10 August 2016

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Volume 1 - Epilogue

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Last chapter of Volume 1.

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Volume 1

Mira! Gai!(Filseria)
Are both of you alright!?(Teacher)

When I turned my head, there was Princess looking down from the edge of the hole. Teacher came sliding down. It was the earth attribute Teacher with the normal body shape.[1]
Hmm? A hole?
I looked around the place where I was sitting. We were in the middle of a 5 meters wide crater.

Whoa, so THIS is the source of that loud sound?(Mira)

I unconsciously led out an astonished shout. It seems that Guno created this crater when he transferred all of the impact energy towards the ground surface.

Are you two injured anywhere?(Teacher)
I am alright. What about you Mira?(Gai)

Although Teacher’s unrest was clearly shown, he asked uneasily. Gai made a wry smile as if to say, don’t keep it to yourself, so I answered that I am alright.

It’s just, my body is terribly sluggish and I’m sleepy.(Mira)
Can you show me your card?(Teacher)

When Teacher requests my card, I realized the cause of this bizarre fatigue.
When I took it out and read the status card, just as I thought, it displayed MP 15 HP 9. I couldn’t help but say, “Dear me”. It is impossible to popularize flying magic. I realized that I could freely spend use my magic power, but that’s just me. For a normal person, even floating would be difficult.

Thank goodness, your magic power didn’t run dried out. You are just tired from the sudden decrease in magic power. Since I heard that you don’t have high physical power, it should be difficult for you to walk, right? I’ll carry you to the surface, so here, get up.(Teacher)

Teacher returned my card and offered both of his hand to me. Since I couldn’t send any strength to my legs even if I wanted to, I thankfully received that hand.

I can walk by myself.(Gai)

Sensei called out to Gai while holding me in his left hand and Gai immediately began to stand.

Then, here we go.(Teacher)

While being be careful so I won’t be shaken too much, Teacher slowly climbed out the crater. Gai arrived before us, while Guno and Rufi were following from behind.

Master, you don’t want to sleep?(Guno)

Seeing that I made a small yawn, Guno curiously asked to me, so I shook my head left and right.
Since I had been released from the Unification, Guno words were transmitted through Thought Transmission. In this situation, my thoughts couldn’t be read by Guno anymore. However, I couldn’t reply with my mouth, since Teacher might hear it.

I still want to punish the culprit(Mira)

I can’t say this, right? Right? Even if I have the strength to do it, I couldn’t personally be the one who strangle them ―――― To begin with, a peasant can’t knock out a noble, so I have the sound judgment of didn’t honestly speak those words.
After we climbed out of the crater, I saw the idiots getting down from the stairs on the cliffs. Behind them are the Academy’s Principal, the Secretary, and the huge-bodied Org-Sensei who received us at the school entrance ceremony. A person that was called the “School Counselor Demon”.
No way, no way, the Academy’s Top Three appeared! An investigation… they might be able to deliver some kind of punishment.
“A place where those with talents can study regardless of social status”, is the creed of the Academy. That’s why they wouldn’t change how they will deal with the students depending on their social status. Even Prince(Ouji-sama) or Princess(Hime-sama), would be called using a “-kun” or a “-san” not with a “-sama” behind their name. While this might be true, the opponents were still nobles, I couldn’t just report them and hope it will be accepted.
So that the report can be accepted, the eyewitness need to have a high social position such as the Ducal House Young Master, Ballanc-kun or the Royal Princess. It was unfortunate that the reflection lacked any voice. We just simply saw Gai cornered on the cliff and fell down.
I can’t believe that it was Gai himself jumping voluntarily and I can’t let the culprits just slip by unscathed, so it will the best if I’m the one who land the first hit. I don’t want to have the challenger’s handicap and I also don’t want it to become a situation where both parties are to be blamed.

Hey, Gai.(Mira)

I pretended not to notice that the culprits and the headmasters’ group had arrived and called out to Gai.

Why are you going to the cliff top?(Mira)
I had made a promise to have a match with Ballanc. Then, while I was heading to the meeting place, his friend and those bros called out to me and said to go to the cliff top. But, Ballanc still didn’t come.(Gai)

No, that’s not it, Gai, Ballanc-kun didn’t know about this you know? If he was acting back then, what a frightening child he is!

