03 June 2016

Isekai de "Kuro no Iyashite" tte Yobareteimasu - Volume 1 - Chapter 1 Part 2

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Volume 1
Chapter 1
To Another World
Part 2

Somehow, I can hear a distant ringing sound. Beep beep beep beep beep. What is this sound anyway? I have a hunch that I should wake up after hearing this sound, though. So gently, my consciousness resurfaced.
Just then, a screen popped out inside my mind. It was an alarm warning that Search had detected the presence of enemies. There are two yellow markers. One is in the kitchen, and another one is right beside me. I opened my eyes in surprise and then found a large shadow looking at me.


I jumped back. When I bent my body back, my head hit the wall and made a loud sound.

You had slept like a log just now, but it seems that you have a pretty lively way of waking up.(Bear)

I am frozen while clinging to the wall.
It’s a bear, there is a bear here. He is so tall that I need to look up to him, has tough broad shoulders, and his arms are bulging with muscles. He has red shoulder length hair and blue eyes. His facial featuresare deeply sculpted; and, he has a split chin, too. Split chin![1] White armor, huge body, he was really give off an impression of a mighty Knight. His face seems to be radiating the message: “I am helluva strong, baby.”
The person from another world that I met is a Wild-Type Ikemen-san.[2]
Fortunately, it looks like I can understand Red Hair’s words. My ears hear a completely different and unknown language, but I can fully comprehend it. I am really grateful from the bottom of my heart to be able to understand the language. I had been given a translation function. Thank goodness.

― Valerian Forrest[3] ― 
HP                              836836
MP                              326326
Race                           Human
Age                             86
Job                              Phantesma Kingdom[4] | Blue Knight Order Second Division | Commander
Attribute                     :【Fire Wind
Skill                            Iai Slash[5]Two Steps Thrust[6]
Title                              Red Lion
Current Status          :⃞⃞⃞

Yeah. There are many things I want to tsukkomi at. What do you mean by 86 years old? No matter how I see him, he only looks like someone in their late twenties. Then, what’s with the title Red Lion? Too over the top. It is even too chuuni to be a net nickname. Also, what do you mean by a lion? He’s a bear, you know? Bear!

Van. Please don’t do anything that scares her.(Blue Hair)

Perhaps because he heard my scream, the other person entered the room.
He has light blue hair and deep blue eyes. The light blue hair is silky smooth and beautiful. The hair cuticles are glossy. He wears armor similar to Red Hair’s. He also has a tall stature, a slender, but well proportioned firm body, so he seems strong, too. If Red Hair is a “Wild Ikemen” type, then he is a “Cool Beauty” type.

― Alcyan Micah[7] ― 
HP                              797797
MP                              360360
Race                           Human
Age                             82
Job                              Phantesma Kingdom | Blue Knight Order Second Division | Vice Commander
Attribute                     :【Water Wind
Skill                            Dance of Ice Flowers[8]
Title                              Icy Young Noble
Current Status          :⃞⃞⃞

This person also has a chuuni title! Furthermore, he is such a handsome person, you know? If he is 80, then what kind of healthy lifestyle did he have to be this youthful?

I see that you have awoken. I am sorry if my companion scared you. If you like, do you want to join us for breakfast?(Blue Hair)

Breakfast! It’s a breakfast, Madam! I am wholeheartedly alright with it! I want to join the meal!

Hey, are you alright? Are you still half-asleep?(Red Hair)

Since I was still clinging to the wall and not moving a bit from it, Red Hair reached out his hand and rubbed my head. Stop, it’ll be torn! My head will be torn off!

It’s fine, I’m already wake up.(Misuzu)

I smoothly spoke the words, as if there is an instantaneous interpreter in my head. It is strange how my mouth can speak out words I never knew before.

