07 March 2016

Our New World - Chapter 2 Part 5

Sorry… Although I start writing this in the early February… I didn’t have much time to type it… Hopefully I do the better in next chapter… (no guarantee)
Finally the plot started to move……

Chapter 2: The Heaven Lords in the New World
Part 5: Will You Go Out With Me?

Day 15 of arrival. 01-09-0002. 10.06

It has been 3 days since the day the South Gems Gate of Neuschwanensee opened.
The sight of two suns that crowned the sky dome of this world was still unfamiliar for the and the Heaven Lords(Players) that was used with one sun of RAHO and the Earth. Luckily the rather pale red moon wasn’t something that was too different from the old moon, although the size was bigger and if observed with Celestial Telescope in the Castle Observatory, someone could see thin cloud formation and liquid sea. Yuuto think the “moon”, or rather maybe it should be called “companion planet”, was akin to Mars in size and had similar condition to it in its earlier wet geological epoch based on the conjectured size that the astronomer scholar of Neuschwanensee initially calculated. With this fact, to make it easier to refer to this world and the “moon”, Yuuto “named” this new world: “Neuewelt” and the moon “Rotermond”, the larger sun, “Grossesonne” and the smaller sun “Kleinesonne” for the official record paper. Yuuto had thought of fanciful name, but sometimes, simple is the best.
Binary suns and binary planets. This was really another world, one that was unknown to them.

The astronomer still calculating the star systems and planetary orbital properties, also searching for additional planets, recording the stars and assigning them to constellation, albeit the latter part was rather hard since “night” time in this world is relatively shorter……
Yuuto was rather surprised with the astronomers NPCs’ scope of knowledge. But if he remembered the history correctly, astronomy was one of the earliest branch of modern science, and in the in-game lore, astronomy was used to calculate local mana concentration that fluctuated based on celestial bodies configuration, so no wonder if they had high skill in this field.
By the way, Kiyomi was unexpectedly really helpful in this task. Well, maybe because one of her job was Oracle that used Star Magic, she might have inherent knowledge that she gained from her skills. She could even calculate a star position even in the daytime as long as she had marked one of the stars.

At any rate, during those three days, no attack from any enemies happened, the life progressed in Neuschwanensee as if nothing really happened. The citizens were still doing their best in their works and the city was bustling like usual. So Yuuto deemed that currently there was no immediate threat to Neuschwanensee and so he shed a sigh of relief.
The activity in the castle was also progressed as the usual, with maids diligently do their works and the administrator staffs kept mulling around the Northern Castle Building to fulfill their clerical duties. The only difference were maybe located in the Southwestern Tower Science Laboratory where the royal scholars were examining the samples that was gained by various expedition conducted by Neuschwanensee Gate Knights Order. One room full with soil samples, one room full with plant samples, one room full with rock samples, and many other rooms had similar situation where the scholars. Even when not everyone really held a Scholar job, some only Student at best, but they were eager to learn about this new exciting world they found themselves right now. Then in a certain room that collected monster samples, Yuuto stood beside a table covered with stained white cloth. As always, Florea was following him. There were three other scholars in that room. One of them then picked the hem of the stained white cloth.

“Euwww…” (Florea)

Florea winched when one of the royal scholars uncovered the table so that what was concealed below the cloth could now be vividly seen by Florea.

“Hmm…… This is……”(Yuuto)
“Yes, this is what was mentioned before in the report.” (Scholar)

Yuuto calmly watched the mutilated carcass of a quadruped mammal like animal. It had vertical incision on its ribcage and abdomen so that its organs could be seen spilling out to the table while gave off strange liquid (mainly preservatives) and brown-congealed blood. The body was decapitated and the lonely head was set aside on the adjoining table with its jaw opened with lifeless eyes. Even while it was in this grotesque situation, one could still see its vivid ferocity that it had when it alive. Yuuto could quickly deduce the mutilated carcass identity. It was the low medium-tier monster in RAHO, the “Roareaf Wolves.[i]” It was a rather common monster commonly seen in packs roaming the forest-type area in lower-ranked worlds.