But in the Princess’ Water Mirror Divination, Gai seemed to be cornered and fell from the cliff top, you know?(Mira)

The Principal’s group was just a hop away from us, but maybe because they also wanted to hear the answer to my question, they didn’t say anything. Gai sent a quick glance to the culprits and spoke out with a sullen look.

They said they wanted to see if I am worthy of receiving the Royal Family’s patronage and have a match with Ballanc. They said if I could jump from that place and land safely with Fire Attribute Physical Enhancement, then they would approve me.(Gai)

I then interrupted the main culprit (middle schooler) who was about to open his mouth with a compliment for them, A Fire Attribute Magician can do such thing? How amazing. The twins of the baron house had their face completely stiffened as they couldn’t think of how to reply to those words.
Fufufu, what they demanded from Gai is an unthinkable, impossible task, right? I know. That’s why, now, the counterattack begins!

Mira-san. Many of the Fire Attribute Physical Enhancement is of an instantaneous type, so although I wouldn’t say that it’s impossible, it is a difficult technique. For Gai-kun, who is just a first-year elementary student that just start learning, it is impossible.(Teacher)
Is that so?(Mira)

Teacher answered in the direction that I hoped. I then tilted my head a little while still being held by his hands and returned my sight towards the culprits. I piled up my words with a smile.

Then these Senpais can do it, right? How amazing. Can I see it?(Mira)

Maybe this is what they called as “face as blank as like a pigeon that was shot by a pea-shooter”? For now, let’s just ignore the surrounding people who are surprised. I turned towards the Teacher whose smiling face was as if saying, “It’s impossible”, and asked him again.

But Senpai had said that if Gai can do it, Senpai will approve of Gai receiving the Royal Family’s Patronage, right? There are many nobles receiving Royal Family’s patronage, right? Then, these Senpais also can do it too, right?(Mira)

The peanut gallery became noisy and concentrated their gazes at the culprits ―――― primarily at the twins. Teacher had said that it is impossible for a first-year elementary student. In this situation, what the next thing is to deal with those two. Since they gave the requirement for the Patronage, then they also must be able to do it. I placed this kind of situation in play.
In that case, I, the speaker, in some sense, have cleared their requirement. Although, it’s not Physical Enhancement and the Attribute is different.[2]
Now, what are they gonna do? I had returned the unreasonable requirement back to them. If they can’t do it, then they cannot be exempted from their irrational argument that could have caused Gai to be injured. From now on, similar groups like them would surely be restrained. The nobles with high pride wouldn’t even have any inkling to say Since he can’t do it, he must relinquish his social status. That’s why please don’t give him any Patronage. But if they retract their statement, they would lose face.
So now apologize. You can also do a dogeza, you know? Or rather, does this world know have the custom of a dogeza?
I was watching the twins with thrill while waiting. I innocently said How amazing. Can I see it?
My inner heart is completely black with manipulation. It is boiling with rage, though. No matter how I treasure the principle: Peace-at-any-price, that price had a limit. Now, receive my retribution.
Ah, even so…… so sleepy. Can’t you decide right away? You are a boy, right? I just sighed at these idiots who began trembling. The sleepiness is beginning to be unbearable. Maybe it was shown on my face? My voice still sounds okay, right? While pretending to cover the mouth and made a small yawn, I looked at Teacher.

It is fine if you want to sleep. You and Gai-kun will be exempted from the training camp. Return to the Royal Castle and take a good rest, then get a physician to examine you. Since there might be some complications afterward.(Principal)

Alright. He didn’t say any angry words at me. I looked at the Principle to confirm the safety for my early leave and he replied with a nod.

I will permit both of you to leave early. While the punishment for these students is…… A one-month suspension and a written apology will suffice.(Principal)

The Principal glares at the culprits, strokes his beard, and delivers the punishment. But isn’t that a bit too light?

Of course, I will inform your parents. Thanks to Mira-kun’s effort, all of you are rescued from expulsion, so give her your gratitude.(Principal)

Maybe he noticed my displeasure expression, the Principal skillfully added another punishment while raising his eyebrow. Certainly, there were no casualty, let alone an injury, in this situation, so they ought to be thanking me.

Now then, do none of you know how to make an apology and gratitude? Do you need to start over from elementary school?(Principal)

Maybe because they believe that they would be demoted to the elementary school for real, those idiots flusteredly bowed their heads.
……………… Hmm. If Gai forgives them, then so will I.


