25 January 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 4 - Part 9

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Chapter 4: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Rich Person” to “Magician of the Forest”.
Part 9 Yuuji, Negotiating with the Peddler to Receive Information about Visitor from Another World

Good morning, Kevin-san(Yuuji)

It was the following morning after the peddler Kevin arrived at the house.
With drowsy eyes, Yuuji greeted Kevin.
As a result of consulting with the bulletin board and thinking all night, the shadow in the corner of his eyes really stood out.
Beside Yuuji was Kotarou.

“Because I’ll be worried if I’m not there” (Kotarou)

Today Kotarou also watched over the conversation between Yuuji and Kevin.
Alice was house-sitting inside.

Good morning, Yuuji-san. Well, have you thought about it?(Kevin)

Yes, plenty. But, first I want to know something, what kind of existence are these “Visitors”? How many of them do you know of?(Yuuji)

That’s right, it was a story from back then. It was a story that I had heard when I was still an apprentice at the large store, because it’s a legend that was passed down through many merchants, it might not be accurate information. It was quite a long story......(Kevin)

While unfolding a collapsible chair similar to a folding chair that he brought, Kevin also handed over a chair to Yuuji who then reached out his hand over the gate.
Kevin and Yuuji sat down on the backless chairs.


Only the nobles and merchant who receive education and intellectual classes like a village chief knew about it, but even among them there were many who doubted it.....
With this introduction, Kevin began to tell the story,

Visitors were, in other words, people from another world who rarely appeared in this world.  They appeared at various times and places, with only legends and records remaining in the places they appeared, Kevin narrated.

At least within Kevin’s scope of knowledge, currently, in this country and the nearby countries, there were no other Visitors. Maybe the Visitors concealed their identity and lived normally. There was also possibility that they weren’t been found by anyone just like Yuuji, or they might be hiding under someone’s protection.......
When Yuuji heard Kevin’s words, he originally thought he could meet with someone from the same hometown, but was now dejected.

“I am here, you know.” (Kotarou)

Kotarou’s fur that nestled close to him, comforted Yuuji’s heart.

From here on, was the important part....... so Yuuji continued to listen to Kevin’s stories.
If someone examines the legends and records, the past visiting Visitors had done many things.

A certain person could cut a huge dragon with one sword swing.
A certain person sweep clean entire armies with magic
There was also a certain person who popularized new cuisine, staved off famine, and afterwards enriched the people’s diet.
A certain person amassed great wealth with his knowledge.
A person who held valor and rose up from commoner to noble in one generation.
A person who made great achievements as adventurer.

There was a certain Visitor, who was said to have personally founded a nation in the distant east from this country. The truth had since been lost under the weight of the long history, but the nobles wo descended from him believe that the Founder King was a Visitor even until today.

Though the existence of such heroes were widely known, there was little knowedge regarding theseVisitor and their birth world. Rather than an outsider, they were natives who became heroes, there were many people who preferred this explanation. Kevin said this with a tint of loneliness.

I still don’t know how strong Yuuji-san’s power or what Yuuji-san’s intention is. However, if I could have relationship with visitor like Yuuji-san, then it could become a big business opportunity. If Yuuji-san has martial prowess then I could mediate between you and the government. If Yuuji-san has knowledge then the new goods and different ideas can generate profit. If Yuuji-san wants to become an adventurer then even if it’s just buying raw materials or trading equipment, there’s still profit to be gained. If Yuuji-san wanted to become a noble and establish a country, then becoming a purveyor for the government won’t be just a dream anymore. Well even if there’s nothing, since it was only 6 days round trip from the town, then there is no bitterness because I could still purchase something. Compared from when I resigned from the large shop and began peddling……..(Kevin)

Even when I walked earnestly, it didn’t sell, on the contrary I couldn’t do any business, even those guys of the same trade……. Kevin murmured beneath his breath while having a distant look.
It seemed that he’s had a hard time.

Is that so…… I can understand that this is Kevin-san’s chance. Because of that, I have several conditions for conducting business…...(Yuuji)

Yuuji casted his eyes down at the paper in his hand. Even the bulletin board residents couldn’t make manual after a night cramming, however the paper contain main points that were collected into one memo.

Ooo, oh! What kind of conditions!? If it’s something ordinary then I will fulfill it.(Kevin)

Kevin was immediately hooked by Yuuji’s words. Perhaps if the president of the large store where he had apprenticed had seen his current words and actions, he would have scolded him harshly.

First, I want you to search for Alice’s family. If Kevin-san find them, then you must take care of them for the time being. This is an absolute must.(Yuuji)

I understand. Since I’m also worried about them, I will collect information about Alice-chan’s family, Anfore Village’s inhabitants and the bandits who attacked them. If I find her family member I will certainly take them under my protection.(Kevin)

Kevin replied affirmatively while nodding reassuringly to the first condition that Yuuji put out.