During the last 3 days the Gate Knights collected or catalogued various species of the local flora and fauna (Saki in jest referred the expeditions as “Beagle Expedition”. It seems that the NPCs like it and the name stuck). Most of the flora and fauna similar to or had an Earth counterpart. But some was never seen before plant and animal. Maybe because the majority of animal collected are insects. Strangely, not a single one of the local “monster” life forms or plants were found in RAHO. In this regard, Neuschwanensee could be said as a more faithful reproduction of RAHO than his world, as Neuschwanensee local flora and fauna was all based on those exists in RAHO.
Even though Yuuto originally thought that this world was based on one of numerous worlds of All Creation. But the fact that this world had two sun (something not implemented in RAHO) but this world also had flora and fauna that didn’t exist in RAHO. That’s why the discovery of a monster from RAHO held an important meaning. This was a ‘clue’. So, he personally came to this place when he heard the report from the returning scout teams.

“The report mentioned that this was found in Abendrotsland Forest.” (Yuuto)
“That’s true, Lord Highness. A team of scout first encountered a pack of the beast 25 kilometer west from the entrance of the forest. They retreated and joined with several other teams to isolate and capture one of it for sample.” (Scholar)
“I see. I commend their ingenuity.” (Yuuto)
“I believe they will be pleased hearing it, Lord Highness.” (Scholar)

Even if Roareaf Wolves was just a low medium-tier monster, since they were a pack monster, they could easily overwhelm an unprepared player. Even if a single Gate Knight could evenly match and subdue one wolf, handling a pack is above them, especially since the Knights only have DSL in the 10s level and the wolf was equal to DSL 20s (but with intelligence and smart, a human with lower DSL can still kill monster of high DSL). So Yuuto commend that the scout team didn’t tackle them head on but retreat and could strategize. It’s good that they didn’t just follow simple AI algorithm of attack and attack. Maybe they couldn’t be called as AI anymore, but a true real intelligence?
Anyway, after personally seeing the carcass, Yuuto convinced, this was a real Roareaf Wolf and not just local animal that look like it. Even his Impartial Appraisal detect it as Roareaf Wolf.

“Then, how about the comparative taxonomy studies?” (Yuuto)
“We have made a summary of it, Lord Highness.” (Scholar)

One of the scholar presented Yuuto with a summary of the study performed on the samples. In the summary it was mentioned that from superficial and visceral features, specific mana wavelength, and microscopic examination, that most of the local fauna and flora could be thought as belong to the same general life form or taxonomical empire that had significant difference from the local fauna and flora of Neuschwanensee. The difference was mainly in protein configuration of major cell-surface protein complex and major enzyme. Now, Yuuto didn’t know how the local scholar knew about protein and stuffs, but if he remembered again, the description of his Create Homunculus skill also mentioned about protein, DNA, and gene expression, so maybe this could be considered as a normal knowledge for them. Then again, Yuuto didn’t really understand biology.
Anyhow, even if there were marked difference between life form of Neuewelt and Neuschwanensee / RAHO, both of them still use the same 20 amino acids, glucose, lipid complex and mana particles, so based on preliminary study, ingesting local plant that was judged as edible wouldn’t elicit allergic reaction nor cause any harmful side effects. Now, Yuuto wondering about germs; if there was an outbreak of deadly infectious disease that the inhabitants of Neuschwanensee didn’t had innate immunity for it, like measles that devastated Native American civilization after the Great Exchange. But, since there were recovery magic and potions, maybe the effect wouldn’t be that bad……
Back to the topic, now what interesting is that the Roareaf Wolf lacked similarity to local Neuwelt animal and had similar characteristics with the local Neuschwanensee mammal life form (actually the local variant of ‘domesticated dog’). It was expected, after all both them was from RAHO.
So what does this mean?
Most likely, somewhere in the forest, there was a map of RAHO transported to Neuwelt just like Neuschwanensee.
This was worthy to check.

“Thank you. Give the result of preliminary study to Unapietra and Board of Agriculture and Commerce, some of the local plant maybe could be useful.” (Yuuto)
“Yes, Lord Highness.” (Scholar)

Yuuto handed back the report to one of the scholar and then walked outside the room. As he stepped out into the corridor he called Chie with Phonecall function.
The call rung for several second, before a soft voice could be heard echoed inside Yuuto’s mind.