I see. Then, please this way.(Blue Hair)

When I followed the Light Blue Haired Handsome-san out of the room, I looked at my surroundings. Just one bed away from the bed where I had been sleeping were two beds with luggage placed on them. Whoaa, then last night, I slept in the same room with these two? Just how hard did I crash? Normally, I would have woken up. Please do your job,Search! No, that’s wrong. Search was already working properly. Then, please do your job my crisis management ability! Because I felt so embarrassed, I told them that I wanted to borrow the toilet and then headed out.
Not only they enter under the same roof, but even the same room, the me who slept without waking up is stupid, stupid.
Unbelievable. How unbelievable can you be, Kanzaki Misuzu? Even if you were exhausted by the consecutive unthinkable events, this is an unbelievable mistake. If they are bad guys, then I might already be dead by now.
Haa… Like this, I held a one person evaluation meeting for my big mistake.
It was fortunate and relieving that my first meeting with people from this world was on a friendly terms. We can communicate with each other and they also didn’t show any reaction to my black hair and black eyes, so my worries for this point have been cleared.
Also, the matter about their statuses. It seems that both of them are Knights from the Phantesma Kingdom. So perhaps this place is the Phantesma Kingdom? Since they are wearing complete sets of armor, maybe they are on duty.
Then, how far should I explain the situation? The other party is made up of Knights. A poorly devised lie wouldn’t be of any use to them. If I make up some half-baked cover up story, then they would think that I am a suspicious person and then I would be arrested and thrown into jail.
For now, while hiding the fact that I am a person from another world, I will tell them about what happened to me as truthfully as possible. If it is possible, I want them to accompany me to the nearest town. I also want them to teach me about this world.
The next course of action has been decided. But, the first thing, of course, is breakfast.


I had slept in the same room with an unknown man without realizing it. Without any mental preparation, I had inadvertently met with the people of this world. I had received so many shocking events that finally woke me up completely, and then after finishing my one person evaluation meeting, I reentered the house.
The breakfast that the handsome-san prepared was hard bread and stew.
Uuu. At last, I could get a proper meal. Cooked food is the best.

Then, why did Reene came to this forest? Did you also want to harvest the blue dewherb?(Cyan)

The handsome-san, Cyan, asked me. Blue dewherb? Umm, what’s that? I have a feeling I have seen it somewhere…
Ah, Reene is my alias. Since there is a staple “another world story genre” trope that says If your real name, in other words, yot true name, was found out by others, there is a risk that it might be used in a magic to control you[9], so just in case, I didn’t tell them my real name.
The Suzu ()[10] in Misuzu (美鈴) can be read as Rin so I used it as my alias. But they lengthened the vocal part and pronounced it as Riin. In the end, I decided it as Reene[11].
Leaving that aside, I need to answer Cyan-san’s question, right?
By the way, they also didn’t introduce themselves using their real names and only informed me that they are the Knights Van and Cyan.

I don’t know what you mean by blue dewherb. Actually, I was here before I realized it. When I regained my consciousness, I was sitting alone on the highway next to the forest.(Reene)
……What do you mean by regained your consciousness?(Cyan)
I really mean it. When I was walking near my home, my surroundings suddenly became dark. Then suddenly, there were arms that seized me and pulled me. I only remembered up until this part. Then, when I regained consciousness, I was already sitting on the highway.(Reene)

I didn’t tell any lie. I just said it in a misleading way, but the contents are the truth without any embellishments.

I didn’t bring any money or things and I didn’t know where this place was at all. Since I didn’t know which way I should take, I followed the carriage road and entered the forest. Then, I arrived at this house. Since there is no one who answered when I called, I entered without permission.(Reene)

Cyan-san and Van-san threw many questions at me to get finer details, but I answered every question that I could answer while obscuring anything related to Japan. However, I hesitated for a moment about whether or not I should answer that I have one when asked about my family name. When they mentioned it, and since I do have one, so I needed to answer honestly. By twisting my surname Kanzaki, I replied that my family name is Kanzack. When they asked where my house was located, I answereda small village in the countryside in an evasive way.
In the end, their interpretation of my conditions was that, Although the social position is not revealed in detail, perhaps she is a daughter of a quite well known noble house. She had been abducted for some reason and brought here while unconscious, but for some reason, she escaped. This is very convenient for me, though.
When I stopped telling them my story, Van-san then asked me.

Hey, Reene, after you entered the forest, did you meet with anyone until you reach this house?(Van)
I didn’t meet with anyone. Since I also thought to quickly call out if I met with someone, I always keep my eyes on my surroundings, but there was no signs of any people.(Reene)
I see. Then as expected, he is in the direction of the waterfall.(Van)
He left the horse behind, therefore it is unlikely that he went outside the forest.(Cyan)
Did something happen?(Reene)

Cyan-san answered my question.

