30 March 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Interlude 2-13

[Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

Ah yes, translating this chapter is quite hard. Alice speak in childish tone and hardly use uncommon or hard to write kanji.

Fun fact, Yuuji was mentioned unreliable, 4 times by Alice, and 1 time by himself. Well, it’s a fact though…

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that my translation is 100% correct. Please correct me if I was wrong.

Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 2 Part 13
Butchering Little Girl Alice-Chan

*Chronologically this interlude happened after Chapter 2 Part 12*

Alice is Alice! 6 years old! Alice lived at the village with Papa, Mama, Basil-oniichan and Charles-oniichan, but currently Alice live together with Yuuji-nii!

The house is amazing, *flash* and it’s bright and shiny, water and even hot water *swoosh* came out. Alice lives together with Yuuji­-nii and Kotarou in this amazing house.
Since Yuuji-nii is unreliable, Alice and Kotarou must support him together!

Ah, Yuuji-nii returned!

Yuuji-nii, what happened There is a lot of blood! Are you injured? Does it hurt?(Alice)

Yuuji-nii returned from the forest, and his shoulder is covered with red blood!

Im fine, Alice. This is the blood from the wild boar. When I carried it home the blood dripped out.(Yuuji)

Then……He caught a wild boar! Hooray! Yuuji-nii is amazing!

You captured a wild boar! Hooray! Ah! Because other than Yuuji-Nii, Alice and Kotarou there is nobody else, does that mean we not only get to eat the meat but also the heart and liver?(Alice)


Hooray! Hooray!
My stomach goes *growl* rumbling!
After all, the heart and liver that Doni-Ojisan, the hunter, secretly gave to Alice was really delicious!

Ah, but I need to search the net for a method to butcher the body. Since it’s in the garage, I better do it now.

Eh Yuuji-nii couldn’t do the butchering? Alice had been taught by Doni-Ojiisan, so Alice can do it! But on the part that needed strength, Alice can’t do it since Alice is still a child......
Although he’s unreliable, if Yuuji-nii could help, then hello fresh liver! Ehehehe, it’s a treat!


The wild boar is placed on top of a table inside the shack at the garden.
With Yuuji-nii’s help, let’s begin the butchering!

Umm, first so it won’t become dirty, plug a cloth into the butt. Like this.(Alice)

Alice receive the cloth from Yuuji-nii and then push-push it into the butt hole!
Is Yuuji watching?...... Will Yuuji-nii do this properly next time?

Next is to skin it!
Mmmsho, mmmsho, mmm, the rubber gloves that Yuuji-nii put on Alice are too big and makes it hard to do the skinning......

Yuuji-nii, since it’s hard to do it with the big rubber gloves, then Yuuji-nii will do the skinning!(Alice)

Oh, y-yes.... A-Alright, leave it to me, Alice!(Yuuji)

Yuuji-nii finished with skinning the boar...... but the skin had holes. He is really hopeless.


Next is removing the head!
Yuuji-nii’s knife is really sharp so it is very easy to finish this task!
When Alice cut through it, Yuuji-nii helped with lifting the head up.
In a moment, it has thoroughly been cut!

Yuuji-nii, then you take off the head to finish removing the head!(Alice)

Ah, y-yeah…(Yuuji)

Yuuji-nii hasn’t been looking too good for a while now. Maybe he is tired……?
But the head is separated nicely!

Yuuji-nii, then what about the tongue and cheek? Will you give the head to Kotarou?(Alice)

Y-yeah, since Kotarou also had been working hard, maybe I will give it to her……(Yuuji)

Yuuji-nii places the head on the ground, then Kotarou held the head in her mouth and quickly exited the shack!
Her tail is wagging, she must be very happy!
But since she eats it in a place where Yuuji-nii can’t see, she must have a shy personality.


Next is cutting it *swosh* from the throat to the butt! Alice will do it!(Alice)

Nsho, nsho.
Yuuji-nii’s knife is really sharp, it cut through the stomach without stopping, so great!

Ah! The wild boar is a male! It’s a problem!
Need to be careful with the rod that sticking on the stomach and two balls beside the butt!
If this is damaged, then it will be a problem……

Yuuji-nii, will this too will be given to Kotarou?(Alice)

When Alice asked him, Yuuji-nii quickly takes it and immediately throws it away!
He is looking really unwell…… Is he tired?...... Alice is worried.


Next is cutting it into chunks!
Since it needs strength, Yuuji-nii will be the one who do this!
Yuuji-nii cut the boar *split*split* using the hatchet while his face really white, is he alright?


And then the last thing is to remove the giblets!
While Yuuji-nii holds the front feet, Alice put her hands into the stomach and with an *ei* remove the giblets tidily!
Alice then put it in the bucket that Yuuji-nii brings.
After cleaning it, then Alice can eat the delicious liver and heart!
Ehehehe, Alice can’t wait for it……

Ah, Yuuji-nii seems to have finished removing the meat from the bone!

Fuh, it’s finished…… Alright Alice, today’s dinner is steak!(Yuuji)

Mou, wrong Yuuji-nii! The boar meat need to be cured or it will not be delicious! That’s why today’s dinner is the liver and the heart! Also, the intestine can be eaten, too!(Alice)

Is-Is that so?...... After saying this, Yuuji-nii seemed to muttering something.

He is a little unreliable, but Alice likes Yuuji-nii!

Alice will enjoy today’s dinner!


After finishing with the delicious dinner and entering the warm bath, Alice got into the bed together with Yuuji-nii.
Alice feels happy, but, also a bit lonely.

Papa, Mama, Basil onii-chan, Charles onii-chan…… When Alice cried for a bit, Yuuji-nii patted Alice’s head.

Alice…… Although I may be unreliable, but if you having a hard time, you can talk it with me.(Yuuji)

Yuuji-nii is unreliable, but he is kind so Alice likes him.

It will be good if Papa, Mama, Basil onii-chan, and Charles onii-chan can get along with Yuuji-nii and Kotarou……

But, Alice actually understands.

Since Papa and Mama always said:
“Be careful with the bandits.
If everyone can’t escape, then the one who can must live on happily even if they are alone.”

Papa and Mama said this while patting Basil onii-chan, Charles onii-chan and Alice’s heads.

Papa, Mama, Basil onii-chan, Charles onii-chan.

Alice, right now, is happy.

Yuuji-nii is here. Kotarou is here.

But, it’s still, a bit, lonely……


Next chapter! Another sidestory!
Editor’s Note: I agree, the intestine is super yum!
Remembering me of “Gopchang”
Now if it not that obvious for you, the title is a pardoy of Mahou Shoujo, in this case it's Kaitai Youjo


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  10. Kaitai Youjou Alice-chan should just be a spin-off series.

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