10 June 2016

Our New World - Chapter 2 Part 9

Writing this again from zero is rather tiring… Please bear with me if this is slow…
Oh and I used Javanese Script as placeholder script to obfuscate the native language since it’s like Tengwar and have Fantasy-like feeling. Also don’t bother translate them back to Latin, as they are written using a constructed language.
Meanwhile Japanese (the language the players used with each other) and Loransian (the language the players use when talking to Neuschwanensee NPCs) will be represented by Traditional Mongolian Script and Ge’ez Script respectively, when presenting how the Natives heard the players and the Neuschwanensee NPCs.

Yukkuri Oniisan

A bit of warning from author: WARNING! HORRIBLE GRAMMAR IMMINENT!

Chapter 2: The Heaven Lords in the New World
Part 9: The Spirits is Willing, but the Flesh is Weak

Let’s turn back the time just to tens odd minutes ago.
After the scout he sent found tracks at the forest near the village, Yuuto followed the track with half of the Scout team (the other halves tasked to watch over the girls) and Florea into the Forest. Fortunately, the people making the tracks didn’t bothered to cover it up. But even if they do, the Scout could find and follow the tracks easily. After all, RAHO tracking system wasn’t only limited to visual and olfactorial clues.
The tracks continued for awhile into the forest until it reached an old small dirt road that was cutting through the forest. The road side had been slowly being reclaimed by nature, and the trees canopy covered the sky so that only occasional sunray could reach the dirt surface between gaps of the leaves.
By following the road that continued to cut through the forest, they reached the side of a lake. By consulting the aerial preliminary survey topographical map, they were about 22 kilometers away at the northwest directions from the village, rather deep inside Abendrotsland forest (named Düsterenwald Forest later, Yuuto isn’t that creative).
The road skirted at the southern banks of the lake until it led to a rather wide clearing at the western lakeside delineated by crumbling outer walls. From the presence of collapsed buildings overran by grasses and vines, it was obvious that this location was a former settlement. From the number of the buildings that easily reach 100 counts, the settlement was quite big at its heyday. But it was then abandoned for some reason and then the nature slowly began to reclaim it. The girls might like this place for ghost town-like feelings, Yuuto thought.
At one end of the ghost town, there was a fort located on a hill overlooking the lake and the town that was encircled by half-ruined perimeter wall. Unlike the town’s buildings, the fort and the wall were mostly still standing soundly, testament of its designed resilience. It might once be the seat of ruler of this town, but the fort design was mostly utilitarian and lack any obvious decoration, so it looked very boorish.
The carriage tracks ended up at that fort, so it can be safe to assume that for all intent and purposes, the bandits and the captives were inside that fort. The Scout with long range vision came back with the report of the presence of guard, carriage and horses (although Yuuto thought that the description of the horse felt weird somehow), so there was no mistake.

After the Scouts finished gathering the surroundings area topographical information, and a crude map of the area had been made. Yuuto began to formulate a plan to start a “raid” to the fortress. Since the battle capabilities of the bandits, and so by extension, people of this world, were unknown, it would be imprudent to attack without any plan.
Because of their current lack of numbers (although Kiyomi already told Yuuto that she sent some reinforcement to Yuuto’s position, about 500 Gate Knights……), Yuuto divided the Scouts into three team, Team Aleph would went into the surrounding forest and scanned the area for any possible enemy reinforcement, Team Beth would search for any hidden entrance or exit of the fort to prevent enemy from possible escape, Team Gimmel would standby near the fort and then stormed into the fort at Yuuto’s notice. Since Mitteherz would appreciate it as a source of information and linguistic studies, Yuuto decided to capture the bandits alive if it’s possible. In worst case, the Scout Knights could just cut the bandits arms and legs to facilitate live capture. So that the captives wnt die from blood loss, Yuuto gave them Haemostatic Potions laced with Paralyzing and Sleep status effect poison. After all, missing limbs can be just regenerated using Potions or Healing Magic.
 While as the person with the highest DSL in this place, Yuuto and Florea as Team Omega, would enter from the front to gauge the enemy’s capabilities, as this is the first time they battle with the Neauwelt . If the enemy were too strong then Yuuto would retreat and try to lure the enemy at the prearranged place where the waiting Knights would conduct a surprise attack. If this failed, then Yuuto would use a Cash Item, Mana Implosion Device, as a last resort to neutralize the possible threat for the girls. He felt bad since the captives at the fort might die, but as long as their body still there, Yuuto can just resurrect them.
After registering the Team leaders in his Friend List, so Yuuto could send them message (Yuuto thought the lack of two-way communication device is really inconvenient, he would see if the engineers back home could create something like simple crystal radio device), and reviewing over the plan once more, Yuuto declared, Operation Augiasstall begin.

