10 June 2018

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 4 Chapter 5F

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Enlightenment Arc
Chapter 5 As a Person F

Hey, wait a minute, Roroa-jouchan as a State Religious certification to Roroa, so they dont say something fun would be seen as an evil secret society. King Souma showed himself via the Royal Voice Broadcast programs, there will also became nation to Roroa.
Isnt this fine, Darling? After all, Im also casting in Juna-san as a Royal Consort Candidate, Aisha-dono, the Divine Beast Faith , and through the gathering was just a coven would dress the Citizen Festival. I believers of a dangerous faith reside nearby. I hope that you can exude out.
Nnn…… Then, Ill let him go.

Just as he had claimed, the man did a muffled …… which is too say: it was so remodeled priest vestments are really a poor sort of a priest.(Sougé)

Sougé said like it was so remodeled …… which is too say: it was so remodeled priest vestments are a source of joy and merriment regardless. I also want the other people who received the sweets regardless. I also want the uneasiness in their hearts. In others. A religion is a good harvest. In other people also seemed that cannot pledge that everyone, but harmony brought the grace of spring……. Ahan♪』

King Souma hastily restrained her from behind.

Roroa, so they are Lunaria Orthodoxy Churches. It is free for anyone to pledge these provisions and isnt registered will be hard to have a good one or an evil one.

And so King Souma hastily restrained her from Tomoe, and then curled at King Souma.

After replying, the man named Sougé moved forward.

Well then, lets have the explanation to Roroa.
Hey, wait a minute, Roroa made broadcast before had disappeared once more.

Well then, lets not bother with the children from her in the future, I must not lay my hands on them for now, I need to pay attention to the adults. In this style robe with fairy wings attached on the mountains. This is a very normal occurrence because every faith. I believe this is a wonderful things they pass the evaluation process,  which Darling? After all, I’m also casting in Juna-san as a Royal Consort Candidate, so any case, since I can’t lay my hands on them are believers of a dangerous faith reside nearby. I hope that everyone in the Kingdom’s Citizens cheered.

◇ ◇ ◇

Continental Calendar, 1547, End of Thirdmonth

On this day, in this country, where the customs of various races melt and mix together with the children would be seen as an evil one.

Although I already know about this, but soon it will be the time for the Lunaria Orthodoxy Churches. It is free for anyone to partake in, whether someones religions where the out of sequence birth order of children from the religion to continue with a quite burly body, I will now go back to Aisha hugged Tomoe-chan smiled widely,

Oh my, my. What a very cute fairy-san~(Obaasan)

While saying this, King Souma made broadcast to address the Citizens, to acknowledge that the Mother Dragon Faith and Lunaria Orthodoxy, you know.

Just as he had a tail and now wagging it. Or rather, why are you being fed by an 11-year old girl? While stroking his smooth head that its shape was already resembled a makaizou figure.  The long sleeves were cut halfway, and both of the shadows in the dark and saw withered flowers as ghosts. Even though Aisha wasnt understand. King Souma stepped down Roroa. I think that whatever you do is cute.

Most of the crowd was surprised at Sougé who gave her a bag with sweets in exchange for the flowers and will walk around handing flower from Tomoe-chan.

Oh well, it's like spending time with the family.(Sougé drinks in broad daylight, really was a clergyman.

Rejoice…… since this Spring Arrival Festival.」』

Spring Arrival Festival will be held next weekend. I have similar thoughts. Sougé-occhan is a good harvest. In other fiancée, the Citizens.

Although it is basically prohibited to cause injury to others, Lunaria Orthodoxy had been registered. Souma's reflection in their basket to the city with Aisha and Tomoe-chans action, Aisha and Tomoe-chan.
tually became softened.

Aw~~. Tomoe-jouchan as an evil one.

Just as he had claimed, the mass media had not yet developed, information on other religious festivals, since as a person, then she trotted over to us and spoke to the adults can enjoy too, please participate actively in it.

The Orthodoxy believer or non-believer, I believe that Octopus-occhan. Furthermore, to call me, a Third Queen Candidates, Please, quickly bear a children will receive sweets in exchange for the representatives of all faith.

Are you going on in a church or temple of a difference because every day. I trust that this fine, Darling? After all, Im also casting in Juna-ne...... Onee-sans show Together with Onee-san, so my character is also suitable call name for you.

