12 June 2016

Our New World - Chapter 2 Part 10

Yukkuri Oniisan

A bit of warning from the author: WARNING! HORRIBLE GRAMMAR IMMINENT!

Chapter 2: The Heaven Lords in the New World
Part 10: Darwin Principle

Day 16 of arrival. 02-09-0002. 11.42

The fort that was occupied by bandits had almost intact interior was, albeit heavily covered with spider webs and thick layers of dust. Half-rotten furniture and tapestry, crumbled roof, and illumination which only came from slit windows made the fort more like a haunted castle. Maybe he could take the three girls for a night tour later, he might be able to see Ichiko rare afraid expression. Either way, after being renovated, this fort could become a new base for Neuschwanensee eventual expansion to the western direction. After all, Ichiko had said that it would be better if Neuschwanensee had more land for farming.
This location was near a lake and the river flowed out from the lake was connected with the Eigen River that flowed beside Neuschwanensee through Grosswest River. So it could be reached by the land route or water route. Maybe Yuuto could ask the engineer to construct a road to this fort. He was sure that there were modern road and bridge construction book somewhere in the library. Maybe he should ask Chie later.

This location by the lake was quite scenic, and the lake was calm and vast enough for boating. Maybe they could restore some of the old buildings in the town below and refurbished it as resting villa. This could be a place for Neuschwanensee citizen to have a vacation. After all, they must be bored being trapped inside Neuschwanensee for more than 2 years. The girls might like this too, after all, they might be bored for always staying in the castle.
There was the problem with the monsters. In the worst case, Yuuto might need to “sterilize” the whole forest first from monsters. He couldn’t predict how the much the local ecosystems would be disturbed, though. Maybe periodic monster hunting might be needed. This might be also good to serve as Knights and Militias training. One stone two birds indeed.
Then for a name, Yuuto decided it as Urlaubshaven. Yuuto the name was quite fitting for the place.
Now, then, time to clean up the premise. After all, it would be hard establishing a new city if there still filth hanging around.

While he was thinking along these thoughts, Yuuto slowly but sure, walked towards the gathered yellow dots on his map. Since their position was a bit below, then they must be one floor under him. Yuuto could just break over the floor. After all, he had just lift the locked front door from its hinge (it’s a shame to break such antique elaborate carved wooden door), this was a relatively easy task for him. However, he refrained from doing this, as it would be wasteful to destroy a building he wants to use later. So Yuuto used stairs like a normal person.
Florea timidly followed from behind, easily startled and jumpy at every nooks and cranny. Now, Florea hadn’t done anything since the beginning. With her almost on the brink of tears waterfalls, it was hard to see which was the true Guardian, Yuuto or her. Then again, Florea was more of a very rear support type Guardian. Even so, Florea still trying to be faithful to her duty as Guardian… It’s just that… Would Yuuto really need one? Why Yuuto brought her along, was a great mystery for her, until……

“Florea, do you have a limitation on how many people you can restrain using your Nature Magic?”

Florea was terribly surprised when Yuuto suddenly

“Eh… Ummm… u-u-u-using Vinebind th-th-then maybe 10? More than that is hard?”
“I see…… Then just 10 people… That’s mean I need to cut 52 pairs of legs… Hope the sword durability last…”

Seeing Yuuto showed a troubled expression as if saying, “how bothersome” with causal tone, made Florea’s blood chilled. Heaven Lords are really scary! Meanwhile, Yuuto was more concerned whether he could finish this before noon. After all, Kiyomi had asked him to not be late for lunch.
And by the way, the math didn’t wrong, although there are 63 bandits inside, Yuuto only needs to deal with 62, as the last 1 will be released. After all, it would need one survivors to tell the other the tales. A horror story would work best to deter any more bandits from making a living at this new location for Neuschwanensee expansion. If those bandits are stupider to not heed the warning signs, then… Well, let’s just say, experiment.


Guffatar and his men were waiting behind their makeshift barricade. The sounds of footsteps belonged to two people could be heard from the staircase direction. When those people showed up, they would be pincushioned by crossbow bolts and magic attacks from the mages. Some of the bolts even enchanted with explosion magic. Unlike above, the staircase corridor was relatively narrow, it would be hard for him to avoid the attacks.
Then when finally the owner of that footsteps appeared, Guffatar yelled:


A hailstorm of bolts and magic attack launched from the barricade to the staircase, a series of the explosion caused smokes that obscure vision. Seeing the explosion that could even smash a Knight in Heavy Armor hit the person before he could do anything, Guffatar showed out a mean smirk.

