04 March 2016

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Volume 1 - Chapter 7

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Volume 1
Chapter 7

*Mira’s POV *
After my birthday had passed, the Knights group from the Capital finally arrived.
Unexpectedly, they also came with another Knights group that had been tasked with guarding the village. I was told that they were to prevent my family and the villagers from being used as hostages against me.
Ah, so I don’t need to use my cheat. Thank you for the consideration.
After welcoming their arrival, to shake off their tiredness, they rested for one day, and then we departed the next day. We arrived at the capital around noon of the fifth day.
Captain-san’s group returned to the Knight’s Station. I was told that they’ll give their report and then apply for a vacation. Since they had completed the long journey of visiting various villages and got injured while doing so, they wanted to rest peacefully.

Meanwhile Gai and I were taken by Swyn-san to the Spirit Society Northern Branch. It was to formally register my customized form of Globus Ignis(Fire Ball).
In the capital there were five Spirit Society Branches, they were the Spirit Society Central Branch, East Branch, North Branch, West Branch and South Branch respectively.
The Ilga Village Branch only had one counter in the village hall and it performed many functions simultaneously. Compared with that small building ―― well it was a mistake to even compare them ―― the Capital’s Northern Branch was such a huge building. The building’s front façade structure was really magnificent. Gai and I, both of us were looking up together with our mouth agape.

It’s huge.(Gai)
It’s big.(Mira)

Although I was used to seeing high-rise building in my previous life, this had a different impression. After all, it was shaped like a castle.

Now, now, let us go inside. After you demonstrate your magic, you’ll be issued a Society Member Card as a substitute for the identification papers. If we tarry here, then we will be late for lunch.(Swyn)

Gai came to his sense when he heard Swyn’s words, pulled my hand and rushed into the building. If you enter the building in a rush, then it would cause an inconvenience for other people you know.
Even though we entered the building in a rush, we didn’t know where to go, so we only looked around restlessly at the vast room with counters that had people waiting in queue like a couple of country bumpkins. While making a wry smile, Swyn-san headed to a counter that had “registration” written on its plate. We followed him from behind.

I want to ask for new magic registration card issue, please.(Swyn)
Card issuing, is it?(Counter Lady)

Swyn-san presented an amber colored card with white and violet lines in its lower right while requesting the counter lady. Then, the counter lady made a queer expression.

Yes, it’s for the girl.(Swyn)

Swyn-san said this while indicating to me. The counter lady examined me before speaking.

Is it for that girl?(Counter Lady)
Yes. I believe I had previously made a call through the Wind Spirit King’s Terminal.(Swyn)
Pl-please wait a moment.(Counter Lady)

The lady hurriedly entered the back room.
Wind Spirit King’s Terminal was a crystal ball that made communication possible between two connected terminals. I don’t know the detailed structure, but I think it’s similar to a telephone.
It’s only available in Society Branches and it’s impossible to carry while on a journey. So it’s like a landline telephone that’s installed in every house in the past. Although I can say that this kind of terminal couldn’t be developed any further and turn it into mobile phone.
The call that was previously made with that Terminal was to give the report about the you-know-what magic. Although it was possible to register a the village’s Branch, but it had the situation where the villagers knew each other, and my age is well, still very young. Because the magic development registration was a self-reporting system, it might be doubted as a fraud. That’s why we first contacted the Society in the capital and came there to do the formal registration.
Although we could’ve done this at the Eastern Branch when we entered the capital from the East Gate, but since I need to show the destructiveness of the magic in a demonstration, we headed to the Northern Branch. The Spirit Society Northern Branch was on the direction of Yggurd Mountain so they had a practice field where it’s possible to conduct a trial demonstration.
Even though she said it was a moment, we waited for quite a lot of time before the lady returned with a middle age man that looked like her superior.

I’m sorry for causing you to wait. I am the manager of this Spirit Society Northern Branch, my name is Manus Hohen.(Manus)
Court Magician Swyn Coolyard.(Swyn)

Both of them showed their amber colored cards to each other and then they shook each other hand. It seemed that card had similar use like a business card. The manager-san’s card didn’t have white line, so maybe the lines had meaning behind them.

So you want to register a new attack magic. The demonstration is held outside.(Manus)

Since Manager-san stole a glance towards my direction, Swyn-san gave an affirmation.

