28 March 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 4 - Epilogue

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Finally! New HikiNEET Forest Magician Chapter!

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Yukkuri Oniisan
Kinuhata, So-Chintzy

Chapter 4: Yuuji Changes Jobs from “Rich Person” to “Magician of the Forest”.

A piece of junk negotiator’sI finally came out after 10 years, but my home kinda went into another world Part 9Will he survive?[1]

1 : Anonymous ETNE

This is the thread to enjoy the reports, images and videos of another world that the confirmed piece of junk negotiatorYuuji has uploaded.
Is it really another world? How did he fabricate it? This is the thread to verify this.

Finally he has started to interact with people from another world.
Will Yuuji survive until the end?
You guys, the self-proclaimed geniuses, could you do something for him?
Train Yuuji well just like Sergeant Hartman!

The next thread will be set up by the person who step over >>900 filthy maggots!

451: Yuuji
The fact that I came from another world was found out so quickly
What should I do?

452: Anonymous ETNE
Calm down!

453: Well Informed NEET
Hadn’t I already warned you about this kind of pattern?

So, did you return without giving any answers?
Also, please tell us how the events unfolded

454: Anonymous NEET
Well, I don’t think he was an ordinary person

455: Yuuji
The fact he is Alice’s acquaintance was confirmed
He returned to Alice’s home
But there is no information about her family

Until this point, it accurately followed the flowchart pattern
But it was immediately after that

He said: “You are a Visitor that came from another world right?”
He easily saw through the clothes, paper, and mirror
He wished to supply information and goods in exchange for knowledge
“Please give me an answer tomorrow”

456: Anonymous NEET
Yuuji was found out quickly.

457: Anonymous NEET
Isn’t that more like: immediately got exposed?!

458: Cool NEET
First, for not giving him an answer
I commend you for returning to this thread

459: Anonymous MEAT
Yuuji has improved!

460: Yuuji
No, it was the peddler that said,
“You want to take some time to think about it, right?”

461: Anonymous MEAT
Sorry I want to retract my previous statement

462: Former Talented Salesman
Review the things that need to be reviewed

463: Cool NEET
Then what did the peddler say to you?

464: Yuuji
He offered to supply food, tools to clear the land like axes or seeds, and several other things
Also, he will search for Alice’s family
In exchange, he wanted me to teach him the method to produce the clothes, paper, mirror or anything else

465: Infrastructure Worker
Isn’t this confirms the “keeping a pet till it dies” route?

466: Anonymous ETNE
And thus, Yuuji spend his life quietly in the forest.

467: YES Lolita NO Touch
How envious!
I also want to live quietly with Alice in the forest.

468: Anonymous NEET
This guy is really… gradually becoming dangerous……

469: Overwhelming Dog-Person
But I’m also the same!
I want to live quietly with Kotarou in the forest.

470: Well Informed NEET
His proposal isn’t that bad
“Keeping a pet till it dies” route is OK for Yuuji
The problem is what kind of knowledge to supply to him
That the peddler can put into practice?
In case he can’t put it into practice, what would he do with Yuuji who gave him the information?

471: Anonymous NEET
“What an unhelpful person!
I will turn you into a goblin’s bait!”

I think it will become like this

472: Cool NEET
There is insufficient information
But for the present, Yuuji needs to accept the peddler’s proposal
Let’s put together a minimum set of conditions for it

1, Keep Yuuji’s group existence a secret
Securing one’s own safety
2, Supply the food, clothes and other perishable goods
Securing necessities
3, Obtaining information
Is there no deceit?
4, Obtaining weapons and armors
Securing one’s own safety
5, Someday, guide Yuuji to town
Is there no deceit? Secure a means of pleasant living before a means of running away
6, Search for Alice’s family

Is it like this?
Also, at the beginning, ask him information about the Visitors
And how they were dealt with
His attitude to you might also vary based on that information

473: Anonymous ETNE
Good work like always!

