24 March 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: The Bath of Leveson’s House

Welcome back.(Maid)

With Havel as the lead, the group entered the mansion’s entrance hall. Then a young maid greeted while bowing deeply.
The entrance hall stone floor had been polished until it gleamed, the stone pillars erected near the side wall were also decorated with carvings.

I brought along important guests. Since I will guide them to guest room, quickly prepare a meal and the bath, Marie.(Havel)

Will the bath be taken before the meal?(Marie)

Yes, I leave it to you.(Havel)

The maid called Marie quickly replied “certainly!” towards Havel, and then once again bowed to Kazura’s group.
Judged by her appearance, she was still in the age that can be called a little girl.

After Havel gave directions to Marie, he said “Please follow me”, as he guide Kazura’s group towards the mansion’s inner rooms.


Please use this room and make yourself at home. As soon as the bath is prepared, another person will come and call you.(Havel)

Havel guided Kazura’s group to the guest room and after a bow he exited the room.
When Kazura confirmed that Havel had left the room, he put his luggage at the floor and looked at the room.

A candle holder was installed in the room’s wall. Its gentle light faintly illuminated the room.
On top of the fine quality round table inside the room, was a wooden plate with fresh fruits placed in it. A knife was also prepared in front of the plate. There wasn’t anything like a water pitcher so this might be prepared as exchange of beverages.

There’s even a bath. This house seems to be extremely wealthy. It even has something that only nobles could have.(Kazura)

Kazura spoke these words while immediately picking an apple looking fruit from the table and with the prepared knife began to skillfully peel the skin.

To even guide us to this room……(Valetta)

Valetta was thinking that the best outcome she and her father could get was for an inn in the town be prepared for them, so she was surprised that Havel unexpectedly treated them in the same manner with Kazura.
Originally, for a mere peasant to set their foot in a noble’s house was nothing short of a miracle.
The only exception was when they were bought as a slave or when they were employed as a servant.

It is surely because he intent to give me a good impression. This fellow might have done this as a foundation for the future.[1](Kazura)

While stuffing the peeled fruit into his mouth, Kazura spoke. Valetta nodded at him with an expression that was indescribably not pleased.
Even if they understood that it did no harm to them, but when they thinking that Havel only took them to draw out Kazura’s favor, they didn’t feel pleased at all.

Seeing Valetta’s expression, Kazura made a wry smile and began to speak.

Don’t make that face, it will be alright. I think right now this is not a disadvantageous situation for us, if we could build good relationships like this then it will be convenient for me…… Ah, sorry. I am the only one who eating. I will also peel Valetta-san and Valin-san’s share.(Kazura)

Ah, I’m fine. Since Havel-sama said that the dinner will be served soon, I don’t really want to eat anything right now.(Valetta)

Umu, I also don’t want to eat. Since it is rare to have a chance to eat a noble’s feast, then I will keep my stomach empty for now.(Valin)

Hmm… That’s certainly true… Then I’ll too stop eating after finishing this piece.(Kazura)

After Kazura said so, he began to peel another fruit, Valetta unintentionally chuckled out a laugh.

That reminds me, even after we had lunch earlier, Kazura-san said you was still hungry, took out a canned food and stealthily ate it. Are riding a Rata really that tiring?(Valetta)

Yes, since my feet hardly could balance my body, it was more tiring than I expected. If it’s like this, maybe it will be better for me to just walk……(Kazura)

Since they departed from Grisea Village, Kazura was always rocking atop a Rata, because he didn’t get used to riding it, he had become considerably exhausted.
Probably because he was overusing the muscles that he hardly used before, his thighs had considerable muscle pain.
Maybe because of these reasons, Kazura become excessively hungrier than usual and had an appetite for food unlike what he had since he first arrived in Grisea Village
Riding, in contrast of its appearance, is quite a hard physical exercise.

By the way, about the content of the discussion with the Feudal Lord tomorrow, let’s arrange our stories beforehand so it’s more or less matched. Since there are things that the Feudal Lord is better without knowing.(Kazura)

Since currently the three were together, so that they wouldn’t tell different stories when meeting with the feudal lord after this, it would be better if they match what came out from their mouth just to be sure.
Basically, the feudal lord’s questions would be answered by Kazura, however it would troubled Kazura if the feudal lord accidentally heard something from Valetta or Valin that he shouldn’t know.

