19 June 2016

Himekishi to Camping Car - Arc 1 Chapter 3

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Arc 1
Chapter 3
Princess Knight and Biological Weapon.

Inside the RV at the six-jou tatami room. Naoto stood at the mat and watched over the 5 inches LCD control panel that was embedded on the wall.
There were various graphs and numbers displayed in the screen. This was too, an option that he asked to be added, a control system for the entire RV.
The remaining amount of gasoline, electricity and water were of course will be there, but also the current state of solar power, temperature and humidity inside and outside the RV, and even the atmospheric pressure, all kinds of things were quantified and displayed on the screen.
Inside those numbers, only the amount of electricity and water had been decreased in an alarming rate.
The reason was, because fire was currently used for the shower.
This RV…… Patricia, there was one particular option that Naoto was fastidious about, that is high capacity tank and high efficiency boiler for the shower function, so he could take a shower that didn’t felt different from most buildings.
Although he was fastidious about the shower, he offered Sofia to become the first one taking the shower, but Naoto thought that this too had a good result.
The reason was, if it was he who was taking the shower, then he couldn’t confirmed and saw the control panel by his own eyes, so it was all right in the end.
Then, Naoto could confirm the features of the entire system, however, he found two entries had showed an status error.
Those entries was the GPS and the Network.
“GPS not found”, that indicate it was outside the network coverage.
Since it showed “Error” then based on the current condition, it can be said that it had functioning normally.

The communication system is completely dead, as expected, maybe because this is another world……(Naoto)

He muttered and then properly looked over the atmospheric pressure entry.

The atmospheric pressure is about 950[1]…… Then the elevation is roughly about 500 meter[2], huh? But this is only based on knowledge of the previous world.(Naoto)

While made a rough calculation in his head, he continued examining the screen.
Suddenly, the remaining amount of water already decreased by half, when he realized this, he was a bit surprised.
The cause was, of course, because Sofia was using the shower.


He unconsciously gulped.
The panel was at the driver seat direction, while the shower cubicle was at the RV rear.
The reason why he was looking the screen until now, was to bend his awareness from Shower.
But, when he saw the number of that panel decreased, in the end he still remembered that thing.
Spontaneously, he took a quick glance behind him.
In front of the shower, was the cloth basket. Seeing the clothing and armor Sofia had taken off, he once again gulped.


The sound of water stopped and Sofia cold voice could be heard from the cubicle.
That voice was as if it could pluck off the nerve.

-you are peeking…… You know what will happen, right?(Sofia)
I-I-I-I won’t peek, even in the company I am famous as a herbivorous man.[3](Naoto)
I don’t what that means, but it good if you understand.(Sofia)

She spoke until these words and then the sounds of water could be heard again from the cubicle.
‘If I stay here, it will be bad’, so Naoto flusteredly opened the door and flee outside the RV.
The RV’s outside was dyed by the sunset color, the monitor showed that the temperature outside was about 15 degree[4], so as expected it was a bit chilly. However, on the contrary, Naoto feel glad.
Since he could stand here for a while and cool his head.
To cool himself, he rubbed his hand, while do a round circling the RV.
 There were various plants such as trees and grasses at the surroundings.
He had though if the plants of another world were mostly things he never saw before, but even if the mechanism was different, judging from the appearance he could recognize the plant was similar to the dandelion he played with when he was still a child. So he couldn’t made a conclusion of this.

It will be easier if the tree sprout feet and walked or the flower have wriggling tentacle…(Naoto)

He muttered his impression of another world’s plants he had in his mind.
‘If it like that, then it will be impactful.’ he made a light sigh.

Really, I wonder where is this place.(Naoto)

While he was talking to himself, he looked at the sunset sky.
Coming out from a tunnel into another world ―― or the likes was a unreasonable situation similar to a famous celebrity jumped out from his grave while doing an offbeat hit.
Off course, his common sense would deny this, however he remembered the orc that he had seen before.
Head of a pig, and for better or worse, a sumo wrestler body. Truly a mysterious life form.
When he saw a picture of kangaroo before he had an impression of, a real beastkin!, but he had seen orc that was even more stranger than reality.
His reaction was mostly this.

Maybe they are in costume…… But even after being ran over, they still made ogo-ogo sounds, then what a great acting skill that will be.(Naoto)

When he remembered this thing, he made a wry smile.
Maybe there was something out there that made him could judge whether or not this place was another world. So he surveyed his surroundings a bit more.