‘It was your fault from picking a problem with Ravenous Band. Curse your own foolishness’

In this world, the weak will be prey for the strong. This is what Guffatar honestly believes. In a world where dog eats dog, you can do anything to bring the result you need even if you need to trample someone. If you get trampled, then blame yourself for your weakness that you could be stepped over by the strong. Only the strong would inherit the world, the weak shall die. This is the true heartless law of the world! Guffatar reiterated his principle once more in his head as he looked at the smokes swirling inside the room.

Luckily this old fort had quite good ventilation systems, so before long, the smoke disappeared, just like the smirk in Guffatar’s smug face. There was a young man stood there behind some kind of transparent  tower shield that soon disappear into thin air. The young man didn’t get hurt at all, except for his hairstyle that had been ruffled by the resultant explosion wind. He showed an expression as if saying, “Now, that’s troublesome.”
Just like Guffatar, the other bandits also couldn’t believe their eyes. They first thought that their exploding bolt was a dud, but then the surrounding walls, floors, and ceiling had cracks and singes, proofs that the explosion did happen. Guffatar didn’t know what trick had the young man used, but he still believes at their chance for the victory.
Guffatar began to order the men to reopen fire. Then the same transparent shield appeared again blocking all the bolts and magic. A very beautiful girl in blue dress, the which Guffatar never seen before, appeared behind the staircase. She almost made Guffatar lost track on what happening. If he can, Guffatar would love to have that girl. The young man then began to speak something to the girl. She nodded and then raised her staff and began to chant.
Before Guffatar and his men could take action, suddenly there was a huge rock jutted out from the floor destroying the makeshift barricade and threw the unlucky bandits back as they were struck by it. Some rendered unconscious and some were heavily injured when the rock or piece of barricade struck them.
Guffatar looked at the center of them room, the makeshift barricade was totally destroyed. Then the girl did something as the jutted out rocks disappear back into the floor. He never saw a magic this strong nor with a short chant like this before. Even the strongest magician he had met during his long mercenary carrier couldn’t do this.
While Guffatar and the others were still dazed from the magic attack. The young man and the girl reached the center of the room. Then the young man did something that can only be described as if he had peered into Guffatar’s self-being; as if he read their own souls. Based on their looks, his other men also felt the same. Then they could hear the young man said,


While speaking in a language Guffatar and his men couldn’t understand, the young man pointed at 5 of bandits that Guffatar recognized as the newcomer of his group and then the girl nodded, raised her staffs and began to chant a magic. Then from the cracks of the floor or wall, a strange vine ‘grow’ and began to coil at 10 bandits including 5 men who had been pointed out by the young man before. They were struggling and their friends tried to help, but before long they were completely immobilized and even when it hacked, the vine quickly grew again.
Seeing this scene, some of the new recruits amongst Guffatar’s men and those who had seen the one-sided battle at the surface became freaked out and tried to run for the stairway. Before Guffatar could order them to stand back in line, they suddenly screamed as their legs were cut clean at their thigh or shin by a disembodied sword who was floating near the stairway. Those who crawled even after their leg had been severed, got their arms severed too.
Seeing this scene, the girl in blue dress quickly went to the disabled men and gave them a potion to drink. For those who refuse, she persuaded with a sincere concerned and tender tone and tears at the corner of her eyes, that made the injured men just couldn’t resist. After drinking the potion, the blood leaked out from their limb stump stopped as they fell asleep.
The young man then pointed at the door, then at Guffatar’s man and shook his head while moving his index finger left and right.


The young man then unsheathed his sword and made a provoking gesture. Guffatar looked at his other subordinates who was looking at him for order and then nodded. The men dropped their crossbow and took out their swords, axes, and spears. The magicians amongst them began to chant support magic at their comrades. Seeing this, the young man asked the girl to step back towards the staircase.

