11 March 2016

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Volume 1 - Chapter 8

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Volume 1
Chapter 8

*Mira’s POV *
At the same time that the first morning bell resounded from Central Spirit Society, a *knock*knock* sound came from the door.

Come in?(Mira)

I answered while still half asleep, and it sounded as if large amount of people entered the room.
What happened!?
I jumped onto my feet in panic, and the maid-sans stood up in line.

Good morning, Mira-sama(Maid 1)
Good morning.(Mira)

I returned the greetings from Carla Giralda-san[1], the leader of the maid group and then tilted my head in confusion.
The maid-sans stood in a row holding five bundle of colorful clothes such as pastel blue, candy pink, or pearl green, and also carries hair ornaments made with high craftsmanship.

Good morning, Mira-sama. Today is the preparation for the New Year Festival, although you might still want to sleep but you should wake up soon.(Maid 2)

The one who spoke without beating the bush was Emel Sheeda-san[2]. Just like Carla-san, she was a maid that was assigned to me.
These girls are the daughters of the landless nobles ―― the so called low ranked nobles ―― and are sent to work as a maid at the Royal Palace to learn proper manners through observation. By the way, both of them are 17 years old, the age where they would search for marriage partner. If I had to say the difference between both of them, then it might be that Emel-san has a very charming hourglass body. However, it doesn’t mean that Carla-san had a thin looking body. She had a standard appearance. It was just that Emel-san was more amazing.
At any rate, what is happening? Preparation for the New Year Festival?
That reminds me, today is the Twelfth Month, Fourth Week, and Seventh Day, the so called New Year’s Eve. Since even a village held the festival throughout the New Year’s Eve night, of course, the capital also celebrated similar festival. The scale would be different than the village’s though.
Because there might be stalls that didn’t exist in the village, I thought about visiting them together with Gai, but…… why am I currently being raided by the maid-sans?
Furthermore, weren’t Carla-san and Emel-san the only maid-sans that were assigned to me?

Now then, since there is no time remaining, please first receive the water cleansing magic. (Carla)

Leaving Emel-san to the bed making, Carla-san took me, who has just woken up and is confused by the development, to the center of the room. Then I was suddenly surrounded from all sides by four maid-sans whose face I didn’t recognize. They turned their palms towards me. It’s a bit scary.

Consume our mana, o Spirit of Water, and purify her. Aqua Munda(Pure Water).[3](Maids)

At the same time, when the spell incantation was recited, a Spirit that looked like a 3 years old child appeared. The blue light that was produced from the maid-sans’ mana enveloped me.
*splash* Suddenly, I felt as if I was plunged into water; however my body didn’t get wet at all. As the light grew dimmer, the watery sensation disappeared. My night sweats were completely cleaned off.
Although during the travel, I also received it from Guze-san or the newly arrived Knight-sama in lieu of a bath, but no matter how many times I personally experienced it, it still felt strange. I wonder why I didn’t get wet.
 Which reminds me, I haven’t seen Guno and the others since this morning. Maybe they were intimidated by the maid-sans’ strict appearance?

Next is the fitting session. Filseria-sama has lent her dresses to you. Since Mira-sama has smaller build than Filseria-sama, we might need to shrink it a bit. Which dress will you choose?(Carla)

The maid-sans unfold the five dresses with different designs, but I unconsciously made a step back.

Umm, why do I need to choose a dress?(Mira)
Of course it is because Mira-sama will attending today’s party.(Carla)
Isn’t it the party that is sponsored by the royal family?(Carla)
I never heard about this before!?(Mira)
Is that true? But we had received the order from our superior. If we didn’t prepare Mira-sama for the party, then we will receive a scolding.(Carla)

Au… That is sly you know. Since she has said something like that, then I couldn’t just escape from this situation, put on my best clothes that I brought from the village, and sally forth to the city.

I leave the dress choice up to you.(Mira)

I resigned and allowed myself to be content as a dressing doll.   
I wore the five dresses in succession and, in the end, the dress that matches my eye color seemed to suit me best, so I wore the pearl green colored dress. Just when I thought that I was finally liberated, I still need to pick hair ornaments one after another.
Please let this end already.

