30 June 2017

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 79

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すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 79: Divine Soldiers

The morning of the next day.

Just like what he had declared before, Valin returned on dawn and joined Kazura and Valetta in the breakfast.
There was a brief break after the breakfast, so Valetta and Kazura were chatting while listing the Japanese goods that need to be supplied in the notebook.
Since Kazura would depart once more to Isteria in several days, he was carefully reviewing his list so that there wouldn’t be anything he forgot to buy.

After a thorough review for about 30 minutes, Valetta saw Kazura off in the entrance of the residence as he headed towards Japan.
Then she nimbly washed the dishes on the washing floor. Afterward, she carried the laundry basket and bucket with soap outside the residence.
She headed towards the village entrance and walked to the aqueduct where the river water flowed.

(As expected, I wanted an aqueduct that always has flowing water inside the village.)(Valetta)

During the time where they didn’t send the water to the village’s reservoir, the water that the waterwheel pumped would be returned back towards the downstream through the water channel in village’s entrance so there was no water flowing inside the village’s aqueduct.
Because of that, when the village’s reservoir was full like the current situation, it was necessary to go outside the village to use fresh water.
Before Kazura arrived in the village, the water for cooking and laundry would be taken from the river using buckets or jars that they need to transport back to the village, so they would use the water sparingly.
Compared to that time, their daily life had become much more convenient, but as you would expect, she wants the daily life to become even more convenient.

By the way, the current waterwheel installed in the river had been returned to the waterwheel that Kazura had brought from Japan.

Valetta arrived at the water channel and found the servants of Isaac’s unit already did their laundry beside the channel.
Valetta greeted the servants and just like them, she squatted beside the channel and fetched water with the bucket. Then she put the soap in her laundry and began to wash it thoroughly.
About 10 minutes later, all of her laundries had been washed completely, so she stood up and look over the surroundings.

Not far from the water channel there was the campground where numerous tents were set up. The carriages were parked beside it.
Valetta searched the outskirt of the campground and found a certain person’s figure. While carrying her laundry, she made a small run towards him.

Isaac-san, good morning.(Valetta)

Isaac, who was conversing something with the nearby soldiers, turned back when Valetta called him and then made a smile to her.

Good morning. I apologized to show up very late at night yesterday. Has Kazura-san already returned to God’s Realm?(Isaac)

After dismissing the nearby soldiers, Isaac made sure that there were no people around before asking for Kazura’s whereabouts.

Yes, he has departed just now. He said that he will return temporarily at noon tomorrow, but it is possible that he will need to depart back to God’s Realm once more.(Valetta)

Is that so…… Even in Isteria, Kazura-sama has been truly assisting us with his utmost effort without sparing any time for the sake of our country. When Kazura-sama returned, please let him have a leisure time during the duration of his stay in this village in one way or another. If there is anything that I could do to help, please inform me.(Isaac)

Isaac said this with a smile. There was not the slightest arrogance a noble usually have that could be detected in his words.
Valetta was happy that he was really different from the other nobles.
Havel and Nelson also had been polite in treating her, but Valetta sensed that there was a difference if compared to Isaac.
As long as he was at Kazura’s side, he might be the most dependable person for Kazura, no matter what happened.

I understand. It might be sudden, but there is something that I wish to request from Isaac-san. May I?(Valetta)

Of course. Please speak the words.(Isaac)

I hope you can teach me martial arts.(Valetta)

It was an unexpected request from Valetta that made Isaac taken aback.

Martial…… arts? Can I ask why?(Isaac)

When Isaac asked back, Valetta made a serious expression at him.
Though, since she was one head shorter than Isaac, Valetta need to look up at him.

When the village was attacked by bandits, I was filled with fear and couldn’t do anything. Therefore, if something like that happened again, I want to be able to fight properly.(Valetta)

After she said this, Valetta seemed to be a bit conflicted whether or not to continue her words. Even so, since she noticed Isaac also looked at her with a serious expression, her resolution strengthened.
She would speak the truth to this person.