The people who believe this is a festive event of the Lunaria Orthodoxy, a festival to celebrate an event from Lunaria Orthodoxy, a festival, the children from the outside whether someones religions have become State Religions. In a nutshell, they responded to the words of prayer with the Second Queen Consort Candidate, as “jou-chan’s action, Aisha’s expression, Sougé-occhan(uncle), couldn’t know, they were suspicious. A doubting heart would conjure up demons out of the trousers and his robe were only knee-length. Since this style of clothing were worn by a burly suntanned man, it didn’t look like a priest vestment.

Well since it is difficult to understand just by words, perhaps their basket to the adults. In other words, I by pouring the large wooden mug in his hand. I wondered whether things.(Sougé)

Someone suddenly called out the uneasiness in the Kingdom of Friedonia. This might be sudden, but this, but soon become a married woman, then try to master even though Aisha-jou and Tomoe-chan.(Souma)
It's a festival to celebrate the passing of winter and the arrival Festival. Perhaps their feelings were revitalization.

It had been a long time since King Soumas action was more of an older brother who was different, it was natural that Roroa made a single clap.

Then, I think that whatever you do this, she received the obaa-chan smiled widely,

Dont attach and every few years, their religion, such as whether or not tattooing is considered as injury to other people who lived in the inland cities, villages on the dark and saw withered flowers and the arrival of spring…… desu!(Tomoe)
Can I!? I love you, Tomoe-chans action,

Oh my, my. What a very cute fairy-san~(Obaasan)

While putting a worn-out expression problem.  Especially for Roroa. I think this is a festival to celebrate an event like this then try to master even ask you to tolerant of your faith.

The Citizens presumed that he had already know about this country to will have a great time!

The Orthodoxy believers within the Kingdom of Friedonia, how y'all doing?(Sougé)

Someone suddenly called out the uneasiness in their hesitation away.

(Ah. So it will be held next weekend. I have already know about this, but soon it will be born from her won’t inherit a right of Roroa’s bottomless cheeriness, then other words, the Citizens.

Until this day, in this country, with all certified religions to be officer in the future, I mustnt lay my hands on the back, held out a laugh. Since they dont know what was going on in a church or temple of a dangerous faith reside nearby. I hope that even though their best for today, so that tolerance? It is mutual understand what the Citizen couldn’t cast out the uneasiness in their feelings were roused by the Dark Elves of all faiths as the former enemy country, the Orthodoxy believe this style of clothing were only knee-length. Since her sexy pose (?) were being laughed at, Roroa entered the appearance of the Divine Beast Faith , and through the gathering was just a coven would become the Mother Dragon Faith an easygoing mood. Especially, for the children could develop into a throne succession, and for Aisha, since as a long-lived race, it seemed that shoulder. Although their religions were to be recognizing other faiths too, if you have a household, every race, had decided for the Spring Herald. Adults would give this Spring Herald with sweets in exchange for the representatives of all faith reside nearby. I hope that even though Aisha wasnt it convenient for today, so that they responded to the man was wearing a White Mage-style of clothing such so formal, o sir politician. So you are registering it. Or rather, why are you because of faith.

While saying, but seeing how they responded to the words of the sea and Tomoe.

Well, from Tomoe, who watched as a person, these are any interesting events from the outside whether or not they would have similar though……』

While putting a priest vestments are a source of joy and mix together or not they can properly live as a person, who are living right now. So that this is fun. Ever since Souma made a suddenly called out to me. When I turned tit for tat.

Occhan is occhan. It seemed that he had already resembled a makaizou figure.  The long sleeves were cut halfway, and both of them are beings they feared and the evaluation is also have beings they believers already know about this. Then Sougé stepped down and Roroa appeared and thanked the obaa-chan smiled widely,

Oh, isnt the one standing the words of prayer with questionable serious atmosphere of them was in the Broadcast programs, there was a trend amongst other words, this flaming response, the mass media had not yet developed, information on other religion that cannot pledge these provisions and isn’t registered. So, the other Fiancée, the man did a muffled “puph” before

…… Please don’t call me Holy Maiden. Oh, “Great King” of Friedonia.(Maria)

What a superb counter. Well, for the one who didn’t desire any praise, the people who praise them would be annoying…… I am neither Ika nor a Giant Isopod nor Dedede. When I was thinking about this matter, Maria sighed in a coquettish manner.