How about this?(Maid)
I think the one filled with lace is nice, don’t you agree?(Maid)

I heard the maid-sans’ conversation as they were enjoying themselves while decorating me, while I had the thousand-yard-stare.
At any rate, as expected of royalty. Not only are the clothes made from the fabrics of the highest quality, in addition to allow the clothes to show the wearer’s silhouette, they weren’t using a belt, but instead, tucks or darts[4] to make fitting tight. They also use plenty of fabrics; there was also massive curtain like skirt.
By the way, when I arrived at the capital, I happened to notice this while walking through the city. Even the female servants who go out shopping also wore tight fitting one piece dresses, so this might be the fashion of the city. Since in the village, we prioritize practicality, I was surprised when I saw it for the first time.
Furthermore, the dress that I wearing now not only had laces and frills, but also adorned with precious gems. Doesn’t this mean that the dress cost a fortune?

Alright, it’s finished.(Maid)

In the mirror that was much bigger than the mirror in my house, my reflection was so dressed up that I could be mistaken as an ojou-sama (high class lady) from somewhere.

Fine feathers make fine birds…[5](Mira)
To begin with, it suits you.(Maid)

On top of the pearl green dress, I was wrapped with a thin white shawl. My hair, which was only shoulder length, was also arranged. The hair ornament was white with a pearl green organdy[6] like flower petal attached into it. In the middle of the flower are precious gems like diamonds and sapphires…… EH? Is this the real thing!?

This, the thing in the center of hair ornament…(Mira)
Yes, it’s jewels.(Emel)

Why are you saying this without any hesitation, Emel-san!
Even when there were already gems attached to the dress, but even the hair ornaments too!?
Is this really something that children should wear!?

It’s alright, since you are lovely.(Maid)

The other maid-sans agreed in satisfaction, however the problem wasn’t that.
A walking fortune. I am no royalty but I am walking with a fortune. Just thinking what would happen if I lose them makes me shiver in fear.


Since the party is a lunch buffet, today’s breakfast was lighter than usual, but…… to be honest, I don’t have the appetite. The reason was that I was afraid of getting a stain on the dress. If they want to turn me into a dressing doll, why didn’t they do that after breakfast? I thought about this, but if they really did that, I’m afraid I would feel worse from stress.

You are really lovely, Mira-san.(Ainseld)

The first thing that The Prince does was to compliment me, but I could barely reply to him with my thanks.

It really suits you. Shall I order them to make a matching dress with me for the Summer Solstice Festival, Mira(Ainseld)
Eeeeh! That is something too good to be wasted on me!(Mira)
Do you hate the idea of wearing a matching attire with me?(Ainseld)

Was it because it was unexpected that I would decline, but he stared at me with a moist eyes and I found myself to be at loss for words.

Since you receive the Royal Family’s patronage, you might need to attend large parties. Just think of this as for the Royal Family’s sake, could you accept the dress? Since it might be a necessity in the future.(Ainseld)

The Prince’s was backing up his words, so I couldn’t help but to look up at him with reproachful feeling in my eyes. Can I not go to today’s party? Or rather, what kind of future do I have where a dress will become a necessity? If I had a hard time, could I pawn this at the pawnshop? I don’t want to arrive at that kind of future, but I thought that I could at least have that as an emergency funds close at hand.
While we were having this kind of conversation, Gai, who was wearing the Prince’s clothes when he was still a child, had this unusual look at him and also didn’t say anything. But then, with an expression that he had reached some kind of understanding, he spoke out.

Fine feathers make fine birds!(Gai)

How rude! I know that I had said it myself but hearing the other say it still makes me mad.

Gai-kun, you can’t say that to a girl you know.(Ainseld)

The gentlemanly Prince earnestly started to lecture Gai. It might go in one ear and out in another, but please do your best.


We entered the needlessly large party hall and, after we sat on the seats for the people who have received the Royal Family’s patronage, the party begun.
The nobles entered one after another, and then kneeled in front of the king to give their greetings. It looks tediously boring. Gai, who was sitting beside me, was captivated by the buffet-style, mountain of feast that was arranged in a line. It seemed that for him, today’s breakfast was too light and insufficient. I envy Gai who didn’t know what a mental tension is.

Because of your support, this year as well, our country had passed another year in peace. I want to show my gratitude as we head towards another tear. I want you to enjoy today to your heart content, and recharge your spirits for another year!(King)

The King brought his opening speech to an end by lifting his wine glass.


All the nobles said in a chorus, and the party started.

Mira, Mira, we can eat already right? What do you want to eat?(Gai)

Just like a puppy released from a “wait” command, I grabbed Gai’s arm and restrained him from assaulting the buffet table.

Yes, yes, you don’t need to rush since it won’t be gone.(Mira)
But the delicious things will run out quickly, you know?.(Gai)
If it run out then we will add it again.(Ainseld)

The Prince said while giggling. He’s escorting his sister, Princess.