474: Well Informed NEET
Also asked him to supply you with various types of books

If he was able to recognize A4 sheets as paper
Then there might be papyrus or parchment
If they didn’t exist then there will be lithographs, bark strips, or bamboo strips
But paper is unexpected

475: Yuuji
Search for Alice’s family
Supply me with food, arms, book, and information
Keep my existence secret
Someday, guide me to the town
Like this?

Can’t I go to the town right now?

476: Former Talented Salesman
I think the conditions are good.


477: Anonymous MEAT
What will happen if Yuuji goes to the town right now?
Everyone, let’s teach him, okay?

478: Well Informed NEET
Without knowing the value of the currency
He will get ripped off from top to bottom

479: Anonymous ETNE
If it’s me: I’ll bring him to a dark place and then deprive him of all worldly possessions

480: Anonymous NEET
If a Visitor is considered as a valuable
Then I will capture him and sell him to the big-wigs!

481: Infrastructure Worker
He had an “accident” while swimming
Afterwards, then assume ownership of the house while laughing
It surprisingly happened in the faraway forest…. Like this?

482: Yuuji
O-Oh I see…
But why for the town, it is a no, while for the peddler, it is an OK?

483: Anonymous NEET
If it’s like this, he will be always checkmated

484: Cool NEET
It’s necessary to obtain food and seasonings like salt
Also not only the adventurers had discovered it
One day they will come again
Walking three days from the town to the forest means the distance is not that far

That’s why it’s better to associate with a person that can do transactions
It’s preferable if the number of the people who know about the house is few

The other world’s common sense and power to defend oneself are important
Obtain it as soon as possible

485: Anonymous NEET
Also if you go to the town
You can’t upload images or pictures!

486: Anonymous ETNE

487: Anonymous MEAT
Your reaction is lame.

But I also agree

488: Infrastructure Worker
Whoa, you guys
If you’re like this, Yuuji will distrust us, you know?

Listen Yuuji
We don’t really think like that
We will always put Yuuji, Alice and Kotarou’s safety in the foremost
Do you understand?

812: Yuuji
So, the peddler only knew this much about the invisible wall

813: Anonymous ETNE
I don’t get it.

814: Anonymous MEAT
Someone, please sum it in three lines!

815: Infrastructure Worker
A Buddhist temple or monastery was transported to another world
The invisible wall blocked people who held weapons or were hostile
Even if the wall was broken, it will be restored

Like this?

816: Anonymous NEET
Thank you

817: Former Talented Salesman
It’s easy to understand
Follow his example, Yuuji

818: Well Informed NEET
Since it was the same with Yuuji’s house
Then that means that there was a massive building disappearance that happened elsewhere
I’ll go to the library for a moment
I want to search for more hints

819: Anonymous NEET
If it’s true then that means if Yuuji’s house is broken, then there is a possibility that it will be restored by itself

Yuuji, try to destroy your house a bit

820: Cool NEET
>>819 agreed
I think it will be better to confirm it

Yuuji, try to make a hole in a place that will be alright even if it’s a bit destroyed like a inner room wall or the ceiling.
Also were things that were broken before suddenly repaired right now?

821: Anonymous ETNE
Do a Kabedon![2]

822: Anonymous MEAT
But he is alone!

823: Camera Ossan
Yuuji, when you destroy the house, please take a video of it

824: Yuuji
Then I will go and do some kabedon

When I walked in the forest, one of the side’s of the trekking pole was bent
Two light bulbs had shorted out in the house
Consumable goods like food decreased normally

921: Yuuji
I did a kabedon and made a gaping dent in the wall
Then after 3 hours it returned as if it was a new building

922: Anonymous ETNE
We have been waiting for you Yuuji!

923: Anonymous NEET
I have watched it
This is that, right?
After reaching the middle part of the video, it was only being rewinded, right?

924: Camera Ossan
It looks natural,
Though I am not too familiar with video processing

925: YES Lolita NO Touch
When she came and saw the repaired wall,
she was surprised and then stared at the wall in amazement
Alice-chan is cutee~

926: Well Informed NEET
I forget it’s Sunday
I went to the National Library in high spirits only to find that it was closed
Maybe because as a NEET, I lack the sense to guess the days of the week

Well since we had confirmed that there is a restoration
Then what about the range? And the limit of damage that it could have where it couldn’t be restored again?

