30 June 2017

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 78

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すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 78: The Perfect Advocate

The morning of the next day.

Kazura, as usual, had a breakfast together with Nelson’s family. When it was finished, he, accompanied by Lieze, Eira and Marie, went to the estate’s plaza.
In the plaza, Isaac and Havel had already waited with the carriages along with 30 soldiers as the escort.
There were 20 servants who will accompany this journey, wagons to carry goods necessary for camping and empty wagons to transport the goods that Kazura would bring from Japan.
The members for this journey was around 50 people so it was like a small convoy of an army.

It will take 5 or 6 days…… Perhaps it might take even longer, but I will return after getting the goods. During my absence, I will entrust the waterwheel construction works for the fields to Lieze-san, if you please.(Kazura)

Yes, I will give my best. Kazura-sama too needs to take care of yourself…… Also, this(Lieze)

Lieze presented a small pouch that was on her hand to Kazura.

Hm? This is…… a bracelet?(Kazura)

Kazura opened the pouch and look at the content. Inside the pouch was an indigo cloth bracelet held by a silver clasp.
It looked like handmade and adorned with a beautiful embroidery from a red string.

Yes, although it’s not something well made……(Lieze)

Said Lieze who then made an embarrassed smiled.
She might have said that it wasn’t well made, but in Kazura eyes, the embroidery had been done quite skillfully.

Thank you very much. I will treasure this.(Kazura)

For a 14 year old girl, Lieze is a crafty one...

Kazura expressed his thanks with a smile and put the bracelet on his left wrist.
Seeing this, Lieze’s cheek was a bit blushed as she made a delightful looking smile.

Then, I will be going. Marie-san, follow me.(Kazura)

Kazura called out to Marie who was standing behind him and then they board the carriage together.
Isaac closed the carriage door and after bowing to Lieze, he moved to the front of the carriage.
Then with Isaac’s order, the convoy began to move towards Grisea Village.


After seeing Kazura’s group exited the estate gate, Lieze let out a sigh as if she had finished a difficult task.

Now then, let’s us go to construct the waterwheel. Since I want to buy something when we return, let’s finish it a bit early today. ……Hm, is something wrong?(Lieze)

Eira was still looking at the sight of Kazura’s group who had left the gate.

Lieze-sama, isn’t that just too mean to Isaac-sama…….?(Eira)

What do you mean? After all, it couldn’t be helped.(Lieze)

Lieze understood what that Eira wanted to say, so she objected with a frowned face.

Since I am truly not interested in him at all, on the contrary, it would be rude to him if I paid him special attention, right? Rather than endlessly giving him hope, I believe this is much more considerate.(Lieze)

However, to present Kazura-sama with Dearest Bracelet in front of Isaac-sama is such a heartless act……(Eira)

The bracelet, that Lieze had given to Kazura, was mainly gifted when a woman wants to send a regard to a man.
The color of the bracelet’s cloth didn’t have any meaning, but the color of the string used in the embroidery would change the regard’s meaning.
White string means, I wished that you come back earlier before the white of the string changed.
It was a gift for people that will take a long journey or for a lover who will be going to a war.
If it was given at the times of departure, it could also be used as a confession on parting.

Black string means I will be waiting for you tonight.
It was used as a reply that the giver’s passion was frankly roused up when receiving the confession, or in the case when the giver wanted to convey that they felt a bit lusty but embarrassed so they couldn’t say it. It was a bracelet with a rather adult message.

Then, red string means I have a high regard for you.
Just like it says, it was a bracelet used when conveying a regard or confession.
The scope of the meaning was wide, from the simple I love you to the intricate meaning of I am interested in you.
For that reason, just by handing this, it might be interpreted as a sudden proposal of Let’s love-love-kiss-kiss! and be turned down, so it was necessary to paid attention on how the bracelet was given.

It might be called that but isn’t this much better than meeting face to face, not for confessing, but to say I don’t hold any feeling for you? At least with this, I believe that Isaac’s father won’t lose his face.(Lieze)

Lieze had already locked-on to become Kazura’s wife candidate.
Since she still didn’t know his backgrounds in detail, she performed seductive techniques to create a fait accompli, but she wasn’t going to do any scheme to make him eventually take her hand in marriage.
However, when Zirconia strongly informed her that there is no doubt that he is an excellent individual, she decided that it would be better if she established a proper pleasant relationship without any delay.

During these last few days, while working in the fields, Lieze was able to talk closely with Kazura.
Furthermore, Lieze also felt that Kazura response was as if he acknowledged Lieze not only from her appearance but also her character from the beginning.
She thought that before long she might be able to do some probing at his backgrounds, but she had a second thought that it would be better to be done after she had passed another stage.
 If she probes at this point of time, then perhaps Kazura would felt uncomfortable with her and had his impression of her worsened. There was a possibility that all she had done for several days would turn meaningless.
Lieze believed that there are no such things as clearing the decks too much[1]. So for any plans she intends to take, she would play it safe as much as possible.
To begin with, Lieze didn’t see anyone that could become her rival in the people around Kazura, and this was one of the reasons Lieze was being careful on her conduct. She thought that there was no need to hurry.