Actually I wanted to escort Mira-san; however we would be surrounded by the nobles. We still aren’t at the relationship level where I could personally introduce you to them.(Ainseld)

Thank you for the consideration, but I don’t think I would want a relationship where Iwcould be surrounded. Certainly. Yup.

Mira, Gai, today I can’t be together with you at all, but please enjoy the party. If you like cake, then I absolutely recommended the nut cake.(Filseria)

After the Princess spoke this, and together with the Prince, she went towards the place where the nobles were surging to make courtesy calls. Being Royalty is really hard.
After we saw the Princess off, Gai headed towards the table where all the meat dishes of his dreams were lined up. Since it was at a height where children couldn’t reach, we asked the people beside each tables, who were tasked with waiting the table. The elegant dishes that was put on our personal plate were also pleasing to the eyes.

Just this much?(Gai)
Since there are a lot of food, then this much is okay. If we eat a lot of same thing, then we can’t eat the other food, right?(Mira)
That’s true.(Gai)

Gai easily nodded to my advice, he ate a mouthful with a gleaming eyes.

Delicious! Mira, this is delicious!(Gai)

Hearing our conversation, the staff beside the table smiled. It was a bit embarrassing. But then, at that time, on the fringe of my sight, I saw a man in his prime age coming towards my direction.
Maybe he wants something from this table or maybe he wanted to greet the people who received the Royal Family’s patronage.
While being careful so our eyes didn’t meet, I pretend to look around the party hall surroundings. I had a hunch that his sight was aimed towards me……. Alright, let’s escape for now. If it was just my imagination, then he wouldn’t follow me.

Gai, let’s go to search for drinks.(Mira)

I quickly finished the food on the plate, and pulled the arm of my childhood friend who was thinking about what dish he would eat next. It would be bad manners to move while holding your plate, but I think it would be alright if we held drinks instead. I could’ve left Gai, who’s still eating, and move by myself, but just to be sure that he doesn’t cause anything that could be used to criticize the Royal Family, I decided to take him along.
Even though we were the people who received the Royal Family’s patronage, it didn’t change the fact that we’re still peasants. If due to some mishap – like being impolite to a noble – then the Royal Family could lose their face. Inside the academy, there wouldn’t be any special treatment due to social standings, it would be more or less no problem there, but at this place, it would be bad.
We moved, and the gentleman in question also moved. As expected, was he aiming for us? Then I need to shake him off. But how should I do it?......
It wouldn’t do if I were to go to a place with no human presence. I would be likely to be captured in an instant. Then I need to go to a place with a lot of children and have a deep talk with someone, and then it would be hard for me to get called.
I searched my surroundings; all the children that were similar to my age were surrounding the Princess. Aah. Even if it was my chance to get close to them, there was no gap for me to enter among them.
Then, as a last measure. I approached the main table where they served alcoholic drinks and the adults were having an idle talk. I think that there’s a large chance that there would be acquaintances of the gentleman who is chasing us. And then, the guests there would surely call out to the gentleman.
While predicting that there wouldn’t be any other beverages other than alcoholic drinks, I asked the staff-san.

Is there any orange juice?(Mira)
I’m deeply sorry, ojou-sama. But every drink at this table all contain alcohol. The juices are served on that table.(Staff)

While I was in the middle of receiving instruction from the Staff-san, the gentleman drew near. Then, just like what I had predicted, there was a person who greeted out to the gentleman.

Long time no see!(Guest)
Ah… Yes it has been a while.(Gentleman)

While I assume guts pose[7] in my mind, I said my thanks to the Staff-san and I headed towards the juices table together with Gai.

Do you have any business with those children?(Guest)
Ah no, since they are the successful test applicants who have received the Royal Family’s patronage, I thought it would be useful to get acquainted with them.(Gentleman)
As always your prospecting self didn’t change.(Guest)
It’s a nobles’ duty to invest in young people, right?(Gentleman)

If the casual conversation that I heard could be trusted, then that gentleman didn’t had any bad intention towards me. However, well in the future I better keep myself vigilant.


While listening to the live music, I ate the delicious food. I tried to sample the cake that the Princess recommended while being vigilant of my surroundings and moving from one place to another. Since I passed the time like this, and since I originally am lacking in physical strength, I had become tired.

Mira, do you want leave the party for a while?(Gai)
……Yes. If I speak to Princess, I think she will let me leave the party.(Mira)

After asking for forgiveness for being impolite of leaving our seat in the middle of the party, we took refuge in the waiting room, which had been prepared near the party hall without being greeted by anyone.