“Hello….” (Chie)
“Hello, Chie, umm are you busy right now?” (Yuuto)
“Umm…..No……” (Chie)
“Then, where are you now? In the library?” (Yuuto)
“Yes……” (Chie)
“Then, please wait a moment, I’ll go there.” (Yuuto)
“Okay….” (Chie)

Yuuto closed the call and then turned towards Florea.

“Florea, your hand please.” (Yuuto)

Yuuto offered his hand towards Florea who was still dizzy from the smell of tissue preservatives used in the room. She looked at Yuuto hand, and then timidly reached her hand to him. No matter how much she had experienced Instant Movement when she was lugged around by Kiyomi for her cooking practices, Instant Movement always made her feel unpleasant. If possible, Florea prefers to walk. Even so, order is order, so Florea reluctantly accepted with a strained smile in her face.

“Yes, Lord Highness.” (Florea)

Florea grasped Yuuto’s hand tightly like she was going to fall from a cliff while still forcing herself to smile.

“Here we go.” (Yuuto)

Florea held her breath and shut her eyes. Yuuto somehow want to laugh at Florea’s current frightened appearance. She was just like an anxious puppy. Before long, a swirling particle covered his sight and then the scenery started to dissolved and changed.


In the middle of Neuschwanensee Grand Library were rows of reading table. Magical lamp floated in the top of the table to help illuminating the books that the readers held. But currently the people gathered on the table was not people who were reading, but professional Scribe that wrote down the dictated lines from the Scholar who translate a part of the library books that deemed useful like Agriculture (already half translated, the scholars were unfamiliar with many technical term or goods that lacked any counterpart in Neuschwanensee), Mining, Mass-Industry, Architecture, Medicine, Basic Science (although Yuuto wonder how physics work in world with Magic), and H.C.Andersen books (Saki’s insistence after she unearthed a section of the library that replicated Project Guttenberg books). The Scribes will then forward the manuscripts to the Printing House where they would be copied and distributed to the mass.
Saki and Chie sat on a higher platform while supervising the Scholars dictating to the Scribes, sometime they would help the Scholar that was confused if a modern terminology or technology mentioned in the text. In the meantime Saki and Chie would spend the rest of their time reading the books. Chie, because she was a bibliophile, and Saki, because she was highly interested in robotics and computer programming.
Chie and Saki’s personal assistant maid, Vedimari and Rutidora was sitting close to them, while refilling the cup and platter with fresh tea and cookie when it had been consumed up dutifully without causing any interference with their Ladies activity. Currently in Chie’s hand was a copy of the Carmina of Gaius Valerius Catullus in the original Latin form while Saki was reading a treatise of Artificial Neural Computing in English. Thanks to the inherent very useful yet mysterious perfect translation ability, they could read the as if it was Japanese, and in the case of poems, understand the implicit tone that the words carried. Truly an envy of all translators.

Then, the door to the library suddenly opened. The librarian who was working near the door bowed their head as the person entered and went straight to Saki and Chie. The person’s eyes were glaring hungrily like a starving ghoul, vigorously, in highly excited manner just like an unbound electron or loose neutron. The person’s step were heavy, it made echoes in the room that normally drowned in sounds of flipping paper or scratching pens. Chie and Saki looked at the person with surprised expression, wondering if something had happened.
Then the person said with trembling lips, the great perturbed emotion could be heard from the tone.


Yeah… Well… The person is actually Nozo- I mean, Stella, who was shaking Saki’s shoulder while screaming her heart out. The cause of this was because when Saki unearthed the Project Guttenberg books in the corner of the library’s book storage room (not every book is put on the public shelves in the library due to the sheer amounts of the books that surpassed the number of available shelf capacity), Saki somehow also found a large amount of Light Novels of various publishers and genre tacked inside out of place cardboard boxes. The Light Novels’ cover was white and written in black Latin letters, the text inside was in proper kanji and kana, though, although it was read horizontally from left to right and not vertically from right to left, just like with a western book. It only had texts and no pictures though, like a cheap doujinshi self-printing books.. No librarian knew since when the boxes were there, so Saki thought maybe it got summoned together with them…

“Continuation of what?” (Saki)
“The My Imouto is Forbidden from Falling in Love! Where the volume 4! It just got into good part.” (Stella)
“Umm… Let’s see…” (Saki)

Saki opened her Saki Note (actually just a memo window) and search for the books that Nozomi asked among the ones she already wrote down in her note.