Next, I don’t want anyone to disturb our safe and pleasant daily lives. For that reason, the things about me and this house, I want you to keep it a secret,(Yuuji)

Safe and pleasant daily life, is it?...... What to have for a comfortable life?..... Since there is a residence, then can I perceive it as provisioning food or clothes? About keeping a secret, I also think that it will be better if I do so, since Yuuji-san is too unreliable.(Kevin)

Unreliable? What do you mean?(Yuuji)

Yuuji stared with a look of incomprehension after hearing that.

“That’s true. I also think him like that.” (Kotarou)

As if agreeing with Kevin, Kotarou looked at him while swinging her tail, then she turned back at Yuuji and gave him a punch to his leg with her pads. As if she wanted to say,

“Have more self-awareness, this(kono) fool(Baka).”

Yuuji-san…… Above all, you are too easy to be read. Today and yesterday, though it seemed that you had thought about many things, however if I were to try and deceive you then I have enough confidence that I could have succeeded. Concealing what’s inside one’s mind and keeping one’s nonverbal gestures from straightforwardly conveying what one’s personally thinking, is important for self-protection. By the way, for the last two days, I have been speaking honestly. Since if I deceived Yuuji-san, perhaps if Yuuji-san were to enter the town and make acquaintances with other people, my lies would be found out and I would end up losing your trust. Rather than immediate profit, the profit I could obtain from earning Yuuji-san’s trust is magnitude higher. Although I’m speaking honestly, it is also based on profit and loss calculation.(Kevin)

As if he understood what Kevin said, Yuuji nooded. At that moment, he had already been silenced by Kevin. However, Yuuji just had to ruin the peddler Kevin’s advice.

I see……. Then, although I had said to keep this secret, I still am worried by it…… Can they keep this secret?(Yuuji)

Yuuji cast a quick glance at the faraway location where the three adventurers were having a friendly chat.
Kevin had kept them away from the beginning so they wouldn’t hear the discussion.

Oh you’re right! That wariness is important, Yuuji-san! Then about if they can keep this secret…… If I can do business with Yuuji-san, then I intend to open a shop in Premie City. They would be employed as exclusive shop guard in addition to veteran adventurers that I hav always depended on. The veteran adventurers had prepared since the beginning for these kinds of “talks” and had signed contracts so they wouldn’t leak out sensitive information about the business as an exclusive guard. Be as it may, in this way they won’t be able to talk, isn’t it the best method? If that’s still no good then, at that time……

While making a grin with his mouth, a glint flashed in Kevin’s eyes.

Instantly, Yuuji’s body became stiff.

However, for some reason Kotarou seemed happy.

“You’re right, I can understand it, isn’t it?” (Kotarou)

As if showing her approval, woof woof, she barked. Except to the people she saw as a family, she could sometimes become a ruthless woman.

I-Is that so, then I think it will be alright, ummm, the other condition is…. Ah yes, together with the condition about pleasant daily life that I had mentioned before, I desire weapons and armor to protect myself, food, axes and farm tools to open new land, seeds and seedlings, books that could help me understand this world common’s sense or state of affairs, and books where I could learn magic. Therefore I want books as much as possible.(Yuuji)

Yes, it will be no problems. Do you have any requests for the weapons and armor? When I come back next time, the things that I will bring are, first, armaments that are popular for their performance. Then, food like wheat and or salt, hatchets and tools to open land, since I carry seeds in the wooden back, I brought it as a substitute for greetings. When I heard you live in the forest, I brought the necessary things for it. Although it can be said that it didn’t change much from the goods that I’m usually peddling, only the amount is less and the variety is greater. Well, this reminded me when I was first peddling. Then, I will bring books as much as possible. If Yuuji-san knows about this world, then perhaps you can get various ideas. Although it can be said that there is a limit on how much weight I can carry, but right now I can only obtain books about beginner magic lesson…...(Kevin)

While smiling widely, Kevin spoke with accelerated pace. It appears that, this was his real nature.

Thank you very much! As expected, the preparations are good…… I leave the armor selection to you, but please select something that isn’t too heavy. Then about the weapons, I have thought about spears or blunt weapons like Joss had, but……(Yuuji)

I see, the weapon is still undecided…… Then I will bring several of these too. If Yuuji-san can protect himself then I also will feel relieved.(Kevin)

And lastly, there are still two conditions….. Although it wasn’t something that needed to do right now, I wanted you to take me along to the city and show me the way to get there on my own. Since she is always in the forest, I wanted Alice to also play with children of her age and I also wanted to see a city of this world. And then about the knowledge that I teach. First, I want several proposals from Kevin-san about thing that trouble you or things that you could sell. If there are such and such things, or maybe this kind of thing, proposals like this. Even if I can teach you, I think there are some things that don’t suit this world, furthermore I also don’t want to teach something that can become trouble. It is Kevin-san who thought of the idea or produced it. I want you to say this to other people.(Yuuji)

After thinking for awhile, Kevin began to speak slowly.