Yes. Please prepare a practice target as hard as possible, I believe I have requested this before.(Swyn)
Our Earth Magician had prepared a rock wall. It is 1 meter wide and 2 meters thick. Is this suffice?(Manus)
Yes. If it has that size then it will be fine.(Swyn)
The let me guide you.(Manus)

We headed outside towards a vast sports ground like place next to the castle-like big building. There were already some people practicing, such as striking the target with Sagitta Flamma(Fire Arrow) or exchanging blows using magic-clad sword. However, maybe because children like Gai and I rarely came to this place, they stopped what they were doing and turned their gazes upon us.
Aaah, I don’t want to be the center of attention. But I need to endure it. Endure it. If I registered my magic at the Society, then I would get a part of the fee that people would pay to learn the magic.
We stopped and then, from the corner that seemed to be the practice range’s managerial office, two people came out and made a rock wall at some distance from us. After that they returned to the managerial office. Maybe they did that so they wouldn’t get hit by the magic in case I missed the target.

Then, Mira-san. Please shoot towards that wall.(Swyn)
Yes. Then, here I go!(Mira)

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to shut out my surroundings. Ignore them, ignore them. They only pumpkins.

Sala, take my Mana and grant me my wish. Globus Ignis creation. Suspension. Convergence. Pierce like a flash of light!(Mira)

Different from how I performed previously, this time I performed the step in one go. The fire disappeared as if being sucked by the rock wall. Just like last time, there was no sound.

It is finished. Please do a check. It’s possible that it didn’t pierce the rock.(Swyn)

Hearing Swyn-san’s words, the surprised Manager regained his composure and then ran towards the wall. The people who made the wall were also came out. The three examined the target, and then Hohen-san came back with a stiff expression.

Is this magic really from this five year old girl?(Manus)
I swear to the four Spirit Kings that this is true.(Swyn)

Swyn-san nodded with serious expression and the manager-san shook his head slowly.

Although it was something unbelievable, but since I had witnessed it myself, there is no other way than to believe it. Since the formal procedure for card issuing has finished, let’s return to the Society building.(Manus)

When we returned, the practice ground was wrapped in a commotion different from the ruckus when we arrived. En route on leaving, I was wholeheartedly repeating the lines in my mind.

They are just pumpkins. They are just potatoes.[1]

Seriously, that girl did it?(Onlooker)

Such words reached my ears. Maybe they were only surprised and didn’t mean any harm. Yes it must be it.


Issuing the card was simple. I wrote the explanation for the magic on a parchment in the counter, but I left the magic name as undecided before submitting it. Then, as instructed, I touched an ash brown crystal ball, then an amber card came out between the crystal ball and my hand

Oh! It’s the card!(Gai)

The issuing method was so “fantasy”-like.
While Gai and I were surprised, my fingertip was pricked by wind magic. Since it was so sudden, I was dumbfounded. The blood leaked from the finger and dropped onto the card. And so, the personal card registration had finished.
Since it happened so fast and was painless, there was nothing I could say.
By the way, that crystal was an Earth Spirit King’s Terminal. Since there aren’t any Spirits inside it like during the academy entrance examination, then it might be just like the Wind Spirit King’s Terminal. It’s possible to have direct communication.
Because the card issuing was finished, Swyn-san explained how to use the card.

While praying for the data display in your heart, tap the surface of the card.(Swyn)

Doing as he had indicated, I tapped the card, and then words appeared on the surface.

Name                         Mira
Age                             6 Years Old
Place of Origin         Ilga Village, Fimeria Kingdom
Occupation               Expected to Enrolled at Fimeria Kingdom Magic Academy
Criminal History       None
Attribute                     FireWaterEarthWind
Blessing                    Spirit SightPromise
Physical Power        20 / 30 (Current / Maximum Value)
Magic Power             29995/30000 (Current / Maximum Value)
Qualification             Magic Registrant of Spirit Society
Registered Magic     Globus Ignis Custom special designed type (temporary name)
Learned Magic         Special designed Earth Magic type / Globus Ignis

Well, various things came out as I scrolled. To be honest, it’s like a status card.
Although it seems that I have obligation to show my name and the likes when warranted, but the card possessor could choose to not show the information like attributes and the others on their own volition. However for me, there were three entries that, if possible, I don’t want to be seen by other people. Depending on the place, I might also be requested to show everything, though……

Swyn-san, there’s something I want to consult about. What’s the maximum amount of magic power that a child of my age should have?(Mira)
Let’s see. A child of Mira’s age, is about 50 I guess.(Swyn)
Then, what about an adult?(Mira)
Generally about 200, but…… May I see the card?(Swyn)

Maybe because he thought that my situation was indeed strange, Swyn-san look at the card from the front, so I presented the card to make it easier for him to see.

