12 June 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 5 Part 7

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 5: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Magician of the Forest” to “Pioneer”.
Part 7 Bulletin Board Yuuji, Consulting the Bulletin Board about Preserved Food

What to PopularizeI finally came out after 10 years, but my home kinda went into another world Part 11in Another World?

1 : Anonymous ETNE
This is the thread to enjoy the reports, images and videos of another world that Yuuji has uploaded.
Is it really another world? How did he fabricate it? This is the thread to verify this.

Yuuji had a deal to transfer a knowledge of this world with the peddler.
What kind of knowledge to transfer? It is prohibited to post only non-idealistic reply! Reposting is also prohibited!

The next thread will be set up by the one who posts the 900th!

212: Anonymous NEET
Ero-book, ero-print, ero-novel
Ero will save the world!
Turn the Otherworlds into HENTAI!

213: Anonymous NEET
This will answer everything
Let’s popularize internet!

214: Yuuji
The peddler came
What he wished for is preserved food
I repeat
What he wished for is preserved food

Also, I have received the books, weapons and armors
I have been taught the currency
Also, I… am now able to use magic

215: Anonymous NEET
Guns, gunpowder and cannons are too powerful
They destroyed nations!

216: Anonymous ETNE
Wait a minute Yuuji!
There are so many points to tsukkomi at!

217: I Love Movies NEET
Isn’t Yuuji a wizard?

218: Anonymous NEET
The person himself is denying this!
That guy said, I am not a DT![1]

219: Well-Informed NEET
Book, weapons, armors, currency, magic
I’m curious about these points

220: Anonymous NEET
Is it ero-book?
Are there ero-book in the other world?

221: Cool NEET
Book, currency and magic
Yuuji could upload that information later
We can then discuss this when Yuuji is not here
Since the messenger has come

The knowledge about preserved food
The peddler still hasn’t returned?
Did you heard anything about the preserved food just now?

222: Anonymous NEET
We can just teach him about calori**te right?

223: Anonymous NEET
How about nukazuke[2]?
It can use vegetables and fish

224: Yuuji
The peddler didn’t return home
This time he will stay for 4 to 5 days

I have heard about them
Also, ate them

Hard bread. Hard
Jerky. Hard, salty. Boiled is okay
Dried fish. Grilled is okay
Vegetables salt pickled. Salty
Vegetables vinegar pickled. Sour
Nuts. Normal. Not very filling
Jam. Delicious. But the bread is hard
Honey. Delicious. But the bread is hard
Fermented fish pickles. Death stink. Death

I took photos of them, but their appearances are normal
Here it is

224: Anonymous ETNE
Isn’t that a complete annihilation?!

225: Anonymous MEAT
Fermented fish?
Something like Hongeohoe or Surstromming?
… You ate it?

226: Well-Informed NEET
So fermented food also exists in the other world
Well, in history, it had existed since ancient times, so it isn’t something strange

227: Yuuji
Only me who ate it.
Since I was asked to taste everything

The smell is clinging
So Alice and Kotarou went to my imouto’s room
That thing isn’t a food[3]

228: Overwhelming Dog-Person
Fermented fish to a dog’s sense of smell…
Run away Kotarou!

229: Cool NEET
Requesting preserved food while having such line-up
Maybe that peddler himself had tasted them

Then what the detail on the request?

230: Yuuji
Portable preserved food
But if it can be sold to the villages in winter then it doesn’t need to be portable

It’s okay even if it’s not the main food
Something that can become a luxury food during a journey

Also something not needing a water source
He only spoke about these

231: Anonymous ETNE
It didn’t go quite as we expected, Yuuji!

232: Anonymous MEAT
What a request without any relative obstacles, Yuuji!

233: Well-Informed NEET
Although, since it can be said as the first business transaction with a Visitor
Then isn’t he just looking for something innocuous

234: Anonymous NEET
MUST conditions: Preserved Food that can be Produced in Another World
WANT conditions:
1, Something portable
2, Not needing water

It’s relatively simple
Just like what Yuuji had said
the WANT conditions could be one or another

235: Infrastructure Worker
The way the guy summarized it
It immediately turned into a job

236: Anonymous NEET
I don’t want to work!

237: Yuuji
Also please teach it to me
How to make it and the hurdles…

238: Anonymous ETNE
I forgot!
The one we need to teach is Yuuji!

239: Anonymous MEAT
Suddenly, the difficulty turned into Hell Mode!

240: Well-Informed NEET
The technological level in the other world and the existing materials are still unknown
Well, if we keep saying this, we can’t proceed forward
So for now, let’s forward some ideas

Canned food, bottled food
Had the biggest impact and popularity

241: Professor Acorn
Hoshii[4], imogaranawa[5], dried sweet potato
dried persimmon, dried plum[6], dried sliced daikon
Not good, I got a “dried” gestaltzerfall[7]

242: Anonymous NEET
Sato** rice[8], retort pouch curry

243: Infrastructure Worker
If that so, then curry powder!

244: Anonymous NEET
Hey you guys, you forgot the most important thing
Cup ramen!

245: Anonymous NEET
Then Chikin Ramen![9]

246: Anonymous NEET
Instant soup

247: Well-Informed NEET
The chronological development order is reversed [10]
I don’t know if this a coincidence or on purpose
How startling
Since the ingredients aren’t that difficult, it could unexpectedly be done, perhaps

It needs tools
Freeze dried vegetables or other food
Maybe with magic…

Dry fruit
Also fruit preserved in rum[11]

Are there any noodles or pasta?
Udon is also good

Then confit
Since it’s European technique
I think it’s suited to the period level

248: Anonymous ETNE
O, oh, confit

249: Anonymous MEAT
I know this, I know this
I also just ate it now

250: Infrastructure Worker
Cut it, if you know about it, then stop
I you put the confit into your chest
You might know something, so be relieved[12]

251: Anonymous NEET
By the way are there any dairy products?
Cheese can last for years right?

