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Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 53

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 53 Get a Mochi from a Mochi Shop[1]

It had been 3 hours since Kazura left the ranch.
Kazura was in the conference corner of a certain construction company within the prefecture.[2]

The one who meet with Kazura was a middle-aged man who wore this company’s uniform who had a grim expression when he looked at the massive amount of documents spread around at the table.
At Kazura’s side of the table was the man’s business card, beside the man’s name, the card also described his job title, Chief Clerk.

The documents at the table were the copy of flood-control construction documents that Kazura brought from Isteria.
While en route to this construction company, he visited a convenience store and made copies of the whole documents in his hand.

Um you know, if you bring so many documents and ask us to make flood-control construction plan, even we will be troubled by it.(Chief Clerk)

The Chief Clerk raised his head from the documents and began to speak with a really unpleased expression.

Also, what do you mean by “make the construction plan without doing the construction itself”? Furthermore, you also say there is a restriction to use only the designated technology, but just by looking at what is written here, you mean for us to make a plan for the construction, using only ancient technology, right?(Chief Clerk)

Well, I deeply apologized for the sudden weird request. However, I really need a flood-control construction plan with this geographic feature at any cost. Can’t you somehow accept this request?(Kazura)

Kazura requested while bowing his head. The Chief Clerk let out a sigh and threw his back at the chair.
From his attitude, it was clear that he thought that Kazura as a troublesome fellow.

Shino-san, you should have asked a college professor who studies ancient technology for this. To request this from a company that does public works, isn’t it a bit strange if you think about it?(Chief Clerk)

That might be true, however when it is about the details of the plan that need to be performed, then it will be better to request this to your company who always engaged in actual construction works since I think it will be more accurate this way…… Furthermore, there is somewhat a reason behind this, but there is no much time. Although it will depend on when the construction will begin, but I need the plan as soon as possible……(Kazura)

When Kazura spoke this, the Chief Clerk showed a doubting expression on his face.

As soon as possible…… Even though we didn’t do the actual construction. For what reason you need that plan badly? Do you want to use the plan for writing a thesis?(Chief Clerk)

Ah, umm, that is……(Kazura)

Hey, you guys have a somewhat interesting discussion.(Old Guy)

When Kazura was at a loss for an answer, an elderly white-haired man who had come approaching since some time ago, addressed them from behind Kazura.

O, this is a blueprint for ancient construction, tight? Although it is written in some letters I can’t recognize, but this is quite a proper blueprint.(Old Guy)

The elderly man said, Excuse me for a bit and took a seat beside Kazura as he began to look with a great interest in the documents that Kazura brought.

Let’s see, the used technology and tools can’t exceed the limitation…… I see, so this detail means a technology level similar to the Middle East or Europe at 2000 BCE? The scope is quite huge. Which country is this?(Old Guy)

U-um, Director, since I am the one dealing with this matter, then……(Chief Clerk)

While showing a troubled expression, the Chief Clerk, who was discussing with Kazura earlier, addressed the elderly man, who read the documents at the table one after another while nodding and humming.

It looks like, this elderly man was this company’s director. A relatively high position.

Although you saying you dealing with this, from the conversation I heard until now you didn’t show any interest to accept this job. Even the client who brought the job bowed his head down, so what’s with that attitude?(Director)

But-but this, whatever the circumstances may be, but the content…… Brought documents of blueprint from unknown age and requesting to make a construction plan without doing the actual construction and only using ancient methods is too……(Chief Clerk)

Y’er idiot‼[3](Director)

When the Chief Clerk gave such an answer, the Director had veins appeared on his forehead as he shouted in a dreadful angry look.
To say nothing about the Chief Clerk who was the target of that shout, Kazura who sat beside the Director instinctively duck his body.

Whether or not you do or not do the construction itself, this client’s request content is in our field of expertise! Don’t make a stingy reason to choose your work‼ I will take over from here on, so you just return to your own job‼(Director)

The Director rattle on without stop and drove out the Chief Clerk from the conference corner with a strong kick.
The company employees, who was passing by in the corridor and heard the Director’s enormous angry shouts, peeked at the conference corner and looked at each other as if asking what had happened.

U-umm, then do you mean this company accepts this request……?(Kazura)

Although Kazura was taken aback at how the events progressed that passed away like a storm, he addressed the Director who was muttering in indignation Really, young ‘un these days….
After hearing Kazura’s question, The Director immediately softened his expression and made a smile.

