27 March 2016

Isekai de "Kuro no Iyashite" tte Yobareteimasu - Volume 1 - Prologue

New Light Novel… But it is really long. Chapter 1 is 50 pages … So I thought to divide it into several readable chapters. So here the prologue.
Just to tease you guys... As you can see the author cut out many things.

This LN Translation could only possible because of the donations from the kind readers. Thank guys!

DISCLAIMER: There is no way my translation is perfect.

Yukkuri Oniisan

I yelled with all of my strength.
After all, the arm! The arm is!!
First a black fog suddenly appeared, then from inside the fog, an arm came out, and currently it was grasping me and pulling me towards it. Why…?
Why is this happening?

Just now I was in front of the station near my home. It was after I had met with friends that I haven’t seen for quite some time. We held an Anime Song Karaoke Showdown and made a lot of ruckus while eating delicious food; afterwards we said farewell to each other and returned to our respective homes.
When I exited from the station and was walking back home, suddenly the ground shook violently. Is it an earthquake? While I was thinking about this, I found myself in some sort of pitch black space.
It was not pitch dark. It was pitch black. It was not dark caused by the lack of illumination, but it was as if I was enveloped by something black in color.
My head became heavy and dizzy like I had been stricken with motion sickness while I surveyed my surroundings. The black fog steadily closed towards me and made me confused as to whether or not this place was wide or narrow or outside or inside a room.
What is this? Am I drunk? Was the shaking just now an earthquake? No, it’s wrong. What is this? Where am I?
I remembered that something strange was happening, it was an unbelievable and a dangerous situation. I could barely get my head working. However just as I began to turn away, the next moment, I let out a scream.


An arm suddenly sprouted out from inside the fog and latched on my left upper arm.
The Arm, as if sayingCome Here, was forcefully pulling me towards it. TheArm’s origin couldn’t be seen as it disappeared into the fog. The arm that sprouted out from the blackness was quite a horror-like sight.
I screamed while frantically resisting it, but then one more Arm suddenly came out from inside the fog; this time it seized my upper right arm. The other arm also pulled me towards the same direction.
This was a game of tug of war where my life was at risk. I mustn’t be defeated! So that I wouldn’t lurch forward, I used both of my boots’ heels as a break. It looks like it succeeded!
There were two arms grasping on both of my upper arms, but it looked like somehow my elbow could be still moved.
While the tug of war, where my balance could be broken and I could fall forward just by a slight push, continued, somehow I could bend my right elbow to unfasten the Arm that seized my left arm.
Just a little more, just a little more until I reach the ArmI though, as this time two new Arms appeared and firmly seized my left wrist and began forcefully pulling me forward.
The precarious balance was ruined and my body shortly fell forward.
Then I quickly noticed that the Armsthat were seizing me suddenly stopped moving.
I was twisting my body to free myself, and as I successfully released myself from theArms, the next moment I fell into the Black Fog.



  1. Yay! I had wanted more of this ever since reading the WN chapters.

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