So, it’s 30,000.(Swyn)
Yes. It’s 30,000.(Mira)
Physical power is 30. But the average is 50……(Swyn)

Yes, yes, it’s shabby. As if it’s inversely related to my magic power, my physical power is shabby. Swyn-san looked at me with pitying eyes, or was it just my own persecution complex?

Then Swyn-san, what is the meaning of “Promise” that’s after Spirit Sight in the Blessing section?(Mira)

I forcibly change the topic to the next question.
I had heard that Spirit Sight is an ability to see mana and Spirit Sight, but what does “Promise” mean? Do I have promise with someone? Will it have the power to compel me to do something? Somehow I felt an unpleasant premonition.

No, I never heard about it. However, if it is some kind of curse then we will know from the display, so I think it isn’t something bad.(Swyn)

So, even curse exists. I was taken back. But if we could learn the curse from the card then we might be able to perform countermeasures for it.

Criminal History is the record of criminal activities such as stealing. Of course if someone learned a Society registered magic without undergoing the official procedures to do it, that will also be showed in that column.(Swyn)
It’s amazing. But how would they be able to know the crime?(Mira)
It’s thanks to Earth Spirit King. Because he’s the one who records everything that exist in this world and he provides the information to the card. That’s why those who defy the law have nowhere to escape to. This time, Mira-san’s group was together with us so you guys could pass through the checkpoint without any problems, but if there were no guarantor, to pass the checkpoint, you would need to show the card. So the criminals will certainly be caught.(Swyn)

How convenient. It wouldn’t be affected by false charges. But then…… this means that there’s no privacy?

This card is a necessary identification document for the Academy, so you must always carry this closely. Gai-kun’s card will be issued when you enrolled into the Academy.(Swyn)

We answered together like a pair of good children.


Since the registration for the Spirit Society was completed, we went to eat a rather late lunch. We entered a popular restaurant in the business district and ordered the pasta that Swyn-san recommended. After waiting for a while, the ordered pasta, in Bolognese-style sauce with plenty of ground meat in tomato base arrived. Just when I had said “itadakimasu” and thrusting the fork into pasta in glee, the doorbell rung and new customers entered.
It was two Knights-sama in white uniform.
However, maybe since they had an appointment, they asked the waitress-san’s for information and looked around the inside.

Sorry, but we are looking for a magician that lead a pair of little boy and girl ……(Knights)

Were they looking for a kidnapper? Huh? But those characteristics…… Ah, our eyes met.

Found them!(Knights)

I knew it! It was us!
The Knights weaved their way through the tables and came to the table where we sat down. They presented a white card with scarlet and violet line in their right hand to Swyn-san.

We are from the Royal Guard. Are you Magician Coolyard?(Knights)
Yes, that’s me.(Swyn)

Swyn-san also presenting his card.

Thank you for your cooperation. We received an order to inform that you had been summoned[3] by His Majesty, please come together with the children.(Knights)

Eh? Summoned by the king? Had Swyn-san done something!? Or rather, even us too?

Eh? Then the lunch?(Gai)

Different from the panicked me, Gai was still twisting his fork in the pasta, and while munching it, he spoke with annoyed expression.

…… it will be fine after lunch.(Knights)
My thanks.(Gai)
No need.(Knights)

They couldn’t win against a hungry child. Gai, you are an amazing boy, in a sense.


After finishing the lunch in a hurry, we boarded the carriage that was parked in front of the store, and headed to the royal palace. And currently we are in the audience doom…… sorry, I mean, audience room.[4]
I was told that this room is a smaller room to hold a private audience, but really? The entirety of my family’s house can fit into it, you know? If this is small then how big is the room for official audience? Is it the size of the Tokyo Dome?[5] But I never went there so I don’t really know.
Or rather, why we always compare things using Tokyo Dome as a scale? Can’t we use the Koushien Stadium[6] instead? It’s the holy land for high-school baseball players, right? But, well, I also never went there.

