30 June 2017

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 7 - Part 1

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Bandou Tarou (坂東太郎)
Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 7. Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Farmer” to “Pioneer Group Leader”.
Part 1. Yuuji, Alice, Kotarou and the Beast-Kin Family Repulsing the Monster Together

Finally…… Finally, I could grow something other than potatoes!(Yuuji)

Yuuji howled before the newly cultivated fields.
It had been 2 years since he first opening the land. Finally, he could plant a spring wheat.

Umm, Yuuji-sama…… If the potatoes are planted in the same field numerous time then its harvest will decrease, so it is obvious that we will be growing something other than potatoes…….(Marcel)

Yes, Yuuji wasn’t alone this time. Yuuji’s slave, the dog-kin Marcel was originally a farmer. The fields, the soil treatment and how to grow crops was his advice.
“Let’s plow this field.” “Alright.” “A till ridge is like this.” “I understand.” “This is fertilizer, let’s scatter it over the field.” “Is it like this?” “Let’s cut this tree.” “Leave it to me.”
It was as if Yuuji was a manual labor machine already. Since he had Rank Up, his physical power also increased. Umm. Who was the slave again? Of course, Marcel was working earnestly, since he properly honored his master.

Yuuji-nii, this field will be sowed with seeds, right?(Alice)

Perhaps because she was delighted to be able to help, Alice was helping to sow the fields while humming. Mark was following behind her, carrying a bag with rice seeds. His tail was wagging and his eyes were shining. It was truly a natural servant position. The strong women around Yuuji were indeed possessed a mysterious power.

 “Woof woof”, Kotarou returned from hunting and patrolling with the cat-kin Nina under her leadership. It seems that the hunt was fruitless. However, even though she had entered the fence, Kotarou didn’t stop barking and took a vigilant stance. It was the behavior she had when she brought enemies.

The enemies are coming. Goblins and perhaps 2 Orcs.(Nina)

Nina arrived a bit late behind Kotarou and then she relayed the information to Yuuji and others. Nina accompanying Kotarou not only increased the hunting efficiency, but she also got better in expressing her words, so it was a huge positive gain. Kotarou was really excellent, though she couldn’t speak. Perhaps.

After they heard Nina’s report, Yuuji and Marcel immediately prepare their weapon. Then they left the field as it is and walked to the wooden fence further south that they had constructed in the winter.
They already completed the fence on the western side where the beast-kin family’s tent resided and the southern side where the fields were located. Then again, it was just a simple constructed fence from wooden stakes driven into the ground fastened with a rope railing, and diagonal logs for support right behind it.

Yuuji and Marcel stood right behind the fence. In Yuuji’s left hand was a shield while his right hand propped a short spear. Beside him, Marcel was using shield and axe. Behind them, Nina held a bow and Kotarou, who was standing with an air of composure. Since the winter, this was their standard battle formation.
However, for today, they took Alice for some reason. Mark also held shield and sword, covering in front of Alice. Although his tail was tucked between his legs and he was trembling slightly, his eyes were filled with the determination: “I will protect Alice-chan”.

Yuuji-nii, it’s been a while so Alice want to do a boom with magic!(Alice)

Alice raised her hand and exclaimed her request.
Since she was told that it was cold during the winter, so don’t come outside too much, and that it would be dangerous during a battle, Alice only waited inside the house site throughout the winter. So that they would be able to gain the aptitude to do battle in the fence away from the house, Yuuji and Kotarou deliberately didn’t bring Alice along. Thanks to this, it seems that quite a stress had pent up inside Alice.

Oh, okay. Then, after Marcel and Nina finished their attack, it will be Alice’s turn!(Yuuji)

While making a sloven and lackadaisical smile, Yuuji approved Alice’s proposal. Since during the winter they had reached the level where they could win against the monster without anyone injured, he acknowledged Alice’s proposal. He was truly a guy who is indulgent on his step-sister.

The snowless forest and then the word “boom” that Alice never used before, it was a situation where one couldn’t help but worry. But, it seems that Yuuji did not notice it yet.

The animal trail at the southern side of the house was noisy with the sounds of monsters’ steps.
It was 6 goblins and 2 orcs.
A formation Yuuji and group had used to see in the winter.

