09 June 2016

The Valtras Myth - Chapter 6

The Author:
Typesetter (not editor):
Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 6

Dinner tastes great like usual, even though I can feel someone glaring at me from time to time. Chiyo was sitting beside me along with my mom on the other.
Though the food tastes great, I can't really enjoy it all that much with my mom trying to feed me and Chiyo pestering me to feed her. I can't believe it, but I don't feel hungry anymore.
I excused myself from dinner and escaped into my room. I leapt to the beanbag and arranged myself for a nap. But just before I found the perfect spot someone was knocking on my door.

'Leo, may I have a word with you?'(Kazuto)

I stood up and opened the door for him. He looks mad and has a scary look on his face. I did something dumb didn't I?

'Leo, did you or did you not give my daughter, Chiyo, a ring?'(Kazuto)

He sounds scary too, just like when dad is in a bad mood after a few too many retries.


'What are your intentions for giving my sweet baby girl a ring?'(Kazuto)

'It was just a gift? Girls like jewelry right?'(Leo)

I am seriously scared now, I don't want to be here anymore.

'Are you trying to tell me that you are attempting to get in a relationship with my little girl?'(Kazuto)

'N-n-no sir, I think Chiyo is a great friend so I wanted to give her a gift, nothing else.'(Leo)

'Are you telling me my daughter isn't good enough for you? Is that what you're trying to say? Is that it you punk?'(Kazuto)

'No sir, I think Chiyo is a great girl anybody would be lucky to be with her.'(Leo)

'So you ARE trying to make a move on her!'(Kazuto)

I don't understand what you're trying to say, do you want us to hook up or stay apart? This is equally scary and confusing.

'Chiyo is my daughter and I don't want her getting-'(Kazuto)

'Dad! I knew you were here! What are you doing to Leo?'(Akane)

Suddenly a slipper was sliding off Kazuto-san's face. I look behind me and Akane was standing by the door with her other slipper locked in a throwing position.

'But, but, he's-'(Kazuto)

The other slipper made contact with Kazuto-san's face.

'No buts. You're bullying Leo I'm sure. I can't believe a father of mine is bullying my friend. I'm ashamed of you.'(Akane)

And now Kazuto-san became a lifeless body on the floor. Tears were flowing from his eyes and he kept muttering how his own daughter was ashamed of him.

'Sorry about this, dad gets like that from time to time, don't mind it.'(Akane)

She began dragging her father back to the dining room, but stopped just before leaving the room.

'By the way, I prefer earrings over rings.'

So she said before closing the door behind her.


We're dungeon diving along with the Kansaki family. Its mostly a single route with only weak monsters roaming the area. A few treasure chests were hidden here and there but only cheap stuff were inside, like broken weapons and common level materials. Low level dungeon indeed.
Along the way, the path forked into multiple paths so we split the group. Dad and Kazuto-san took one looks like it went to a lower level. Mom, Kana-san, and Akane-san went in one leading up. And Chiyo went along with me on the one that continued forward.
I stayed in front making sure to not let anything get near Chiyo, and she provided support with her arrows. It was simple, but something was starting to feel strange. It was too easy.
Chiyo volunteered to scout ahead while I was dismantling the monsters we defeated. Getting the materials from monsters is important since we can use those to upgrade our gear. And their cores could be sold for a good price, and the mana inside them could serve as a battery pack for magic weapons, when we finally get some.
I finished up my dismatling and put it all in my bag. I should probably check up on Chiyo. I follow the path and saw a few dead monsters filled with arrows. Yeah, it's this way.

'Chiyo! You here?'(Leo)

I was suddenly tackled from behind.

'Gotcha Leo-kun! I bet you couldn't find me!'(Chiyo)

She was yelling so excitedly that she sat on me when I fell to the floor.

'Did you get a new skill?'(Leo)

'Yep! I got [Shadow Meld] for my hunter class. Hehe, I managed to level up on my own.'(Chiyo)

'That's great! Do you want to keep going? Or should we go back and wait for them?'(Leo)

'Let's go forward! I want to see more, and level up a few more times.'(Chiyo)

Please don't use me as a platform for heroic poses.


'Yes, Leo-kun?'(Chiyo)

'May I stand up? You're standing on me and you're kind of heavy.'(Leo)

My face met the floor as Chiyo stomped on my head.

'You're an idiot Leo-kun. You're stupid and mean.'(Chiyo)

Then she marched off further into the dungeon.
As we walked and fought monsters, Chiyo mostly ignores me, and somehow arrows hit me. Apparently it's my fault for moving too much and getting in her shot, how does that happen when she's in front of me? Girls are confusing and hard to understand.
We reached the end of the path and then I saw it. It was the big door. It's probably the entrance for the boss or a teleporter. But that's strange, how come there are monsters in front of the door? This should be a resting zone. Something is definitely wrong here.
I saw Chiyo run to the door and opened it. I tried to stop her but it was too late.

'Chiyo, stop! That's a trap!'(Leo)

Suddenly multiple burning spears shot from the walls and impaled Chiyo. I ran towards her but the ground suddenly shifted. Then the world went white.

'Damn it.'(Leo)

I died didn't I?
I woke up back at the cave entrance. I looked around and saw Chiyo being comforted by her sister while Kana-san and Kazuto-san were being lectured by mom and dad. Yeah, we all died.
Mom and dad saw me and asked how we died.


'Sudden pitfall.'(Nitra)

'Overachieving along with a horde of monsters.'(Mios)

We looked at each other and sighed. I don't think we'll be getting any further today. Besides, it's lunch so we should probably eat.
We logged out and stretched our muscles while we waited for mom and Kana-san to finish cooking lunch.

'This [Age of Conquests] game seems harder than [Supreme Arts]. But it sure is fun playing in virtual reality.'(Akane)

'Yeah, I get to do things We normally can't, and the fights with monsters was thrilling.'(Chiyo)

'Hooray for virtual reality!'(Akane + Chiyo)

"Hooray!'(Akane + Chiyo)


  1. Glad you enjoyed it. I'm working on chapter 7 right now, might take a while.

  2. Trapdoor... I imagine that being a thing in the ground that one falls into and it then closes behind you... Door trap, trapped door, sth else is what I'd use tbh. Other than that... It's a refreshing concept of story and a twist on puppy love (kitten love) waay to early for a 8yr to be proposing/getting proposed to imho.