This house was the residence of the forest guardian.(Cyan)
Yes. This forest is called Azure Forest. Inside the forest, there is a place where blue dewherbs grow in large numbers. Blue dewherb is a herb used to restore energy and one of the components of Ether. Even by only drinking the water it’s boiled in, you can recover magic power. Although it’s used for many types of medicine, it’s hard to cultivate, so it can only be obtained from ones growing in the wild. This place has an environment that is favorable for blue dewherb’s propagation. It was originally a plant that only can be found in small numbers at a given place, so a place where it grows in large numbers like this is rare.(Cyan)

Ah, I remember what a blue dewherb is. It’s the one written in the Agamena Herb status screen. Then, that can be mixed to make ether. Yes, I might also want some of these

Blue dewherb is demanded everywhere, so its price was relatively expensive. Because of that, people who knew this fact would enter the forest to earn some extra money and quickly pick the wild dewherbs to exhaustion.(Van)
If we didn’t leave some of them behind to propagate, then the blue dewherb would soon go extinct. Since this area is located near the national border, a lot of skirmishes happens near here. It’s a situation where mana recovery is in high demand, so to ensure a stable supply of this, this forest is considered as an important place for our country. For this reason, this forest has a guardian who will restrict the amount that can be harvested.(Cyan)
This place is the guardian’s dwelling, but this is also the lodging place for the people who come here to pick up the herbs.(Van)
I see. So, is there any problem if the guardian isn’t here? Perhaps he went to pick the blue dewherb, right?(Reene)
The waterfall is about 2 hours from here. Usually, he will be back before the evening. To be honest, from the fact that the water in the stable’s bucket had went stale, the guardian has been gone from the house for at least two or three days.(Cyan)
Then, there might be something that happened to him. He might be hurt and unable to move.(Reene)
We’re going to go there and check. Can Reene wait here in this house?(Cyan)

I finally understood the reason why both of them seemed so troubled.
It seems that after this, they will go to check the conditions inside the forest. Since the way to waterfall couldn’t be passed by horse, both of them will walk there. If I tag along, then I will only drag them down. Even so, I said to them, I want to help, since if the Guardian-san is hurt, I could cast healing magic on him.After hearing that, they were considerably surprised.

So, Reene is a Healer?(Van)

A Healer is a person who can use healing magic, right? Is this really something that surprising?

Is a Healer unusual?(Reene)
Healing magic is a composite magic of Light, Water and Earth elements. A three elemental composite magic is considered to be an advanced magic art, so it’s difficult to learn it. Also, the number of people with the three elemental attributes at the same time is few to begin with.(Cyan)

Even if it is considered difficult, I have been able to use healing magic since the very beginning. After all in games, Heal is one of the most basic of basic magic.
This makes things complicated. Even though I don’t want to become conspicuous, maybe I shouldn’t say that I can use healing magic. Be that as it may, I have a debt to repay for the meal and lodging. Since I don’t carry any money, then I will use the healing fee as the lodging fee. Also, they are the first people from another world that I have met, so I will be happy if I could help them.
All things said and done, I decided to go to the waterfall together with Van and Cyan.


It seems it will take two hours to get to the waterfall by foot. By the way, “two hours” was the translation of what my ears heard, but what they actually say was something similar to a stound[12]. Two hours is one stound. I really wanted to ask, how many hours are in a day? Is a stound the smallest unit of time? And many other questions, too, but since it would seem really suspicious, I didn’t ask them.
Cyan-san had already prepared water and food, since the guardian-san might not have eaten anything. I also helped with this, but since I couldn’t use the hearth, I didn’t do anything big.
Since mountain climbing might be very hot, and there is no danger if my black eyes and black hair are found out, I left my coat back at the lodge. Actually, I wanted to store it in the item box, but as expected, I couldn’t do this in front of them.
Along with the fact that I am a person from another world, the fact that I could see other people’s statuses and use the item box are my top secrets. If this gets found out then it will surely be troublesome. After all, both secrets would be exploited for military-related tasks, right?
Leaving that aside, the bumpy uneven road the waterfall was quite unforgiving.
Van-san walked in the front to be on the lookout for any monsters, while I walked several steps behind him, and Cyan-san walked behind me diagonally.
Naturally, the conversation along the way was mainly between me and Cyan-san, although sometimes Van-san joined in, too.

