30 June 2017

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 7 - Part 3

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To the city!

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Bandou Tarou (坂東太郎)
Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 7. Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Farmer” to “Pioneer Group Leader”.
Part 3. Yuuji, Departing to His First City in Another World

Good morning, Yuuji-san! Sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.(Kevin)

The time where sakura petals scattered and Yuuji’s settling things up.

Finally, Kevin the peddler arrived at Yuuji’s house.

Kevin-san! No, you have not. While working on my fields while preparing for the trip, time flies before I realize.(Yuuji)

Yuuji greeted Kevin with a smile.

Actually, after he checked about toilet situation with his dog-kin slave, Marcel, he prepared clothes for after ‘business’ purpose and to make the defense easier even for a bit, he reinforced the fence. It were busy days. It seems that, in this world, they would use a leaf or a moss if in the outdoor, while inside a town they would use a rag cloth or straws in addition to leaf and moss. There were even cases where they would wipe the feces using their left hand. Viva Japan’s toilet.

Kevin ojii-chan, good morning!(Alice)

Alice greeted cheerfully and beside her Kotarou was barking as if greeting, “Good morning, thank you for taking us to the city.”

Good morning, Alice-chan, Kotarou-san. At any rate, it seems that during the winter, you have splendidly created the field and the fence. It ‘s really surprised me.(Kevin)

Yes, since Marcel, Nina and Mark-kun had been working hard. Thank you very much for bringing the whole family to me. As expected the difference is remarkable than when I was alone. Ah, Kevin-san, since I had been exchanging advice for the preserved food and food ingredients with Nina, can you help in settling the accounts afterward?(Yuuji)

Kevin straightforwardly accepted Yuuji’s proposal, “Of course, since I consider her as my employee”. Yuuji expressed his gratitude and “No, no, it’s only natural” “No, no, thank you very much” a Japan-like conversation occurred between those two.[1]
“Woofwoof”, Kotarou interrupted with her bark, as if to say, “Geez, get straight to the point.”

Then, Yuuji-san, how is your preparation goes? For the time being, we will unload the goods for today, while discussing important points to remember when Yuuji-san going to the city. Then, I planned that if Yuuji-san and others agree, then we will depart immediately at tomorrow morning.(Kevin)

Kevin began to talk while smiling. Behind him, the three adventurers and two exclusive bodyguards had begun to unload the goods that they had brought.

Kevin-san, there is something I want to discuss…… On your way to this place, do you encounter any monsters? Lately, we have encountered them frequently, so I am troubled about what should I do about the caretaker for the house…… The field and the chicken need someone to look after them, but I am worried that those people would be attacked by monsters……(Yuuji)

Just like the advice from the bulletin board residents, Yuuji consulted his worry about who should he take along to the city. Then, he quickly received the answer.

I see…… Then that three adventurers will stay behind in this place. Since they came from farming village then they could also help in the field somewhat, and if the attacking enemies are on the level of 2 orcs and some goblins, then they could repulse it. What about the beast-kin family?(Kevin)

Eh……? Will it be fine? If there is some combat capable people remain, then I think I will make the family to watch over the house.(Yuuji)

Well, we still have two exclusive guards until the city so the journey will be fine. If the situation demands it, I also could defend myself. Joss, Hector, Irenu!(Kevin)

Kevin called the three adventurers. Yuuji also called Marcel the dog-kin.

We understand. We were raised in a farming village so not only as a guard but we could also help with the simple farm work. It’s just, could we construct a camp inside the fenced area? Then I want to set warning clappers in front of the fence, but only if Yuuji-sama permit it.(Joss)

Joss, the large man among the adventurers readily consent to remain behind at this place.
The gaudy armor wearer Hector and the female archer Irene stood one step behind him and didn’t participate in the talks.
It seems that after they were contracted by Kevin, they had solidly educated by Kevin’s exclusive bodyguards.

Yes, no problem. Just since I believe that the fact you can’t enter the house doesn’t change, please don’t step into the house’s premise. The chicken that is being raised in the garden will also be brought outside the house premise before I depart. Then, the logs placed on the northern side could be used as you like for bonfire, to construct a fence, or for other purposes. I won’t mind. Well, if you still have question then, please ask Marcel.(Yuuji)

Kevin the peddler and his two exclusive bodyguards.
Then, Yuuji, Alice, and Kotarou.

The member for the journey to the city had been decided.

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

Alice, if you tired, just say it, alright? Since there is Alice’s special seat!(Yuuji)

Alright, Yuuji-nii!(Alice)

The cheerful reply of, Alice who answered while raising her right hand up, resounded in the forest.

It was the next day after Kevin the peddler arrived at Yuuji’s house. The group departed to the city in the early morning and heading south through the forest.
The vanguard of the group was one of Kevin’s exclusive bodyguard and Kotarou. Then Kevin, Alice, and Yuuji followed from behind, and the rearmost was the other of Kevin’ exclusive bodyguard. The march of 5 people and 1 animal. This order was the result of Yuuji’s informed about Kotarou’s enemy detection ability.