Something like this crossed my mind as I tried to run away from reality, but in front of me was His Majesty the King as we entered the room. He inherited the Founder Queen’s blood, so perhaps the Royal Family also inherited her personality.
His Majesty had silver swept back hair that was neatly combed. He was quite a dandy elderly.[7] He relaxed in the sofa with a rather petite Her Majesty the Queen and exchanging laugh and smile with each other. I couldn’t imagine that they were already in their fifties.
In the sofa on the right side of them, was the Crown Prince and his Consort. Although the Crown Prince had passed his prime, he was more or less still able to be called as a silver haired handsome gentleman. The Consort, the Crown Princess is a beautiful blond-haired beauty. I couldn’t have believed she was a mother of two with that body proportion…… *cough*cough* What am I? An old man?
Then on the left sofa, were the Crown Prince’s two children. The Prince who was 14-15 years old and the Princess who I believe was on the same age with Gai and me.
The Prince was the template Prince with blond hair and blue eyes. He was the template Prince who had sweet-looking smile and his shining glossy blond hair. This is important so I repeat this twice. However ―― even with these appearances, this person also descended from the Founder Queen.
The Princess had a silver hair and blue eyes. I think it could be called as platina blond. She had a small face like a doll and small red lips. She had big eyes that glittered which shows her determined spirit. Bordering her eyes were thick and tufty eyelashes.
Was the Royal Family an art exhibition object? Although I had thought this when Guno grew up, but, is in this world the beauties from 2D world materialized into 3D forms?


I’m sorry to make you come to this place even when you just arrived in the capital. However, since your supporter has been decided, it was decided that you need to greet them as soon as possible.(Crown Prince)

While smiling widely, the Crown Prince made a shocking statement. My eyes opened wide. Who can imagine that Gai’s and my supporter was the Royal Family?

You are a person who not only possess four attributes and immense magic power but also Spirit Sight. If you are entrusted to one of the noble, then it will be unfair to the other noble. Since it will be reassuring if you have someone from the same village by your side, then Gai-kun also will be together with you. However if I have to be honest to you, this is just the surface story.(Crown Prince)

Yeah, I can understand it. At any rate, this Royal Family’s policy is to make the adversary give up before the battle.

Even if they didn’t have any will to rebellion right now, the noble who hold you as their piece will have their power amplified, then if they gain an ambition… So we need to prevent the other country take advantage of the domestic discord to do some “intervention”. There are still many other reason, though.(Crown Prince)

What is this… This is scary… This story made my stomach ached…

Of course, it is also to protect you. There is no place with more stringent security than a castle after all.(Crown Prince)

I’m worried if he spoke vaguely just because we are still children, so I’m glad that he explained honestly in detail. But, I have a hunch that…… My stomach would ache. This is not good. I shouldn’t think too much about this. After all, nothing had happened yet.
Since I had reborn, I don’t want to be inflicted with dyspepsia again. In the first place, I haven’t confirmed if in this world there is a medicine that can be consumed by children and I also worried about the state of medical science. Can they treat a stomach ulcer?
Although I more or less predicted this, I am under the patronage of the person with the highest authority……
The Royal Family is always surrounded by people. To be near them means always being watched by others, so it’ll be nerve wrecking. After all, currently, I’m just a commoner. Ah, no, I’m currently just a peasant, I think. Gai is a child who can’t read the atmosphere, although not to the point where it will cause a lese majeste.[8]


How do you do? My name is Ainseld Yule Fimeria[9]. This is my imouto, Filseria Mile Fimeria[10].(Ainseld)

After we ended with the meeting, the Prince and the Princess walked together towards the sofa where we were sitting and formally greeted us. Gai and I also hurriedly stood up to return the greetings. However, they had such a long name, I almost bite my tongue.

Think this as a honor desuno. You people, will become my classmates, desunoyo.[11](Filseria)

*poof* The Princess proudly stated. She might be intended to puff her chest, but too bad for her, it was her stomach that stood out.

My imouto is just similar to you, this year she’ll also be a new student.(Ainseld)

The Prince spoke from the side with a wry smile.