927: Anonymous NEET
One year had passed, right?
Then what is the state of the daily necessities?

928: Yuuji
I’ll try to hit the house outer wall or garage
But it will be agonizing if it didn’t get restored
So, I maybe will only make a small hole

It had disappeared for good
Since there is no detergent, I only wash the clothes with warm water in washing machine
There is still a stock of light bulbs, so it’s still be fine
But there were no toilet paper or tissues anymore.

929: Anonymous NEET
Eh? Eh?
Then what do you do for the toilet?

930: Anonymous ETNE
You couldn’t possibly, didn’t do anything?!
Didn’t do anything?!

931: YES Lolita NO Touch
Even for me, that’s a bit too much

932: Anonymous MEAT
Even the Hentai Loli bastard recoiled from it, Yuuji!
Good work!

933: Yuuji
I operated the function to clean the ass with water
Then I wipe the leftover water with the dedicated towel

934: Anonymous NEET
So…… it was safe?[3]

935: Well Informed NEET
Well depending on the country, there even those who still use traditional methods
Didn’t wipe after washing with water
Or using sand
Or washing it with hands afterwards

936: Anonymous NEET
Thank you NIPPON!
I, even if I leave my house, I will never leave Japan

937: Anonymous NEET
I don’t ever leave my house, so I’m the champion

It’s Another World, howeverI finally came out after 10 years, but my home kinda went into another world Part 10Something is missing

1 : Anonymous MEAT

This is the thread to enjoy the reports, images and videos of another world thatYuuji has uploaded.
Is it really another world? How did he fabricate it? This is the thread to verify this.

Finally he started to interact with people from another world.
So that means, until now there was no contact!
This is the thread to watch over Yuuji’s livelihood attentively while only having another world feelings once in a while
Is there really anything to accomplish?!
Repost is prohibited!

The NEET who post the  >>900th message must set up the next thread and make the first post!

25: Cool NEET
For the time being, we had definite supply of foods and other necessities
So, let’s decide what plan Yuuji need to take after this

26: Anonymous NEET
Even when the person himself didn’t post anything?

27: Anonymous ETNE
Don’ min’ de small details

28: Anonymous MEAT
Since if the person himself didn’t appear, the discussion could progress faster!

29: Anonymous NEET
Although we could write off his magic power
But Yuuji himself must have strong physical power right?

30: Professor Acorn
To improve harvesting and to cultivate new land
It’s ideal for self-sufficiency

Since we don’t know how reliable the peddler will be
It will be troublesome if he disappeared

31: Well Informed NEET
What kind of knowledge and common sense of another world that we seek
And which knowledge that will be conveyed to the peddler when he return

32: Anonymous NEET
Of course about slaves!
There might be cute girls!
There might also be beast girls!

33: Anonymous NEET
Certainly we are missing a heroine
What the heck is Yuuji doing in another world!?
Where are the Elves? The Beastgirls? The Female Knight?

34: Anonymous NEET
Therefore he needs to go to the town……
But if he goes there, then he couldn’t upload……

35: Anonymous NEET
We are missing many things
Will Yuuji be able to live well like this?......


Certainly… This novel lack Heroine… Well… Maybe if only Kotarou could transform into human… But she is a 15 years old dog… so in Human year she will be a grandma?
Next chapter: Important reveal!

[1] Even if Yuuji didn’t, Kotarou would.
[2] Kabedon… The famous scene from Shoujo Manga…

[3] In Japanese the poster say: SAFE… nanoka. Safe in the meaning of something that is acceptable or fulfills a criterion. This come from baseball terminology, I think.


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  3. Of course there is an heroine : it's Alice !
    There's even a dashing and dandy MC : Kotarou (even if she is a girl, and a dog) !
    Yuuji ? Well he feels somehow between "Mob character A" and "first follower"...

    1. Tbh he just reminds me of Teddie from persona 4...

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    yuuji's presence will become even thinner

    thanks for the chapter

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    The "NEET Board" chapters are he best)

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