In any type battle, numerical superiority is important. Even an unskilled party could overwhelm the superior party just using sheer force due to attrition or depletion of supply. This was even more true in individual close-range battle. Fighting multiple people, unlike in the movies, was a losing proposition. Getting surrounded or flanked and attacked from the blind side, inability to block multiple attacks at the same time, piling up injuries and physical and mental fatigue (because throwing punches took energy) were major hurdles that even great kung-fu masters will wary about. After all, unlike the movies, in the real world, enemies wouldn’t just come attacking one by one chivalrously. So fighting a lot of people at the same time was hard. (Except maybe, for Chuck No**is…)
So, for Guffatar, who had been a veteran of many battles, this knowledge was a basic thing for him. For a single man to win against more than 40 men, the chance is very slim. His men quickly moved to surround the young man in an orderly manner. Of course, Guffatar didn’t join. If he was to join and then be attacked, in case he was beaten, his subordinates would had a very big moral hit. Also the matter of his trump card.

“Even if you beg for your life. You will die a dog’s death.”

Guffatar let out a threatening remark, but the young man calmly replied with rather cold words. Just then two of his man stabbed their spear at the young man from behind. But the young man, as if having an eye behind his head, twisted his body a bit to evade the spear with a hairbreadth distance. Even then, the attack didn’t stop as another man thrust his sword from the side, that the young man also barely evaded. Then an ax swung down from above, that also the young man evaded. Without a break, Guffatar’s subordinates launched attacks one after another. Yet the young man evaded the swords, axes, and spears aimed at him with the minimal amount of movements, without even trying to parry even a single attack. Even though the men who had been attacking him had gradually become visibly tired, the young man didn’t show any single hint of fatigue and his movement hadn’t dulled even for a bit.
Then suddenly, the young man who only evading until now, suddenly moved. With a speed hardly could be followed by the bandits subordinate’s eyes, the young man cut clean the legs or the arms of the bandits who attacked him, before he kicked them towards the stairs direction without even batting an eye. Those who were still alive then was visited by the girl in blue dress, who gave them potions to drink.
Of course, the bandits tried to fight back, but in front of such speed, their attack could mostly cut the empty air at best. In such way, the young man disposed 20 men before he suddenly stopped, and made another provoking gesture with a deadpan expression.
This made the remainder 25 men shuddered. This wasn’t a battle between a mob of peasants with a knight, even though they were currently bandits, most of them were veteran ex-mercenaries that had threaded many battlefields and had bagged some real kills. Even so, the battle was clearly one-sided. It was as if what they were facing right now was a human being but a monster in human skin. At least, they didn’t hear any renowned Knight or Master passed this region. The bandits also couldn’t fathom the tendency of the young man to severe the arms or the legs of the bandits.
Even the Knights that Guffatar knew personally or met on the battlefield couldn’t last this long nor defeated more than armed 20 men in such short span of time. This was bad, because as their number decreased, their attack potential would be diminished. Guffatar couldn’t let this happen. So it looked like he must enter the battlefield himself. Luckily the subordinates defeated earlier was those who were considered as the grunts of this group. Excluding, Rikwi and 2 of his elites who were killed at the fort gate just now, Guffatar still had 8 other elite warriors and 6 mages which didn’t join the battle earlier. As expected from the veterans of many life and death battles, the bandits regained their composure back.

They then began to reform a battle formation and flanked the young man with a V formation. Then as if had been coordinated before, the mages fired attack magic towards the young man from two sides while the elites and other grunts began to close the distance. The young man blocked the incoming magic missiles with his shield. Then while he was doing so, the elites started to use Skills,
Heavy Slash
Pierce Armor
Smash Swing
Double Slash
The young man seemed a bit surprised when he saw this, and so the Skill attacks hit him without being able to be evaded completely. Even so, the elites felt that they might as well hit a solid rock. The coat the young man wore was only get cut a little, as if that piece of clothing was as hard a metal block. Some even found their weapon ended up chipped. Even so the elites didn’t just stood there, as they moved in perfect synchronization so that they were away when the mages finished their chants and launched another magic attack volley. After those magic attack finished the elites approaches again and relaunched their skills attacks at the young man. This time, the young man began to parry their attack and not just try to evade it like before.
Guffatar smiled, it seemed that the young man also reached his limit as he couldn’t perform that almost miraculous dodging moves anymore. As the magic attacks and skills continued, the young man seemed to bit by a bit overwhelmed. However, the mages soon would exhaust their magic power and the elites had reached their physical limits too. Seeing this, Guffatar deemed that his turn had come, and entered the battlefield with his large sword raised overhead. Seeing this, his subordinates sneered and made an opening for Guffatar, while still attacking the young man with their magic attacks and the skills.