When Teacher carried me to the carriage, my sleepiness reached peak value and I fell asleep. Thanks to that, I was transported to the Royal Castle without having to experience motion sickness. I was awoken for awhile so that I could be examined by the physician, but there was no problem on Gai or me. It’s just that I had terrible mana exhaustion, so I was ordered to have a good rest.
I was still sleepy since I was awoken halfway through my sleep for the examination. I want to immediately curl around the soft bed. However, I want to wash off the sand and dust from the activities in the camping ground. Maybe because of the Japanese habit, it wasn’t through Cleaning magic, but with water.
So that I wouldn’t drown in the bathtub, I asked Carla-san to monitor me. The refreshed feeling made me immediately enter a deep sleep.
Then after laying in the bed since the afternoon, I quickly opened my eyes at the next morning. Guno and the other still hadn’t come yet, so it was just me in the room. It looks like Carla-san and Emel-san hadn’t come yet either. However, I am hungry.

It still not the time for breakfast, but there might be someone in the kitchen.(Mira)

If there is someone, then I can ask them to give me bread or something to eat.
I got down from the bed and took out the one piece dress from the closet. I tried to tie the sash, but it ended up crooked, so I decided to not tied the sash
Using a mirror, I lightly groomed myself, more or less. I didn’t wash my face since there was no bucket, towel, and the jar for the used water, so I gave up.
Then I exited my room and walked through the corridor, just as I was about to descend the stairs, my body stopped moving.

To-too high.(Mira)

Eh, how? Even though before the training camp, I was alright with the stairs. Could it because of the fear from descending the long stairs at the cliffs……No, that’s wrong. The most probable cause of this fear, must be that ── the acrobatic flight and fall!
I retreated from the stairs unsteadily and fell to my knees.

Even though I finally conquer that fear…… Even though I intend to fly in the sky in the future… Those damned twins. I’ll curse you. I’ll haunt you. I pray that your little toe will crash into the drawers corner. Otherwise, you will lose something important. HUHAHAHAHA-haa………I’m hungry…… (Mira)

My stomach was grumbling to remind me that it is empty. However, I couldn’t descend the stair by myself, so I headed to Gai’s room that located on the same floor.

Gai…wake up… Let’s go to get a breakfast.(Mira)

When I knocked the door, it opened a bit. I peeked into the room through that small gap. Since I was been told to rely more on the people around me, then I shall put it into a practice. That’s why, without mercy, I woke up my childhood friend, who had a bad sleep posture and kicked the bed cover.


Thus two days passed without any improvement on my high-speed phobia that now also include a height phobia. The training camp ended and Princess returned at lunch time. It had been awhile since we had a snack time together, but when it was the Princess’ nap time, I returned to my room. Just then, Rufi called out to me. Although it was through Thought Transmission, so there was no actual “voice” though.[3]

Master, can I go and prank(punish) the twins from several days ago? Especially the elder brother.(Rufi)
Hah? Isn’t this strange? The word is read as prank but somehow I feel the word meaning as punishment.(Mira)
Is that so? Scald him, bury him, soak him, scattering rumors about him.(Rufi)

Why did she say “Is that so?” like it’s something trivial. In the first place, scalding and burying him has passed over the level of a prank…… or rather, they are really a punishment. No-no-no, this can’t be permitted, right? Also if she soaked him, even if the air temperature is warm, he can catch a cold. Also about a rumor, what kind of rumor she wanted to spread?

……If the cause of the punishment is the incident from several days ago, more or less, they had already received their punishment.(Mira)

Although I wanted to add another curse for them, but since I didn’t want to fall into the hole called “Two holes for cursing people[4]”, so I didn’t really do it. After all, I don’t also want to get harmed because of cursing those brothers. After all, this world has magic, so the curses might become real, since the status card also have the column that shows curses.

Or rather, why do you put emphasis on the older brother?(Mira)

When I asked her, she began to tell me an outrageous story.


