30 June 2017

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 7 - Prologue.

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Yuuji’s return!

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Bandou Tarou (坂東太郎)
Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 7. Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Farmer” to “Pioneer Group Leader”.

Just as expected, it failed this year too……(Yuuji)

April 13th.
3 years had passed since Yuuji arrived at the other world, today marked the start of the fourth year.

This year too, the Second Offline Camping was held at Yuuji’s house site.
Just like last year, Yuuji was waiting in the garden for whole night until dawn came.
But, as expected, there were no people nor materials transported to another world.

Perhaps, there is no other way but to give up……(Yuuji)

It would be usually unthinkable, but only for today, Yuuji became a gloomy pessimist.

Yuuji-nii, what’s wrong? You always made a sad face when looking at the blooming sakura.(Alice)

Alice stared at Yuuji as if to peer into him.
Before one’s realized, Alice had turned 8 at the last autumn. If she was schooling in Japan, this spring she will be in the third year of elementary school.
Her height had increased and she had lost the young childish air around her.
To feel concerned for Yuuji, she had been growing up nicely. It was unimaginable that a 8 years old was worried for a 33 years old. But Alice is only growing into a gentle child.

“Woof woof”, only for today, even Kotarou would be snuggling the whole day at Yuuji, as if to say, “Cheer up, aren’t I still here?” As always she is a gentle woman. She is a dog, though.
Kotarou was already 18 years old. However, since she had Rank Up, she was youthful. Her hair was glossy and her movement was sharp, more so than when she first arrives in the other world. Her lifespan limit wasn’t that clear, but she was still healthy and could keep going on for now.

Yuuji-sama! Did something happen today?(Marcel)

Beyond the gate, Yuuji’s slave, the dog-kin Marcel, could be heard calling for him.

Since his whole family migrated to this place in autumn, they had passed one winter without any trouble.
The temporary tent, the yaranga, had performed it duty well.
The floor had been covered with wood planks that Marcel cut and was overlaid with mats, cushions, and blankets that the family selected from Yuuji’s own properties and the goods that Kevin had brought. The choice of the fabric color that this beast-kin family selected was peculiar enough, that it had the appearance that wouldn’t be strange if it was covered by a magazine for their Slow Living section.
Yuuji had prepared sleeping bag, but they used blankets. The images of the beast-kin family curled sleeping with their favorite blanket, had thrown the bulletin board into an ecstatic maelstrom. The Furry faction had a steady increase in membership.

At the southern side of Yuuji’s house, all the trees in the area marked by a climbing rope – which was the limit of where the water hose could reach – had been cut down and its roots removed.
Because the snow had mostly melted away, recently Yuuji and Marcel had tilled the land in order to create a farm.
Marcel’s son, the dog-kin Mark was also helping, that in the southern side they had created a 10 meters wide farm. With the increase of the hand, the land opening speed had a marked increase.
During the winter, other than helping in the field, Mark was zealously practicing shield and sword. His eyes were shining bright, a courageous expression of I will protect everyone. By the way, he still didn’t know Alice extermination power. There are things in the world better off not knowing.

During the long winter, the cat-kin Nina was working hard in hunting the snow rabbits, which meat was used in developing the recipe for the canned food. With Yuuji’s advice, it seems that it would be finished before Kevin’s arrival.
The leftover meat was given to Yuji, who keep a tally of it. Since both of them didn’t know the market price for it, they would leave the price settlement to Kevin. Because they were regularly provisioned with meat, Alice and Kotarou was terribly cherry throughout the meal times. Whether this could be said as ingenious… No, since it could be covered using Yuuji’s share of the canned food profit, it could be called as Yuuji’s ingenuity. Surely.

The land opening progressed favorably.

Then, hunting the monsters so they could protect themselves was also progressed favorably.

Because the goblins and orcs frequently happened during the winter, Yuuji had his Rank Up 4 times from Yuuji’s arrival to this world to this spring, Kotarou had 3 Rank Ups, and since her meeting withYuuji, Alice had 2 Rank Ups.
Their physical abilities were increased, and Yuuji also could use new magic.

It was the fourth year that spring arrived in the house.

Before long, Kevin the peddler would visit the land.


The day where Yuuji will first visit a city of this world would also arrive, before long.


Yuuji is already 33…… Y-y-y-you can do it Yuuji!


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