04 June 2018

Nihonkoku Shoukan. Volume 1. Chapter 2 Part 6

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Chapter 2
The Kingdom’s Miscalculation
Part 6


A few days later.
You are very nervous.
There are only two enemy soldiers 5 km west of Ejay. In the history of Roller, hundreds of people admitted a simple vision, but before Loria's military base arrived, I wanted to run here to avoid weakening power.
There is no problem if the castle is clogged in the castle, but the enemy's cavalry returns about 300 people and they repeat provocative act of shouting outside the castle. I do not want to shoot arrows, I do not want to kill valuable horses. Without judging whether this was a real invasion, soldiers rotten nervous at night or during the day.
I think that I have to practice Wyburn in the scene, but Wyvern is a target of Wyvern that is flying land not flying at night. In other words, the spleen container can not be moved.
There were no soldiers at the base of the enemy before arrival.
"I have not done this ... I am weakly imitating this type of low-level disease, if there is a way to fight, if suddenly ... I will do it .. . "
After the deadlock ended, Nuo stimulated the command room.
The door needed knock and messenger.
"I'm sorry, the Japanese contacted me.
"Please read it!"
"Hack!" Lowellia County is 5 km west of EJay. really? Is the supportive attack against Lauria very good? I also want to make sure there are no enemies within 2 km radius of Loria County, so that there is no illness of mulberry. "
Nou is very happy to contact me in Japan, but this is not easy. If I overcome this situation, I feel like hanging it.
This breast is not trimmed and shows a strong attitude towards the load.
"I said that it came from the base ... Ultimately, I want this benefit." And what Japanese people and the people they see are interesting.
There was no reply at once.

Fortress city Ejay East of Lorraine 5 km east of Lorraine Jehudi campground This day is cloudy and the weather is fine.
It is a little cold in the morning, the air is dry, but you can see the clear sky.
Please look at the camp where 20 thousand soldiers live on a slightly higher hill.
The air is tasty.
They were deceived. Approximately 300 people alternated with nighttime threats. Other people sleep well, it is difficult to pick up fatigue. If it is a serious one, it takes away the food that Kim picked, so it seems that it can be maintained for a long time. The current taste certainly does not complain about this meal.
It seems that the enemy is fighting Eze. According to the moon information, Wyburn seems to have about 50 horses. I was threatened, but for some reason I did not use it.
Waiting for the arrival of our base to gain support from Feilong airport will give up Ezee with overwhelming power.
He kept on thinking.
White spots appear in the eastern sky.
I blame the air like a weak hill. From long ago it turned out that the sound source was getting bigger and something was supposed to come.
"What do you mean?"
Pseudo writers look at the sound source.
The soldiers who rested after morning training looked up at the sky. It is surprising to lead their horses. The camp suddenly became uneasy.
"What? What?"
"Are you new?"
It looks like a grotesque box. And I got around the box with something super fast.
The closer the sound, the bigger the sound. Then there was a strong wind around me.
"Oh God!"
The drums and soldiers who declared battle were ready for busy.
Soon the arrow above the camp had not reached the height, it opened the door of the fuselage and spilled white objects. The soldiers picked up the falling dance and was surprised by the white paper.
The soldier picked up the paper and went to Zilphea.
There are short sentences written in the mainland's official language.
"Withdraw your position in two hours, please withdraw this land, otherwise you will attack your troops.
Japan's Self Defense Force Part V Deputy Commander
I heard rumors about Japan. This writer who gave unprecedented firmness is a martial artist.
I do not know if Japanese people fight with thousands of people, but here we have 20,000 people. It will not crash to the point of a few attacks.
(But it is a good idea to intentionally teach this attack)
The soldiers commanded by the soldiers gradually recovered from the camp and began preparing for battle.

Sergeant of the Ground Self Defense Force, Higashine Roots Relief Base
"This is ... Take ..."
The crew collapses.
It was temporarily an outdated weapon at the end of his gaze.
"MLRS (Multiple Rocket System)" is equipped with 12 rocket launchers, each gun equipped with 644 shotguns. It is a powerful weapon that instantly attacks an enemy in a soccer field.
The Cluster Explosion Treaty was signed and disappeared, but Japan returned aggressively from the world. If we try to use what was not abandoned due to their honesty and was once sleeping in the warehouse, the ammunition of the SDF is already in use.
12 "MLRS" is already preparing Western launcher.
At the same time, it was stated that one foot was used to crush the building, 155 mm was equipped with many feather mowers and was placed within the effect range of almost all enemy Hertz and Range. I'm just waiting for a shoot order.
Two and a half hours later, the helicopter scattered the booklet and urged evacuation in Rohi's eastern kingdom.
"Is not this a move of the enemy?"
Continental Rulu asks the deputy commander.
"I did not seem to pull out, but I fight, I am ready to fight.
The large mouth closed his eyes. He did not know that something died in his heart.
"Yes, I can not help it.
"Huge force placed in the western part of EJJA! Multifunction rocket system, Japanese shooting mobile phone hit!
Along with the roar, the rocket continued the launch. In each car, the lightning danced at 4.5 seconds intervals, the shell was pulled out of the launcher, leaving a tail of light leaving a flue and disappeared into the sky.
We also fired a 155 mm grenade bomber.


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[1] Soccer for you American and Canadian. A football field is 7,140 square meters or 0.714 hectare.


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