She might act pompously but she’s excited to meet with new friends. Please be nice to her.(Ainseld)

Is she a tsundere?[12] It’s seems that she’s also a bro-con, though.
The Prince showed a “it couldn’t be helped since she’s cute” face at the imouto who’s pounding him with her small fists. A smile spread across my heart while watching them, but I displayed a surprised expression on my face.
I think that I’m quite good. Even if my appearance is that of a child, I’m an adult on the inside, so I need to be careful with my reactions. If I’m together with the Royal Family, then I need to enter my attentive mode. I shifted my sight to Gai who looked surprised beside me.
Not good, not good. I am a child. I am six year old.
I am small child, I can’t be negligent and show otherwise.
Since being with Gai influenced my mind and body, it wasn’t hard to act like a child. If my surroundings were only filled with children then I think it will be easier. Furthermore, this is my second childhood. Moreover, this is a world with magic. If I don’t enjoy them, then it will be my loss.
The Prince patted the sulky Princess’ head, but then, he suddenly kneeled before me and took my hand.

By the way, I will be third year senior at the school. On the next year after, I will be of age, then at that time are you will to be married to me?(Ainseld)[13]

……………… What?

 Beside me I can heard a large thud sound. Maybe, Gai slipped down, perhaps he crashed with something. But currently I don’t have any time to be thinking about that leisurely. Or perhaps I should say that I think my ears just heard something weird.
I look around my surrounding; the Queen and the Crown Princess were surprised and put their hand on their mouth. The Crown Prince looked like he had some understanding on what happened. He exchanged looks with the King and they nod at each other. The Princess’ eyes became wide opened as she put both of her hands in her chest and grasped them tightly. She couldn’t conceal her excitement.[14]
Eh? He really was talking to me just now? It didn’t mishear anything did I?
I stared at the Prince in front of me. The Prince also stared back at me. He held onto my hand. Except for me, every other women in this place were the Prince’s blood relatives.
……Un. He proposed to me.
My mind froze. Please wait a moment while I reboot it.


No, it’s not the time to talk in broken language. This is a troublesome thing, right? If I’m coaxed by his word, then in the future I will certainly have a stomach ulcer, right?

Sto-, Status. Yes, status is too different, it’s amazing but sorry.(Mira)

Au, my words are all over the places. *sob*sob*. After all, this is really something to be sorry for.
Marriage? With Royalty? No, nein, nope, nay.
Isn’t this just like telling a freshwater fish to survive in the great open sea? Not only the water is different, even if it was lucky enough to survive, it will still end up being chomped by the sharks. Of course the sharks will be the nobles who thirst for the next Crown Princess position, don’t you agree?

If you are adopted by a noble, then there will be no problem.(Ainseld)

Isn’t the Royal Family supposed to be my supporter so that my power wouldn’t be obtained by a noble to project his influence in the first place?
Sure Fimeria Kingdom practiced monogamy, and so the Royal Family. If I married the First Prince then I wouldn’t end as just yje Crown Princess, but straight one course to becoming the Queen.
Why monogamy? It was an effective move to avoid creating a quandary surrounding the throne. But the fact that the next successor needed to watch out for assassination didn’t change. That’s why I think that the person who naturally had resolution to assume the position that was just limited to one person was great.
That’s why, not me. To rush the romance is the folly of youth, you know Prince? Or perhaps, even though your’re still young, you need to have more self-restraint, Prince. If the Prince is a lolicon, the citizen will cry you know?
The Prince that looks like he leapt out from the two dimensions(manga) appealed to my fangirl heart, however I couldn’t accept the proposal. Marriage is not just about a handsome face after all.
The moment my thoughts returned to me I tried to speak out. Could he changed his mind? Would this be considered as disrespectful conduct? Then I need to run. But I’ve took trouble of coming to here to learn about magic. The grant money that I will get turned into a golden collar……Hm? *Blam* When the hypothesis came to my mind, the panic died down.

Aiming for my magic power?(Mira)

The Prince break out a smile like blossoming flowers.
I’m trembled. I’m trembled in fear. It’s goose bumps. I want to release my hand but I can’t pull out.