Day 16 of arrival. 02-09-0002. 11.17

Yuuto and Florea began their approach of the fort from the front. They deliberately walked in the open road that lead to the fort so the fort guard could see them. Yuuto had changed his attire and currently wore a black military-styled coat over a military-styled uniforms, that wouldn’t look out of place in the battlefield of Eastern European theatre in the Cold War, that belies it true identity as the overenchanted equipment set Eidwerh that had the highest defense rating amongst Yuuto’s equipments. At his left waist, were Yobel, his trusty 80 centimeter blade long-sword, also overenchanted. His left hand carried the Large Shield Ziegenfellattached to his gauntlet, which also overenchanted. Of course, he had taken his limiter off and packed with so many passive buff from potions and self-skills.
Meanwhile Florea timidly followed from behind while holding dear at her long staffs (Yuuto had done some quick enchantments on it) Insouciant des Fleurswhile her overenchanted blue base colored maid uniform Himmelblau-typ Standardisierte Neuschwanensee Dirndlgewand  (or SNseDg-Alpha for short) hems fluttered by the wind blew from the lake. She took had been buffed using potions and by her own self-support magic.

Yuuto confirmed the presence of the enemy once more at his map. Since they came to this world the map didn’t show the terrain anymore since it would display, “Disconnected from Map Server” instead. However, the map radar function still active however and showed the dots representing enemies. Unlike other games, RAHO’s map only displayed enemies as red dots or neutrals entities as yellow dots that had been detected by the players either through visual, auditorial, olfactorial, magical means, etc. That’s why tracking or detecting skills are important (and numerous) in RAHO to detect hidden enemies and prevent total party wipeout due to unexpected attack. Meanwhile allies (guild or party members) would be always as blue dots appear in the map.
In Yuuto’s map, displayed 8 yellow dots. 3 yellow dots, which located right in front of his directions, had “Visual detection” mark beside them, while the other 5 dots, which located at the right and left sideways where walls located, had either “Bloodlust detection” or “Auditorial detection” mark beside them, just like the time when he first detected the Roareaf Wolves in the forest.
When they arrived at the bottom of the hill, about 100 meters away from the fort, the fort’s guards began to yell at them from the gap between the wall, where a gatehouse once stood.

ꦏꦺꦴ​ꦠꦧꦿ​ꦱꦶꦗ꦳꧀ꦠ꧈​​ ꦢꦺꦴꦃ​ꦒꦱꦶꦤꦸ​ꦩꦼꦶ

Of course, neither Yuuto nor Florea could understood what they say. Yuuto, calmly unsheathed his sword and prepare to battle, while slowly climbing the not so steep hill. Observing this, the guards began to yell.