Certainly, although I don’t really understand without hearing the whole details, but it isn’t something impossible to do.(Director)

Oh, I’m glad to hear that! Then, the content of the construction plan that I want you to draw up is……(Kazura)

Before that please tell me. These blueprints, what country did they come from? It scope didn’t like something from Ancient Greece and it is quite unlike the Carthaginian or Assyrian one…… This is embarrassing, but I couldn’t guess where the country this from.(Director)

Although the Director furrowed his brow, he asked Kazura while his eyes darted around the blueprints with a really interested expression.
His eyes were filled with curiosity just like a child had been given a gift of toy that he like.

Ah, that is, all the blueprint is from a fictional ancient age.(Kazura)

The Director showed a bit surprised expression at Kazura’s answer.

Oh, this is all fictional?(Director)

Yes, I want to perform a flood-control construction project for the river that passed in the city based on this fictional ancient age blueprint. As for the content of that blueprint, parts of the levee construction ended up burst when the amount of rainfall increased, that’s why I want to ask your company to draw a plan to improve these constructions.(Kazura)

……Hmhm? This is quite unusual…… Ah! So that’s the reason! I see I see.(Director)

After hearing Kazura’s explanation, the Director made an odd expression before clapping his hand and nodded as if he understood something.

However, why this work request isn’t using any national research institution’s name? If you bring this request using a personal work, it will normally be not accepted.(Director)

Eh? Umm, national research institution? What do you means?(Kazura)

Since Kazura didn’t know what the Director was talking about, he returned the question back at the director.

Hm, no, that’s why, it’s that, right? This is originally brought for me, right?(Director)


Why? Because I am the former River Bureau of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s……(Director)

……Ah! It isn’t of that sort of thing, this is just my personal request…… So to speak, something like a hobby.(Kazura)

Kazura could guess, that the Director seemed misunderstood something and was talking about something else. The Director’s face then showed a rather flustered expression.

……I-I see. Well, I am sorry for speaking something strange. Please forgot what I had just say now.(Director)

Me too, I am sorry for the strange request. By all means, I am thankful for your cooperation.(Kazura)

Kazura said this while bowing his head that made the Director also following suit.

Although they had a somewhat strange discussion, they omitted to ask the details.

In the world of adults, there were many things happened.


It was 3 hours after Kazura meeting with the Director about the construction plan began.
The necessary explanation had mostly finished, so Kazura finally could catch his breath.

In front of Kazura, the Director sipped his tea while looking at the photographs that Kazura handed over to him.
The whole photographs were what had been taken by Kazura in Isteria, what depicted in them were mostly a river and its bank.
The locations that collapsed when the water previously swell in the past or the pictures of the river taken from high altitude.

Recently, CG technology is really just like the real thing. It is hard to distinguish this from real photographs.(Director)

That’s right. The technology advancement is really amazing.(Kazura)

While taking a sip of his tea, Kazura gave a proper response when The Director showed his admiration at the photographs.

He explained to the Director that the entire photographs that he gave to the Director were made by CG synthesis.
Even though the Director were surprised by the content of the photographs, he completely didn’t doubt that this was made with CG. Since the Director seems to be of quite old age, he might be really unfamiliar with this matter.

However, the armored soldiers, the stone buildings and other details that are depicted at several places in these photographs are really a splendid job. Is this really completely a CG?(Director)

Ah, that is a composite using parts of real buildings and people, so something like a hybrid of real thing and CG.(Kazura)

The Director nodded I see, I see at Kazura’s explanation that seems authentic.
While looking at the photographs for awhile, the Director put them back at the table and looked towards Kazura.

Then, let’s talk about the money and the time limit. With such amount, it will take quite a time to draw the plans as it is, but how many man-hours that you able to give?(Director)

You’re right….. Since I want the plan to be actually be performed inside the story setting, then I want the plan to be something that is able to be performed before the start of rainy season in May next year. The man-hour will be……(Kazura)

Hey-hey, no matter what, by May next year will be unrealistic. With this scope, then a year of time will be needed.(Director)

The Director made a sour expression and pointed this out after hearing Kazura’s answer.
Today was in the middle of August, so for the construction work to be able finished before May next year, the construction plan would only have 8 months working period.

By the way, the word Man-Hour that Kazura used just now is a term to refer to a workload that can be spent to draw the plan.
For the negotiation this time, the Director was asking how much time that he can spend for working the plan from Kazura.

