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Isekai de "Kuro no Iyashite" tte Yobareteimasu - Volume 1 - Chapter 4 Part 1

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Volume 1
Chapter 4 Incident
Part 1 (of 3)

That day, I promised a reunion with Cumon, and when I returned to the hotel, I looked forward to her meeting.
"Wow, my friend was late"
"Mr. Gan!"
Mr. Gan defended the forest of Azura.
When you throw blue tears, you said that you will stay in the "red boots". By the way, as soon as I tried to deliver it, I talked with you.
It's like a very long time.
Today is the 24th of August. When I taught him the date on the Kamiya tap, I remembered that on August 3 I had come to this "Garden of Gaia". I met with Mr. Ban and Mr. Xian and went to the waterfall to help Mr. Gang for four days. This is the first time in 20 days since then.
I think that until the 20th day. I think he has been here a long time.
"I heard that there was a young woman sitting here, I waited tonight so that I could drink."
"Van will come later"
Agnes is called when he is busy. She seems to be a little happy.
And while I did not finish the work of Agnes, I talked about Mr. Ganges different things. Things about conquest, various things of Kortei, things concerning the work of healing.
The evening bell sounded, and when Agnes's work ended, three party games began, without waiting for Wang. At first I talked with Mr. Ganges and Mr. Agnes, but other people who were in the dining room at that time gathered, and this caused a lot of noise.
Mr. Gan is as wild as an eternal appearance, acting like a waving hand, the story is attractive and attractive.
"So this young man is covered with stones"
I deliberately say too much and make people laugh in the dining room. When Wang and Sian came, Mr. Gang was to be sandwiched between the breeds of the neck.
"As always, I am a lover, as always."
"Well, my husband, I'm late."
Bang and Kian took off their armor and looked like shirts and pants. Sludge and long legs are too cold. It seems that she fell down after work. I can not stay here, so after drinking, I'll go back to the castle.
After that, it was intense. Compared to the game that supports the last game in the van and the gang, and throws a dart like a knife, drinking with other hotel guests compared to other guests in the bar, all in which I participate. We continue to fight. When the song started Agnes, I danced at the table. I laughed out loud after a long absence, it was fun.

The next morning I went to work as an adventurer, and I went to the city gate. I returned the horse-drawn carriage of the Ganges to the forest and returned to the forest.
Please tell me about the attributes of the space, sitting next to the coach. For this reason I took the train. A magic gang is much more detailed than a man.
"Can gangs use the magic of spatial attributes?"
"No, this is a handful of exclusive devils, Gaia is tolerant"
"Is there a limited demon who fights the magic of metastases?"
"Yes, it's high enough to go to the devil's castle."
This is truly the pinnacle of the hierarchy of magic.
Although the devil's castle is in a tree, it is built on top, but there is nowhere to go. There's no way to get up. It is impossible to fly in the sky. I'll just go to the transition.
"When you go to the devil's castle, can he use an excellent position?"
"No, this is different from people who can spread"
This is true. This is a condition for the success of the demon, that we can use the magic of metastases.
"Can the magic of metastases go far?
"Oh, I can go anywhere, I can fly instantly from the end of Gaia to the end"
"Well, for example, you can cross this land"
"There is only the ocean beyond this land"
Oh my God. After all, can you understand this, if you can only use some of the devils?
Somehow I feel that the magical transition of the universe is different from calling another world.
When, fortunately, I tried to change the subject, the gang told me to wipe it off.
"By the way, Mr. Reidy is your honor, is she kind enough to show me?"
I was surprised. Nobody noticed this. Do you know Noel in the shadows?
But I feel that something is different from my family. Noel is a friend. This does not mean that I'm doing something in particular.
"Do you understand the gang?
"Because the devil knows the devil, that's right, because the woman is secretly kept in secret by everyone, Eagle was silent last night."
Noel, calling my heart, went Noel. Noel, who accidentally jumped out and cautiously jumped out, slightly nudged his nose and greeted him, and drew attention to Mr. Gang.
"In the end, it's a winged dog, young lady, you have a crazy ancestor"
"Do you know a winged dog?"
"This is a powerful demon, if he is still a young man, he is terribly strong and can not win in Orel"
Noel was such a strong devil.
I'm surprised to see Noel, so I'm shaking with pride and ask. Noel, who blows my nose up. Noguchi, Doya's face is too cute. I could not bear it, but I hug.
The dog will be an adult dog at the age of 2-3 years, but how much is the dog worth?
"How old will you be at what age?" Noel was born about ten years later. "
"Well ... I can not call it right, it's not my age, and my young lady, and this dog both dogs are still familiar with what is still called" Lord "" Someday it will wake up like an adult Dog with wing recognizes his lover with his heart "
This is true. I called him when he appeared. In other words, I was not accepted as the "Lord." At the moment it's not "main", but "friend."
I do not want to be a "Lord" separately. I think that "Lord" is very important. I think it's not an easy idea how to keep a small pet.
In Noel's "Lord" should be a partner with Noel for the rest of his life. I will some day return to Japan. That's why I want to cherish this time.
Mr. Gan stressed that "if everything is good ... irritated."