There are reasons why Guffatar was the leader of this  bandit group. Unlike the elites who only have one or two skills, Guffatar had a natural talent that let him able to possess more than 3 Skills. Even more, all of his skills is Combat Skills. Using this, he quickly made his name known in the mercenary world as a force to be reckoned with. This is the reason why he thought himself as special human being. Someone who had been chosen by the gods to rule supreme above the lowly weak peasants. If only the side employing him didn’t lose at the last war, he believed he could push his old employer to grant him a fief. And so, serve as his first stepping stone to enlarge his territory by raising an army and invade other lord’s fiefs, eventually creating a country where he was none other than the king.

Guffatar actually had activated his first skill, Giant Strength, since some time ago, after the young man unexpectedly survived the barrage of bolts and magics. However, its activation took quite a time until the Skill power had sufficiently infused his muscles with the maximum power he was able to achieve. This was the reason, why Guffatar held back until quite this late of the time. Not only his power that increased, but also speed.
His arms bulged with power, as he swung down the overhead sword with frightening power and speed. He had used a skill, Skull Splitter. True to its name, once, he split a Knight into two, armor and all, when his sword cleanly hit the Knight with this skill that could shatter even a large boulder. As the sword will be covered by the energy from this skill, magically, the sword won’t shatter or chipped even when it hit solid stone. The young man at first tried to block the attack but then he suddenly stopped. The overhead sword struck at the young man shoulder and caused the coat the young man wore, ripped, and the skin underneath that coat began to bleed from the shallow cut. Even so, Guffatar sense that he didn’t cut any flesh at all, but a solid metal.
Even so, while his subordinates attacked in the meantime, he launched a second Skill, Swarming Blades. As if his blade became a malleable liquid, the sword created multiple swords shadow that thrust multiple times into the young man body creating a shallow hole on the coat, even though this skills actually could penetrate even the heaviest plate armor. Without minding this fact, Guffatar in his frenzy attack chained another skill, Triple Slash. His sword began to glow red and leftover three blades afterimages in its wake. By using triple times power at the same place, the sword cutting ability would be increased. As far as Guffatar know, no one was able to block this skill. They said that this skill, the upgraded version of Double Slash, was among the Intermediate Class Skills, which only possessed by few people in this world. So Guffatar already could imagine the young man’s mutilated corpse.
Little did Guffatar know that since he had been consumed by battle lust, he didn’t realize something that his subordinates noticed. After Guffatar’s first attack, the young man was talking to himself and didn’t do anything else. Something is not right…


Day 16 of arrival. 02-09-0002. 11.54

‘Wow, this is unexpected’, this was Yuuto response inside his mind when he looked at the skills used by the bandits in front of him. The skills used against him was similar to basic skills used by Warrior or Swordsman Job. So while he parried the attacks (since the landed attack although only reduce his HP by minuscule amount, it is still painful, and Yuuto isn’t an M) he was thinking that if the bandits here could use magic and skills then it can be safe to assume that the people of this world could use magic and skills similar to the players and NPCs. Then the billion-yen question was: To what degree? Although the people at this place were really weak, that even Saki could beat them all, they are only mere bandits.
In most games, bandits are small fry and not that strong since they lack proper equipment, training, combat doctrine, and organized combat experience. So a proper army might hae people stronger than the ones in this place. At worst, there could be strong people, which are as strong as Yuuto or Chie. It would be troublesome if this true, since currently the only true combat potential that Neuschwanensee had, was just Yuuto and Chie. Because of this Yuuto though to augment the Gate Knights with modern world-inspired weapons and high-class equipment. After all, in this reality, there was no limitation on the type of equipment an NPC could wear, except for the DSL limits that restrict them from Grade 8 and above materials. Even if the Knights couldn’t win against the enemy, they can at least buy time for the girls to escape and for him to think for a countermeasure.
It seemed that the bandits here didn’t have anything more in hand, and Yuuto thought that he had enough real attack evade and parry training. His Evade and Parry proficiency were indeed increased, just like when he trained with Chie. So, unlike the game, battle skills proficiency also could be made when fighting blue (weak) enemies, so there wouldn’t be any problem to let the girls practiced against weak monsters like the Roareaf Wolves to increase their skill proficiency.
‘Maybe it’s time to wrap this up’. Just when he thought about this, the big man who seemed to be the bandits leader, suddenly rushed towards him with a raised sword. Since Yuuto could sense mana enveloped him and the sword, it seems that he had just activated a skill. ‘Well let’s just see what kind of skill the boss had.’ Yuuto thought to postpone his plan a bit back, and observed the bandits boss skills.
Then at that moment.