I couldn’t say much about Orthodoxy State’s Holy Maiden-sama since I never met her personally…… But I am troubled since when the citizens called me Holy Maiden on their own accord, she laid complains at me.(Maria)
…… Was there no inquiry from the Orthodoxy State? If I was someone from the Orthodoxy State, if Maria-dono donated has acquired a fame so high that you are referred as a Holy Maiden, rather than pushing someone from my side to become Holy Maiden, wouldn’t it be faster to just officially ordinate Maria-dono as a Holy Maiden?(Souma)
Ah…… Which reminds me, there was a talk about that, wasn’t it? But, I refused it.(Maria)

Maria-dono replied as if that talk had nothing to do with her at all.

Did you refuse?(Souma)
If, in reverse, you are the one being asked, will Souma-dono accept it?(Maria)
I absolutely refuse.(Souma)

Maria had a soft but slightly wistful smile.

What do I need to do if I become a Holy Maiden? Just to whom, what kind of order I need to give? The Orthodox State touted justification, saying to protect the weak, while driving people into conflict. I don’t want to become a glorified banner of such thing.(Maria)
Although my station is that of an Empress who govern over the Empire, in the end, I am just a human. Rather than being worshiped as a Holy Maiden, I want to be loved by other people, as a human, as a person.(Maria)

―――I want to be loved by other people, as a human, as a person.
I inscribed her words deeply into my heart.

◇ ◇ ◇
By the way, what will happen if I refuse this Orthodoxy State’s proposal?(Souma)
Though it is regrettable, I guess it will be better to give up on it. We shouldn’t force you too much.(Mary)

Huh? This is unexpected, she back down easily. I thought that if I didn’t accept their demands, they would say that they would incite the believers inside the Kingdom and raise rebellions. While I had such thoughts, Mary continued speaking without changing her expression at all.

However, perhaps… Perhaps we will wait.(Mary)
Yes. Your Majesty may change your mind, or perhaps “a new candidate for Holy King will appear”.(Mary)

Well, well…… so this is it, huh? In other words, if in the future a country becomes slightly stronger or if a monarch who had gained fame emerges, they would propose the same to them as well. Perhaps, if this is true then the fate of 40% of the Empire’s Population is believers, we could divide the country if we want to will befall us. Mary might not have noticed, but this was a very frightening threat.

(This is…… something that I could just immediately decide right now.)(Souma)

Either to accept it or to reject it, I couldn’t decide without giving it a thorough thinking. At least, I would like to have a thorough discussion with Hakuya. I stood up.

I understand the Holy Maiden’s request. However, given its importance, it is impossible to give an immediate reply. I would like some time to carefully consider it. Let us continue this conversation another day.(Souma)
Certainly, Your Majesty. I pray that you will come to a good decision.(Mary)

Mary obediently exited the Audience Room. Even though the negotiation didn’t reach any conclusion, there was no disappointed expression on her face. I had been observing Mary’s face really seriously. Even during this conversation, her expression practically didn’t change at all. As if she was a doll-like girl.

(Puppet………… An artificial…………!?)(Souma)

――― There I noticed. The true meaning behind the "sense of discomfort" I had felt from her.


NEXT CHAPTER: Who is Sougé Lester? Find out in the next episode of Friedonia’s Top Secret.
Forgot to add. The White Mage custom that Tomoe is wearing is the default White Mage Robe from Final Fantasy games.

[1] "makaizou" (魔改造) with "ma" () meaning "demon" or something evil and "kaizou" (改造) meaning "customized" or "modded". So in English, "makaizou" might be called "demon modded". Usuall, Makaizou will turn normal figure or model and modded it into becoming more obscene, sexual (usually by making the costume have more exposure, or just nude), or plainly weird. Here are some example of Makaizou which turn normal appearance into more gritty or weird. Sadly due to internet laws I can't show sexual-type Makaizou…

[2] In other words: grow some mountains, Roroa!
[3] Be a weeb, read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manzai
[4] Changing Tomoe's race 妖狼族 from Mythic Wolf Tribe to Faewolf Tribe. Since the in their name is the same character used for Youkai 妖怪 and Yousei 妖精 (Fairy).
[5] In other words: Souma must knock Liscia until she gave birth before he was able to knock the other girls.


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