That might be true…… Isaac-sama is so pitiful……(Eira)

Eira once again pointed her pitying eyes at the gate’s direction. Lieze unconsciously fell silent.
Lieze only didn’t see Isaac as a marriage partner, she didn’t have any particular hate towards him.
Looking objectively, Isaac had an honest and hard working personality, a high-born, and also a nice look. A youth with nary a fault to be found.
That he was respectable as a military officer and had done his best to be useful for Nelson, was something that Lieze also knew.
Because of that, when Eira said it in that kind of way, it was as if she was saying that Lieze is a horrible woman and this made Lieze’s feeling a bit hurt.

Ah! I-I’m sorry! I don’t really mean in what I had said!?(Eira)

Eira noticed that Lieze was a bit pouting, then she realized what her words mean and quickly apologized in hurry.

It’s fine, it doesn’t matter. Look, let’s head to work any time now. Could you do the preparation?(Lieze)

While still be unconciliatory, Lieze gave out an instruction. Eira bowed to her and then dashed into the estate in order to arrange the preparation for the work.


The morning of the next day.

When they arrived in Grisea Village’s entrance, Kazura got down from the carriage while holding the travel bag on his hand and was stricken dumbfounded at the sight that his eyes discovered.
Isaac who was beside him too let out a gripe at the sight of the village.

It’s as though the village is an army garrison…… To think that there will be this much change in just 10 days……(Isaac)

Grisea Village was previously looked like a poor village in the countryside, but the impression it had, had changed completely into a field encampment.
The village was surrounded with sharpened thick wooden palings that were pointed outside like a spear, furthermore, it was encircled by a steep moat.
The four corners of the palisade would be furnished with wooden watchtowers, but it looks like their construction was still incomplete.
Beside the entrance of the village was a huge mound of logs that seems to be just recently cut.
Valetta had said that she wanted to install a drawbridge in the village entrance, so this logs might be for that purpose.

While Kazura and Isaac were overwhelmed by the village’s appearance, Valetta walked from the village entrance by herself.
Valetta met eyes with Kazura and then she rushed over to Kazura while smiling delightedly.

Welcome back, Kazura-san.(Valetta)

I’m back. Umm, this has become quite amazing. I had heard the construction plan outline before, but to think that it has progressed this much……(Kazura)

Kazura had heard the explanation of the construction outline from Valetta 10 days ago, but Kazura never thought that they could perform that much work to reach this state in this short period of time.
He estimated that it would already satisfactory if they at the most, enclosed the village with a fence from wooden boards and dig the moat to nothing more than a mere obstacle.
But, the fence they actually constructed was the genuine sharpened wooden palisade that could be seen in middle ages war movies.
The moat was sloped 60 degrees and it seems that the depth was close to 2 meters.
Kazura realized that he had not taken Valetta’s personality seriously.
This girl is the kind of girl who will thoroughly perform things that she had said.

Actually, I want to proceed with the construction much faster, however, the work was delayed more than I thought before and there were several materials that were insufficient ….. Umm, although I might have proudly say that we will take care of this one way or another, could I ask to supply us with some materials and tools? (Valetta)

Yes, certainly. I will provide anything, just say the words.(Kazura)

Kazura answered with smile and Valetta made a delighted smile.

Thank you very much. Ano, perhaps we could talk about the rest inside the house……(Valetta)

Ah, you’re right, let’s do so.(Kazura)

Valetta made a suggestion, which Kazura agreed. He then ordered Isaac to wait for several days and entered the village.


It had been a long time since Kazura was in Valin’s residence. And now he sat around the central hearth with Valetta and Valin as they ate their dinner while having an idle chat.
The food that they prepared was the potato harvested in the village and the cooked rice that was mixed with crushed acorn-like nut, vegetable stir-fried with canned chicken meat, spit-roasted Arcadia Bug, and canned peach.

I see, Isteria had been in such dire situation……(Valin)

Yes, it was a condition where they barely able to hold in just about anything. If the aid was started late even for just half a year, it might have become a disaster. For now, we have constructed waterwheels, then the next thing will be the expansion of the farm fields and the hygiene problem.(Kazura)

Kazura narrated the summary of the aids that he had done in Isteria. Valin nodded at his story with serious expression.
Valetta also made responses while hearing Kazura’s story, but at times, she was looking at the bracelet that adorned his left wrist.

Fumu, hygiene problem. I think we can do something if they could use constant freshwater like in this village, but the city was a mess of jumbled up districts so it didn’t like we could just put water channels on it……(Valin)

Valin said it emotively, while quickly ate the mixed rice in his bowl.

…… Alright then, I will now go out for a night patrol. I will return at dawn, so please have a good rest.(Valin)

Eh? Patrol? Right now? But Isaac-san’s unit is at the village entrance, so it will be fine if you take a ret today……(Kazura)

No, I can’t. After all, we don’t know what will happen in the world. Then, I’m off.(Valin)

Disregarding Kazura who called out to him in surprise, Valin left the residence.