ꦧꦿꦏ꧀ꦠꦶ꧉ ​​ꦯꦺꦂꦒꦸꦁꦠ

Then from behind the walls, crossbow bolts began to fly towards him. Yuuto quickly realized that this was fired by the hiding bandits near the perimeter wall.
A normal person mightn’t be able to respond, but strangely the almost 50 meter/second velocity of the bolt seems slow for him as he could clearly see the bolts midair. He blocked the ones aimed at him by using Ziegenfall and swat the stray bolts that was going to hit Florea out of the air with his sword. This seemingly inhuman feat was something that feel natural for Yuuto, must be because of his late-game high stats. Florea was startled when the broken bolts landed at her feet., she quickly hide herself behind Yuuto.
One thing that make Yuuto curious was that even though the bandits began attacking him, their dots were still colored yellow and didn’t turn red. When Yuuto was attacked by the Roareaf Wolves in the forest earlier this day, the map clearly marked the wolves as red dots. Even Florea and the standby Team Gimmel were clearly marked as blue dots. The Map settings: Showing Hostile, was also turned on. What happened, Yuuto wonder.

“ꦏꦺꦴꦲꦶꦥꦼꦃꦩꦼꦶ꧉ ꦯꦺꦂꦒꦸꦁꦠ꧈​ ꦯꦺꦂꦒꦸꦁꦠ

This time, the number of bolts swell as the frequency of fire increased. While blocking and swatting the blts coming towards him, Yuuto confirmed on his map that the number of yellow dots didn’t increase, yet they were able to sustain this amount of rate of fire, so he believed that the bandits were using something like repeating crossbow. Yuuto was really curious to examine the crossbow closely, to check whether it was similar to RAHO’s bowguns.
Maybe because Yuuto didn’t harmed by the hail of bolts, the number of the yellow dots Yuuto detected began to increase to about 20s, and the number of the bolts increased beyond what Yuuto could block, even with his ridiculous high stats. Some of the bolts passed through his defense and hit his body, albeit, stopped by his coat before able to do real damage. As expected of a coat made from Starcore Dragon Sinew and Nanoorichalcum Fiber. After all, it costs an arm and a leg (albeit from Rare Monsters) for Yuuto to procure enough amount to produce the equipment sets. And those who hit his exposed skin, could do anything more than a scratch, thanks to the various defensive buffs he had.
Even so, when Yuuto checked his HP, it had decreased by 0,01%. So in large numbers, 10.000, it could kill him. Death by thousand cuts. Yuuto, now could somehow understand what Godzilla thought when being shot by JSDF Tank…
Either way, the arrow are getting annoying.

Spiritsmith Arts: Plethora Escutcheons

Numerous small Spirit Shields of different types and make appeared in the air surrounding Yuuto, and Florea by extension, and began to revolve around Yuuto like artificial satellites. The flying Spirit Shields interpose themselves at the bolts trajectory, even if a bolt passed through Yuuto just block it nonchalantly.
Since the number of the bolts that he personally need to deal had significantly decreased, Yuuto sheathed his sword and effortlessly grab a bolt in midair. The bolt had a rather rough sharpened dart-like metal blade tip with wooden body resembling a shortened arrow without fletching, that is quite different with full metal sabot normal ammo of bowguns and artiballista that he familiar with. He used his character’s skill, God’s Authority: Impartial Appraisal to check the bolts in his hand.

Iron Bolt
Material Grade: 2 (Impure Iron)】【Quality Grade: -2 (Inferior)
Maker: *ERROR*Server not Connected*
Effect: Accuracy -2; Penetration -1; Damage -1; Range -1

Yuuto unconsciously made a wry smile inside his heart. This is the first time, Yuuto saw a minus Quality Grade and as a crafter, seeing negative effect on an item is kinda sad. He there the bolt and appraised several other bolts he caught from the air. All had negative quality grade.
Then Yuuto sensed a magic being casted by the bandits. It feel strange for him to think that he can ‘sense’ magic. No matter how much Yuuto had felt this since he came to this reality, he still isn’t used to it. Either way, it was rather surprising that the bandits had magicians at their side. Maybe because they see that the bolts couldn’t affect Yuuto, they mages started to cast magic at him. Yuuto was a bit excited to see what kind of magic they would cast to him. He changed the Spirit Shields configuration by exchanging several range attack resistance Spirit Shields to magic attack resistance Spirit Shields. He also replaced several physical defense buffs with magical defense buffs. Yuuto stopped climbing the hill and waited until the magic casting finished.



