23 June 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 5 Part 10

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Chapter 5: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Magician of the Forest” to “Pioneer”.
Part 10 Yuuji, Repulsing the Hostile Bipedal-Walking Pig-like Creature

The next day after they had talked about magic and Echelons, Kevin the peddler departed in order to manufacture trial products of the preserved food. So that oatmeal and smoked food could be marketed before the winter, he returned back earlier than he had planned.

Currently, Yuuji was outside in the garden and was verifying his light magic.

Light Oh Light, Please Shine Bright on This Land. Floating Light.(Yuuji)

It was the first magic that he had been able to use before Kevin arrived, it was activated today, too.

Alice and Kotarou were playing by chasing after the ephemeral-like light that was gently floating in the air.
Even when it collided with Alice’s hand, or Kotarou’s body when she jumped, the light passed through.

Fufufu, maybe my attribute is Light, huh? The dream can’t be stopped! If it is Light, then perhaps I can use Healing Magic. Or maybe something like a Laser, or something like a dazzler…… But the first thing that I will test is this!(Yuuji)

As Yuuji spoke, he took out a short sword that he had received from Kevin. By the way, he was completely talking to himself. Since Alice and Kotarou had gotten used to it, they just smoothly ignored Yuuji’s monologue.

The force which dwells inside me, time to awaken and become my sword! May the Fourth, be with you![1](Yuuji)

The magic didn’t activate. Naturally. Since he didn’t have the ‘you know what’ force, it would be difficult for him to master its use, also in the first place, that ‘you know what’ weapon is a mechanical weapon.[2]

Huhhh? How strange… Is it not enough to imagine the sword clad in it? Then what if we try to make it appear from the hand! The force which dwells inside me, time to awaken and become my sword! May the Fourth, be with you!(Yuuji)

Yuuji thrust his right hand into the sky, and began to chant his imagination of a light sword appearing in his open palm.
The magic didn’t activate.

Alice, who was playing, stopped her feet and looked at Yuuji with a puzzled expression.
“Woof, woof” Kotarou called to Alice, as if to say.

“Alice, don’t look at him, okay?”[3] (Kotarou)


During the magic practice that Yuuji performed after breakfast, he had tried Healing Magic, Laser, Light sword, and optical camouflage, but in the end, except for light ball, his attempts at casting magic failed. Yuuji was murmuring, “maybe my level is not enough?” and other similar nonsense.

Currently, it was in the afternoon after they had finished eating lunch, in the southern cleared area.

Ooh, seeing it like this, it has progressed quite well…… It is full of holes from magic, though. We-well, it can surely still be planted, surely!(Yuuji)

So that it would be easier to root out the stumps, Alice created depressions in the ground by using her magic. Certainly, it made cutting the roots easier and removing the stumps remarkably faster, but just like what Yuuji said, the ground was full of holes. Although he had disposed of the roots that he had cut, there were still roots remaining under the ground. The end was still far.

Alright, Alice, Kotarou, it’s been awhile, but let’s go food harvesting today! Let’s also test out what it feels when moving while wearing the weapons and armors that Kevin had brought.(Yuuji)

It seemed that Yuuji was trying to escape from the current state of land clearing.
“Yes~” Alice answered energetically. Maybe because she also agreed, Kotarou swung her tail excitedly. She seemed to be in a good mood.

Both of them then returned to the house once more to put on the equipment. Kotarou was still in her birthday suit, though.

Yuuji put on the reinforced leather pants and a leather breastplate atop his shirt. On his waist was a short sword. His left hand held a round wooden shield while he held a short spear in his right hand. Furthermore, on his back was an empty wooden rack. Yuuji thought that if Alice became tired, then she can sat there.
Alice wore a thick robe atop her clothes, while carrying a small rucksack on her back. It was something she found in the Imouto’s room.

Well since it’s the first, we will just walk for a bit. Kotarou, I’ll leave guarding the surroundings to you! Alright, let’s go~!(Yuuji)


“Woof,woof!” Kotarou also shouted.
With the plan of a 1 or 2 hours round trip walk, the party headed out to the south.


It is easier to move than I thought it would be. It felt a bit heavy, but it’s not a problem. What about Alice? Is it hard to move or does t feel hot?(Yuuji)

A bit hot, but it’s alright, Yuuji-nii!(Alice)

Is that so? If you are tired, just say so, okay? If we use this rack, Alice can sit down while we are travelling.(Yuuji)

It was about 1 hour after they had headed south. They had already obtained nuts, berries, and a mountain bird. For a short walk, it was an abundant harvest. Of course, the one who hunted down the mountain bird was Kotarou. Yuuji had tried the bow before they departed, but the hurdle was too high for him.


Kotarou who was in high spirits, after hunting the mounting bird, suddenly stopped her feet. *sniff-sniff* She sensed a smell, her ears jerking, and she entered a vigilant state.