“Nope… There is no volume 4… But there were volume 6.” (Saki)


Stella fell down to the floor, her mental HP depleted.
At first she thought that this world would deprive her from the mainstream literature fiction and only could enjoy snapshots of it as Wiki articles. But Saki’s revolutionary discovery of a hidden cache that was tugged inconspicuously in the corner of dust covered room shed an auspicious light that comfort Stella’s aching heart. However, who could imagine that… After giving her so much hope that she could flew to the celestial sky, like Daedalos, she was violently thrown to the ground. The impact shattered her fragile heart.
Holding back her tears that were like Three Gorges Dam bursting, she lamented what a cruel and harsh mistress a reality could be. The wide gap created by the plot in her heart would now, never be able to get filled. And this gap would be forever torture her in the most horrible way possible that a good LN could do.

“What is Noz-…… Stella doing in the floor?” (Yuuto)
“Stella-sensei is just grieved over the lack of novels.” (Saki)
“Novel? Ummm… Like the one the people from the Laboratory Storage somehow found in a cardboard box?” (Yuuto)


“What did you say?” (Stella)

Stella suddenly jumped up, her eyes bloodshot red, like being possessed. Her bangs were down, covered her face. She was just like a certain girl in a video who could suddenly leap out from the television. She sluggishly flailed her hand like a half-rotting zombie, and her pale skin didn’t help to reinforce her appearance. Yuuto instinctively want to jump behind and whip up a pistol, but he just calmly waited until Stella came in front of him and looked down at him (since Stella is a tad taller from Yuuto)

“Umm…. I said that some people from the Science Laboratory found a couple of cardboard boxes in the storage, when they opened it there only book with white cover and covered with unknown texts. They showed to me when I go there for another reason and the book was actually written in Japanese. From the style of texts and the titles, I think it might be a light novel or a web novel. Currently, I think the staffs are tidying and cataloging the books right now before sending it to the Library.” (Yuuto)
“Then do you think there is My Imouto is Forbidden from Falling in Love Volume 4 in there?” (Stella)
“Huh? What? Haven’t really checked them. But, I think there is a novel with that name since the title is catchy. I don’t really remember the volume number though…” (Yuuto)
“Thank you!” (Stella)

Stella expression brightened suddenly, like a glorious rainbow appeared after a violent downpour. In her excitement, she absentmindedly leaped in joy and hugged Yuuto tightly like a dakimakura while squealing in joy. Stella then activated Instant Movement and disappeared inside the particles of light.
Because it happened so fast, Yuuto still rooted in place. He felt pricking stare from his back, but that must be his imagination… Yup… Must be….
By the way, My Imouto is Forbidden from Falling in Love is a light novel that Yuuto’s high school best friend authored, so Yuuto easily remembered it. The novel plot was loosely based on Yuuto’s and his sister Yukari’s interaction. But let us just leave this at this.

“Anyway, I come for you, Sia[ii].” (Yuuto)
“Yes……?” (Chie)
“I think I will go picking some flowers outside… Let’s go, Vedi-san, Ruti-chan, Flo-san…” (Saki)

Saki put her book in a table near Yuuto and then started gesturing to Rutidora.

“Eh... but?” (Vedimari)
“Huh?” (Florea)
“Can’t you read the mood? Outside… outside…” (Rutidora)

While dragging Vedimari and Florea along with them, Rutidora and Saki disappeared behind the bookshelves. A loud voice could be heard, “To not bother Iusticia-shishou and Yusis-san, everyone took a one hour break, chop-chop. Move your feet people.”