Gai, do you also feel tired?(Mira)

When we arrived at the room, Gai immediately sat on the couch.

No, but my stomach has become so full and I can’t possibly leave Mira alone, right? Since you seem really jumpy.

It never crossed my mind that he would notice it, so my eyes became widely opened. But at that time, there was a knocking sound. I was still affected by nervousness, but then the one who entered was Emel-san.

Excuse me, Mira-sama. I am told that you had become terribly tired. Do you want to take off the dress and have some rest?(Emel)
Yes, please!(Mira)

I jumped at the question unhesitatingly. If I could take a breather and take off the dress that I’m not familiar wearing with, then wouldn’t that be a happy occasion?

Then since the inner room is a bedroom, let’s go there. It is in this direction.(Emel)

I moved according to her direction, and after changing to the prepared children sleepwear I lied down and rest on the bed.


I intended to only rest for a while, but it seems that I was even more tired than I had expected. It was the loud sound of the tolling bells that awakened me. While being startled, I stood up and headed towards the window that faced the outside to examine the situation.
It was the sound came from the bells at the Spirit Society. No matter how I thought about it, the volume was as if all the bells from all five Spirit Societies were ringing together. Furthermore it had become pitch black outside.
How long had I been sleeping? While I put a tsukkomi on myself, I tried to have a grasp of my surroundings.
Usually the bell wouldn’t ring at night. But then I remembered the New Year Festival in my village. The thing that was ringed the counting down to New Year was the bell in the Spirit Society.
With a swooshing sound, numerous fire magics were launched and pierced the darkness of the night. It wasn’t especially aimed at anything and it gradually disappeared in the night sky. It didn’t cause any explosions midair, but it was like red fireworks.
The sound of the tolling bells quieted down and was replaced by the sounds of music carried by the wind. Is this the sound of the orchestral music from the party hall? It seems that the music was broadcasted to the neighborhoods near the castle by using wind magic. I could hear the shouts of joy from the people below. Here and there, small dots of light began to dance in circles. It looks like the people were dancing with lantern in their hand.
The village also rang a bell, but it didn’t had the same impact like the ones in the Spirit Societies in the capital. After all, it was just a small village.
There was no orchestra. Just the sound of villager singing while hitting the pot, strumming the jury-rigged, string musical instrument, and dancing to the song. Of course, they didn’t use wind magic. There was no need for it, since if the sound could be heard in the whole plaza, then it would suffice.
The children, who would usually be scolded if they didn’t sleep early, could brazenly stay up until late in night, so this was a festival that they loved greatly.
The party just now was tiring, but the food was delicious, and I could also eat a cake.

Whoa! Even I fell asleep!(Gai)

With a noisy voice, the sound of loud footsteps approached me.
Remembering the New Year festival at my home village made me miss it a bit, but I am not sad. After all, my noisy childhood friend is together with me.

Mira, the new year began! Let’s have a feast and celebrate in the party hall!(Gai)
Master, Happy New Year!(The Spirits)

The Spirits who didn’t show themselves for the whole day today… No… yesterday, suddenly made appearance and appeared lively.
Really, they wouldn’t show themselves without making a fuss.
I made a wry smile, I asked Gai to call Carla-san and Emel-san over.

Shall we hold a pajama party here?(Mira)

Let me see, could the Spirits be obedient in the party hall? Normally, the Spirits really like fun things, so they also like to play pranks. Of course, they would only cause mayhem and chaos in the party hall.


Next 3 impending chapter release….If only I could do Third Pass Reading/Editing them into my busy weekend Schedule (I got uninterrupted 24 hour shift…)
Chapter 9 is really long… and it will take a long time to translate it, since plot plot plot and plot happened. Maybe I hope I can finish it before March disappeared….

[1] カーラ・ヒラルダ. Kaara Hiraruda = Carla Giralda (you know the Seville Cathedral’s bell tower name)
[2] エメル・シーダ. Emeru Shiida = Emel Sheeda (the name sounds Turkish to me)
[3] Original: 清浄なる水(ピュアウォーター) = Seijounaru Mizu (Pyua Wootaa)
[4] Darts are folds (tucks coming to a point) and sewn into fabric to take in ease and provide shape to a garment, especially for a woman's bust.
[5] It’s an idiom: anyone could look good if the clothes are good.
[6] Organdy is a fine, thin cotton fabric usually having a durable crisp finish, white, dyed, or printed: used for blouses, dresses, curtains, trimmings, etc
[7] The hell yeah guts pose


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