Valetta-san and Valin-san, I won’t mind if you answered honestly when the feudal lord ask you. However I want you to hide the fact that after the villagers ate the food I had brought, they had increased physical strength.(Kazura)

Valetta and Valin nodded towards Kazura’s explanation.
Kazura brought with him various useful tools that may be needed to be shown to Nelson as an explanation that Kazura is Greysior.
However, food is a different matter. Currently only the inhabitants of Grisea Village knew about the effect of the food that Kazura had brought.
There was no need for Kazura to inform that if someone eats the food he had brought over a long period of time, they would gain herculean strength.
If Nelson knew about the effect of the food that Kazura had brought, then there is a likelihood that he will seize the remaining food at Grisea Village. Kazura couldn’t completely refute this possibility.

The Lipo D, that just by drinking a bit of it could restore stamina and completely cure illness in a short time of span, was also in the same position. It could display tremendous power either if used in daily life task or as a negotiation card.
If just in case, Nelson didn’t get convinced that Kazura is Greysior even after showing him various tools then he would show them the effect of the Lipo D on someone who was dying. If they saw the miraculous effect of the medicine then they would surely believe in his existence.
Although, if the content of the negotiation is only proposals, that could bring profit to the feudal lord’s side, then it is quite unlikely for them to deliberately take an attitude of antipathy towards Kazura.

When the three were continuing their discussion about if there anything else that would be bad if were spoken out, a knocking sound could be heard from the door.

Come in.(Kazura)
Pardon my intrusion.(Marie)

After Kazura replied, the maid called Marie, who had greeted them at the entrance hall previously, entered the room.

I come to inform you that the bath has been prepared. I believe that it would be better if the one who bathe first is Kazura-sama, but……(Marie)

I understand.(Kazura)

Thank you very much. Then, please let me guide you.(Marie)

Marie expressed her thanks when she heard Kazura’s reply, and then she guided Kazura out from the room.


When Kazura and Marie were heading towards the bath, in one of the rooms inside the mansion, Havel faced an elderly male who was clad in robe.

Then for tomorrow noon, there will be a carriage for transport and 4 soldiers as the bodyguards.(Man)

Yes, I request for them to be competent soldiers. Also give them strict order to not be rude even just because there are peasants. I also request for superior quality food or tent.(Havel)

While Havel was wracking his brain to think if there anything else that will be necessary, the elderly male was looking at him with curious looks.
This is justified, since when the man was doing his clerical work inside his room, Havel suddenly entered and ordered to prepare the private soldiers and carriage; however the content of the order confused him.
Guessing from the whole story, it looks like the one who will ride the carriage seems to be mere peasants.
Rather than together with a noble, the carriage that will be escorted only carried peasants, so this was normally an unthinkable occurrence.
Moreover, after he inquired in detail, that peasants were currently lodging in the mansion.
This was an impossible story that was hard to believe.

Not only let the peasants staying, but also to prepare a carriage and bodyguard…… Are those peasants actually nobles hiding their identity?(Man)

No, they are just a mere common peasants that you can found anywhere.(Havel)

Havel gave off an air that he won’t tell anything in detail.


The man answered, while in his heart he was suspicious of this instruction that was highly unusual no matter how much he thought about it.

This man had served the Leveson House as a butler since the olden days.
Assigning the work duty of the other servants, executing the orders from the family member like the current one, or preparing carriages and recruiting personnel, he could basically do anything.
The butler had known Havel ever since Havel was born, as his teacher and as his servant, the butler had am extremely close relationship with Havel.

But this Havel, without doing any consultation with him, ordered such a kind of order was something that was highly unexpected.
The peasants who will be escorted inside the carriage this time, certainly had something going on in them.

Also, prepare 2…… No, just in case, make it 3 bedding. This too should be of high class quality.(Havel)


He had many points he was still questioning about, however the man received Havel’s order and bowed respectfully.
Havel isn’t a child anymore.
He might have special reasons of why he can’t give the details, the man tried to have some understanding.

After Havel finished with his instruction to the man, he put his hand on the doorknob to leave the room, but then he turned his body towards the man.