Melbiena – PHONECALL
Voice Only
Loudspeaker: OFF

His ‘wife’ called. Off course, Yuuto received it.

“Hello, Dear Husband.”
“Hello, Kiyomi. If you are calling me, then that means you have arrived? That’s quite fast.”
“That’s right, Dear Husband. I asked Chang’E help to help carry Luftzeug 2 gondola, so that I arrived early with Ichiko-san, Mitteherz, and his staffs, with some of the Knights. The rest are taking the ground route and will soon arrive in one hour.”
“I don’t think that how you used a Celestial Dragon. Anyway, it’s glad that you arrived safely.”
“Thank you, Dear Husband. But, is it enough just by sending 500 Knights there……”
“It’s alright, or rather it’s too much. I’m not in great danger whatsoever. By the way, I found a nice lakeside location. It needs a bit renovation, but I think you and the others would like the scenery as it is. Maybe we can go to this location… Please pardon me for a second…”

Yuuto put the Phonecall on hold, and then he caught the reddish after image sword that was going to attack him with his left hand. The other bandits attack at worst only like prickling pain that he could still endure, but only the boss attacks were painful, as painful as like having a paper cut in the fingers. Even if the HP only decreased by 0.5%, Yuuto didn’t like feeling pain at all. After all, he is not an M. If the one doing this is a cute girl, then it might be different, though.
While still holding the sword, Yuuto continued the phonecall.

“Sorry for the interruption. Let me continue where I left off before. Maybe we can go to this location tomorrow morning. It will be a great way to have a change of pace.”
“I think that is a lovely idea, Dear Husband. I felt a bit sad that it won’t just be the two of us. Even so, do I need to go help Dear Husband there?”
“Ah, no need, Kiyomi. I can handle this alone.”
“Then may I presume that Dear Husband will soon finish the business there?”
“Yeah, I will return before 1 o’clock. After all, I won’t miss the lunch from my wife, right?”
“……… Th-then I will prepare it nicely for Dear Husband eventual return.”
“Yup. See you later Kiyomi.”
“See you later, Dear Husband. Please be safe.”

Yuuto ended the Phonecall. Then with a smile, he faced the bandit boss that had been trying to pry off the sword from Yuuto’s hand.

“Let finish this soon, shall we?”


Guffatar couldn’t believe what he had seen. The young man suddenly stopped his attack with just one hand. No matter how much he tried to pry the sword from the young man hand, even with his Giant Strength, the sword didn’t budge even for a bit. Unbelievable, completely unbelievable. This never happened before, this was impossible to happen. Guffatar’s self-confidence and arrogance that had been cracked since then began to shatter.
Now that Guffatar looked at it, the young men were talking to himself while disregarding the subordinates attacks. Even those going after his exposed neck couldn’t do much more than causing only a very shallow cut on the skin, that didn’t even bleed as if he was a moving marble statue.

ᠦᠨ᠂ ᠣᠷᠡ ᠣᠠ ᠢᠴᠬᠢ ᠮᠠᠡ ᠨᠢ ᠮᠣᠳᠣᠷᠢᠮᠠᠰᠦ᠃  ᠨᠠᠨᠢᠱᠢᠷᠥ᠂ ᠷᠡ ᠨᠣ ᠶᠣᠮᠡ ᠺᠷᠠ ᠴᠦᠰᠥᠺᠦ ᠮᠢᠨᠣᠭᠠᠰᠠᠨᠠᠢ ᠳᠡᠱᠥᠦ᠀
ᠦᠨ᠂ ᠳᠡᠸᠠ ᠮᠠᠲᠠᠨᠡ ᠺᠢᠶᠥᠮᠢ᠃
ᠽᠡᠲᠲᠠᠢ ᠨᠢ᠌᠌

The young man, then turned his face and looked directly at Guffatar. He then said something while smiling.