I want to protect Kazura-san. For that reason, martial arts is also necessary.(Valetta)

After Valetta said this, Isaac smiled gently at her.

Martial arts is also necessary?(Isaac)

Yes. Martial arts is also necessary.(Valetta)

Then Isaac became silent for several second, and after one sigh, he began speaking.

You may have stated that you want to protect Kazura-sama, however, martial arts isn’t something that you can master in just one night. If it is the technique to protect people, then it would take even more time. Furthermore, the opportunity for me to come to Grisea Village is limited. I am afraid that I can’t help Valetta-san learns military arts.(Isaac)

That might be true, but please, if Isaac-san could teach me the basics and the training methods then even if Isaac-san isn’t here in the village, I could train by myself.(Valetta)

Isaac frowned at Valetta’s words.

How many times do you think I could visit Grisea Village in one month? You might say that you will train by yourself, but if you pick a faulty habit when I’m not there, it could be irreparable. Furthermore, I think that Valetta-san didn’t suit for a fight at all. I think Valetta-san should turn that effort to another purpose.(Isaac)

……Then, please test me.(Valetta)

……Testing for what?(Isaac)

Isaac looked puzzled at Valetta, who looked straight into his eyes.

Please have a match with me. If I win, then please teach me martial arts. If I lose then I will give up.(Valetta)


Valetta made an astounding proposal, that the words What the heck is this girl saying? was pasted over Isaac’s face.
However, Valetta didn’t show even the slightest suggestion that this was a joke.
It was obvious that she was indeed serious.

Isaac let out a sigh as if saying “good grief”.

Since you had say that far, then let’s have a match. However, if you lost then this discussion is over. Will this be fine for you?(Isaac)

When Isaac accepted, Valetta made a relieved expression and smiled.
It was a smile as if she had already won the match.

Yes, thank you very much. I want to dry the laundry first, so will you be fine if we have the match after this?(Valetta)

I understand. I will prepare the equipment. Will you fine with sword and shield?(Isaac)

It won’t be a problem. Even if it’s a heavy shield, I will be fine. Also, it’s better if the location for the match is inside the forest at the outskirt of the village.(Valetta)

The forest at the village’s outskirt? I understand. I will head there after I finished with the preparation.(Isaac)

Yes, thank you very much.(Valetta)

Valetta made a bow and then with a light stride, she ran towards the village.
Even though Isaac felt rather unsatisfied by this, he went to the campsite to get the equipment.


30 minutes later.

Inside the forest at the village’s outskirt, Valetta held a round shield and wooden training sword in her hand as she standing off against Isaac.
The wooden sword’s hilt was made from bronze, so it wouldn’t snap from the shock.
The shield was the one that usually used by the soldiers, a round shield reinforced with bronze on its rim.
There was a leather belt handle for the forearm to grip into so the shield weight could be distributed evenly.
Isaac and Valetta had the same equipment and the two stood 5 meters from each other.

Umm, thank you for preparing this match. Then how we decide the victory?(Valetta)

Let it will be when one of us say ‘I give up’. Otherwise, we will decide based on the situation as we go.(Isaac)

Valetta asked with a bit nervous, while Isaac stared at Valetta with an indifferent expression.

While his opponent might be a small girl 5 years younger than him, Isaac won’t be careless or going easy on her.
Isaac predicted that Valetta might be thinking that he would surely be considerate for her.
However, he didn’t intend to live up to her expectation at all.
If he goes half-baked and kind on her, then in the future, she might lose her life.
He will face her unsparingly, it’s for this girl’s future. Isaac’s hardened his heart.

Then, come to me with your full power. So that there won’t be any regret, fight with everything you have.(Isaac)

Full power…… is it?(Valetta)

When Isaac mentioned full power, Valetta made a slightly uneasy expression.
It seems that she was troubled about what she should do as she was asked to exert her full power.

