01 June 2016


I have something to announce.
I was assigned or contracted as physician at a certain district hospital far from provincial capital. (It’s near Malaysia-Indonesia border if you curious) starting from this June.
Since I need some time to take my things in order, I won’t have time to post anything big for a moment (maybe for several days).
Still I have translated a lot of chapters…. Just hope the editor finished them.

Okay announcement over.


  1. I hope you are still continuing ONW, also congratulations Yukkuri oniisan.

  2. Physician? You would, probabbly, be busy to your neck.
    But a far from central hospital... Let's hope you are not too busy.

    1. Wouldn't that mean less patients and less income for the doctor though?

    2. a contracted physician usually paid as per contract tho, either no or tons of patient means the same income (my brother was once a physician contracted in papua)

  3. Well good luck, Hopefully the editor is reading this so that the several days don't seem as long.

  4. Several days? I would need something over a week to get used to a new place when it involves a new job as well.
    Just take your time until you have created your daily routine.

  5. Good luck and Congrats!
    Try reading novels for your patients XD

  6. Take care and good luck!
    We'll be here waiting for you (:

  7. Congratulations on your new job, and have a safe trip.

  8. Congrats, and good luck...
    Hope you'll be blessed with many freetime so you can continuing your translations..
    (especially realist)...

  9. Good luck, man. We'll be waitin here for ya.

  10. Replies
    1. at least it is not a demotion....

    2. Something that called "mutasi" (mutation?) in Indo-lingua franca~
      Didn't know too well eventhough I have been gone to Indonesia few times

  11. Good luck Yukkuri-danna~
    I'm rooting for you anywhere and everywhere!

    By any chance perhaps you're sent to Riau or Batam?
    Only those two places I could think about...
    Or maybe at Northern Borneo (Kalimantan) borders I presume?
    Wherever it is good luck!