“Umm… Do you need something from me?” (Chie)

Ignoring the tumult and ruckus generated by Saki’s proclamation, Chie stood from her seat and asked Yuuto who didn’t seem to be perturbed a bit by the situation. Her voice otherwise showed some confusion.

“Well… It had been some time since we can converse like this.” (Yuuto)
“But we did talk, in training, every morning?” (Chie)

Chie spoke this with an expression as calm as waveless sea, but her voice couldn’t hide her perplexion.

“Ah well, by the morning it will be late, so I think I better talk to you directly.  I think direct communication for this important.” (Yuuto)

Yuuto’s face became serious.

“I want to ask you out to someplace tomorrow. What will be your answer?” (Yuuto)

Chie’s expression still unbrokenly calm, but a tint of red started to appear in her cheek. Her lips were shaking trying to speak something, but nothing came out. The silent continued for several seconds.
From the other side of the library, a high pitched squeamish voice could be heard. It was Saki’s, with a squeal that only a teenager could produce, she came running from behind a bookcase. Florea, Vedimari, and Rutidora soon followed her from behind.

“Of course shishou would say yes, right shishou?” (Saki)

Chie was a bit taken back, but then she collected herself and then made a nod.

“See… She said yes, Yusis-san!” (Saki)

Yuuto didn’t really understand why Saki suddenly intrude (she actually cast a Delayed Sound Sensor at her book before leaving), but it was not really a problem.

“Good, then we will meet at the Western Gems Gate by 8’o clock tomorrow morning. Well, until then.” (Yuuto)
“Okay…” (Chie)

Chie replied briefly, a smile could be seen on the tip of her lips.

“Well then, I need to make preparation for the tomorrow, so until then. Come now, Florea.” (Yuuto)
“Ah… yes… yes… yes… I’m coming.” (Florea)

Yuuto took Florea’s hand and then both of them disappeared behind the curtain of whirling light particles.
Chie was just stood dumbfounded, while Saki was excited for some reason. Then Saki turned towards Chie and held both of her hand tightly.

“Isn’t this good, Shishou?” (Saki)
“…?*tilt head*” (Chie)
“It is a DATE! A D-A-T-E! Yusis-san is asking shishou for a date!” (Saki)
“I don’t think that……” (Chie)

Without giving Chie chance to finish her sentence, Saki interrupted.

“But Yusis-san said that, I want to ask you out, if this is not a date invitation then what is it?” (Saki)
“That……” (Chie)

Chie still want to reply something, but Saki’s excitement had bigger inertia.

“Shishou need to make preparation immediately. What clothes that shishou will wear?” (Saki)
“Like this…” (Chie)

Chie gestured to the clothing that she wore right now. Saki made an exaggerated gasp.

“Shishou couldn’t possibly think to go to the date wearing this?” (Saki)
“No… but… I think my clothes right now are fine …” (Chie)

Unlike the first day where they didn’t have proper clothing except for armors that they have in the game, currently Chie and the others had obtained proper clothing that was prepared by the Castle’s staff. Their clothing was reminiscent of formal and casual wear of the upper class at 19th century Continental Europe. Of course the materials and the tailoring were of high class. Even so, Yuuto prefer to wear his own manufactured shirt and coat, Kiyomi with her kimonos, Ichiko with her modified robes, and Stella with whatever suited her mood, though. So, only Chie, Saki, Tsukimi and Mizuki who wore the clothes from the castle. Usually, Saki and Tsukimi wore knee-length one piece dress with trousers underneath, Mizuki wore a shirt and trousers reminiscent of a lady horse riding suit, while Chie wore a shirtwaist with knee-length skirt. That’s why Chie believed that her apparel were good as it is.

“That’s no good Shishou…… You couldn’t go out only wearing your casual clothes; you need to wear special clothes…” (Saki)
“I’ll search for something……” (Chie)

At this point Chie had given up on explaining to Saki. Well, deep inside, she also want to wear a nice clothes. Maybe she would browse the wardrobe and seek something that looked nice. But then, the fire up Saki examined Chie from head to toe and then clapped her hand as if she just had eureka moment.