If someone entered the forest and took the blue dewherb without permission, would they be arrested?(Reene)
If they didn’t take too much, then they wouldn’t receive any particular punishment. Small villages usually don’t have any healers, so they can only make do with medicinal plants. So for the villagers in this area, they can come here and take as much as necessary.(Cyan)
Then, Cyan-san and Van-san also came here to pick some blue dewherbs?(Reene)
That’s right. The castle received periodic shipments of the herb, but this time since we came near this area to perform a task and the number of the herbs in our possession had diminished, we decided to come here to ask for some from the guardian directly.(Cyan)

Afterwards, I discussed with Cyan-san about what I will do from now on.

There are several small villages in this area, however, everyone there is either a farmer, a hunter, or a woodcutter, so I believe that it would be difficult for a girl to live there alone.(Cyan)

The nearest city near here is the city where Cyan-san and Van-san live. It’s called Coltea City and it takes about four days by carriage to get there. That city is the second largest city in this country after the capital city, so there are a lot of people and jobs, too, so there must be a job that I can do. As a Healer, I can also work in a clinic or the knight order.
Since Cyan-san and Van-san are on duty right now, after they received the blue dewherbs, they would go back to their work destination. Since that place is a bit dangerous, they can’t take me along.
Since the guardian-san periodically went to Coltea to deliver the blue dewherbs, I could go together with him. Until then, I would be looked after by the guardian-san for several days. This is what Cyan-san suggested to me.

But I didn’t bring any money or anything.(Reene)
The gramps will be happy to have someone to speak to, right? Don’t worry about money, if you help him, then it will be alright, you know?(Van)

Van-san also assured me. I am grateful for what they do, even though my identity is unverifiable and super suspicious. Van-san and Cyan-san are good people. Maybe this is what they called a chivalric heart.
The guardian-san that Van-san and Cyan-san mentioned is surely a good person too.
During my stay with the guardian-san, I will strive to be someone who is helpful. Then, in the meantime, I will ask him to teach me about many things about this world.


Although at the beginning I talked about many things with Cyan-san while walking, gradually the road became rugged and I quickly became exhausted. Since it was the place that was frequently used by the guardian-san and the people who picked the herbs, the path is a proper road. However, the waterfall seems t be located at the upper part of the mountain. Isn’t this like a scraggy obstacle course? If he really takes this road every day by foot, then the guardian-san is really a Grandpa of the Wild.
We also encountered monsters several times, but every time they appeared, they were immediately defeated by either Cyan-san, Van-san or both of them together. My help was completely unneeded.
It was the first time that I saw a blade used in a fight, but its speed and fierce slashes made me speechless.
Even though Van-san has a huge and heavy physique, in battle, he immediately approached the enemy like an arrow. When I thought he had first drawn the blade, the monsters had already been defeated.
When I first met with Van-san, I thought that he wasn’t a Red Lion but a bear. But after seeing his appearance in battle, I understood why he is called a lion.
Cyan-san also attacked with speed, but with supple and unwasteful movements, he looked like he was doing a dance. So his Title of Young Nobleman was not just for show.
So amazing. Who thought of the Title, I wondered. Wow! He is a Red Lion! or Kyaa, how wonderful. It’s the Young Nobleman of Ice-sama!. Maybe it was when everyone first called them this?
So either that Title was made when someone called them something or people called them that because of the Title they had.
That reminds me, my Title is Another World Traveler, but who decided this? Even though I didn’t know any other worlders at that time. I also never said, Hello! I am a Another World Traveler.
Maybe the Title was decided by an existence similar to a God in this world. If this true, then the God surely a chuuni. He might be saying, “This person is tera-cool[13], isn’t it?” or “Red Lion TUEEE[14]”. Absolutely like a God.
…… While I am thinking about absurd things to escape reality and reprimanding my completely tired body, I continued to walk the road to the waterfall.
Ah, but I got something out of this. I acquired a new skill.
Since there are several road branches unlike the unforked road to the lodge, what would I do if I get lost? If I am separated from Cyan-san or Van-san. then I will surely be stranded. These were what I thought when I was frantically trying to remember the direction each time the road branched, and as a result, I acquired Mapping. Inside my mind, the road that I had walked had been conveniently mapped. Furthermore, it’s a passive skill that is continuously activated and doesn’t consume MP. How convenient.
I really wished that I had this function when I was still in Japan. I am the type of person that when someone says to me You will soon find it after heading east when leaving the station would reply with Can you specifically tell me where east is?. Sayonara, the past me. With this, I would never have to worry about getting lost anymore.