"Well, once again, my daughter will not do much."
"Yes, please pay attention to the gang, please come back." Thank you, thank you. "
I confirmed the movement and went out of town. Noel is already in the shadows. He waved his hand, watching the horse's coach, gathered, as it is. Let's go to the meadow together with "Tan-kun", we are looking for an attractive place.
He heavily deviated from the roadway and applied the "secret" protective membrane "search for the enemy" ("search"). Today there are a lot of yellow markers.
The city gate opens simultaneously with the morning bell and closes the gate of the night bell. Therefore, adventurers and travelers leave the gate at the same time as the morning bell. This time it is the so-called morning peak, which starts simultaneously with the gate.
A person carries it as is, and the adventurer advances to the place of collection.
The yellow marker of my enemy is getting closer and closer, regardless of whether there are any collection points there, although, despite stopping the road, to avoid looking. Now I seem to be jumping off the Tang-kun. That's that. Let's go back to the forest.
I first met Noel on the first day. I became an adventurer and decided to leave the city on my own.
I have never entered this forest. Checking carefully as an "enemy", I carefully went. At least I need to go all the way to the place where the yellow marker of the adventurer disappears.
It was a forest with a lot of autumn leaves than the forest of Azur. Trees that process large branches grow more carefully, and sunny days are not shot. So, I can not jump from "Tan-kun". I need to find a place where the sky looks a little bit.
Mapping was really good. Otherwise, maybe I'm completely lost.
It seems that the permanent yellow marker finally finished the swing. I did not know, but perhaps this forest is also a collection point. I was hiding behind the secret, I was a little scared, but I ran like "acceleration" and eventually made it perfect.
...... But there is nothing to fly in the sky. Do you want to go back?
Instead of going to the collection point, I could not get out of the woods and, perhaps, passed like a morning bell. Finally a little open pear I went out into the street.
When I suddenly thought that the red marker pulled out and soon approached. In addition, it is a huge group. There are 15 animals, 6 animals. This is the wording.
Perhaps it could be a place like the Wordp Turtle or such a place. I apologize for the arbitrariness, but I sincerely apologize so as not to change what I'm doing. If it's a demon of this size, one or five "fireballs" are shots.
When I tried to release magic, a small shadow jumped out in front of me. Noel Noel, not caring about my words, jumping into danger, it's dangerous, crumbling and "leaving it to me."
wordgu - monster with F-status with several deputies. But bigger dogs are bigger in size. Noel is a small dog. As a paint, the terrier must fight with Shepard 15 and 6.
But. Noel is not just a puppy. A big brutal child. Mr. Gan told the child about the winged dog: "Mr. Gang, a deputy dwarf, becomes stronger than the enemy when he becomes an adult."
It was a masterpiece. Noel used a small body, quickly touched the throat of the bag, blinked his eyes and made an extinct herd.
"Noel, strong, I was surprised"
With pride I look at Noella's chest.
Even if I admire to praise the face with the blood of words, I draw only Noel.
Noel strong Noel protection
Yes, he was strong. Thank you for your cooperation. But this means that Noëra's washing Noel must be defeated by "erasing and drying." This means that I will not show until I ask.
I promised someone now that I do not have anyone, so I again promised Noel to leave a shadow. I'm in trouble thinking that the noise is a monster.
Write down Wordog, which collapsed from the "Fireball" and pick up the kernel.
Although it's a level F demon, it's difficult to attack with this number if it can attack several similar magic. When you come, there are a lot of people. I was a little surprised.
Since I do not want to see the Tan-kun gate often, it will not interfere, so the future will be cautious in the future.
Wordgu appears every time I return the kernel, so I burn it and every time I win. Perhaps it was a nest or something else. Sorry. But since this is a big kernel, let's take everything I dropped. In the end, we managed to recover a couple of cores. We collected two of the day before yesterday, so we will have five on the stretch. Perhaps he passed a little. As a result of this day, impressive results were obtained, but still enough time.
He took Noel and jumped into the sky with "Tan-kun" and struck across the meadows, aiming at places where people could not find him.
Operation "Tan-kun" has become very good, and it can withstand speed and rush. There may be more talent than riding a horse. Telling Noel: "I feel good," I quickly baked fried rice.
Pretty. It's too sweet that you got Noel. What is this sweet creature?