With the pace of an adult who accustomed to traveling, it will take three days, however, since this is Yuuji-san and Alice’s first time on the road, I think we can take time and still arrived at the city on the noon of the fourth day. So Alice-chan, don’t push yourself too much, alright?(Kevin)

Kevin made a simple explanation for Yuuji and reminded Alice at the end of his explanation.
Perhaps she had found it midway, she was wielding a thin branch and swung it around while answering “Alright” energetically. It seems that she still had much stamina left.
On Yuuji’s back was a wooden back rack that had been modified so Alice could sit on it. His luggage was packed into a large cloth bag that Kevin supplied and wrapped around like a shawl.[2]
By the way, Alice didn’t carry anything.
Her favorite small rucksack was obviously unusual for this world. For the same reason, the usual trekking pole that Yuuji always carry when entering the forest was also absent from his hand.

Speaking which, Kevin-san also had been attacked by monsters when on route to my house…… Isn’t this means that the monster number really has increased lately?(Yuuji)

If it’s only orcs or goblins then these two guards won’t have any problem with them, but I also sense that they have increased. I think perhaps we should report this at the same time when Yuuji-san applies for Pioneer Citizen and Pioneer Land. (Kevin)

Yuuji and Kevin were exchanging words without letting their feet stop. Seen the experienced eyes of the peddler also observed it, the monster was really increasing in number.

I see…… Speaking of report it at the same time, does Pioneer Citizen application and giving a report about monster appearance were done in the same place? Shouldn’t they have different people in charge……(Yuuji)

Even if he lacked real experience with it, Yuuji asked Kevin as he thought about Japan’s red tape of bureaucracy. However, the answer that came back made Yuuji regretted that he had heard it at this point of time when there was still a long way to go to the city. From now on, he would keep feeling anxious until the application is over.

Originally, it isn’t like that…… But, sooner or later, the tax collector will visit the Pioneer Land. So that they wouldn’t send any people that can cause an incident, I believe it would be better if we inform the superiors even if we want to hide that you are a Visitor. So in the winter, I went to the capital and asked the large shop’s president where I apprenticed before, to write a letter of introduction, but……(Kevin)

Kevin seemed to hesitate to continue his words for some reason. Uneasiness began to rise in Yuuji’s head.

The letter was more effective than I thought…… The Lords and his spouse and the magistrate want to have a meeting with you.(Kevin)

When Yuuji heard this, he stood still.
After his Hiki-NEET era was first established, about 14 years had passed before he made a visit to a city.
It seems that this world had feudalism system in place and he was about to meet with the nobles.
No matter how much he thought about it, the difficulty degree was Hell Mode.

Eh? Ah? Umm……(Yuuji)

“It will be alright. I will take responsibility in this and accompany you to the meeting. I will handle all the talks, and I will also teach you the basics of etiquette before we go there. Also, I heard that the Lord and his spouse, and the magistrate are reasonable people…… I am sorry Yuuji-san……” Kevin’s follow up didn’t enter Yuuji’s ears at all.
Until Alice said, “What’s wrong, Yuuji-nii” and shook him, Yuuji stood still in shock.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

Sigh…… It couldn’t be helped…… But it so worrying.(Yuuji)

The camp for the first day.
At an open glade where the trees spread out, the party spread out a tarp and rested their body.
They dug a hole and a small tunnel to connect it to open air, then they lighted a bonfire. The fire could send out warmth while at the same time it couldn’t be seen from the surrounding area, this was a camping wisdom.

“Let me help”, was what Yuuji said so he was in charge for the first watch duty.
Kotarou huddled beside Yuuji, who was sitting cross-legged in front of the bonfire.
Rather than Yuuji being in charge for the first watch, it was Kotarou who was in charge.
It was just one day, but Kotarou’s enemy search ability had already attained the group’s trust. What a reliable woman. She is a dog, though.

Mmm, mmmmmm, Yuuji-ni-i…(Alice)

While rubbing her eyes, Alice woke up and came to Yuuji’s side. It seems that she couldn’t sleep.

What’s wrong, Alice?(Yuuji)

Alice didn’t say anything and sat down between Yuuji’s crossed legs as she rested her head on Yuuji’s chest.

Yuuji-nii won’t go anywhere, right? You will be fine, right?(Alice)

While casting her face down, Alice asked Yuuji in a small voice. She made a small tremble, but it wasn’t because of the cold.

It had been 2 and half years since Yuuji found Alice in the forest.
Alice was lying in the forest because her village was attacked by bandits, she ran to the forest and had been wandering around in there since then.
Even if she is a clever girl, she was still an 8 years old.
When she felt uneasy, it couldn’t be helped, if she seeks to be spoiled.
Kotarou climbed on Yuuji’s right leg and gently leaned against Alice, it was as if she was saying “I also will be with you”.

Yes, since I have Alice-san with me.(Yuuji)

When she heard that, Alice’s small body was hugging Yuuji.

“That’s right, Alice is with me, I must pull myself together.”
While whisperingly muttering his resolution, Yuuji closed his eyes.

Wait, what happens to the watch duty?


Yuuji is on watch duty. He closes his eyes. How can he watch anything?

[1] A Japanese usual response to a thanks is not “You’re welcome”, but “There is no need for it”. In business world, it will be a repeated exchange of thanks and denial, which will seems weird to foreigners.
[2] Imagine Japanese clichéd depiction of thief.


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