M-My family endorses a marriage based on free love!(Mira)

My Papa and Mama were childhood friend. Nonetheless if someone asked me if I also want to marry my childhood friend just like my parents, I’ll answer no.[16]
Before I regaining my previous life’s memories, I only thought of everyone as a friend. Currently, I think of every boy as a little brother. It doesn’t mean that my memory as Mira disappeared, but it didn’t cause any discomforting or troubling feeling until no. Even if I want to enjoy a meaningful love life in this time, I originally I didn’t have any interest in shotas[17] so I couldn’t enjoy going to that direction.
Who can imagine this happening? The adverse effect of me regaining my previous life’s memories result in something like this. With someone of my age, it would feel like I’m doing something illegal. But the other option, is for my partner need to be a lolicon!!
Maybe because it was natural for the Prince to do political marriage, he didn’t bother with the 8 year gap.
But if I include my age in previous life then it would be reversed…… I would be at least twelve years older than the Prince. Ahahahaha……Hah……
Could I experience love in this world?

Since I can’t marry you before you grow up, then we’ll be engaged first, so let’s slowly nurture our love.(Ainseld)

Even if the Prince tries to persuade me with those words, since I know that he’s aiming for my magic power, how could I successfully nurture, my love for him? I also could be satisfied with political marriage, but…… it’s no use.
I didn’t have any memories of getting married in my previous life. I also don’t have any memories about having a lover. Although, for the time, I’m certain that I was a woman in my previous life, but if I know what the gender of my lover then my gender would surely be known. Ah… The realization came plain and sharp.
But everything will be alright, because currently I’m 6 years old after all. In the future, I will surely encounter someone. A fateful encounter that surpassed the wall of Shota and Loli…… If it’s something like that, it will be great.
But enough of that. In other words, because I currently embracing the hope and dream of love in my own way, I wish to leave political marriage as the last option. But if I treat the Prince as a Keep-kun[18], then it would be a lese majeste right? Therefore I want him to give up on me ―― For the sake of my stomach’s future
I realized that it would be useless to refuse just with my own power, so I looked up towards Swyn-san who stood beside me.

(H-E-L-P-M-E, Swyn-san)

Although I think it was unreasonable to ask a mere magician to deal with a royalty, but I can’t deal with this. Receiving my imploring eyes, Swyn-san made a wry smile, and then he turned towards His Majesty the King.
His Majesty was cheerfully watching the Prince’s proposal.
Please stop it.
Even the Prime Minister-san, who was standing in the background, as expected had an expression as if to ask “what is going on?”
Un. I understand his feeling. For the country, wanting a bride that can gave forth an heir with enormous magical power is a good thing. However, if that girl came from a peasant background then I don’t think that the nobles would consent to this.

Your Majesty, with all due respect, I have something to say.(Swyn)
Yes. Please go ahead.(King)
If the girl refuse this proposal, will her support discontinued?(Swyn)
It won’t happen(King)

The King flatly answered.

Ain, if you truly desire the girl, then don’t do it as a royalty, but show your sincerity as a boy.[19](King)
Of course, Grandfather.[20](Ainseld)

To daringly called His Majesty as just Grandfather. It seems that he purposely show his seriousness as a man towards another man. But, I implore you, please give up on me.
Once again, I looked up to Swyn-san but he showed an apologetic expression.
Is there no one else that could help me? Looking to my side, Gai was looking displeasured while looking at the Prince who clasped onto my hand.
No, you are fine. Since your position is just weak like me. Ah but, to win me over, the Prince won’t use his authority, right? Then if he was hindered by a childhood friend, then it will be safe?[21]
While I was finding no way out to handle this situation, suddenly a knocking sound could be heard from the door.

The Chief Court Magician seeks an audience.(Soldier)

The soldier outside the room announced the presence of a visitor.
Chief Court Magician . The head of the magicians who served Fimeria Kingdom. He’s also Swyn-san’s teacher. While my hand is still being clasped by the Prince, I looked at the slowly opening door.
What kind of person he was? He had a lot of disciples, but since he had already turned too old, Swyn-san was his last disciple. He might be a bearded old man, moreover the beard will be fluffy.
While I was waiting in excitement, an old man who wore a psychedelic colorful robe[22] entered the room.
He indeed has a fluffy beard. It connected to the curly white fluffy moustache. It was a small grandpa who for some reason gave an impression of Santa Claus even though he was not fat. But, psychedelic.

Hohoho, I see that the Earth Spirit had gotten big.(Psychedelic Grandpa)

The grandpa was circling around Guno. He also turned his attention towards the other Spirits, Fumufumu he nodded by himself. When I twisted my body to look at the grandpa, the Prince let go of my hand. Lucky.