Then what can be described as a fire arrow and a swirling wind, shot through the air towards Yuuto. Sadly, when the attacks hit the small Spirit Shields that orbited Yuuto, it disappeared with a trace. Seeing this, Yuuto knitted his eyebrow. As it is, the magic attack resistance Spirit Shields that Yuuto used not only decreased the magic attack power, but also nullify magic attack below Tier 3 Magic. This was rather surprising, since even the lowliest players fresh from tutorial could use some form of Tier 4 Magic.
For comparison, non-magic focused like Yuuto could use up to Tier 7 Magic, Ichiko could access up to Tier 12 Healing Magic, while full-blown magician Stella could use up to Tier 14 Magic (RAHO had 18 Magic Tier as per the latest expansion).
Yuuto waited until they launched another magic attack, but the next magic volleys also nullified by the Spirit Shields. While Yuuto was wondering when they were going to use Tier 4 Magic, the attacks stopped. Based on the maps, the bandits began to reorganize and gathered in front of the ruined gate. Either they had ran out of bolts, realized that their attacks were ineffective, or they tired from Yuuto who waltzed through that rain without getting wet. Seeing this, Yuuto began to walk up to the hill, while Florea followed from behind.

When Yuuto arrived near the top of the hills, the bandits already gathered in the gate with their weapon brandished and pointed at him. Then one large man with visible bulging muscle came out and stood before them while putting his big arms rested on a large battleaxe. The man began to shout at Yuuto with threatening attitude.


Even without being able to understand what the man said, Yuuto could basically guessing that the bandits didn’t happy to see him alive. Yuuto then used his character’s skill, God’s Authority: Impartial Appraisal at the large man.

Karma Balance: Very Evil Verdict: Guilty 100% (13/13)】【Repentance Chance: <1%

Strangely only four column appeared, with one unreadable column and the column wasn’t something that exists in the status of RAHO. Confused, Yuuto used God’s Authority: Impartial Appraisal at Florea.

【『Florea d’Printempts| ዪቮን ማችኒልላን |19』】
【『Health: 100% |Mana: 86% |Stamina: 78%』】
【『Female| Remna |Redont |DSL: 36/36』】
【『Neuschwanensee |Guardian Maid』】