“The clothes from the castle are good, but it’s not too cute… I think cute clothes suit shishou better, so let’s us ask Stella-sensei-san for her expert clothing opinion for this! She had so much cute clothes after all” (Saki)
“Cu-cute clothes….. but…” (Chie)
“Don’t worry shisou… I think Stella-sensei-san will cooperate with us…” (Saki)

After all, Saki held one of Stella’s weaknesses, Light Novels. And thus, Chie was swept away in Saki’s zeal, but it wasn’t that Chie truly oppose her action or all, as Chie was half convinced (or maybe hoped?) by the date hypothesis explanation that Saki put forward. Anyway, Chie just felt happy that she could spend time with Yuuto, just like when they hunt along together back in the game.
Just then, the library door opened and Mesidora, Stella’s personal assistant maid, entered the room and scanned around.

“Hey Lady Highnesses Iusticia and Haimona, do you see my Lady Highness Stella, she just disappeared and left without telling me where she go, it’s a big no-no, as her personal maid I need to always follow her, but if she just teleported around how can I follow her and fulfill my duty, it’s really troubling me, what if something happen toher, I will be blamed for not doing anything, when it even isn’t my fault, since I couldn’t follow… *blughr*blurgh*” (Mesidora)
“Yes, yes, Mesi, be quite a bit…” (Rutidora)

The kept blabbering around Mesidora mouth was covered by Rutidora, but her tenaciousness really commendable, as she kept on talking, although in mumbled voice.

“Mesi-chan wanted to find Stella too, right? What a coincidence, so was we. Let’s go together!.” (Saki)
“Ah thanks you, Lady Haimona. Really someone needed to put some tracking magic on Lady Stella. Once I tried to put one on her clothes but it was useless, she change her clothes multiple times a day. I know that she got a lot of clothes, but frankly speaking the color was-*blughr*blughr*.” (Mesidora)
“Yes, yes, Mesi, be quite a bit…” (Rutidora)
“Please tell the scholars to return to their job.” (Vedimari)

Vedimari ordered the nearby librarian to put end to the scholars and scribes break. Holding the maids, Saki and Chie activate their Instant Movement and headed towards the Science Laboratory. And thus two girls and three maids disappeared from the library inside a swirling light particle, while the library resumed its interrupted business.

By the way, later that day, Stella once more scream her anguish from the soul as the My Imouto is Forbidden from Falling in Love she found in the laboratory was Volume 5. The actual Volume 4 would be discovered the next day by Kiyomi and her kitchen staff in the buttery when she searched for ingredients to made sandwich. But that was another story.


When the swirling light particles end, Yuuto and Florea arrived near Yuuto’s Personal Room.
After opening the door, Yuuto asked Florea to follow him inside the room. FLorea was a bit hesitant, but she didn’t dare to disobey and timidly enter, while the memory of she became Yuuto’s test subjects resurfaced and made her anxiousness became more pronounced. By the way, the experiments was Yuuto testing Florea’s common sense, basic knowledge, vocabulary, status, appraisal systems, basic skill. Mainly things from the game that Yuuto want to check how it worked in this new reality. By the way, Yuuto was quite surprised since Florea had a family in the city, and Florea was not her real name but a “bestowed” name, but this was a story for another day.

Yuuto brought Florea close to a table near his bed and let her sit. The opened window and door to the veranda send a cool breeze to the room.  For a moment, Florea enjoyed this situation, but then the next words from Yuuto cause a major tsunami on her rather tumultuous heart.

“Take off you equipment, and wait here.” (Yuuto)

Yuuto nonchalantly said this in a light tone and casual mannerism. Florea could hardly digest the order, but even if she was extremely reluctant to obey it, but order is order, especially an order from a being as powerful as Heaven Lord like him, who could have the guts to refuse to comply?
While holding the tears and sniffles, Florea started to disrobe her Maid Uniform…She had thought that this might be happen, but even when she had resigned herself of the inevitability of this situation, her heart still want to weep.

