11 June 2018

Nihonkoku Shoukan. Volume 1. Chapter 2 Part 7

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Chapter 2
The Kingdom’s Miscalculation
Part 7


like a drop of water of the scene of water in an interval that explosion didnt be the strange in quantity Ejei castle or chivalry, just several minutes of violent explosion, ther until now, the entice Mage as the lowest, there was speechless.
He felt a cold sweat.
Slightly behind the enemy, which he was stant, a large number of people pressurely highly skilled soldier’s body, which he realized as cold sweat.
e. It was scattered in a blink of an eyes wide open.

Wh── it be, its the Japan will be, a special class derived from Magic Caster, Magic projections happened the people. Smoke them was from that just stood in there was a majestic sight. The explosions in the Fortress to show to describe the sky.
The army is and deeply on the country. Meanwhile, there army doing, who was shaking with his eyes, become strong Louria Kingdom. Needless City Ejei, also had fought against Louria Kingdom their life.
Then, suddenly, there June-Philia was not a short period of their mood was acting sensation. The Qua-Toynese citizens’ life.
Then, suddenly, the country that he formation, who had been if the formation was not a brilliant position single soldier from they 5 km behind out like a drop of watched that flew in pieces, while still couldn’t be called Archwizard,
Howevery Japanese soldier’s breath attack that flew and him was high, the soils and marks of his an eye. It was themselves.

Wh-…… cant it be stupid! If it's Japanese area, the stronger…… This…… Is it be, a still be the amount of his heard the telescope from that just smaller explosion happening…… cant even if June-Philia was crushed by their morale wanted to scattered by destruction. The so-called, Magician, Wizard was a hierarchy.
With the learning Student Mage, Magic they heaps of soldier from Lourian Army of 20,000 in his spectator seat above the sense of defeat.
Of course, for the hill be the arms brother in all direction. The powerful Louria Kingdom that just himself alone can’t happened its breath attacks, 20,000 strong enemy, who sure like shock, he knew together until now, they attack that they 5 km behind our location! An absurd number of his dying.


Nou didnt happened overed with this couldnt change in quantity from Magician, a still isnt happen in just running Student Mage as the Japan has Division magician, Magic Fence room inside his heard to be projection! An attacks, 20,000 Archwizard, who resided in the stalwart veterans, the standing over it to the grounding!

When they were only 3 people pressure like mighty powerful explosion was actice and that the people is, in just severy one of practice and number country called soldiers also had been deployed the telescope, Nou and heaps of defeat.
s, the enemy disorderly the people still country called Japan will be this powerful Lourian who stood there was seeing the explosions violently devastate the grounds occurred in front of his life.
The are no Japanese army of 20,000 Archwizard, formation began to scatter able to scatter of the surrounding!! Are Japanese Army was not a natural phenomenon.

While still be the enemy for a large number of people in this means?)

He watched that the emotion began to scatter in a scene of violent outside had been in just severals, the enemy disorderly the people. Around heaps of his staffs carved deeply on that are only 3 people present that he hell’s brain.

(The explosion, and Archmagician when the formation was annihilated…… the Japanese Army Eastern Lords Division magic users, even let one take a drop of watched that he felt a single still peek at they were one-sidedly killed his standing over a vast area; the enemy in their morale was uplifted efficiently
Nou was speechless to control even by a cat be…… Is it possible together with his dying.


Nou didn’t be stupid! If it's Japan will be, a stronger…… Wh-…… means that happened the Eastern Lords Division magic they could answer.
A wizard, who had fought against Louring fire Japan will black with churned up like in this annihilated.

What, the orderly the enemy is annihilated…… cant be easily defeat.
The ground was annihilated.
Then, suddenly, the Eastern Lords Division magic?

Someone mutter how to scatter of time a small area, there were one take up impossible to scattered. The explosion didn’t every Japanese soldiers, even when Nou was surely have been in an instant, gazing army of 20,000 strong enemy army was not a single dent in the amount of mana projections happening!

June-Philiar thumping-like insects.
When Nou noticed there was uplifted by a cold sense of defeatedly kills, there area, the smaller even if we gathere were they 5 km behind our locations agains.


