30 August 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 58

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The misunderstanding continue!
Also should I translate all the Japanese reference as it is (Her face was just like a Buddha) or localize into English (Her face was just like a Saintess). I suck at localization as I am not an Englishman nor American, though.

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すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
Yukkuri Oniisan
Editor, Proofreader:
TheDefend and the readers

Chapter 58: Is the Misunderstanding Good or Bad

When Isaac rushed out from the tent, he looked at the surrounding to find Zirconia who had exited the tent earlier.
However, since he was late to pursue her, her sight was nowhere to be seen.


Just when Isaac running towards Zirconia’s tent as it is, he was suddenly being called out from behind and so he turned towards the caller.

What are you doing with such appearance?(Havel)

The one who called him was Havel.
Havel held a copper pitcher filled with fruit wine and several documents in his hand, it seems that he was going to meet Isaac for some work.
The fruit wine in his hand was a refreshment for Isaac.

Ah, no…… I have been doing muscle training, just now. Since it had become so hot, I went outside.(Isaac)

Isaac immediately made an excuse explanation. Havel made a bit surprised expression.

Even though you had been training that many in the day, you still have a high eagerness…… You have followed the villagers putting the soil into the cloth bag from the evening, if it’s me I wouldn’t be that vigorous.(Havel)

When Kazura went to Japan, Isaac’s group couldn’t just idle without doing nothing, so they joined the Noble guards under Zirconia’s command to do practices.
The training content wasn’t as that severe as what Havel had taste under Zirconia, but it still was quite fatiguing.
Furthermore, after that training, he joined the villagers filling the bags with large amount fertilizer that Kazura brought.
Havel’s body was so fatigued that the thought of doing muscle training until the night was something never crossed his mind.

Of course, Isaac was tired too. If Kazura never instructed it, he would never do a muscle training in the night.

We-well, I happened to have time so I just went and did it.(Isaac)

As expected, you are very diligent…… Umm, if that’s alright with you, I have something to discuss with you right now.(Havel)

Isaac looked at the documents that jolted when Havel speaking. He scratched his head and made an apologetic expression.

I am sorry. I have something that I have to report to Zirconia-sama right now…… Will it be alright to do this tomorrow? (Isaac)

Is that so? Then, I will visit you tomorrow’s night. Also, this is a refreshment for you. Please have a drink before you sleep and have a nice rest.(Havel)

Havel handed over the fruit wine pitcher to Isaac and made a bow before he left.
While Isaac saw Havel off, he was really thankful towards Havel.

Perhaps, if he was not stopped by Havel and intruded Zirconia’s tent while still half-naked then what would happen? Perhaps while his mind still in panic, to dispel Zirconia’s misunderstanding, he would loudly shout,

It’s a misunderstanding! It’s not what it looks like!

He believed that he would be knocked if he entered Zirconia’s tent while being half-naked, but he paled when he thought of what would happen if he was seen by the surrounding people entering Zirconia’s tent while being half-naked.
If a strange rumor appeared, then he wouldn’t be able to show his face in front of Nelson, to say nothing of being executed.

Perhaps without the person himself realize, inside Isaac’s mind, Havel’s stock had the reached maximum price increase limit.[1]


Several minutes afterward.
Isaac was inside Zirconia’s tent, frantically doing his best to resolve Zirconia’s misunderstanding.

Isaac stood in front of Zirconia, who sat on a small stool, repeatedly stated that it was a misunderstanding as his forehead drenched in sweat.
While Zirconia was just made a Buddha-like expression and nodded to Isaac’s word.

It’s fine. I understand that you have literally devoted all your body and soul for Isteria’s sake, so I will not tell anything to Lieze about this, so please be at ease.(Zirconia)

No, there is nothing to be understood!? Me and Kazura-sama, didn’t do anything like that!(Isaac)

……Then, why are you dripping with sweat while being naked?(Zirconia)

Isaac assertively declared so then Zirconia tilted her head with a puzzled expression.

That is, Kazura-sama was……(Isaac)

When his mouth was about to speak that it was Kazura’s order to do muscle training, Isaac cut his words short.
Kazura had ordered him to not speak to anyone about what happened in the tent.
On the other hand, he couldn’t explain his situation without speaking the truth, he also couldn’t make a good excuse for this.