After ordering Florea, Yuuto went to the side room to retrieve something that he had worked for several days lately. The New Maid Uniform for the Guardian Maids Corps. The old maid uniform was only default maid equipment from the game that didn’t confer effects that high. Although MayDoeSueKey want to customize the Guardians with high end Maid uniform, but in the game since Neuschwanensee only had Medium Guardian Permit Lv.2, the Guardian had equipment level limitation, so MayDoeSueKey’s dream of a highly customized frilly Maid Army with end-game pay for win items must wait for another day until the Guild had purchased higher Guardian Permits (the Guild Master spend most of the money and resource on perfecting the Castle and the City, so MayDoeSueKey must find the money and resource by her/himself or “ask(extort)” for donations.)

Since in the new reality, some of the old limitation was nowhere to found and some weren’t changed, and even some new limitation came up, Yuuto was hard pressed to note this change. Since eager “test subject” was hard to found, Yuuto was grateful for Florea’s existence. Thanks to her, Yuuto could feel around the limit and test his conjectures. Of course, Yuuto still had some decency, sensibility and common sense so he didn’t perform any test that was ethically or morally perverse or anything that could endanger Florea’s life.
Since the identity of the ones who attacked Neuschwanensee was still unknown and from now on there might be unidentified danger then Yuuto thought to increase the equipment quality of the Knights and especially for Guardians. Since Yuuto lack any means to increase their number (only MayDoeSueKey and Guild Master had the privilege to erase old or add new Guardians), then he deemed necessarily to at least increase the survival odds for the Guardian Maids by giving them equipment that was on par with the rest of girls.
But there were several hindrance, first was because the Guardian Maids was on par with Saki in DSL, they were mainly DSL 36, so any equipment with Material Grade 8 and up would have their effect reduced to half. Luckily with his high leveled Crafting skill Yuuto could easily made Grade 7 Legendary Quality Class equipments, so this was more or less suffice although the effect was considerably lower than Grade 8 equipments. The second obstacle was the aforementioned Guardian equipment limitation. Yuuto didn’t know if the Guardian could wear the newly Grade 7 equipments, so he made various type of Maid Uniform from various materials and quality grade. But since the Knights and Militia could wear the equipment that he crafted just fine, then Yuuto thought that it would be also the same with the Maids. Since the Maid Uniform enchanting process wasn’t finished when they opened the door before, Yuuto only gave them basic enchantment accessories (mainly brooches that grant magic resistance). But his Element Transmutation had given result yesterday so he could finish it earlier than schedule, just in time for tomorrow.
By the way, the Maid Uniforms that Yuuto made was of the conservative type of light blue and cream color, without too much frills, only Neuschwanensee emblem embedded on the white apron.

After picking the Maid Uniforms that he wanted to try to Florea from the side room, Yuuto was rather shocked when he returned to the main room.
Of course he would be flabbergasted; any male would do the same. After all, in front of him, was a beautiful young woman who stood with only wearing a rather thin silk camisole that graciously didn’t hide her rather modest curvy body lines or most of her skin. With beads of tears in the corner of her eyes who evade looking at Yuuto directly, the expression of shy and shame in her face, and her gesture of putting both of her hand in front of her chest with trembling body, it was quite erotically alluring. The young woman's Maid Uniform and undershirt were tidily folded on the side of the bed. The young woman was of course none others than Florea.
In front of the sight worthy of a CG in an eroge, off course, Yuuto being Yuuto, he immediately entered his contemplative sage mode. Habit is really scary.

‘Eh what happened? Why did she take off her clothes?’

Yuuto might sound desperately trying to think logically, but he wasn’t above the influence, he’s still a normal straight honest man to his soul. Even so, his inner mind emergency conference had unanimously voted to just play it dumb. Of course, since he was used for this kind of thing, he remotely locked the door so no one could enter like some clichéd anime scene and then a misunderstanding fight will happen. Don’t ever underestimate his rumble-full high school year experiences!

“Um. Florea, why are you only wearing your underwear?” (Yuuto)

Yuuto asked with a tone as if a father reprimands his daughter who had done something stupid. His poker face was worthy of an Oscar.
Hearing Yuuto’s reprimand, with teary eyed, Florea answered with a trembled voice.