The skills functioned properly and showed status just like what he had seen before when he ‘experimented’ with Florea. So there is nothing wrong with the skill. By the way, the crossed out section is Florea’s birth given name, but that a story for another day.
While Yuuto was pondering on the meaning of the column, something in the back of his mind stirred.
“Karma Balance” reflects how bad or good everything that someone had done in his life according to the Judge’s moral code. If clicked, the Judge will be able to see the list of the most important transgression or goodwill he had done.
“Verdict” reflects how much a person need to be punished according to the Judge’s moral code. If clicked, the list of suitable punishment would be displayed.
“Repentance Chance” reflects how much a person could repent and or pardoned by the Judge. If clicked, it would show the list of aggravating and mitigating factors.
The Judge, mentioned here, is no other than Yuuto.
How he could know about this? Yuuto suspected that this was the same mechanism that made him able to fight well using sword even when he lack any real world sword practice, and how Stella can intuitively use magic. After all, God’s Authority: Impartial Appraisal came with the Judgment Authority that he had chosen for his character’s Authority Field that represent which field or realm the Players Characters governs or had authority over it. So he really made a “Judgment” of the person, like Enma or Christian God in End of Times.
In any case, there are reason why RAHO players are called Heaven Lords and the lack of actual level, only DSL (Divine Shards Level). They are in some sense are demigods who will achieve full divinity.
After ruminating this, Yuuto finally could understand why after coming to this reality, he had never failed when crafting things, unlike the game, and how he instinctively know about creating so many things. It was because of his other Authority: Creation Authority.
As a test, Yuuto clicked the Karma Balance of the large man in front of him. The succession of events of rapes, murder, pillage that appeared in his mind, made Yuuto stopped to probe any further. He agreed with his skill judgment. This man is 100% guilty and it would be hard for Yuuto to pardon him. But this isn’t what Yuuto want to know. Yuuto want to know how strong the man was. So he used the other mode of finding out the relative difference in power.
Unlike other MMORPG, RAHO didn’t let their power to see the enemy level directly (since the monster stats and level are randomized between certain range). Baring the rather imprecise appraisal skills that give the enemy DSL equivalent stats, common players used their Mana Sense to detect how strong an enemy to him. Mana Sense itself was influenced by the players stats and jobs, players with higher Soul Stats (magic stats) or Magic-related Jobs would be better at detecting the magical strength of the enemy and worse at detecting physical strength, while players with higher Physical Stats or Combat-related Jobs would be better at detecting the physical strength of the enemy, while worse at detecting magical strength. Hybrid players tend to have imprecise detection capabilities because of this. The result of the detection are displayed as a series of color. The redder the color the stronger the enemy, while blue showed that the enemy is weak. Because of the polarity of detection method, a strong mage could detect enemy as magically weak or strong but couldn’t know whether or not the enemy is strong physically, and vice versa for a strong warrior. That’s why partying with a person with opposite stats paradigm is important and people with support or non-combat job that had appraisal skills is also important in raiding Instance or hunting monster. Since Yuuto is from support jobs and can be considered as Hybrid, so he usually didn’t depend too much on his Mana Sense skills.
Lacking any other option, Yuuto activated his Mana Sense skills… And find his vision bathed in blue.