― Reene Kanzack ―
HP                              438586
MP                             728728
Race                           Human
Age                             22
Job                              Magician
Attribute                     :【Light】【Fire】【Water】【Earth】【Wind】【Void
Skill                             SearchHideMapping
Title                              Another World Traveler
Current Status          :⃞⃞⃞

When I opened my status to check on my skills, I noticed that my name in the name section had changed. It’s not Kanzaki Misuzu anymore, but Reene Kanzack. Thus, until the day I return to Japan, the name Kanzaki Misuzu is sealed.


We arrived at the location where we were going to search for the guardian-san. It was a place where huge building-sized rugged rocks were lined up.
Among them were two large rocks that supported each other like the kanji 「人」, and formed a natural stone gate.
After we passed under them, we reached a place enclosed by natural walls formed from huge rocks. The whole surface is covered by a flower field. Maybe this flower is the blue dewherb? I could hear the whooshing sounds of rushing waters coming from the waterfall at the far end of the flower field. The water poured into a lake basin that then flowed into a gap-like cave among the huge rocks.
There is a crack on the hanging huge rocks that forms a wide gap where the sky can be seen, allowing the brilliant sunlight pouring down from it.
The dancing falling droplets that glisten under the sunrays are dazzling. This fantasy-like scenery healed my exhaustion. All my efforts to reach this place felt worthy.

Spirit essence is gathered at this place, so Monsters wouldn’t dare to enter it.(Cyan)

Cyan-san informed me. Spirits? So Spirits exist here.

I wonder where the guardian-san is.(Reene)
Don’t worry, he’s a gramps who won’t die even if he is killed.(Van)

While Van-san was bad mouthing the guardian-san, Hey!, we heard someone’s voice from the side of the waterfall.

Hey! Over here, Forrest-danna[15], I’m over here!(Voice)

We searched for the source of the energetic voice that couldn’t be thought of as coming from an injured person. Finally, we found an old man lying down near a rock beside the waterfall. Is he the guardian-san? Just as I thought, he is a wild looking grandpa.
When we approached, we soon noticed that he was lying down in front of the rock while his left foot was caught in a gap between the rocks, covering his leg all the way up to his knee.

How fortunate, I am relieved that danna came to help. When the rocks seemed to be collapsing, my foot was caught between the crevice and I can’t pull it out. Although I would have died had I not drunk anything for several days, luckily my hand could reach the waterfall lake so I was still able to drink. Since monsters wouldn’t approach this place, I slept while waiting for someone to come.(Forest Guardian)
It is completely caught by the rocks. Does your foot hurts?(Cyan)

Cyan-san squatted beside the grandpa and asked him.

It seems to be broken but I could still endure the pain. It’s only stuck and I can still move my foot inside, so it seems that it didn’t get buried.
Don’t make any excessive movements, the rocks could collapse.(Van)

Van-san warned him after checking the rock wall, so Cyan-san also replied,

You’re right. We can only shave this off little by little…(Cyan)

I also looked at the rocks. The tens of meters high rocks themselves are quite intimidating. Then I noticed that there was a wide vertical crack at the base. This is that, right? Although rocks are hard, they can be easily split into one uniform direction. I think that it will not be difficult to split the rock with magic. However, I am concerned that if the rocks collapse, they will hit my head. I’m also concerned about grandpa’s feet.
First is like this, and then I do that. I ran a simulation isnside my head. Un, this might work.