“I-I-I-I- Forgive me, Lord Highness…… as, expected… th-th-this is still not good…… B-b-b-b-but…  If-if-if this what Lord Highness wished, th-th-then……” (Florea)

Florea slowly moved her right hand to untie her camisole, but her right wrist was seized and stopped by Yuuto, who while being flustered still putting a glass mask-like expression.

“Pl-please be gentle with me.” (Florea)

Seeing her wrist was seized by Yuuto, Florea weakly whispered these words while shutting her eyes close. A line of tear formed on her cheek as she avert her face. If someone saw this scene, they might think that Yuuto was conducting a sexual harassment on Florea.

‘Please be gentl-…. Umm… Why did it go this way?’

There were so many things Yuuto want to retort that he didn’t know where he should begin at. Where did he go wrong?

‘I never ordered her to take off her cl----- ah, I did ask her to take off her equipment. Since equipments = clothes. She takes off her clothes. Logical.’

Although he had been here for two weeks now, Yuuto still couldn’t shake off thinking everything here in game term, after all the line separating game function and reality was really blurred with no clear line for him. Taking off equipments couldn’t be done in status window anymore but must be manually performed like in real world. Once again he was reminded of this fact.
Thinking what he should do in this rather absurd and incomprehensible situation, his second inner mind emergency conference decided by a majority vote to play dumb and keep cool, substantial minority votes called for running away or pushed Florea down like a true carnivorous man. Luckily, Yuuto’s had long passed his raging hormone period.

“Florea, try wearing this uniform.” (Yuuto)

Following his mind consensus, Yuuto just act as if nothing had happened. He released his hand and then hand over the Maid Uniform Prototype Set Alpha that was the uniform prototype set with the highest material and quality grade. It enhance Physical, Magical, and Abnormal Status Resistance; Physical, Mind and Soul Regeneration; Magic and Skill Enhancing; Self-Repair; Self-Environmental Control; and various positive buffs and effects, not inferior with the effects he enhanced for the girls equipment.

“Eh…? Eh…?” (Florea)

Florea was rather confused, but she eventually seemed to digest the order. With confusion and embarrassment mixed together, Florea try to wear the Uniform Set, started with the under shirt, then the under trouser, the skirt, and finally the apron. Of course Yuuto looked away… He was a thoroughbred gentleman, after all. But some parts of his mind felt that it was a shame though… at least he had saved the CG to his password protected folder…

In the end, the Maid Uniform Prototype Set Alpha successfully wore by Florea without any problem, and the effects blessings seems to working properly as Florea could feel that her power increased. Yuuto also gave Florea the same set of uniform (2 pieces for each person) for the other 11 Guardian to Florea and order her to distribute it. After asking for a permission to leave, Florea then ran towards the corridor. Well, at least Yuuto smoothly passed the awkward situation……

“Now I think I need to bother Ichiko a bit…” (Yuuto)

Well, Yuuto couldn’t simply bring out Knights for his personal intrusion without proper paperwork. He needed to fill out personnel transfer, assignment, supply procurements…… Mainly for Ichiko to convey it to her staff to get what Yuuto requested…

“Maybe I need to give her a gift or present later…” (Yuuto)

Since Yuuto had troubled Ichiko numerous times (mainly about his personal projects), he thought maybe he could bring Ichiko something to drink. Since she seemed like wine, maybe he could “alchemize” something…

By the way… Yuuto knew about this later but the Guardians just like the Players could actually switch their equipment setups, so there was no actual need for Florea to just be in her underwear when she took off her Maid Uniform since she could just easily switch to her casual clothes…


Next Chapter: The first outdoor trip!

Between the 8 players, only Yuuto and Kiyomi had crafting jobs... Yuuto had all the three crafting job: Alchemist, Smith and Artificier. Kiyomi only have Artificier.
Even so, since Stella/Nozomi make clothes for herself and her cosplay circle, even without proper crafting job, she could sew her own fabric based equipment (although not in enchanting it, only the person with Artificier or Alchemist could perform it.)

[i] 轟葉狼 Gouharou.
[ii] A short form of Iusticia, Chie’s in game name. Based on their previous agreement, the players will refer each other using the in game nickname when in public / in front of NPCs.


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