It’s tuftily furry!
Also somehow his eyes became teary

53: Overwhelmingly Dog-Person
>> 52
Yuuji DIE

No, of course, Yuuji must not die, after all
I wish you turn into a machine that continues upload images and videos

54: Anonymous ETNE
So you say…… You have patted the head of a child bipedal golden retriever?

55: Well-Informed NEET
There are many countries in the Earth where even patting someone head is NG
But you have challenged it without any question huh?
Yuuji’s bad luck is strong

56: Cool NEET
So, Yuuji why three people?

Then about livestock and Pioneer Citizen registration
The goblins and orcs’ encounter frequency
So what the result of the consultation about this?

57: Anonymous NEET
As expected, a guy who didn’t get agitated at all

58: Anonymous MEAT
What a nice chopping retort!

59: Anonymous NEET
I wonder where is 56 facing to……
Hey, why aren’t you working?
Hey, why?

60: Anonymous NEET
>> 59
You might hurt everyone!

61: Yuuji
>> 56
Only the dogfolk father is the slave
The catfolk mother is employed as the peddler company’s worker
The dogfolk son is helping her

Monster attacked so their field got ruined
They were troubled cause they can’t pay tax
They decided to sell themselves as slave but they don’t want the family to become separated
Then the peddler invite the whole family to migrate

The mother seems to be tasked to develop a recipe for the canned food dish
If I teach her something then I will receive money

The livestock is 6 chickens
Since I put the cage in the garden
For now, I let them free range in the garden

I had informed about going to apply for the Pioneer Citizen registration
Since the snow will soon fall, we plan to go to the city when it’s spring

Since the peddler also bothered by the goblins and orcs, he will try to investigate it
When we go to the town in the spring, perhaps we will put an investigation request on the adventurer guild

62: Anonymous ETNE
What a shocker Yuuji!

63: Anonymous NEET
The city!
It’s finally the city!
If it’s spring then it will be the fourth year right?
So it’s the first time to go to the city……?
How late!

64: Anonymous MEAT
Ye dawdling too much, Yuuji!

65: Anonymous NEET
Adventurer guild!
Don’t get involved with it, Yuuji!

66: Infrastructure Worker
For now devoted yourself to kill monster during the winter
Level up so that you might be able to defend yourself!

67: Camera Ossan
Don’t forget the important point of bringing camera to outside environment and how to maintain it that I had taught you Yuuji
Since it’s easy to be broken, it’s prohibited to carry it into combat

Have a damn happy time son!

68: Well-Informed NEET
So it’s finally the other world’s city
Since we don’t know many things in the end
I will be looking forward to the spring


Finally the city? Yuuji was so late!

[1] Kemomimi is basically “Beast Ear”, either referring to a humanoid with beast features (usually ears and tail), or refer especially to the ears itself.
[2] Kemona is what American called as Furry-fan. A person who like humanoid beast or human with beast features.


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