This is the first day since we first met together. It's nice to have friends, but it's easy and simple, because you like it. Noel, too, left a shadow, allowing him to play on his own. When I'm alone at the hotel, I always go out into the street, but go out for a long time.
It's time with a wonderful Noel, but I'm thinking about the transition of the attributes of the universe and the magic of the call, I asked Mr. Gang. You do not have to pretend too much.
Without increasing tension, I collected ten cat colors and stopped.
Let's go home early today. I got up late last night. Next time you can go to the guild of adventurers. In today's word words, there are too many 25 cores. I do not want to stand out. Do not you think you can put it all together?
This week I worked a lot.

The next day, the day of light. Today I decided on the first day of the morning, which is a shopping day.
The existence of such things was completely forgotten. It's amazing. I came in the morning. I wake up in the morning and go to the toilet and say "Lodz".
I immediately asked Agnes and taught me a lot. Please, have them share what you need, and tell us how to use the place. It is simply cut to a piece of cloth or cotton, so it is. I always lack a clean paper napkin that I used. However, Agnes was on my side, it was really good. There's no such Mr. Wang.
Let me buy more clothes when I go out to buy it. Today is the 26th of August. Soon it will be autumn. Soon you will want thick things.
I decided to shop with bags for adventurers.
First of all, I absolutely bought what I need. Back at the hotel, all this is "sterilization". Then add thick objects, such as culotters, shirts, dresses for adventurers.
Next cloth, thread, needle. I decided to make my own shorts using them. In the end, I was worried only care.
I wanted something that I wanted to touch. I was looking for some tissue stores and found 100% something like cotton. It was a little expensive compared to the end, but it can not help.
A fabulous meeting took place at the fabrics store. I found a dye for dyeing, which can only be used in a bath. It is much more convenient than what you use in the hotel.
I asked my younger sister in the store to present a hardware store. I said, "I want the same thing," and asked me to take him to the hotel. The daily time on the bus is enriched by this.
I bought accessories, such as different goods and bags, and when I was walking with a lot of luggage, I met with Mr. Ban.
"Oh, are you coming back now?
"Hello, Mr. Wang, yes, I bought it for a while"
If you fully lift the clothes and show the cloth bag,
"I bought quite a bit. Let's go to".
I'll get my purse. Sounds like this.
"Wang, did not she come out?
"No, I was just going to go to red long boots"
Ah, I see. Agnes is at the hotel. Wang took my bag with clothes and began to walk with natural behavior. Aha. In the end, for you it's great when you can do such things.

Back at the hotel, I spent a lot of time with Noel's day.
If you feel pain, your feeling drops earlier.
Tomorrow another day in the dark. I work in the clinic. I need to recover.
Play mobile phone with music for mobile phones and view smartphone images. When the batteries were about to end, I said "charge" with a prayerful feeling, but I was completely blamed. It was nice. I feel Japan from now on. Listen to nostalgic music and delete emails that can not be sent.
I will return home properly. Please wait. Please do not worry, because I'm fine.
I wonder if I broke my body. Sorry. Dad, mother, grandfather.
I ... I'll be back.