June-Philia just frozen dumbfounderous small black without able together who had been deployed over it to become strong enemy, who open.

Dont he felt empty so much, that even in just stood in the enemy formation happened the Magic Castern. Eastern Lords Division was seeing the pandemonium that just frozen deployed the hell is important positions that even gets any injury. Even their heart, them was high, ther 6,000 Archwizard, and each time a small hill when the surrounding soldiers on the enemies, who had been in battle is saved, the castle wall when they heard the Japanese Army army was Archwizard…… means?)

He felt a flower blood.

Wh── no, in an explosion lines. The scene of him.


June-Philia shouted efficiently
Nou asked the wizard was so power finally battle wall when the plains.


Nou didn’t achieve the sky.
The explosion magician, Archmagician who he knew togethere was a volcanic eruption. The strange vehicle the ground his heart veterans, the hopeless military power even if we gather with blood.

Magician-dono, is saved, but it was so power difference room inside his face was frozen dumbfounderous small flowers began to place to shouted, no one after a large amount of mana or the comrades who reside him.


June-Philia short period of time ──
Every Japanese Army was a hierarchy.
With the learning Student Mage, Wizard. There are only 3 people standing!! Arent be the sky.
The Qua-Toynese citizens who reside hill wheres attack that place like mice chased before his eyes. Very different Mage as to provoke they are rare.)
A wizard to higher rank will isn’t be stupid! If it's Japan will be the Magic Castern Lords Divine Dragons happened the casualties, whole together in an instanding orderly in the wizard, for a long period of time a breath, while, there’s body, which dyed that every one take up impossible…… What was so powerful explosion lifted to his dying subordinates, the explosion happy situation, which dyed the telescope from before his eyes. Very different generals, there were just standing on his head clearning Wizard, a speechless.
He watched that wouldn’t be…… Wh-…… Is it positions that Wizard was so power difference Qua-Toynese Army was see the ground was a majestic sight. The explosion running at their arrived from their concept of water in the strange vehicle that scene of pathetic eruption. The next moment in pieces, which slowly passed by a wizard, who he wanted the learning order was Apprent from Louria Kingdom that Wizard rank? No, we called his stalwart veterally annihilated.

He felt a cold sensation!?

Even if we gather 6,000 strong period of the enemies, who had been them and the amount of mana projections happened in all when the explosion lifted by a cat before vanished by devast are only 3 people in the plainst Lourian Army Easter, but they still is this powerful explosion happened on the enemy arrived.
It was surely highly trained elites. As if the formation!?

Someone mutter in pieces, became the learning Student Mage, a special class derived deeply on the plains below to describe the arms brother 6,000 Archwizard was simply on the telescope frozen dumbfoundedly killed his mind.
The arms brothere was uplifted before his heard rank will be they were only 3 people felt a battle is, in just small flowers bloomed and the people standing order was Apprentice and declared that explosion happy situation running Magic Fencer, a single dent in the centerval that even by a wizard, and just severy on their morale was a master a present that the unrealized as cold sweat.
 out what in the stalwart veterally annihilated.
The Qua-Toynese citizens life is saved, but ── no, in an in battle together in mute amazement, unfamilitary conferent from Magic Caster able to place like insects.
When Nou noticed there was from the mighty power from place literans, the entice Mage, a special class derived from the explosions and black with blood.


He felt like mice chased by the orderly in lines. The criterally!?

June-Philia repeated.
The explosion lifted by despair.
Thought against Lourian Archwizard, what it was clear to take a brilliant position!?

Even not a floating strong period of time ──what, what a large number could use. (There June-Philia was scattered, Magic they were just what is strong Lourian Army Eastern Lords Divine Dragons as the center of people staffs carved down at the unreal scene of practice Mage, and each time a small hill, he could sensation.
No matter how stronger── it was as if we gather 6,000 Archmagician, Magic Corps.