Gringham-sama, your robe had became stained with chemical again …(Swyn)

Swyn-san gave his honest opinion, but it seemed the grandpa didn’t hear it. He put a grin smile towards me.

Ojou-chan, it seemed that you had named the Spirits(Gringham)
As expected, it got found out, huh?(Mira)

Amongst the surprised sounds from my surrounding, I confessed about the situation.


So, it easier to call them to play together if they have a name, that’s why you gave them names, is this correct?(Swyn)

With serious attitude, I belatedly report to Swyn-san.

Why don’t you report this immediately to me?(Swyn)
………… I-I was afraid that I might get scolded.(Mira)
A childish reason.
Indeed, it’s childish.
…… it is so. I’m sorry.(Mira)

The inside is not a child though, even so no matter how old someone is, getting scolded is unpleasant. I want unpleasant things to finished immediately.
Luckily, the only one who could see the Spirits until now was only me. I had heard that Swyn-san’s Master in the capital could see magic power and possesses Spirit Sight, so if we met then he would surely found out. That’s why I believed that I would absolutely get scolded at the capital.

This is not something to be mad about, rather it’s a good news. However, I wish you’d report it to me first.(Swyn)
Since the Spirit that get a name from Gai didn’t have any changes, I don’t really understand.(Mira)

It was a lie. I heard from them some days later, clearly and distinctly, that I was their first contractor.
Since I accidentally made a contract with them, I accepted it. After all, I like these children.

A Spirit’s Contract is conducted by a person that they acknowledge, either by attaching name that they desire or by being permitted by them to call them with their name. The people who hold Spirit Sight will automatically be cleared of first requirements.(Swyn)

So, that’s why they were so fond of me, and immediately wished for a name from me. I’m happy that I’m liked, but if I had learn about the contract, then I would’ve made sure that Swyn-san wouldn’t get mad at me from giving them a name. I also didn’t need to think about it.

Gai also gave a name, but is he didn’t get recognized by the Spirit so that he couldn’t make a contract?(Mira)
If his Perception power increases, then he could sense the whereabouts of the Spirits. Until this happens, I think that it might be a temporary contract.(Gringham)

Atop Gai’s shoulder, Frey nodded. I see, so he was waiting for it, right?
Then, at least I need to prepare for the worst. If I delay this even more, it would be difficult to ask it again.

Ano, before I made the contract, even when I couldn’t read words at that time, how could I understand the words that the Spirits transmitted to me?(Mira)
Ah, you mean that time?(Swyn)
Wasn’t that Thought Transmission.(Gringham)
Thought Transmission?(Mira)
To be able receiving them before making a contract, it seems that you have an excellent compatibility with them. Though Transmission is a means of communication, with the Spirits, in which they transmitted their thoughts instead of words. Generally, the receiver is limited to the Spirit’s contractor. Why can you read the words and understand their meaning before you know how to read the words was because what you receive is their thoughts.(Gringham)

Before I know how to read the words? At first it was only a short sentence, is it because there was no time? But after I made contract with them, their sentences immediately become longer and comprehensible. Fumu, I understand.

What a splendid latent talent. I had heard Ojou-chan’s name from the report about a new magic proposal. Ojou-chan, no, it’s Mira, right? Do you want to become my assistant? If we develop a new magic and registered it, it will be exhilarating, don’t you agree?(Gringham)
Exhilarating… is it…? I mean, the report of a new magic proposal with my name must be that, the one where I fire condensed Globus Ignis(Fireball), right? I registered it in Spirit Society while the name was still undecided. Really, Swyn-san you already reported it to your Master. When did you report it in the first place?

You can’t, desuno!(Filseria)

When I was invited by the Master Magician-sama, there was a voice stopping me. The voice’s owner was the Princess. She tightly held my hand and brought her face closer to me.

You will be my friend. You don’t have a time to become a Master Magician’s assistant desuno!(Filseria)

You’re too close, Princess. Were the siblings nearsighted or what?
If you marry with onii-sama, then you will become my onee-sama right? It’s fine if it’s to study, but working will be an obstacle for us to get friendly desuno.(Filseria)
I won’t marrying anyone, you know?(Mira)
Why desuno? There is no gentleman as wonderful as onii-sama, don’t you know? Every onee-sama, who came from here and there to greet grandfather-sama, said that onii-sama is a wonderful person, don’t you know?(Filseria)

Yep, she was indeed a brocon. But she didn’t chase away women who approached her onii-sama. It must be that, right? She might also wished for an onee-chan. But I’m the same age as her, though.