The library took only three days to find out what it was. Just passing through such a magical book, the destination is too long. At the moment, there was not a word to call the world. This can be written in contra-indicated books. I suffer as soon as I think I see contradictory books.
But before that I would like to talk with someone from the wizards about the magic of the transition. My studies have their limits. I could not understand, just by talking to Mr. Gang.
So, I remembered the wizard who oppressed Kamiya Tsuru. Speaking with Kortei, I talked about magic. He taught me something.
The next day, Mr. Kian was the guardian of the healing hands on the day of darkness.
"Even if you are deputy department head, is it safe to bury my escort in the morning?"
I heard this,
"Do not worry - will you practice practice even today?"
He told me.
If you do not ride a horse for a while, you will forget everything you did last week. But, if possible, I do not want to conduct a fierce campaign in a few days. When I say that I want to go to the library this afternoon,
"I work in the evening or in the evening, in your library before the evening call.
And a good answer.
Will you take me home? I was a little lucky. I have time to wait for the horse.
Then I asked the wizard to consult about the magic, so let's meet you. Mr. Sian is a busy man. I can not make an excuse right away, but he asked me a good day.
Escort Tuesday - van.
Yesterday, Mr. Sian, today is Wang. What is the blue knight? ... This is not true.
Are you okay? If you ask me, you will be told: "I do not mind."
...... Yeah. I was thinking about my return, I could not see the neighborhood.
Of course, I understood a little.
On the first day, the concierge was visited by Mr. Wang, but only the general night remained. But yesterday's escort - Mr. Sian, but today Van. He is the second busy director and director.
Yesterday Mr. Sian came to take me to the library. By the way, on a bright day, I just met the van after buying.
"Wang, did you do something?"
"You can talk to me right away, I'll go to the control room later and explain.
In the end, there is something. I hope this is not a bad story.
I was worried and went to the clinic.

Closer to the day, today's medical care is drawing to a close.
"Black healing hand"
I cried like an arl of an aristocrat who tried to get out after finishing his medical examination.
"The curative hand is trying to find who you are", the daughter of Gaia, the notable uraiza of Umia and the "god of the golden war", caused by all the noblemen of Kortei
"Do you want me?"
"Nobility is always in danger, especially if you have a suspicious person, I will check my identity, especially to confirm that I am a healing medicine, especially your personality. Lee Kanzak. If you take another action by suppressing Kemia Crane, you can go back to where the red lion returned from the Azur Forest.
Please talk to Mr. Wang, who is behind me.
It is widely studied. But you do not understand. Before that, I did not exist in this world.Even if I do not have my own background, although my career is not bad, there are no problems separately.
I have no criminal record or inconvenient evidence. I think I have my own idea.
"Do you think that everything is in order, if you can not grab something? Stupid things that you do not understand is a problem when you do not see an exalted information network: "You fell from the sky. Is not that what you mean? ... or who has more power than hiding your information? "Black healing hand"
Wow, you declared me a spy or such a person? what should I do. Very scary.
"There are aristocrats who think about this ..."
"Counts" completely exceeded and said.
"I'm not worried," the hand of black healing "looks at the golden gods of war,
Wang speaks softly behind me.
"If you do not allow adventurers to play outside on the street, even if you are an adventurer, you can not bring people who bring you huge things, even if you can not touch the" black healing hands ",
" I appreciate your evaluation. "
And Earls said that he could call himself "the Count of Maltest" from the following address. This was first forgiven by the nobility of Kortei, who calls his name.
Do not be surprised by the "quantity" in the laboratory.
I told myself how dangerous, as he said.
for real. Despite the fact that the nobility of everyday work considers conspiracy and complex things, I do not know my identity. Because they are people in different worlds, they are obvious, but I do not think so.
I think that someone is hiding my past, which is superior to my information manipulation. It can be someone from an enemy country. Please eliminate an existence that you do not know about.
A few people agree, I advised you to leave the city unnecessarily. Well, these are bare feet to disguise and act like an adventurer.
"There are aristocrats who are making amazing steps, but we are grasping, I will not let you hide"
"Wang, I kept you forever"
Van always stroked my head as usual.
It was just a bad time, as it was known last week, that the conspiracy was in Kozhezia. It is impossible to doubt the sudden appearance of the nobility.
Recently, information about the defense of Kortei seems to flow into Guzeleburn.
In fact, they say that this is not a hero, because it was like information that I can not understand from a position like me, but it seems that it is tied to an INPO official.
There was a danger of not knowing your identity.
for real. The movements of the knights in recent days have taken this into account.
"It's all right, the healing technique is beautiful, all the patients that heal you recognize you, no one in the aristocracy carefully preserves your healing technique, I want to exclude it.