Van-san, Cyan-san(Reene)

Since I, who had been silent until then, suddenly began to speak, the three of them all looked towards my direction.

I will use magic to split the stone. When the guardian-san’s leg is freed, quickly pull him away to safety.(Reene)
If you move it too much, there would be pieces of rocks falling down, you know.(Van)
It will be alright. I will use a magic to decrease the weight of the rocks. In addition, just to be sure, I will cast protection magic on everyone. So in case the rocks collapse, the Protection Membrane could protect everyone.(Reene)
Is that possible?(Cyan)

In order to assure the three people that were half-in doubt with my proposition, I started to cast the protection magic on everyone.

Protection Membrane

Then everybody, including me, were covered by a blueish light membrane that shone and glistened. Then, after covering everyone, the blue light effect gradually subsided. This blue light is something similar to an after service. After all, the lights are kinda eye catching.[16]

It’s a spell that I’ve never heard before.(Cyan)

Ah, that’s right. I used Japanese for the spell name. I just realized that just now.[17]

For a short chant just now, the effect is…… the protection is quite powerful.(Cyan)
There is no problem in moving. This is amazing.(Van)

It seems that they could understand the protection magic that had been applied to their bodies.
The three people rotated their arms and clasped their hands to check it. Un, it seems to have received a favorable response.
They seem to see me in a better light now. After all, en route to this place I have been completely useless. Not only useless, but also a hindrance. Yes, please look at me now, how I recovered my standing.
Since my spell is in Japanese, they couldn’t understand it.
I decided to explain the spell’s meaning when I recited the spell I casted on them. While holding my hand above the guardian-san, I explained it to him.

Since he might feel pain when being moved, I will cast magic to reduce the pain. Then since Van-san and Cyan-san would lift him away, I will cast magic to decrease guardian-san’s weight.Analgesia[18]Weight Lightening[19](Reene)
Ooh, Jou-chan can use amazing magic. The pain is gone.(Guardian)

Van-san held the guardian-san, who was in a sitting up position, by his armpits. And while being careful to not to move guardian-san’s feet, Van-san lifted him up a bit. Then, he unconsciously mutteredhow light in surprise.
Cyan-san held the guardian-san’s trapped knee and waited, so that if the rock started to move, he would immediately pull the feet out.

Then I will begin to split the rock. Van-san, Cyan-san, guardian-san, please be ready.(Reene)

I give instruction to everyone and then shift my sight to the huge rock.

Weight Lightening

If the rock had its weight decreased, even if the stone fragments hit us, it wouldn’t be so damaging. Then, I once again called to them, Here I go, before casting the spell.


The crack ran from the base and split the rock into two.
The rock shook violently, since it lost the support for its weight. As the gap that trapped the leg loosened, Cyan-san quickly pulled it out and lifted it up. Then together with Van-san who supported the guardian-san’s upper body, both of them lifted the guardian-san and then pulled him away to safety as fast as they could. At that time, lumps of rocks loosened and fell down.


The power from the wind pushed up the stone that had become lightweight, but it was barely able to counteract gravity, so the rocks were just barely being stopped midair. While controlling the wind, I was thinking about how to move them away when suddenly,

I beseech the revered Wind Spirits. Push away the rocks with winds’ might.

Cyan-san and Van-san were chanting spells, so the rocks were pushed higher using the wind’s power. It seems that after they placed the guardian-san in a safe place, they came back.

Cyan-san, Van-san, can you push the fallen rocks back into their original location?(Reene)

Both of them might not have understand what I was going to do, but they used wind magic to push the rocks back up just like how I asked them to. After seeing that the rocks had been firmly put back into place, while still maintaining the wind spell, I recited the next spell.

Bonding. Union[21]

The gaps closed. The huge rock that was swaying dangerously before was firmly returned to its orifinal state before collapsing.

Fixed State

I stabilized its current state. With this, I think that the rocks won’t collapse again.
After we safely rescued the guardian-san, we took a rest at a dry place not far from the waterfall lake.
We sat using several small rocks there as chairs, looking at the whole flower field and waterfall located inside this place that was surrounded by large rocks. It’s as if I am a reporter for a program that journeyed to an unexplored region. The wind is so refreshing.