Hmm, as expected they are indeed increased in numbers.(Yuuji)

While Yuuji was grumbling, the cat-kin Nina had nocked an arrow and immediately began the attack.
Once, twice, thrice.
The rapidly fired arrows found their rest at three of the goblins chest or abdomen. It was not a killing attack, as her objective was to inflict a wound that will decrease their combat ability. But then, perhaps because it hit the right spot, one of the goblins fell down and died.

The monsters’ swarm was still 10 meters away from the fence.

The dog-kin Marcel was throwing the axe in his hand.
The axe was rotating in its flight before slicing into a goblin’s abdomen.

With this, the remaining monsters were 2 uninjured goblins and 2 orcs.

After throwing the axe, Marcel was now holding a scythe.
The long scythe snath or handle was a little less than 2 meter. There were 2 grips, his left hand gripped at the end grip while his right hand was at the midway snath grip. With this, the user could reap grasses even when standing.
Unfortunately, the blade part or chine was thin, so it couldn’t be used to reap lives.[1]

Alright Alice, do it~(Yuuji)

The carefree Yuuji’s voice echoed throughout the forest. If the enemies were in this number, then even Yuuji and Kotarou could defeat them without help. It was no longer the same like the time when Yuuji was frightened by goblins.
By the way, during this time, Nina continued shooting arrows to wound the goblins and orc. Mark was holding his shield with a serious gaze in front of Alice.
Yes. Since Alice didn’t participate in the battles during the winter, the beast-kin family still didn’t know the extent of Alice’s magic.

Yes! Hot and big flame! Make a boom!(Alice)

The flame produced in front of Alice’s hand, flew in a parabola arc atop of Mark’s head, passed Yuuji and Marcel, crossed over the fence and impacted the ground between the 2 orcs.

The flame exploded.

Even if he was surprised, Yuuji immediately brought his shield up.
There were clanging sounds, as the incoming flying pebbles hit the shield.
The cat-kin Nina’s ear was lying down on her sides as she grimaced.
Even Kotarou was making a slight head shake.
Mark who stood in front of Alice was petrified. Even when his eyes were wide in shock and shaking in fear, he didn’t let off the shield and still held the shield up. Thanks to this, Alice was protected from the incoming pebbles.

When Yuuji opened his eyes, the impact zone had a 50 cm deep small crater.
One of the orc had its stomach shredded, the other lied down orc had its right foot torn from the waist. The goblins were blown away and died as they were thrown against the trees or the fence.

It was a disastrous scene.

The crackling sounds as if a fire was bursting out entered the dumbfounded Yuuji’s ears.

Yu-yuuji-sama, water!  Water!(Marcel)

Suddenly came back to his sense at Marcel’s yell, Yuuji dashed ferociously towards the house.
Marcel had undressed his shirt when he called out to Yuuji and was flapping at the fire as he headed towards the source of the fire.
Nina was running to their tent, the yaranga. It seems that she was going to pick the water jug stored there.

Mark was standing in a daze in front of Alice.
Kotarou approached him and mad a bark, “Woof”, as if saying, “Are you alright? If you are surprised only by this much, then you won’t be able to tag along Alice, you know?”
After leaving these words, Kotarou ran and jumped towards Alice. “To even bring this disastrous spectacles, how amazing. As expected from my imouto”. She was jubilant. Alice frolicked with Kotarou while smiling, “Hehehe”.

After frolicking for a while, Kotarou was heading to the disaster site.
Since currently there was no one else than Alice and Mark, as the sole person in charge, she was checking whether or not there was still any survivor.

As always, the women of Honjou Family were merciless to the enemies.

Afterward, with the great efforts of extending water hose to the limit and water jug relay of Yuuji, Marcel, and Nina, they succeeded in preventing a forest fire.

It was Alice’s first Explosion-type Fire Magic, afterwards, it became a prohibited magic.

That aside…… As expected, the monster’s number is increasing. What should I do with the house-sitting?(Yuuji)

Before long, Yuuji will go to the city.

He needs to left someone to remain and look after the fields and the chicken.
However, with the frequent monster attack, he was worried about the house-sitter’s group.

Yuuji had a brand new problem to worry about.


Alice is too OP. Kotarou is too OP. Nerf please.
Please buff Yuuji on the next patch.

[1] Please consult this picture:
Parts of a scythe:
1. Toe 2. Chine 3. Beard 4. Heel 5. Tang 6. Ring 7. Snath or snaith 8. Grips


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