This time it wasn’t never seen before plant, but heard a howl that he had familiarized with. It was a howl of a dog.

After the pig man now this time it’s the dog-eared girl?(Naoto)

While holding off the point expectation, he turned his sight towards the sound’s direction.
What he seen wasn’t a humanoid dog like he had expected, but just a normal puppy that had an appearance of shiba inu.[5]
That puppy were surrounded by monsters.
Yes, monsters.
It was different from plants, and no matter how someone interpreted it, it’s a group that can only be referred monsters.
What he seen there was the soft-bodied creature that oftentimes seen in the fantasy genre. A creature called ‘Slime’.
The surrounding slimes slowly chasing the puppy.

I have to save it.(Naoto)

He didn’t know why they chase the puppy, but he didn’t need to know after he saw the frightened puppy’s eyes.
Naoto picked up a stick that lied near his feet, he bend his waist and made a posture.


Just when he going to rushed out for the puppy, there was a dignified sound called him to halt from behind.


He turned around and shouted, there was the armored appearance of Sofia in her armor, surely she was came rushing from the shower.

Let me deal with it.[6](Sofia)

The girl said this, passed Naoto and took a step beyond him.
At that moment, Naoto felt relieved. Rather than the stick in his hand, he felt more relieved at the gallant appearance of Princess Knight.
At the other direction, the slimes simultaneously stopped moving when Sofia made her appearance. Then after a short pause, this time they simultaneously moving towards her.
Not towards Naoto, but clearly towards Sofia.

So you come to me as expected, huh? You who had taken the wrong path of the divine providence for the races!(Sofia)

What did she mean by it, Naoto was wondering.
The next moment, her hair color changed. Just like when he shot the flame magic before, the color changed from calmly shining silver into burning red. Even when there was no wind, her hair  was fluttering while scattering sparks.
He widened her feet and projected her right hand. In an instant, the sparks gathered before it.
Then, by firing the flame magic, she eradicated the slimes.

Wow, amazing.(Naoto)

In an instant, the majority of the slimes had been burned into ash by the flame magic, so Naoto felt an admiration and unconsciously made an applause.
Although she had an image of a vaguely unreliable person, as expected he get a better opinion of her as a magnificent Princess Knight.
Without knowing that her stock price at Naoto’s had increased, Sofia approached the puppy and extended her hand.

Now, it’s alr――(Sofia)

Just when she was in the middle of addressing it, the puppy let out a frightened whimper and with its tail tucked, it began to run away.
What was the dog running away from? Sofia who had blazing color hair.

Maybe it is frightened……(Naoto)

Naoto muttered after comparing both sides.
It was good that she saved it, but she overdid it, so the saved party also became scared by it.
Sofia was stiffened with her hand still stretched out when the dog ran away. The beautiful hair that returned to silver color induced a pity.
Before long that hand dangled feebly, she dropped her shoulders, and her feeling while at it.

W-well, don’t worry about it.(Naoto)
I’m not bothered by it.(Sofia)

Naoto tried to comfort Sofia who then made a quick fix on her expression. She raised her face and looked straight at Naoto.
She had returned to the gallant appearance of a Princess Knight, and returned towards the RV.
He sense that the sight of her clearly obstinate retreating figure, was pitiable.
He thought about consoling her.
And then after catching up with her, he called out.

Do you want to drink a tea?(Naoto)
Yes, tea. That’s right, since while at it, let’s drink at the veranda.(Naoto)

Sofia tilted her head, and parroted the words with a flat pronunciation.
Just like the time with the kotatsu, he quickly understand that these were something unknwn to her.
Naoto returned to the RV, but not from the side entrance, he turned to the RV’s rear, and opened the door there.
Since it wasn’t a default factory-installed option, the veranda was an order made one.
After comparing the veranda and the sky, this time Naoto headed towards the driver seat, and moved the RV direction.
The veranda at the RV’s rear now turned towards the setting sun.

Is this thing also can move?(Sofia)

Sofia who was watching for the first time that the RV moved was surprised, but that wasn’t the important thing for now.
With the sunset shined into the veranda, he was satisfied by the scene.