In the afternoon I went to the office and asked for some explanation.
When I started treatment in the clinic, the "black healing hand" seems that nobility is beginning to explore my personality. I just can not understand the past. Since the nobles are like traditional arts, I was judged that I had a huge betrayal that does not know my identity even in my information network.
Even if Leon guarantees a person, it's dangerous.
Since I began to heal care, I can not judge whether this is Gaia's daughter or not.
Even if this is somewhat suspicious, the opportunity to damage the "black healing hand" that may be the "daughter of Gaia", which you see as the "god of the golden war", before you get something there. Aristocratic noblemen, noblemen of Kortei, are trembling now.
Extremists did nothing, because they suspected the existence of spies, because information confirmed by Kortei on protection was transferred to Guzelleburn. The blue knight told him to strengthen the escort.
So, the escort to which we came, when Mr. Van and Mr. Sian recently healed.
Mr. Sian said that this warning will last for a while.
"I do not worry. An aristocrat who has received treatment supports a "black healing hand." "Support is steadily expanding. In any case, some people are said to have extinguished Lina.
Several aristocrats quickly support the "black healing hand" as "the number of mothers".
My body should have been stable as long as I continued treatment here.

In fact, I will not say that I will go to the work of adventurers in this state. In the meantime, I decided to rest for the job of an adventurer. I'm catching up with Cumona, but I can not help it.
By the way, when I left town last week, I thought that the adventurer would come badly. I wonder if they came to me?
If I think about it now, it can be a dangerous situation.
Mr. Sian asked me if he was an adventurer and decided to once again increase the medical work. The situation is calm and promises to return to the next two days. This week is the day of the wind (Friday), but from next week it will be three days in a row, a day of darkness, a day of fire and a day of water.
Since September, it has been reported that since September, 15 fees per day will be charged. The green mother is used to healing work, as I said earlier.
A knight accompanying the library on the day of water and on earth.
But as he approaches, it is difficult to read books. You understand my feelings, they waited for a while after they were sent to the library.
I'm sorry to accompany you all the time, but I said, "I like dying dogs," I continued to appreciate the search for magical books.
Accompanied by a day of wind came two people, a huge man and another common knight.
When I'm a general knight, I have two. I think how long this situation will last ...
I spent a day in the management room. Take the horse, go to the training, let the fans cool down and make the document blue, let him send the knight to the hotel after he has had time. I wonder if there is a little horse riding.
During the training tour I also experienced the strength of the barriers that I do.
I will not despair, even if I get an entire body attack with the devil's sword of general manager Ven Black Knights. 2. It's good to think that everything is in order. Because my magic consists of beliefs. I did not notice, but, apparently, she was full of knights.
Since it was such a situation, I went out on a day off and spent time with Noel. I did not want to talk to Agnes.
Finally, this is September. I wish I could go shopping last weekend.
And the darkest day of the next week. Mr. Sian said: "Because the magician is comfortable, I will take you to the castle this afternoon." After the exam, I decided to see the wizard.


In case you are dense. The THAT that Reene had is the Red Wedding, the Aunt Flo Visits, The Communist Red Square, the Crimson King’s Court, the Moon Time, the Shark Week, the Lady’s Evidence, the Strawberry Harvest, the Red Parade, the Japanese Sun, the Monthly Eggdrop, Riding Red Dragon, the Crimson Tide, the Scarlet Week, the Red Wings, the Cramp Season, the Red Scare, the Lingonberry Week, the Crying Motherland, the Rooster Song, the Painter Job, the Satan’s Waterfall, Surfing the Tides, Santa has Come, the Red Ferrari, the Broken Tomatoes, the Field of Roses, you get it. Also, perhaps this is the first mainstream LN I read that deal with this matter, other than the usual male-to-female MC LNs.

Also, the day of the week (for those who forget since I translate superslow) is:
Lightday = Sunday, Darkday = Monday, Fireday = Tuesday, Waterday = Wednesday, Earthday = Thursday, Windday = Friday, Spaceday = Saturday

[1] BOSS, SIRS, or just polite way to greet a male patron/customer.
[2] Doya-gao (ドヤ顔) is a slang term for the face made when showing off. A smug face made after a win or something epic (or not). Doya-gao, because of this nature, tend to be irritating. German called this: Backpfeifengesicht. Doya means: HOW’S THAT!
[3] The Count is calling Reene without any honorifics. This signify that he is not being polite.
[4] In Japanese, to be able to call someone with their name means a lot.


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