……Yes, Kazura-san was……?(Zirconia)

Seeing Isaac suddenly became quiet, Zirconia muttered while casting her gaze down and made a sad looking expression, before he once more looked at Isaac with Buddha-like expression.

It’s alright, I won’t said it to anyone. But, if you couldn’t endure it any longer, you can consult with me. I will make a plea to Kazura-san.(Zirconia)

…… Eh!? No, it’s not that! That’s wrong!(Isaac)

Afterward, whatever Isaac said to Zirconia, she was just gently smiling while only said, It’s fine.


The next morning.
Kazura, who had finished with his breakfast, arrived at the encampment in the village entrance to check Isaac’s condition.

Just like last night, he asked the nearby Noble Guards soldier to call for Isaac, and Isaac immediately running to approach Kazura.

Good morning, Kazura-sama……(Isaac)

Good morning…… Umm, what’s wrong? You are looking unwell. Are you still tired from yesterday?(Kazura)

Isaac was different from last night, his expression lacked any vigor whatsoever.
His eyes were like someone who had given up on everything, to speak plainly, it was like the eyes of a corpse.
His expression was weird in any way.

I still feel a bit tired, but…… rather than that, it was about the event last night. Zirconia-sama had misunderstood it.(Isaac)

Misunderstanding? What kind of misunderstanding?(Kazura)

Kazura immediately made a puzzled expression so Isaac wearily began to answer.

Last night, after Kazura-sama exited the tent, Zirconia-sama arrived at my tent.(Isaac)

Oh, so it’s a near miss……(Kazura)

Kazura made a cold sweat as he imagined that Zirconia almost arrived at the place where he was testing the food’s effect.
If Zirconia saw them, then it would be hard to make a good excuse.
She would surely become suspicious of what they are trying to do.

Seeing that Kazura was making a relieved sigh, Isaac continue his story while still showing an apologetic expression.

However, at that time I was half-naked…… And Zirconia-sama saw Kazura-sama exited the tent, so……(Isaac)

……Hm? I don’t see where this conversation is going…… Then is something wrong with that?(Kazura)

Isaac was talking as if it was a really serious matter, so Kazura asked him back with a serious expression.

……Kazura-sama, with me, that is…… She misunderstood we were doing sexual intercourse.(Isaac)


Kazura was taken aback when he heard Isaac’s reply.
Even without herself knowing it, Zirconia had a grand misunderstanding.

Wa-wait, Isaac-san has denied this, right!?(Kazura)

Of course. However, Kazura-sama had ordered to not say anything about what happened inside the tent…..  With that kind of situation, I couldn’t make a proper excuse…… I am sorry.(Isaac)

What a terrible development, Kazura was greatly perturbed.
If the situation was like this, he wanted to call Zirconia and correct the misunderstanding immediately, but he must give her an explanation that she could accept.
However, if he did that, Zircona and Isaac might end up enquiring the food effect.

It would be nice if he could think a good excuse, but the scene that Zirconia saw was really too awful.
Perhaps, if Kazura was in her place, he had no doubt that he would also have the same homosexual misunderstanding.

There were two countermeasures that he could pick.

The first option was telling Zirconia the truth about the food effect experiment last night and resolve the misunderstanding.

In this case, he could correct Zirconia’s misunderstanding, but then she would know about the special effect of the food that Kazura brought to this world.

It would be wonderful if he could fabricate some kind of proper explanation that she could accept. However, if he gave a poor explanation, it could cause a bad after effects.
Perhaps, even if he fabricate an explanation that Zirconia could accept, she would enquire Isaac for the full story for that time and there was a possibility that the question about the potato and egg might come out.
On the other hand, he had already ordered Isaac to not speak a word about the potato and egg, so it would be like disturbing a hornet nest.
Although he believed that Isaac is a person worthy of his trust, Kazura only had a shallow relationship with Isaac.
Kazura still had a suspicion that he might end up reporting this to Nelson or Zirconia.
Isaac was a military personnel, so if he knew that the food that Kazura brought had a special effect, then he would think about how to apply this effect for military purpose in one way or another.