After they had been sentenced with one-month suspension as a punishment, the twins of Count Berulle House returned early from the camping trip to their dormitory and threw themselves on their bed.
For full one month, they wouldn’t be able to use magic. As their training camp terminated, they had been made to vow this to the Four Spirit Kings, so all Spirits had known about this. So from thereafter, no matter how much mana they send out and no matter what they do to call a Spirit, the Spirits would ignore them. Even the low ranked Spirits wouldn’t approach them, so it was a thorough enforcement without any loopholes.
Furthermore, they couldn’t take any classes so they couldn’t receive any swordsmanship instructions. They were permitted to do self-practice, but since their aim is to become a Magic Knight, this suspension period isn’t something that they can deal with lightly. Their classmates might end up several steps ahead of them.


Both of them were sighing together.
Their plan was so that the Ducal House Young Master, who held the principle of Commoner should obey the Nobles and the Count Berulle House youngest son, their little brother, could get closer to each other. However, due to a boy with an unexpected stubbornness and, mostly because, a girl who held an absurd amount of mana beyond what the rumors said, they couldn’t achieve their objective in the end.

It was just our youngest brother’s request, so how have we ended involved up in something big like this…(Zell)

The youngest twin, Zell Berulle, made a wry smile and looked at his brother, Dell Berulle.


It seemed that the brother didn’t have any strength left to answer. Zell tossed around the bed and looked at the ceiling.
He never thought that the rumored girl could fly in the sky. Thanks to that, they avoided a situation where they became a criminal and besmirch their family honor. However, the fact that their family’s honor has dropped didn’t change. Everything is that boy’s fault. He was just a childhood friend freebie of the peasant girl who receive Royal Family’s Patronage, but he dare to compete with the Ducal House’s Young Master. Even though they just promise to punish the boy a bit, that boy didn’t respond obediently. This was that boy’s fault……

No, it’s wrong, this is just reaping what we had sown. If I don’t think like this, I can’t write the apology letter. If I write it with half-baked sentiment then that girl would glare at us again. Right, Dell?(Zell)
Hah, I want to meet with Mira-sama again.(Dell)

Zell was just talking and threw a rhetorical question that required no answer; however, Dell’s response was unbelievable. Although Zell thought that he had just misheard it, but he had heard a name that he couldn’t just ignore. Furthermore, his brother adds the “-sama” honorific on it. While hoping and praying that it was just he misheard thing, he asked his brother.

Dell. Just now, I think I just heard a weird honorifics, this was just my imagination, right? I just misheard something, right?(Zell)
What is it, Zell? Is it wrong for me to call the angelic Mira-sama as Mira-sama?(Dell)
Isn’t she more of a devil!?(Zell)
But, Mira-sama’s wings are white.(Dell)

Dell’s honest reply made Zell unconsciously wanted to retort and this made his mind greatly disturbed. ‘That’s not the problem!’

She is just a commoner!(Zell)
Then, what of it? Mira-sama’s magics are magnificent. Sooner or later she will become the Chief of the Magicians. No; there is no doubt that she will be inaugurated as the youngest Master Magician!(Dell)
No, that gramps is still holding that position, right? However, why you are suddenly get charmed by her?(Zell)
That’ right Zell, I will renounce my right as the House’s heir succession to you.(Dell)

Ignoring Zell’s question, Dell made another unthinkable statement.

What did you say?(Zell)
I said that I don’t want to succeed the house. We are twins, therefore, we are mutual spares and rivals for the succession with each other, so hereby I proclaimed: You will be the one who succeed Count Berulle House.(Dell)

Dell slowly stood up from the bed and looked at his brother with eyes full of determination.

I will become a Magic Knight and then be the Head Security for Mira-sama.(Dell)
Are you sane!?(Zell)
Of course. Also, I want to be stared at by those frozen-cold eyes of her again.(Dell)
So, you are insane!(Zell)

Zell remembered that moment when they innocently search for the landing site from the heights using physical enhancement and he broke into goose bumps. For a few moment, those unblinking sleepy eyes were something not to be laughed at. Her gaze that was as if saying,Quickly die, idiots, pierced through them.
Although it might be just that she was half-asleep, but that gaze made Zell’s body paralyzed with fear. He believed that his brother also felt the same. The girl, who looked at them, then made a blank look and a yawn after that. Then, as if nothing had happened, she began to speak with the teacher with a hidden agenda.