About the knowledge in question, I understand. I think that it’s also better for Yuuji-san’s safety. The things that are troublesome in the villages and cities and things that I can sell, I’ll think about these things until the next time I return. Also, about wanting to go to the city, that is……(Kevin)

Yuuji’s wariness become activated when Kevin hesitated.

This was among the pattern of “keeping a pet till it dies” that the bulletin board residents had mentioned, a case where he couldn’t go to the city,Because he didn’t know if he had been tricked, his life and death are dependent on the peddler

As expected, seeing Yuuji’s suspicious gaze, Kevin returned to his speaking.

Yuuji-san…… You don’t have a residency certificate right? It’s the thing that the village chief uses to record the name of villagers that have paid the tax, while in the city it used by the government to tax the citizens, so it’s a necessary thing to have in order to leave and exit the city. Although I think it need a little time to confirm Alice-chan’s identity, even if she goes to the city right now she can enter inside. Since I can testify that she lives in Anfore Village, and her hair and eyes color match what was written down in the register book, she can also mention her parents and siblings name. Of course I can show the location of the city right now, but for Yuuji-san to enter from the front gate, I think it will be difficult to do it. Even if Yuuji-san mentions that you are a Visitor, it will still take time before you able to enter inside…..(Kevin)

Yuuji dropped his shoulder with a slump.
Somehow or another, though he didn’t really know up until now, there was something similar to family register that was used to leave and enter the city and also for tax management.

I can’t enter……the city……even when I’m in another world……where ae the fantasy…… beast ears, dwarves, elves……[1](Yuuji)

Yuuji dropped his shoulder and looked down while muttering and grumbling in small voices. It seemed that he received a tremendous shock.

Yuuji-san can I let two people know that you are a Visitor? If you agree then when I return to the city, I will immediately go to the capital city. Then, I can tell the president of the large store where I apprenticed before about Yuuji-san. If the president uses his connections, while keeping the matters secret, he could write a letter of introduction to the Premie City’s Lord Governor. Then, after telling the Lord Governor about Yuuji-san he can make a residency certificate. Since it very probable that the existence of a Visitor is related with a cities development, I think that perhaps he will give his approval……

Kevin prattled on and on as if to cheer Yuuji up.
Yuuji hadn’t recovered from his shock, however he understand the reasoning.

I can’t agree to that right now…… That means letting the people of authority know about my existence right? Just keep this a secret for now, when you come again I will give you an answer, can you agree to this?(Yuuji)

Yes, well I don’t really mind too much…… Well then, I’ll search for Alice-chan’s family, if I find them I’ll take them under my care. Yuuji-san, Alice-chan and Kotarou-san can live peacefully and I will also provide the needed goods. I’ll also keep the existence of Yuuji-san and the house a secret. The matter of getting Yuuji-san residency certificate will be postponed until my next visit. Something unknown tends to cause anxiousness after all. Then next time I come, I’ll bring proposals for Yuuji’s knowledge. The knowledge that I get would be made as if it was devised by me and the profit from it would be divided between us. If we reach an agreement then we can make a contract. Is this everything?(Kevin)

O,Oh……Thank you for summarizing it. You even thought about sharing the profit and drawing a contract to me…… Yes, then how soon do you think you will return?(Yuuji)

Let’s see…… I need to hand over the peddling route I’m in charge of as soon as possible, then I think perhaps I will come again when the summer start. Do you have any objection to this?(Kevin)

I understand. Then, I look forward to working together with you.(Yuuji)

Yuuji offered his right hand and passed over the gate to Kevin.

It is I who should have said those words. By the way this handshake custom was something that the Visitor, who I have told you about before, initiated and popularized in this country.(Kevin)
While receiving Yuujis hand, and smiling delightfully Kevin shared some trivia. “Oh, really?” Yuuji, who was in good mood, showed some surprise, then Kevin continued giving bits of trivia.
The first Founding King of this country, didn’t care who it was as long as she was beautiful, he would add her to his harem, so he was famous as Harem King.[2]

While grinning, Kevin’s eyes gave a look as if wanting to say, “Is Yuuji-san also aiming for this?”

While thinking about what his fellow countrymen had achieved, Yuuji showed a complex expression.

“Woof” Kotarou barked, and bit Yuuji’s leg in jest.

“If you do this, I’ll never forgive you!” (Kotarou)

Was what she wanted to say.

And thus, the first negotiation with the peddler reached its conclusion.


So Kotarou is like Mia and Arisa: Yuuji Guilty!
Next Chapter: The House’s Secret Revealed

[1] Welcome to the Fantasy-Reality genre (or Realistic Fantasy?)
[2] Imagining One Piece if Rufi’s dream is: “I want to be a Harem King!”


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