252: Professor Acorn
Is there any smoked food?
Yuuji once failed since he lacks the tools
but the people of that world might succeed, right?

253: Anonymous NEET
The number of the answers are sloppy!

254: Anonymous NEET
Can someone put it in order?

255: Cool NEET
Canned Food, bottled food
Dependant on rust resistant metal plates and glass processing technology. If it is possible, then it’s plausible
All kinds of dried vegetables and fruit
Dependant on the ingredients. Or rather, doesn’t this already exist?
Confirm if rice exists. If it exists then it can just be boiled
Dried noodles
Confirm if it exists. If it doesn’t, then it’s plausible
Instant noodles
Dependant on the existence of dried noodles. If it exists then it’s plausible
Instant soup
Is it practical? Someone, search for the production method
Freeze dry
Can it be substituted using magic? Will it be difficult?
Various types of pickles (in rice-bran, wheat-bran, oil, sake, sugar, salt, honey)
Confirm if it exists
Confirm if it exists
smoked food, dairy products
Confirm if it exists

However, since there wereVisitors in the past
Dried foods, noodles, confit, smoked food, or dairy product could exist
So the things that I think are probably feasible are……

Dependant on the technological level: canned food, bottled food
If dried noodles did exist then instant noodles are feasible, right?

256: Anonymous NEET
I wish there were information whether the ingredients exists or not…
Well, I wonder if the peddler would understand through second-hand information…

257: Anonymous NEET
Well, this couldn’t be helped right?
But since it was second-hand information, misunderstandings might occur
After all, we are talking about Yuuji here…

258: Infrastructure Worker
It doesn’t need to be something that can last for years like canned food or bottled food
But can be something that can last until winter, right?
Then isn’t it possible to be achieved?

259: Former Talented Salesman
Second-hand information, huh?...
It will be easy if there are something like photographs or printouts
But for printing, then we need to replenish paper and ink…

260: Yuuji
Ah, I got paper, ink and a pen

261: Anonymous ETNE
Then, say this from the beginning!

262: Anonymous NEET
Yuuji, can you draw?
You can draw a picture just by looking at a photograph, right?

263: Anonymous MEAT
Don’t demand something like a master painter!

264: Yuuji
That level is…

265: Cool NEET
For now, Yuuji need to
Confirm the existence of rice and noodles through drawings by tomorrow
Draw pictures of the rice and noodles before and after harvesting or after being manufactured and after being cooked.

Dried food and pickled food can be asked about directly
Since there are dried and pickled fish after all,
just ask Is there anything else to confirm it

Is there only one dried version of jerky? Are there any smoked ones?
I think it will be good to ask about smoked food and dairy products
Even if it they don’t exist, we are just asking about the existence
We won’t arrive at the manufacturing method immediately

Confirm up until this point, then return back here, alright?

266: Anonymous NEET
So, a protracted war…

267: Well-Informed NEET
How vexing…

268: Infrastructure Worker
Quickly temper yourself Yuuji!
Your body and your knowledge of another world!
Then go to the town!

269: Anonymous NEET
Not possible, since Yuuji can’t enter the city

270: Anonymous NEET
Just say that he is a Visitor
Then he can enter the city, right?

271: Anonymous NEET
If he is captured and held in the city
Yuuji can’t come to this board again you know!


Once again, the board is full of random idea… Interspersed with ridiculous idea.

[1] DT, Doutei = Virgin
[2] Japanese pickle made from fermenting vegetables in rice bran
[3] Swedish people might not agree.
[4] Hoshii is dried boiled rice. Used as long term food in Japanese Sengoku and Edo period.
[5] Dried potato rope, made from potato shaped like a rope.
[6] Umeboshi
[7] Gestaltzerfall: German for "shape decomposition" refers to a type of visual agnosia and is psychological phenomenon where delays in recognition are observed when a complex shape is stared at for a while as the shape seems to decompose into its constituting parts. With regards to kanji, a study has shown that delays are most significant when the characters are of the same size. When characters to recognize are of different sizes, delays are observed only when they are of different patterns. For example in the text, the PA started to only see/remember words with “干し” or “dried” when he made an example
[8]  It’s a brand: サトウのごはん (satou no gohan), basicaly a sterilized cooked rice pack. Just add hot water (or microwave it), and voila, ready to eat rice.
[9] This is a brand name from Nissin. The first mass produced instant noodle of the modern world. (E/N: There’s a rocking manga about the whole production process. Project X-Nissin Cup Noodle. Btw, this manga also shows why it wouldn’t work in the other world. NO STYROFOAM.) That’s Japan for you…
[10] What WIN means is that you must first develop instant soup then the common instant noodle then the cup noodles. (E/N: That’s a lot of work for cup noodles. The 2nd step isn’t even that great since it wasn’t popular in European countries back in the day. No large noodle soup bowls.) This is just me wondering… Is there any instant cup pasta? *googling* The heck? It exists!
[11] Danish reader might know it as Rumtopf
[12] I don’t know what he mean… A reference maybe… I spotted it sometimes in nicovideo comment… But I don’t get the reference…
Here the full sentence:


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