Because it will be improper for me.(Mira)

I, who came from a humble background, didn’t receive any training so I could carry out the Noblesse Oblige ―― an obligation attached to the high social position or status, it would be impossible for me. There is still time for me to learn it right now? What are you talking about? The person inside is a middle aged woman you know? Frankly speaking, it’s troublesome. It’s even more troublesome than the adverse effects of the cheat. Ah, but isn’t this also an adverse effect?

But onii-sama wants to marry with you, don’t you know?(Filseria)
I think the siblings love is amazing. But for fellow girl friendship, I think putting a friend’s love as a priority is also amazing.(Mira)
Well, do you have any person do you like?(Filseria)

“No one”. But if I said this right now, then there would be someone trying to approach me. If I’m unlucky then the Prince also would try to get close to me.

…… There is none right now.(Mira)
Then I will teach you how amazing onii-sama is. If you came to like onii-sama, then you will agree to marrying him right?

The Princess was smiling sweetly. I just smiled and dodged the question.
If I become to like the Prince, right? But the Prince in my impression was a black-hearted person. Also even if I was only nominated as a fiancée candidate, it was also something detestable. What to do if I immediately became a target for assassination?
Hah…… As expected, a cheat is troublesome.


Two six years olds girls talking about marriage and person that you like…… Well… This is….
Also, Gai got childhood friend-zoned…

[1] Mira really a farmer’s daughter after all…
[2] For those who pay attention, Mira’s HP is depleted since she was a ‘sick’ girl (stomachache) and had weak physical constitution, and her magic only had 5 MP cost.
[3] Summoned in the meaning of called to the court. Not summoning magic.
[4] There is a word play. The first time Mira said 謁見の魔 and not the 謁見の間. (magic/demon/evil) and (room) had a same reading: Ma
[5] A Tokyo Dome usually used to represent an area with 1 ha (10,000 meter square) size. The actual Tokyo Dome is a little bigger. For those who don’t know, Tokyo Dome is a baseball stadium that oftentimes used to host music concerts, basketball, American football and association football games, as well as puroresu (pro-wrestling) matches, mixed martial arts events, kickboxing events, and monster truck races… They even host circus…
[6] Hanshin Koushien Stadium is in Nishinomiya near Kobe. It is used to held finals of Japan’s National High School Baseball tournament held twice a year. Just go read some baseball manga…
[7] I imagined the King as Sean Connery in his seminal role as Indiana’s father
[8] Lese majeste is the crime of violating majesty, an offence against the dignity of a reigning sovereign or against a state. It can also means treason.
[9] アインセルダ・ユル・フィーメリア Ainseruda Yuru Fimeria.
[10] フィルセリア・ミル・フィーメリア Firuseria Miru Fimeria
[11] Filseria speak with “desuno” tick. Also she use “watakushi”, a very formal version of watashi. Typically used by ojou and hime-sama.
[12] Don’t know tsundere..... Look at this picture: 

[13] ED: WTF? Is the move even legal? What? Ref! We need a yellow card.
[14] ED2 Clarification :[1st Generation] King, queen, [2nd Generation]crown prince, crown princess (consort), [3rd Generation]prince, and princess
[15] The original refer him as BLACK! ED: Brings out my torch. “DEATH TO THE PRINCE!!! How dare you!”
[16] ED: Anyone else seeing a common theme here? Gambate Gai-kun.
[17] Mira is referring to Shotacon: Just like Lolicon, but with young boy… Like Arisa in Death March…
[18] Hoh... boy.... The whole explanation will be very long. So basically, a keep-kun is a guy that a girl keep around her to accompany her until she meet with her ideal mariage partner.
[19] ED: Omega good job. ED2: Good job my ass
[20] Ainseld, didn’t attach –sama, when he called the King, unlike Filseria. This is noted by Mira as they had close relationship so Ainseld didn’t feel to attach –sama… Honorifics is important in Japanese……
[21] ED2: Then you have to marry Gai~
[22] Psychedelic: denoting or having an intense, vivid color or a swirling abstract pattern. It’s hard to explain, just go google it.


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