That’s right. Full power. Come at me with killing intent. As if to carry out a revenge against a hateful opponent, with full power.(Isaac)

E-even if you said it like that……(Valetta)

Then, imagine me as a foe who wants to kill Kazura-sama. A foe that wants to rob the life of someone you treasured, and right now your hand will strike him down.(Isaac)

It was a strange way to fight, but so that there won’t be any regrets arise later, Isaac attempted to have Valetta attack with her full power.
Fighting while holding anger would make it hard to think calmly, so this was not an actually good way to fight.
However, in the current situation, such fine details could be ignored.
Valetta, an amateur, and Isaac, a genuine soldier. There was a huge gap between their combat skills, instant judgment, furthermore, in their physical ability.
Attacking with her full power for her treasured person, even if she lost as the result, she would accept this, or so what Isaac thought.

……Kazura-san’s… foe.(Valetta)

Valetta muttered and quietly closed her eyes as she focused her will.


She imagined Isaac in front of her is going to kill Kazura.

He swung down his sword and Kazura’s arm was lopped off.
The body was pierced, blood vigorously gushed out from the wounds.
Cold-bloodedly slain, her beloved person crumbled down to the ground as a speechless corpse.
While such scene transpired before her, even though she was near him, she couldn’t do anything, and only could watch that scene in shock.
In calm and quiet, she repeated this scene over and over again inside her mind.

The tragedy she constructed with such concentration, had made the darkish emotion, hatred, simmering and arise from the bottom of her heart.

She muttered in her heart, I will kill him, and her mind was immediately filled with killing intent.


When Valetta opened her eyes, the air around her was different, that made Isaac unconsciously gulped.
Any expression had faded from Valetta’s face.
Inside the eyes that were staring at him dwelt a tremendous bloodlust.
Before he knew, the birds’ singing and the insects’ chirping, that had always been in the background sounds of the forest, had stopped.
In LN alternate reality, Valetta use a wooden katana...
Here I go.[1](Valetta)

With that short declaration, Valetta gouged the ground as she kicked it and rushed towards Isaac.
The 5 meters distance was covered in just a mere seconds.
In an instant, she collided.
At that moment, the wooden sword in her right hand was sweep sideways will her full power.


That was not a skilled attack, nor a weak one, only a strong blow loaded will tremendous destructive power.
Isaac could barely defend with his shield thanks to his reflex.
Together with a loud clang, the cacophonous impact sound, the unbelievable attack momentum was transferred to his hand from the shield.
Even though Isaac was staggered back from that fierce attack, he swung the wooden sword in his hand diagonally at Valetta.
Despite his unstable posture, it was a genuine attack without any intention of going easy for the opponent.
However, though he believed that the attack should strike Valetta’s shoulder, the sword only cut through the empty air.


Valetta had agilely turned and barely evaded Isaac’s attack.
She immediately back-stepped and jumped 2 meters backward. By gaining a distance, she corrected her posture.
She dropped her waist low, once more kicked the ground and traversed the distance in one go.
Again, she put her whole strength in a strong side sweep attack.
Thinking that she would use the same attack method for the second time, Isaac timed so that when at the same time when Valetta’s sword met his shield, he would also pull the shield back to stymie Valetta’s slash.


But the moment Valetta’s wooden sword impacted to Isaac’s shield, Valetta let go of her sword in her right hand and gripped at the edge of his shield.
Utilizing the reverse momentum, he was forcibly pulled forward by an extraordinary strength.


He was greatly unbalanced and tripped forward as if being sent flying.
Isaac completely lost his posture and fall to the earth, landing face down on the ground.

I win.(Valetta)

Valetta pressed the edge of the shield on Isaac’s head who was lying prone on the ground.


Valetta too OP nerf please! Also, did Valetta just use Shundo?

[1] It’s “Ikimasu!” in the RAW. If this is a Gundam anime, perhaps she would say: Valetta, Gundam Grisea, ikimasu!


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