What an amazing magic. It’s so surprising.(Guardian)

The guardian-san was very lively even though he still has a bone fracture. He opened the bento that Cyan-san had brought, and said as expected the dish after three days without eating tastes very delicious before munching and eating it. A grandpa that had a bone fracture and hasn’t eat for three days, and yet is still this energetic. What a hardcore Wild Grandpa.

Let me begin to heal your feet.(Reene)

When I saw that he had placed a large piece of bread down, I began to speak to him. He then looked at me with a surprised expression.

Heavens! Jou-chan is a Healer? That’s amazing.(Guardian)
I will cancel the multiple spells that I had casted before. Since the pain will return, please endure it for a moment. Magic Cancel[22](Reene)

It’s because I was afraid that either Weight Lightening or Protection Membrane would cause weird effects when the bone is connected again. Also, if Analgesia is still in effect, then it will be impossible to see whether or not the bone had been healed.
After the preparations had been completed, I opened the status to check it.

― ??? ―
HP                              *********
MP                             ********
Race                           ???
Age                             ???
Job                              Azure Forest Guardian
Attribute                     ???
Skill                            ???
Title                             ???
Current Status          ???

Hm? Why couldn’t I see any sections beside the job? I was so speechless, that my eyes became dots.[23] The guardian noticed me.

Is something wrong, Jou-chan? Is there something on my face?(Guardian)

Oh no. It’s as if I was looking at the grandpa’s face.

U-umm. I was just thinking about why you are still so lively even though you haven’t eaten for three days.(Reene)

I opened my mouth and began to say something, but my words sounded like I was reading a dialogue script in monotone.

Because I’m a dwarf. We won’t easily die only by this.(Guardian)
What is it, Jou-chan? Is this the first time you’ve seen a dwarf?(Guardian)

Dwarf! It’s another world! Another world at last! If there is a dwarf, then there might be an elf or a cat-eared person, too! Cat-ears! Ahn… I want to touch it!

In our country, magic races[24] intermingle with each other. Since magic races such as dwarf haves high physical power, there are many who become adventurers.

So in this world, a dwarf is considered as a magic race?
Afterwards, Cyan-san informed me that there is an adventurer guild branch in Coltea. Adventurer. Yes, the standard occupation in transported to another world stories. If it is adventurer, then I can also work as one. An adventurer is a person who does requested works, right? Then, since they must be travelling to a lot of places, I might find a clue on how to return to Japan. I think that I have decided on my line of work. Or rather, this grandpa is an adventurer, too?

Since this place is located near the border, being the Azure Forest’s guardian is a quite dangerous job. So we are helped by Gangr-san.[25](Cyan)
Whoaa, so grandpa is also extremely strong, right? I failed to notice(Reene)

Coincidentally, I had learned the guardian-san’s name, Gangr-san.

― Gangr ―
HP                              *********
MP                             ********
Race                           Dwarf
Age                             ???
Job                              Azure Forest Guardian
Attribute                     ???
Skill                            ???
Title                             ???
Current Status          ???
I could see his job as Azure Forest Guardian since the very beginning, but now I could see the name and the race. Perhaps, this is because I just now found out that the grandpa’s name is Gangr and that he is a dwarf, right? So perhaps I could only see sections that I already knew. But I could see everything about Van-san and Cyan-san ever since the very beginning.
Perhaps, this is because I can’t see the status of someone that is higher ranked than me. Ah, but, I can clearly see the status of Van-san who had about 300 HP higher than me, so maybe I can’t see if it is someone from another species. Or perhaps it was because the difference in the digits. But when I think that Van-san and Cyan-san have lesser MP than me, then perhaps the basis of judging who is of higher rank is not HP but MP?
Furthermore, the HP and MP has the * sign. The other entries were not covered by blank spaces but ???, so this * must be the key point. On my status the HP is…… 586/586, that meansCurrent HP/Maximum HP , right? The grandpa has Four *’s / Five *’s  which mean his maximum HP is on the level of several tens of thousands, but his current HP was only in the level of several thousands. This is how I should see it, right?
For now, let’s leave behind the status inquiries for later. Since I understood that I couldn’t check his status, then I need to examine him with a different way.