You sit here and please wait a moment.(Naoto)
In here?(Sofia)
That’s right, please wait.(Naoto)

After he confirmed that the Princess Knight had sat at the sunset dyed veranda, Naoto went inside and then poured the boiled water in the kitchen space and a pack of green tea into a teacup. Then he returned to the veranda, and hand over it to Sofia who was suspicious of it.

Here for you, have a drink.(Naoto)
This is…… letters?(Sofia)
Hm? Ah, so this is a printed teacup? The letters mean sushi.(Naoto)
Well, that’s don’t matter, why don’t you try to drink the tea? Do you know what a tea is?(Naoto)
Tea, right? Well I often drink it……(Sofia)

Sofia hesitated a bit, but she elegantly took a sip of the tea.
Naoto fastidiousness wished to tell her to drink the tea with a slurping sound, but it would just like telling a westerner that was used to eat pasta what to do when eating ramen, so he gave up.


Sofia let out a sigh from his mouth.
So it’s effective, seeing this Naoto decided to do a further pursuit. This time, he took out the glass wind chime that he had bought from Homecenter[7], and installed it on top of the veranda.
Then, just as the wind blow, *cring*, it gave a lovely sound.


The armored Princess Knight let out a pleasant moan.
The veranda dyed by sunset, the piping hot Japenese tea, and the sounds from the wind chime.
A synergy, born from 3-step combos.
It was already an overkill for a Princess Knight, her gallantness she showed until now, had thoroughly disappear.

Pfft~*holding laugh*.(Naoto)
―― Ah!.(Sofia)

Sofia came to her sense, and her face was bright red. She scowled at Naoto who was smiling.

You-you scum, you used a strange magic again!(Sofia)
Maybe it can be called as a space magic.(Naoto)
Gugh, you despicable bastard.(Sofia)
By the way for your information, this is still not everything. Since this veranda true function is for the summer.(Naoto)

Sofia became speechless, since she had experienced it, she might be imagining it when it was summer.
Just like the time with the kotatsu, each and every single reaction from this girl were interesting, that made Naoto want to tease her.

I wonder what reaction will you give when that time come, kukuku, I will waiting for it.(Naoto)
Gugh,  w-who want to stay in this place?(Sofia)

She placed the teacup at the veranda and stood up to depart.


Just when he was going to call her to stop, he was interrupted by a howl that he had heard before.
He shifted his eyes at the voice’s origin. It was the puppy. Its poked out its face from the tree’s shadow and looked at how Naoto’s side react.

Ah it’s the puppy from just now, so it returned.(Naoto)
Ah, it comes approaching.(Sofia)

The shiba-inu look-a-like puppy went by Sofia and climbed up to the veranda. Since it had small body, it met some trouble, but somehow he succeeded to climb with its own power.
The puppy laid down at the sunset dyed veranda.
The puppy from another world made its veranda debut.[8]
Its appearance was enormously cute.


Sofia’s face who had been loosened and broken into smile was cute.

Who want to stay in this place, right?(Naoto)
Then, you better head back to inside, right?(Naoto)
N-no, this puppy might still be targeted. Since I have save it life once, I need to bear the responsibility until the end.(Sofia)
……In other words?(Naoto)
I will stay here and protect this child.(Sofia)

After saying these words, Sofia sat back at the veranda.
Seeing Sofia’s obstinacy, this time Naoto feel warm and fluffy.
Naoto also sat at the veranda.
Two humans, one animals.
*cring* and the sounds of wind chime.


Oh my, I like how Naoto keep teasing Sofia.
This will surely be better next chapter!
In case you don't get it: The Biological Weapon is the Puppy. After all that puppy made Sofia goes Howa and Honyan

[1] Naoto means mbar (milibar) 950 mbar
[2] 540.1 meter above sea level. Based on http://www.csgnetwork.com/pressurealtcalc.html
[3] Some western reader might know this as Beta or whatever MRA and PUA said….. But as an MD I can say that this concept is BS
[4] Celsius. Not Fahrenheit.
[5] In other words: It’s a Doge!
[6] Does anyone know how to translate ‘watakushi’ the formal word for me? Since English didn’t have a formal singular pronoun. Just the all encompassing “I”
[7] Japanese term for Hardware Store that sold many more things
[8] Ho boy… How should I explain this. Just google High School Debut, Summer Debut, Park Debut (for baby and mother)


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