(What with this pattern, recently it happened too often…… No matter how I think of it. Perhaps, he was just being considerate.)(Kazura)

At his previous stay in Grisea Village, for several days until the day Kazura depart for Isteria, every night Valin would be considerate and left Kazura and Valetta alone.
Since on the last time, the mood had risen up to some extent, as expected, even Kazura noticed Valetta’s affection and he also consider Valetta as likable.
However, Valetta was 15 years old, in Japan she would be in the Third Year of Middle School, so she was just that young and the excessive age gap made Kazura hesitated to make the second step.
To not make another step just by a simple reasoning, might be referred as a loser(hetare) mindset, but honestly speaking, he couldn’t refute this.

Kazura turned his sight to Valetta, who stared at Kazura with a slightly uneasy expression.

Kazura-san, that bracelet……(Valetta)

Ah, this? When I departed from Isteria, Lieze-san…… Nelson-san’s daughter gave it to me.(Kazura)

When Valetta timidly asked, Kazura unfastened the bracelet and gave it to Valetta.

Lieze-sama…… Gave this……(Valetta)

Valetta stared hard at the bracelet that she received.

Lieze-san is still 14 years old, but she giving her utmost effort in helping the work for the province’s sake. She seems to be quite popular with the citizen, so with her help, the work efficiency had increased. She is still young but already amazing, how admirable.(Kazura)

I-is… that so….(Valetta)

Seeing how Kazura praised Lieze, Valetta, who was still looking at the bracelet, only able to wring out a weak reply.

Moreover, she also interacts with anyone equally and amicably. She even made a handmade bracelet for me. It’s because she is paying attention attentively like this that she is popular with the citizen, there should be many nobles proposing marriage to her. Since she is still a Noble Lord’s daughter, her actions are reflecting this fact.

With admiration, Kazura narrated about Lieze, which made Valetta suddenly raised her face up with a “huh?” expression.

To acquire such worldly wisdom and focused on the future at such age is really astounding. I also need to learn from her steps and……(Kazura)

A-ano, when Lieze-sama gave this bracelet to Kazura-san, did she say anything?(Valetta)

Hm? Nothing much…… Ah, she said to take care of myself? Perhaps, is this bracelet something like a health charm?(Kazura)

Ah, yes, something like that. Like…… Do your best to stay healthy.(Valetta)

At the false information that Valetta immediately spew out of her mouth, Kazura nodded I see.
Valetta gripped hard the bracelet in her hand and then with a heartrending expression she cast her eyes down once more.


For some reason, Valetta’s mood changed, which made Kazura panicked at heart, Ah, I’ve done it.
He thought that it was because he had kept praising Lieze, like her work style or how she is popular with the citizen.
However, Valetta immediately raised her face up and looked at Kazura with a serious expression.

……Kazura-san, there is something I want to request from you.(Valetta)

Hm, request?(Kazura)

Kazura asked back with a puzzled expression, which Valetta nodded to.

When you return to Japan, I wish that you bought more books. If you can, I want to read history books or technical books.(Valetta)

History books and technical books is it? What topics do you want to read? There also many kinds of history books…… Also, is the technical books about the construction engineering? I think that on the book I had previously brought, there are some good books amongst it.(Kazura)

I have memorized the entire content of every book in this house. Whether it will be engineering, medicine, military, the book topics won’t matter. I want to read more book that has the content that I never see before. For history, if it’s possible, I will be happy if I could read about a period that is similar to our world.(Valetta)

Eh, military too? Or rather, are you serious about reading every book in the house……?(Kazura)

Kazura unconsciously asked Valetta back as she suddenly made an unbelievable remark of remembering the entire content of the books.
This house had several dozens of books that Kazura had bought before.
To remember the entire content of the books in this short period. It was something that Kazura couldn’t imitate.

Yes, perhaps it still couldn’t be put into application, but I have remembered the entire content. However, it still not enough. I want to read many more, different varieties of books…… No matter what, I…….(Valetta)

Valetta’s words stopped at that point. As if to endure something, she cast her eyes down.
However, she immediately raised her face up and looked at Kazura, she was smiling yet there were tears in her eyes.

This request, can you do it?(Valetta)

Yes, of course. I will buy a mountain of it.(Kazura)

Kazura still couldn’t read Valetta’s intention, but he nodded with a smile.
Valetta made a slightly relieved expression and expressed her thanks to Kazura, then they once more resumed eating while having a chat.

I want to be on your side.

For Valetta to even be able to speak these words, just a little more time was needed.


“Lieze didn’t see anyone that could become her rival” “She thought that there was no need to hurry.” How wrong she is……
Hahahaha, Kazura even admit that he is a hetare…. LoL…

[1] “Clear the decks” an idiom that means “to prepare for a particular event or goal by dealing with anything beforehand that might hinder progress.” The Japanese idiom is: filling the moat.


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