Maybe because he thought Yuuto ignored him, or because he was tired from yelling threats at Yuuto, the man suddenly rushed towards Yuuto with raised battleaxe. In just a few second, the large man already covered 20 meters and arrived at Yuuto’s right with the battleaxe swung down at him between the gaps of orbiting shields. Yuuto admired a bit by how that large man could move that swift while holding that large battleaxe. But since he had used to see a small girl like Chie could move with eyebreaking speed with 2 meter greatblade, this sight wasn’t that surprising. Or rather, that man’s move was too slow. Maybe, Kiyomi could move faster than him if she didn’t mind her low stamina bar.
Yuuto calmly turned his body to face the man and then slashed at the man with Yobel still inside its sheathe before the man could land a hit. Now, please imagine how in the game a PC could pierce a very hard dragon’s scale just by using his arm to swing the sword. No matter how sharp the blade is, without a strong arms the blade wouldn’t be able to slash through. Now, back in the game, Yuuto routinely slay terrestrial dragons for farming crafting ingredients. And now, Yuuto made an attack, with his limiter turned off, full power. Even if the sword is sheathed, and so blunt, the momentum behind that sword fully impacted the large man and send him flying. The large man bounced at the stone paved courtyard like stone skipped above the water before finally struck the fort’s stone wall beside the main entrance and sunk inside the cracked stone. Of course while doing this, the blood burst out from the ripped skin and muscles as if a tomato splashed at the wall. By the resulting weird limb and torso position and shape, it was clear that most of the bone had not only broken but shattered. There’s no doubt that this was fatal.
 Seeing this anticlimax one sided fight scene, the other bandits were dumbfounded, while Florea looked like she was so horrified tears began unconsciously gathered at the corner of her eyes. While Yuuto showed an *oops* expression on his face. Even though he had just inadvertently killed a ‘human being’, his feeling didn’t shaken or racked by guilt. It wasn’t because Yuuto was a heartless person or a psychopath that glee at wanton murder. But mainly because, Yuuto honestly surprised by how his one swing could do this. After all, when Chie was okay even after receiving even a hit stronger than this one. Is it because he didn’t turn Non-Lethal mode?
Yuuto also didn’t felt that much guilt because the person he just killed now was a bandit, that he had ‘judge’ to be ‘guilty’. There is a reason why in many games, one of the first human being a player killed will be bandits. People tend won’t feel guilty killing someone who are bad guys, after all we all want to see bad guys to be punished. There also because, as a FPV games players, Yuuto had played many different games, and so he had seen and killed many kind of creatures and other human beings in the games. And this reality, had uncanny resemblance and absurdities resembling a game. Also, he can just resurrection them later. So rather than guilt, he was more curious. After all, Yuto is the type of meticulous person who like to find his answer in experimentation.
But for the people in that place, Yuuto rather surprised and calm expression was as if he saying, “What? Dead already? How weak?”
The bandits were shaken for awhile, before they get hold of themselves and then after doing some nonverbal gesture, three of them began to launch a simultaneous attack at Yuuto. Yuuto casted his God’s Authority: Impartial Appraisal at the approaching enemies in split-second, Guilty, Guilty, Guilty. All Guilty.
Seeing this, Yuuto activated Non-Lethal mode and hit one of them in the body with unsheathed Yobel lightly, albeit at a speed that the bandits could hardly react. This time the attacker didn’t get blown away, only blown at the place. As if something exploded inside him, his chest and abdomen burst over and blood and other bodily liquids flowed out. Even though its Non-Lethal, the bandit still die; Yuuto was really troubled. Seeing the horrible event that suddenly visited their friend, the other two bandits wavered and stood still.
While being a bit annoyed, Yuuto put his limiter at 50%, and then approached the one of the bandits who was still nailed stiff at the place. Yuuto tapped Yobel lightly at the bandits head. But then the head became greatly dented, not long after the bandit collapsed at the place, with reddish liquid flowed from his nose. Yuuto became a bit vexed this time.
Yuuto looked at the last surviving attacker with a rather annoyed expression. “How to not kill the last one.” He was trying hard to analyze the gathered information. But for the lucky survivor and the other bandits, it was more like, “How to kill this one, I wonder?”
As if they were escaping from the embodiment of death himself, the bandits ran into the fort. Some that chose to escape by jumping the wall were quickly dealt with by the waiting Team Gimel. Like Yuuto told them, Team Gimel cut the legs or arms of the bandits before gave them the laced Haemostatic Potion.
Seeing the three dead bodies he just caused by casually swinging his sword, Yobel. Yuuto thought to himself.

‘How could this happen?’

Non-Lethal mode shouldn’t kill as it cause the attack to not decrease the attack HP below 25%. Then again how could this work, realistically? Will the attack converted into harmless energy? Is the momentum dampened and so the impact force lessened? Yet, it worked perfectly when he was training with Chie. More experiment is needed. In worse case, Yuuto need just avoid the body and just cut the arms or legs.
Or maybe because of Yobel? Certainly, unlike normal sword, Yobel is actually very heavy due to its Gravitonium Core. When it was weighed, it weight was close to 30 kilograms. Getting a 30 kg sword (even if it’s sheathed) hitting your body at high-speed isn’t really a healthy thing. Since the dead bandits equipment were only Grade 2 or 3 when he appraised them, maybe it’s better use a much weaker sword. Luckily Yuuto had a lot of overenchanted lower grade weapons.
Or because he turned off the limiter, yet with 50% limiter the damage is still too big. Maybe he need to adjust the limiter and his own power output to the limit where he won’t kill anyone just by casually swinging sword. It would be a disaster if he unintentionally killed someone due to forgetting to turn on the limiter. He also need to warn the girls. It would be devastating for the girls if they accidentally killing someone.

After Yuuto took out, Saphiah, a Material Grade 3 Iron Sword, but was uncharacteristically Quality Grade 10 “Origin”, and also overenchanted… Even so it’s much much much weaker than Yobel. This sword was produced by RNG luck when Yuuto who just a lowly beginner smith was mass producing lower grade weapons to increase his weapon smithing proficiency. Since it’s the first Quality Grade 10 weapon he smithed, Yuuto keep it as a trophy. Now, with the newly equipped weapon Yuuto ready to enter the fort. But there still something he needed to do.