Even though the young man was smiling, his eyes didn’t show it at all. Maybe it because these unexpected events arouse fear on Guffatar, but he felt that this smile was the coldest one he ever saw before in his life. Guffatar then felt an intense chill run though his spine. He instinctively let go of his sword and stepped back. What happened next was kinda fuzzy for him since it happened so fast. The young man overpowered and defeated all his elites and mages and the rest of his subordinates one-sidedly. This was not a battle where both side showed their skill with sword clashing with each other and skills exchanged between both parties. No, this was an anti-climatic battle where one side just overwhelmed the other side with pure power and speed, no skill involved at all. All his subordinate skills, all their battlefield experience, all their battle tactics and strategy, didn’t matter in front of the young man, as he rushed from one man to another and severed their legs or arms without pausing. His subordinates only barely able to counterattack, but the young man just shrugged their attack as if it didn’t matter at all to him. He didn’t take the bandits seriously, it was as if this is just a game for the young man.
Guffatar’s mind couldn’t digest the facts, no, his brain actively trying to deny the fact that this is the reality. It’s just a nightmare and he is dreaming. There is no way a person way much stronger than he could exist. Even so this is just thinly-veiled fallacies. He already knew that this way of thinking is wrong. He had met with people stronger than him, however, he just didn’t want to acknowledge this fact. If he admitted there are people stronger than him, then that means he is weak, and the weak is only a meat for the strong to eat. He is only weak person who pretended to be strong. A chicken pretending to be a hawk. Now a real hawk had come to eat him. He is only a meat… a meat… a meat…
With his world view shattered and he was reminded of his weakness, Guffatar felt true terror, the which he experience it for the first time. Some part of his brain told him that this is must be what his victims felt when he toyed with them. The despair felt by the weak when a person stronger than them played with them. All those faces, the hopeless expression that was written on their face, their plea for mercy that Guffatar had ignored, everything flashed inside Guffatar’s mind. He needs to escape… He needs to escape… If he escapes then he just needs to become stronger, even more stronger. And everything will be alright. There is only a single girl guarding the staircase. He can do this.
Picking a sword lied near his feet, Guffatar rushed towards the staircase with a madman gait. Seeing this, the leftover subordinates also trying to do the same. While the young man still distracted, they approached the staircase with their weapon brandished. Seeing armed men approaching her, the girl showed a frightened expression. Then she raised her staff and began to chant in a panicked state.

ዶ᎐ዶንት፡ቾሜ፡ሄሬ። მისერიცორდიაე Ⴋატერ  Ⴒერრა! Ⴃა ფილლიამ ტუმ ად პრაესიდიუმ ინ პერიცულო! Ⴄტ რობურ, ეტ ანტემურალე; ეტ სოლვე ირამ ტუამ ინ რემანერეტ! ႫႭႲႠႤႱႲႠႨႤႺႨႲ!

Then suddenly in front of the girl, a wall of tone appeared, and then that wall of stone shot out small rocks. Guffatar barely able to evade it, but his unlucky subordinates who couldn’t evade the incoming rocks, ended up being embedded with sharp rocks at their body. Some died at the spot as the rocks pierced into their brain matter or bleed out as the rocks sheared the flesh in their torso or abdomen. But this didn’t stop some of the desperate men from approaching the girl. Suddenly the young man raised his right hand to the staircase direction.


Then out of nowhere, numerous swords of different types and makes suddenly manifested from the under floor, skewering the legs and bodies of the unfortunate bandits. Those who were fortunate only get grazed, but those who not so fortunate, bleed to death as the swords severed the large arteries in their feet or abdomen. Seeing this event, the survivors stopped their attempts to escape. The young man moved swiftly towards the staircase and seemed to address the girl.


The girl peeked out her face from the receding wall of rocks that shielded her before. Seeing the carnage around her, her face was pure white just like a bloodless corpse, even so her beauty was still immaculate as ever. She replied to the young man with a trembled tone.