Alice, step back a bit. Kotarou seemed to have detected something.(Yuuji)

Yuuji called out to Alice and she obediently turned around to Yuuji’s back and moved next to a big tree where she could hide at any time. What a reasonable girl.

There was a rustling sound from the undergrowth. It was about 50 meters from the front. From the gaps of the trees, they could see that it was 2 goblins.

“Ah those guys, huh? If it is only 2, then it is not a big deal.” Yuuji let out a relieved sigh.
However, Kotarou strengthened her vigilance furthermore, and with a small bark, she warned Yuuji as if saying, “They are not alone.”

Behind those two goblins was a huge shadow.

Its height was about two meters. With fat feet and a fat body, it was as if the muscles were covered by fat. it carried a large tree trunk as a weapon with both of his hands. That tree was also big, rather than a cudgel, it was more like a thin log. Finally, an ugly snout face.

“Hey, hey, isn’t this is an orc?” Yuuji spoke out in a small voice.
While Yuuji was lost in thought on what to do since Alice was also here, Kotarou began to break into a run.

She was motivated. No, she was motivated to kill.[4]

When Kotarou had halfway approached them, the two goblins and the orc noticed Yuuji and Kotarou. The orc ran noisily, but the two goblins, who ran faster, passed it and headed towards Kotarou’s direction.

Since the enemy began to move, Yuuji finally held up his shield and ran towards the enemy with the spear aimed at them.[5]

However, before Yuuji could catch up with Kotarou, she had already entered into a battle with the two goblins and had finished it.

Kotarou jumped at the goblin on the right, with a speed that the goblin couldn’t react to, she hit the goblin’s body with three of her legs, as if she was landing on the goblin. Then, she swung her free right foreleg at the goblin.
She immediately put power into her legs, and while kicking the goblin, she jumped over it towards the other goblin, and passed through it.

*shuat* Kotarou landed on the ground. *phoo* she spat out something from her mouth.
The first goblin collapsed on the ground. Its neck was as if had been cut by a sharp blade; a large amount of blood flowed out from the opened wound.
The second goblin had its neck completely gouged off, and fell on the spot. When they had passed each other just now, Kotarou had bitten off its neck.

Instant kill.

Yuuji who had came late, stood besides Kotarou and brought his shield to the front.
Yes, the battle was still far from over.

The orc came lumbering over, even so, it was still quite an impressive speed. Its movements were slow, but that doesn’t mean that it was also slow on its feet. It was just the fate of the heavyweight class.

With a nearlt 2 meter large bodied creature running towards them, Yuuji braced himself, and Kotarou also put strength into her body. Suddenly, at that time,

Mister Ground, please lower a bit!(Alice)

Alice shouted out from behind.


In front of the orc, the ground collapsed into a 2 meter wide and 1 meter deep hole. The orc, who suddenly found its feet stepping onto empty air, dropped into the hole without being able to stop its speed and landed on its stomach.

Maybe because the impact had been transmitted through the stomach, the orc’s body bent forward into a “┐” shape.
*Goho* It gushed out a small amount of blood from its mouth.

As if time had been stopped, Yuuji and Kotarou looked blankly at the scene.
After some time had passed, Yuuji, finally came to his senses.

Yuuii slowly approached and looked down at the unmoving orc. He placed his shield down, then with a backhand grip, he put the short spear behind the orc’s ear, and then with a large swing, he thrust down the spear with all of his strength.
*puch* The spearhead pierced the orc’s brain.

The orc’s body was twitching for a moment, but before long that movement stopped.

Yuuji-nii, is it already safe for me to come there?(Alice)

Yuuji could hear Alice asking from behind.
Yuuji exchanged looks with Kotarou. “Woof” Kotaro barked as if saying.

“It’s alright. It’s already dead.” (Kotarou)

A hostile creature with 2 meter high large body that held an intent to kill.

Even so, they had killed it so easily like this.

A-Alright Alice. Let’s call it a day and head home!(Yuuji)

Yuuji’s voice resounded inside the forest.


May the Fourth be with you, my reader!

[1] I think that I don’t need to explain this. By the way, the Japanese line is “54日、あなたとともに”. If you still don’t know, just google Star Wars Day. By the way Yuuji think that since he has Light element, then he can make Lightsaber. Applause. (E/N: That’s not how lightsabers work….at least he didn’t make the stupid lightsaber sound? https://youtu.be/0v_9Ywjg5F4)
[2] Lightsaber is an energy blade emitted by the hilt that is clearly a mechanical device. (E/N: More importantly, you need a special space crystal to power it. And you need midichlorians to be Force-sensitive.)
[3] The clichéd scene in a manga where a child would be covered by his mother, “don’t look at him” when a character do something stupid or obscene
[4] It’s a pun やる気である。いや、殺る気である。やる気sounds the same with 殺る気. 殺るmeans to kill.
[5] I imagine Yuuji yelled, SPARTAAA here.


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