That is only a devil pretending to be innocent. She had said, ‘if you had demanded a requirement to my childhood friend, then show me how you guys do it’.  Can you believe that she is of the same age with our little brother!? Furthermore, why are you charmed by her? Are you an M?[5] Is my brother a great pervert!? Am I, as a twin, of the same kind!? Please I beg of you, say it not so!(Zell)
What are you talking about? You had been impolite to me and to Mira-sama, so I demand an apology from you.(Dell)

The older twin folded his arm and stated his displeasure that despaired the younger twin even more.
Zell wants to say that he is completely different, but until now both of the twins had the same tastes in many things. Even so, he wants to believe that it was different this time.

Hey, I beg of you, stop making the same face as a pervert! Get your own sanity back!(Zell)

In some sense, the matter of House succession dispute had been settled peacefully, but the younger brother couldn’t honestly be delighted by it.


So it was like that. Thus, Master has gained a weird fan. So can I do it?(Rufi)

Okay, do it, I swallowed this words back into my throat.
Although I said that I want to curse them but I never intend to implement it you know?
I know I had said that I hope that he will lose something important, but is that something is his reasoning? His sanity? Please quickly find it and get it back!

Or rather, is this true? Why did you know about this?(Mira)

I asked a question with a cramped smile and Rufi revealed her source of information without any fear.

The passing by Wind Spirits told me that. We, the Wind Spirits, really love gossiping.(Rufi)
……So, you mean, you know other rumor related to me?(Mira)

I asked with a feeling as if I will see something scary and Rufi readily answered this question too.

The Prince is delighted with Master’s unexpected scheming. He’s enjoying it.(Rufi)

She suddenly said something outrageous!
I immediately feel to my knees and hung my head down.

Also, some of the nobles, who know about the Prince’s proposal to Master, has begun planning to approach Master to become their adopted daughter or adopting a daughter with the same age as Master and giving them special education.(Rufi)
Waaaaaa‼ That’s enough. I don’t want to hear the rest. Sorry.(Mira)

I plugged both of my ears and took a refuge in the bed. However, Thought Transmission doesn’t go through the ears, so this action was meaningless.
Gai told me to rely on the people around me more, but can I rely on other people like this? Can someone, please teach me methods of avoiding the side effects of the Cheat?
Aaaaah, as expected, the Cheat is something troublesome. I know I had decided to take a defiant attitude and come to grips with many things for the sake of my future, but I couldn’t change my opinion that troublesome thing as indeed troublesome. If the source of the cheat is the God then I want to file a few words of complaint.


After several days passed, I become even more anguished in the Academy.

See that girl? The one who’s lying down on the front row desk.
Eeeh? That tiny girl is the user of the flight magic!?
Her appearance is unexpectedly ordinary.
But I heard that she produce wings with magic.
It is white and extremely beautiful.
I want to see it.

Outside the classroom entrance and the windows that faced the corridor were crammed by potatoes and pumpkins.

Mira, are you alright desuno? When the other grades have their training camp, our class will mostly be self-studying, so if you’re still not feeling well, you can take another day to rest, desuno(Filseria)

No, not at all, Princess. My feeling has deteriorated after I have returned to the school. And then I will drop the pretense of past tenses.[6] (the rest of the paragraphs is in very formal form of sentence)
Even though many nobles enrolled in this Academy, there are many rubberneckers.
If those rubberneckers-sama expectation are only for the wings, then I am able to grant their wish anytime. But, if it is flight magic then please leave the premise. Due to my fear of heights, currently I can only float and not any higher than a height of a jump. Ah, I have the urge to abandon the class.

I want to do disappear. I want to become invisible.(Mira)

Fufu. A human’s sight is just based on sensing the light reflected by things right? Then if I adjust that angle of reflection, then I can’t be seen right?

………I hate Cheat.(Mira)


End of Volume 1. Thank you for reading and waiting for all this time.
I’m sorry that it take this long… Really sorry…
Volume 2 will begin in a jiffy. Please wait warmly.

[1] You should have remember your teacher name, not their body shape, Mira…
[2] You Cheat Mira! A Cheater!
[3] The Japanese use the verb: “Raising a Voice”, to refer an act of calling out to someone. Hence Mira’s comment of “but there is no voice”.
[4] It’s a proverb: a curse will rebound on the curser as well. Curses, like chicken, come home to roost. One of the two holes is for the cursed, while the other one is for the curser, hence two holes.
[5] M = Masochist.
[6] The Japanese: I will drop the present continuous tense. This form is the form of sentence used to narrate the story. In the subsequent passage, Mira changed into a formal Japanese present tense.


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