Since the yellow dots already disappeared, as the bandits exited his visual range and they had lost their bloodlust to Yuuto (Chie could detect their ‘fear’ though), it would be troublesome if he didn’t know the whereabouts of the bandits. Now, to make the yellow dots appeared, Yuuto activated his character skill that he obtained when he became Tier 4 Character, Divine Sense, that would make him able to detect enemies weaker than him around a certain radius. The drawback was that it continuously sap MP, but it seemed that Yuuto won’t need that much MP after all.
When the Divine Sense activated Yuuto could sense 82 ‘human existence’, ignoring the numerous hits of smaller lifeforms. From those 82, 19 were secluded together in two group deep under the fort. These might be the captives. The other 63 were mostly gathered together in formation near the captives. Maybe there were large room near the captives? Since the true layout of the fort was unknown, Yuuto need to go down by himself.
Well, before that let’s hear the report.

“All Team Report.”

Yuuto send a single text message to the Team Leaders.
Then there were two popping sound accompanied with colored smoke. Looks like Signal magic still can be used properly. The two smoke were colored light blue and pale yellow from Team Aleph and Team Beth respectively, that signaled that each teams hadn’t met with any problem. Team Gimel had already surrounded the fort and ready for entry if Yuuto gave order. Well Yuuto thought that this might be not needed, so Team Gimel would be guarding the outside so all that try to escape could be caught.
All preparations complete Yuuto entered the fort together with Florea that had the expression as if she was going to say, “Why me too???”


Guffatar was angry. One of the girl had tried to interfere his fun personal time. He looked at the girl who head was bloodied after hit the jagged rock floor. His evil smile arose as he looked over the girl. He changed his mind, this one would be the appetizer and then he would gave this girl away as play toy for his boys to keep. After all the merchants won’t be mad if he missed selling one. The mage girl would be the main course.
Just to make sure, the girl didn’t do anything, Guffatar kicked her hard several times for good measure. Looking at her gasping from the pain made Guffatar grinned. She won’t die immediately, but it would surely teach her a lesson. With a sadistic glee, Guffatar ripped the girl’s cloths until the barest bare, after all she won’t need it anymore...
There were some unexpected whip scar at her body, but not to extent of distasteful. Meanwhile, the mage beside him began to curse Guffatar and tried to kicked or bumped her body at him. Too bad Guffatar had taken steps by distancing himself from the mage’s kicking range.
Now time to eat.
But suddenly, there was banging at the door. His subordinate reported what had happened in the courtyard with frightened voice.

“B-Boss! Big trouble!  Someone had come and killed Vice Boss.”

Guffatar hardly could believe his ears. Rikwi the Vice Boss, wasn’t a weak man, but a hardened veteran of many battlefields. His greataxe had ended many captains and generals life.
He put his pants back and opened the door. In front of the door to the captives room, dozens of people gathered. Some were panting hard with face white as ice, the others were confused by their comrades who suddenly came running from topside.

“Can, someone tell me in detail what the hell is going on?”

One of his subordinates then began to narrate an impossible tale of  a person who could walk unscathed under hails of bolts fire and killed three of his subordinates in exaggerated way with a speed they could barely follow.

“A Knight! They had send a Knight to us!”

A dejected subordinates began to scream in terror. Hearing the word “Knight” the others became pale. Who could fight against the elite of elite? However, Guffatar doubted this. He had fought with and against Knights, but even with their strength there are no Knight who could do such feat described before. Either way, he had made a deal with that fat guy, and he promised to not send any force to disturb Guffatar as long as Guffatar send some of the booty to him. So there shouldn’t be any knight coming this way.
At any rate, Guffatar couldn’t let someone do what he please with his group. Everyone who oppose them must be taught a lesson.

“Grab the crossbow, we will teach him a lesson here!”