By the way, father and brother will return in 5 days, right?(Havel)

Yes. If it’s according to the schedule, I believe they are now currently leaving Gregorn territory and entering Isteria territory……(Butler)

I see.(Havel)

Hearing the man’s answer, Havel this time opened the door and exited the man’s room for sure.


Then, I will take off your clothes.(Marie)


After Kazura was guided to the changing room that was located next to the bathroom, he faltered when Marie put her hand on Kazura’s shirt.
While in the middle of the way to the bathroom he had a non-serious imagination of Let me help you take off the clothes, but who can imagine that it had become reality?
However the reason why Kazura faltered was not only because Marie tried to remove his clothes.

In the corner of the changing room behind Kazura, was a half-naked muscular skinhead man. In his right hand was an unusual shaped bronze sickle and in his left hand was a smallish bronze tweezer while standing in imposing stance. When Kazura and the man’s eyes meet with each other, the man raised up a refreshing smile in his mouth’s corner.

Excuse me.(Marie)

Without waiting for the reply from Kazura, who solidify after seeing the unknown dangerous looking apparatus that the macho man held, Marie took off Kazura’s shirt.
The clothes that Kazura wore were something that Valetta had prepared before. It was only a plain shirt and trouser.
Marie was skillfully taking them off from Kazura, although she was frozen for a moment when she saw the grey striped pattern trunks underneath, she immediately kneeled and put her hand on the trunks to take it off.

Ah, I can take it off myself!(Kazura)

When the trunks was about to be lowered, Kazura grasped the trunks side with his hand and declined the assistance.
When she saw that her assistance was being refused, she withdrew her hand.

Please forgive my rudeness.(Marie)

After she said this, Mare stood up and then was waiting for order.
……She seemed to be waiting until the clothes had been taken off.

Umm, I can do the rest myself so……(Kazura)

Kazura spoke his with troubled expression. Marie seems to be thinking for a moment and then unintentionally made a small smile.

I have received your order. Please wear the changes of clothes that will be prepared while you are taking a bath.(Marie)

Marie said this and bowed, before she left the changing room while carrying Kazura’s clothes in both of her hands.
When Kazura confirmed that Marie had exited the room, while exasperating, he took off his trunks but only halfway, as he remembered the presence of the macho man that was still inside the room. He pulled his trunks back.

Please leave it to me.(Macho Man)

While showing the same refreshing smile like before, the macho man lightly lifted and showed off his sickle while utter this statement.
What do you mean by “leave it to me”?

Umm, what is that sickle used for?(Kazura)

While still holding his trunks, Kazura asked with a rather stiff expression. The man made a surprised expression for a moment before he put back his refreshing smile and began to speak.

It is to cleanly shave every body hair. My work is truly skillful as even the young master praised it, so do not worry.(Macho Man)

Apparently, this man’s work was what is called in Japan as hair removal expert.
Then, maybe the tweezers in his left hand was also a tool used to remove hair?

What is the tweezer in your left hand used for?(Kazura)

This is, used to pull out the armpit hair. Now, let us remove the body hair!(Macho Man)

Towards the man who was brimming with enthusiasm, Kazura turned around and took off his trunks and spoke with a refreshing smile.

I pass, thank you.(Kazura)

The moment the man heard Kazura’s answer, the man showed a completely dejected expression and left with an unusual impression.


After taking a bath, Kazura put on a robe made from fine fabric that had been prepared in the dressing room. Then with Marie who was waiting when he exited the dressing room, Kazura returned to the guest room.
When they were in the middle of walking, Kazura asked about what happened with the clothes that she took just now, he was told that it would be washed.

By the way, the prepared change of clothes didn’t include underwear.
Therefore, Kazura was currently wearing no underwear.
Based from the prepared change of clothes, the people of this country might not wear any underwear.

After Kazura returned to the room, this time it was Valin’s turn to enter bath and Marie was guiding him to the bathroom.

Kazura-san, how is the bath?(Valetta)

Kazura who returned with a refreshed feeling after bathing his whole body with hot water was asked interestedly by Valetta.
When he saw Valetta, inside his head a question pop out for a moment Does this girl also don’t wear any underwear?, but he hurriedly drowned this thought and began describing his impression on the noble’s bath.


The answer for the last question is….

[1] I see that Kazura is not that gullible… He just lack another world common sense.


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