A spell to know where something is wrong, I imagined this while casting the spell, and then I can see that only the left foot was shining red. Just like a thermograph image, the whole body is blue colored and the location with bad conditions is red colored. As always, in magic anything goes, right? Then I only need to heal this red part.
Since I know that he has a bone fracture, then it will surely be easy to heal it.

Bone PatchCondition Recovery[26]

I have a hunch that Heal is wrong to treat a bone fracture, so I went with Bone PatchCondition Recovery. It will quickly get connected again. Even so, I am concerned that it will be bad if the nerves get damaged. After that, since his HP had decreased, I casted Heal.
I performed an additional Scan and sawthat the whole body had become blue. I looked at the status. Surely enough, the *  in the Current HP column had become 5. As expected, this symbol censored the number digits.

How do you feel now? Do you feel pain anywhere?(Reene)
No, I don’t feel it anywhere. Even the bone had been completely set. Jou-chan is really an amazing Healer.(Gangr)

Then, there was a “ping!” sound in my head.

― The Title Black Healer has been acquired ―

― Reene Kanzack ―
HP                              413586
MP                             408728
Race                           Human
Age                             22
Job                              Magician
Attribute                     :【Light】【Fire】【Water】【Earth】【Wind】【Void
Skill                             SearchHideMapping
Title                             :『Black Healer』『Another World Traveler
Current Status          :⃞⃞⃞

Whoa! I got a Title. It’s Black Healer. As expected, it’s God. It’s God, right? After all, even when no one is calling it, who decided it for me? Also, Black Healer, why base it on the color of my hair and eyes? Isn’t this just too much? It should be, Beautiful Healer or Supremely Lovely Healer… No, sorry, I didn’t say anything, yup.
Thus, I took my first steps towards becoming a Healer.


Reene first day in another world is over…
Next chapter is about Reene days in the forest.

[1] Split chin is rare in Japan, hence Misuzu’s reaction.
[2] Ikemen, when you need a short form for: good looking masculine young man.
[3] ヴァレリアン・フォレストValerian Foresuto
[4] ファンテスマ Fantesuma
[5] 居合切りIai Kiri
[6] 二段突きNidan Tsuki
[7] アルシアン・マイカ Arushian Maika
[8] 氷華の舞 Kyouka no Mai
[9] Like the Earthsea series from Ursula K. le Guin
[10] Suzu means bell. Misuzu is pretty belle (this is a lame pun btw)
[11] リィーン Riiin, with long “i” sounds (that’s “ee” sounds for English speaking people)
[12] Native Germanic Middle English word for a hour. Get replaced by the Romance Old French word via Anglo-Norman “Hour” in Modern English
[13] Some Japanese net-user add Tera in front of things to show something is great. Since Tera is bigger than Giga that is bigger than Mega. I bet someday when Exabytes hard disk is the norm, then Exa might be the new Tera.
[14] TUEEE = A deliberate mispoken form of Tsuyoi 強い which means strong. Just like English phrase such and such character are too stronk, nerf plis.
[15] An honorifics that is usually used to refer to customer or someone with a higher social status from you (but not that high)
[16] The lights didn’t actually do anything. It’s just there to show that magic exist. Just like computer’s GUI.
[17] So, because of this, should we retain the Japanese name for Reene’s magic?
[18] 痛み止め Itamidome = pain reliever
[19] 軽量化 Keiryouka = making something have a lighter weight
[20] 掘削 Kussaku = digging
[21] 結合・合体 Ketsugou (bond/unite)  Gattai (combine/join/union)
[22] 魔法解除 Mahou Kaijo. Maybe Revoke Magic sound cooler… or Release Magic?
[23] A reference to manga expression to show someone is confused and surprised.
[24] 魔族Mazoku. In some novels settings it can be translated a Demon Race or Demi-Human, but I decided to translate this as Magic Race since Cyan said this in neutral manner.
[25] ガングGangu. As pointed out by a certain very helpful translator (I love how in translator community, we help each other) It might be related to a mythological person named Gangr or Gang, the son of Olvadi the giant of Norse myth. (I still love the Jango alternative name though)
[26] 骨継ぎ・状態回復 Honetsugi (patching bone)Joutaikaifuku (physical body recovery)


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