Guffatar rallied his men who then made makeshift barricade in the center of the room using tables and boxes. Crossbow aimed at the only corridor where the attacker would come.

Their spirit might be willing… Too bad their flesh was too weak…


RAHO magic tier:
Originally RAHO only had 10 Magic Tier
Tier 1-3: Basic Tier Magic. Mostly ignored by players due to power creep after the third expansion.
Tier 4-6: Intermediate Tier Magic. Mostly spammed in large numbers due to relative low cost by the new players. Forgotten when they able to spam Tier 7-9 Magic.
Tier 7-9: Advance Tier Magic. Stella’s staple magics are mostly from this tier.
Tier 10-12: Divine Tier Magic. Late-game’s players mostly used magic from this tier. Stella just arrived at this level. Tier 11-12 introduced in the Second Expansion.
Tier 13-15: Transcendental Tier Magic. The level of this magic tier usually serve as final attack as MP cost end to be prohibitive. Stella could use this tier magic if she burn all of her MP. Tier 13-15 was introduced in Third Expansion.
Tier 16-18: Origin Tier Magic. Only end-game players that had close to or already maxed out their DSL had this level of magic. The magic had a really flashy SFX that sometimes crashed the RAHO program for those with low-end gaming computers. No one in Neuschwanensee Guild have this level of this magic. Tier 16-18 introduced in the Fifth Expansion.
Sixth Expansion (latest) didn’t introduce any more tier, but introduce wide range of new Magic Path. Maybe the game designers realized they if they do too much power creep, the magic systems could be broken out of balance.

RAHO’s expansion
1st Expansion: Triumphant Rapture : adding new maps, jobs, introducing new Authority systems and Alliance Guilds War, bug fixes
2nd Expansion: Unlimited Marvel : adding new maps, jobs, skills, authorities, increasing DSL from 64 to 80, adding 11-12 Tier Magics, introducing Holy Land management (nicknamed SimCity features), bug fixes
3rd Expansion: Elysium Bastion : adding new maps, jobs, skills, authorities, increasing DSL from 80 to 96, adding Tier 13-15 Tier Magics, introducing Marriage systems, ingame/outgame Social Media, Vehicle riding (nicknamed GTA features), bug fixes
4th Expansion: Cosmic Crusade: Total game rebalance, revamping all maps, jobs, skills. Increasing DSL from 96 to 108. Introducing Personal Heaven feature, Advance Job system, Composite Skill and Magic. Bug fixes
5th Expansion: Ultimate Revelation: adding new maps, jobs, skills, authorities, increasing the number of nation/tribe/clan selection for each race, adding new specific race/nation skills, adding Tier-4 Jobs skills/magics, adding new Tier 16-18 Tier Magic. New Holy Land features (economy, politic, demographic), game now use Ultra-Res Textures.
6th Expansion: Universe Central: adding new maps, adding and rebalancing jobs and skills. Introducing Magic Paths, Increasing DSL from 108 to 128.


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    1. Personal Heaven is a foreshadow of something I can't spoil here. All the players has Personal Heaven after they passed a certain something, what a Personal Heaven? Just you wait.

      Kiyomi already had Bard as one of her 10 Jobs limit, so 'singing' is art of her 'Job' and Real Life Skill. Stella could sew things 'Real Life Skill' but she didn't get any additional "Tailoring" skills, since she didn't had Artificier as one of her 10 Jobs limits. In a sense, this New World is a hybrid of game and reality (at least for the PC... I need find a term to refer them). So the 'systems' is a rather messy mix of both worlds, with confusing end result, as the 'system' tried to 'rationalize' game into 'reality' and fit 'reality' inside 'game'.

      Oh the reason why Yuuto always took Florea along? He likes her freaked out expression... It's kinda cute for him... (just read Chapter 1 Part 2 again, yeah, Yuuto had a weird sense of humor). Florea is actually a kinda silly girl, if Yuuto didn't frighten her...

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