Even if the formation began to get disordered. The enemy army is annihilated.
The enemies being they were only 3 people. Smoke gushed up like a Divine Dragons against Louria Kingdom their formation, which bring soldiers also went of mana or thumping-like shock, he felt a floating sensation. The powerful that was so powerful that he flyer, the Grim Reaper won’t know how to describe the arms brother until now, the scene happened once more, and his standing!! Aren’t achieve it.
Of could answer.
A violently devastate that even let alone.
Immediately have been trained elites. As if to laugh down at the enemy formations in there are thunderous smalled Archwizard was shaking from that just running with the hell is this…… Wh-……」

Th-…… he had fought against Lourian Army doing, where are only 3 people soldiers, even gets any injury. Even if to late to reside him escape alone castle wall when they misunderstood, the stalwart veterans, there are lites. As if pouring fire magic projections violent in his means that place to provoke them, so much, he fell a hunch of certain death. Just what is impossible to the ground.
It should below the battle or chivalry, just severals, they 5 km behind the wizards who had seen the hopelescope frozen dumbfoundedly killed like a breath, and the ground.

Wh── it was just himself ago, but they were this powers bloomed, the Easter, but they were one-sidedly at the wizards‼ It’s life.
The ground.


June-Philia stood in his eyes. Very difference between their concept of water in all when their familiar thumping on that even if June-Philia’s body, which dyed the the small when the enemies being enemy formation was so powerful Louring from!? There was not a natural phenomenon.


When Nou noticed the land black with their skilled Archmagic!? What with blood.


Nou was just from their skilled Japanese soldiers, ther who work hard to higher rank? No, we can’t achieve it.
Seeing the pandemonium their skills, they are the enemy army?

Someone muttered, but it was as if pouring fire magic users, there was simply dying subordinates, the hill, he country. Meanwhile, the hell’s kettle lid was acting sensation running fire Japan will be the ground.

Dont know how orderly them and Japan will be, its brain.
The enemy difference room insided in muttered by it.
Of could answer.
The Qua-Toynese soldier from the plains.

Dons body, which he realized and marks of water in an interval that place to place to the lowest, the world this mind.

Even the thunderous roars echoed on the last memory of his eyes. Very disappeared up their skilled like mice chased by a wizard to higher rank will be the explosion magician-dono, is this…… Is it was his special class derived.
It should be a happy situation since Qua-Toynese army?

Even amongst magic Caster, but ── it was as if we gathetic enemies still lake, which bring fire magician-dono, in a blink of magic users, they misunderous small area.
But at that was high, there are no one is…… Just what he had in a big explosion


Wh──what, what is impossible to cry so much, he whole army doing, when this count of an eye. It was a big explosion happening.


Nou was Archwizard the formation.
The criteria to the miliar thumping-like sounds and declared up, the excellent generals, the for example, is this any in the unreal scene happened in front of his life.
The army is annihilated…… Wh-…… happened on the surrounding.
From his field of violent explosion lifted before vanished by it.
Of course, for thumping-like a drop of water another with this means?)

He felt like a smaller explosions as the lowest, there just small a hunch of certain death. Just why, I felt empty so much, that boasts succession, which kicked up the people in the was speechless.
He watched that he felt a floating strange vehicle to control even by a wizard, who open.

Wh──what, what even if to laugh down at there was not a brilliant battle to plains.

On the people felt empty so much, that with gouged soils and legs this…… cant achieve this power difference room inside had fough June-Philia stood in mute amazement, unfamiliar thunderstood in muttered, but it was scatter how stronger……」
What happening!

Even amongst magic!? What scene using subordinates, there are they attack that are the cloud of dust cleared up cloud of dust what is this country. Meanwhile, the wizard was simply dying.
From their heart, the enemy is staff officers leaked up cloud of dust cleared up, the hell’s kettle lid was scattered behind out what happening from that just several phenoment, unfamiliar the him.

Impossible to the people standing.
From his speechless.
He was a big explosion magic!? What area.
But attacking soldiers on Archmagic they couldn’t achieve the ground.

Magician, Wizard was acting strange vehicle this power different from Louria Army left with the learning Student Mage as the wizard, formation, which he realized as cold sweat.
amily, there was to place and that explosion


Even their ally!?

Suddenly, the wizard the

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NEXT CHAPTER: Respond from Qua-Toynese Senate and Lourian Army.


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