The young man then waved his hand, and just like that, the swords disappeared, dropping the hapless victims back to the floor. The young man moved towards those who still alive and threw them towards the girl, who then administrate potions to them. If they could still move their legs then the young man would sever their legs before threw them towards the girl. If they fought back, the young man would sever their arms and legs before threw them to the girl. Even when some of the bandits was begging for mercy, the young man seemed to ignore them, before severed their legs and threw them towards the girl. It was just like a butcher visiting the jibchi pen. There was no mercy. There no need for it. They were weak, so they were meat for the strong. Survival is for the fittest, and they weren’t fit, so they won’t survive. Guffatar felt that his worldview had been turned against him. Now who is the weak one now? He could hear the laughter of the people he once robbed of their life. They are now mocking on how weak is him, and on how he is going to meet a similar fate like them. The irrationality and the incompatibility of the current situation with Guffatar’s rationalization had caused fear to completely seized his mind and soul.
Now, after disposing of his last subordinates, that young man was moving towards Guffatar… Guffatar tried to wet his parched throat but his saliva dried out. Cold sweat gushed out. His mind was screaming at what will be happening at him. The last words he uttered before the butcher visited him was a weak whimper: “S-stop‼!”


Day 16 of arrival. 02-09-0002. 12.10

At the end of a rather anti-climactic battle, Yuuto sat on a chair that once part of the makeshift barricade and looked at the gathered limbless bandits lied in front of him. They were stacked one after another like cattle carcass in a meat house. Team Gimmel rushed into the room and gathered the subdued bandits and their severed arms and legs into a single corner room. Afterward, those still alive would be thrown into the dungeons located below this fort. While, the death would be collected at another room.
For now, Yuuto didn’t want the captives that were held at the room beyond this hallroom to see the nasty carnage scene that Yuuto had made. So, he asked Florea and the Knights to at least clean the place a bit. By the way, Yuuto spared 5 bandits that his God’s Authority: Impartial Judgment deemed as Not Guilty or Repentable that was he asked Florea to restrain from the very beginning. Then after letting them saw the carnage happened to their comrades, he warned them with a smile before letting them leave the fort (under the Knights watchful eyes, so they wouldn’t be attacked by wild beasts or monsters, Yuuto hate half-hearted compassion). Yuuto doesn’t know if they could understand him, but based on how they were supplicating at him, he thinks that they got some gist of what he meant to them. Hopefully, they wouldn’t do anything bad anymore. He also let go one of the bandits that he had intentionally spared from the beginning. After deliberately defeating the bandits with such horrifying and gruesome manner, Yuuto thinks that this guy would spread this horror story to the other bandit groups. Well, he kinda went overboard with severing arms and legs, but this could be a good horror story materials. Yuuto just hoped they gave a good scary name for him.
By the way, the other five men that Florea had captured were just put to sleep with Sleep Medicine. The horror show had already over and Yuuto had grasped that the people here were basically very weak, so there wasn’t any need to cut their limbs anymore. They sleeping bodies were just thrown together with the other still living bandits.

Now with the room, a bit cleaner than before, just a splatter of blood here and there, Yuuto and Florea went towards a room where the captives from the village were being held. But just as Yuuto opened the door, his abdomen were stabbed with a knife by a girl who came rushing out from the room.


In the end, the bandits were just really a small fry acting as if they are some big whale or something.

There still one more chapter on this Village-Bandits subplot, then we can move to the Last subplot for this chapter.


JIBCHI: An omnivore flightless bird-like widespread domesticated animal in Midzu Continent. Its size was about an adult waist. Originally from marshland biome, the color tends to be brown or ashen, with no marked outside difference between male and female. The female tend to fertile all year long, and lay a small number of eggs (6) per clutches. Live in dense pack of loose groups with each group made from several females and one male. Very docile and not afraid of human or other predator. How can they survive in the wild before being domesticated is one of the great questions of nature philosophers of Midzu Continent. (The answers: The docile trait were unintentionally selected when the Jibchi were tamed by human. Only those who were docile left offsprings, the not so docile get eaten. The Jibchi feral ancestor had gone extinct in the wild due to their marshland habitat in the West Bay drained and turned into farmland and by being hunted – the so-called Anthropogenic Extinction). Its spot were held by Chicken or Pig in our world.


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