Ah, no, I only mean for the repair work for the parts where flood occurs. The rest of construction would be performed after the rainy seasons finished, so I only requested for the parts that could potentially flood at the rainy seasons next year.(Kazura)

Hm, is that so. Then, giving the weak sections a preferential complete repair, while the remainder sections a temporary reinforcement, I see. Then what about the man-hour?(Director)

Let see, since I am just a layman in civil engineering, I don’t know how much man-hour is needed…… But if the amount of payment for 1 hour is this much, then how many the man-hour will it be?(Kazura)

Based on his experience from requesting a plan from an outsourcing company at the company he worked before, Kazura proposed the amount of the money he offered, which he wrote in the memo book at his hand.
The hour is really a unit of time, if it was XX hour, then the Director would have XX hours that he could use to draw out the plan.

Hey, hey, no matter how you see it, this is too much. Even a 70% from this will be alright. Since this matter comes suddenly, it is already a bit expensive, though. So, the time limit, it will be alright if it finished so the plan could be put into practice before rainy seasons right? Because the content of the plan would put a preferential treatment at specific location, it might be delivered in several parts.(Director)

Yes, I will leave it at your indiscretion. Also, I hope the plan would be something that can be understood just by looking so that the ancient people could do the construction according to it. I would be grateful if it has many illustration or figure explanation……(Kazura)

Somehow this is quite an elaborate story…… Well, I will try my hand on it. After all, I am was quite free with my position and I really like this ancient-looking talks. Also, this is the temporary man-hour. Since this is also the first time I receive a job as special as this, it might pass the number. I think it might not exceed twice of this number, though.(Director)

I understand. Then, I won’t mind if the man-hour is twice the amount of this number.(Kazura)

After Kazura’s said this, the Director showed a surprised expression.

Will it be alright for you to be this lavish? This would cost quite a lot of money, can you really be able to pay it?(Director)

Of course. After all, it won’t be a problem if I pay half of the cost as advance payment.(Kazura)

Kazura answered this with a calm expression, so the Director made a wry smile while shook his head.

No need, I’m sorry for doubting you. However, I can’t accept half of the payment before working. After all, this is the first time I took a job from an otaku[4], so how could I accept the advance payment?(Director)

Then, for now, should I make a deposit for the 10% of the whole man-hour?(Kazura)

That’s seems right. Then please do so.(Director)

The Director nodded and he took out a paper with Request Order printed on it from the shelf at the conference corner.
The Director scribbled a record of the work content that was contracted by Kazura and put Kazura’s name at the Requesting Party entry.

Since I need to settle it with the Production Management Section[5], please wait a moment. I will return as fast as possible.(Director)

After the Director said this, he took the Request Order and left the conference corner.


It has been 2 hours since then.
It took quite a time to formalize the payment and delivery so when Kazura exited the company, it was already dark.

So tired…… But, I am really fortunate to be helped by that man……(Kazura)

Kazura originally intended to go around randomly to construction companies until he finds a company that will accept his request of drawing up a flood-control construction work plan.
Although he was half giving up to make a request to this company when he was almost rejected by the Chief Clerk at the beginning, but he was saved when the Director, who formerly worked in River Bureau of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, appeared.

Perhaps, that Director position was just a formality seat in the company, so he might have lots of free time every day.
Nonetheless, there is no doubt that he was an elite prodigy since he formerly worked for Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Since he also had an interest in the ancient construction technology, surely he would draw up a nice plan without a problem.

Now then, maybe I need to sleep in a hotel today and do the purchases tomorrow.(Kazura)

Since he was so tired, Kazura decided to postpone the remainder of today’s plan to tomorrow and took a rest for now. He then searched for the nearest business hotel at  his navigator.
Then when he drove according to the navi’s guide, he noticed a certain large electronic appliance store.

……An electronic store, huh.(Kazura)

Kazura slowed down his car while thinking for a moment and murmured then he turned the steering wheel towards the electrical appliance store’s parking lot.


Electronic appliance store? Where will he get the necessary electricity? Hydrogenerator? Solar power? Fossil fuel generator? Methane generator? Greysior Assisted Mana to Electricity Reactor (GAMER)? Loli-Assisted Spirits Energy Reactor (LASER)?

[1] The original餅は餅屋this is an idiom: Every man to his trade which means for the best result, one should go to the specialist who knows his business best. Mochi is Japanese pounded rice cake. Not pound cake. But pounded.
[2] The story is set in Gunma Prefecture (a mountainous prefecture north of Tokyo) if the readers forget.
[4] Otaku in this refer to enthusiast or nerd or geek, in this context, the Director thought Kazura as an Ancient History Nerd.
[5] I think he refer to officially draw a proper contract? I never work in a company before so I don’t really know. Also is the term for the paper is correct?


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