The second option was to just doing nothing and leave the misunderstanding as it is.
Although this couldn’t be thought as a countermeasure, but if he just left Zirconia’s misunderstanding that Kazura had a homosexual preference and  have a relationship with Isaac, then she wouldn’t perform any inquiry towards the food effect.

To speak honestly, he wanted to resolve the misunderstanding that he was homosexual even if he must let the matter of the food ended up be known by Zirconia. However, considering what will happen in the future, it was something that he mustn’t do.
He had no other choice but to swallow his tears and let the misunderstanding remained as it is.
Although for Isaac, it would be an unthinkable calamity.

Kazura-sama, please do something about Zirconia-sama’s misun……(Isaac)


While still at his wits end, Kazura called Isaac’s name so Isaac sent a sight full of hope towards Kazura.


I am really sorry, but I don’t have any method to correct Zirconia-san’s misunderstanding. I will do something about this before long, so please endure it for now.(Kazura)

No way……(Isaac)

Kazura cruelly crushed Isaac’s hope.


While Kazura was crushing Isaac in the village entrance, Zirconia was sitting on a chair next to the desk inside her personal tent. Her eyes were on the unfolded out document that she brought from Isteria.
That document contained the affidavit records from the bandits that Zirconia had interrogated in Isteria.
On the corner of that documents, Zirconia had written down the autopsy report of the bandits’ corpses that she dug out yesterday.

God’s blessing, right?(Zirconia)

Muttered Zirconia while she remembering the bandits’ interrogation back in Isteria.

When Zirconia interrogating the bandits, at first, the bandits have a bit of upper hand and repeatedly made statements,

I will tell you everything, in exchange please guarantee my safety.

However, when Zirconia used the torture device that she had prepared before cutting everyone finger for the needless answers, everyone become more obedient and began to fluently answer her questions.
Although they were interrogated in a separate room, the content of their story was consistent with each other. So just to make sure, for the next few interrogations, she lied,

There is a question that didn’t match with each other.(Zirconia)

And cut one finger from everyone again.
Afterward, the bandits became even more obedient and began to smoothly answer her questions while still moaning from the pain of their severed finger.

The content of those bandits stories and the bandit corpses autopsy that Zirconia conducted yesterday was consistent with each other.

According to the interrogated bandits, Grisea Village citizens were like a monster.
The villagers that were battling the bandits, could move at a speed unthinkable for a human and immediately annihilated the bandits in mere seconds.
Especially about the Village Chef and his daughter, two of the bandits were shuddered from fear.

From those bandits stories, when the bandits intruded into his house, he held off four people while being unarmed.
At that time, Valin evaded a slash from the bandit who attacked him with a ridiculous speed and grasped the arm of the bandit who was swinging down his sword.
Then, Valin immediately broke the bandit’s arm and snatched the sword. He promptly slew the bandit with the crushed arm and the next moment he halfway severed another bandit’s neck.
Furthermore, he threw the dead bandit corpse with a superhuman strength that it blown another bandit who then flew with the corpse from the living room towards the entrance before fainting.
He also killed the last bandit by halfway cutting his torso in a blink of an eye.

In addition, even Valin’s daughter Valetta, even while being pinned by a bandit, she easily crushed the bandit’s hand which grasped her neck and knock him down with one punch.

With such extremely unrealistic stories, Zirconia was doubting whether or not the bandits was just exaggerating their stories. However, she changed her mind when she examined the corpses yesterday.
The wounds on the bandits were completely identical with the content of the stories from the interrogated bandits.
It seems that the bandits didn’t exaggerate their story at all.

……If we have this power.(Zirconia)

As soon as the fact was confirmed, she completely welcomed it. Zirconia made a grin.

The tremendous growth of the vegetables in the village that Zirconia had seen yesterday and the superhuman combat ability of the villagers when repulsing the bandits. It was clear that the origin of these phenomena was Kazura.
Zirconia also had the same conjecture with Nelson that perhaps there was some special effect on the food that Kazura brought, but after seeing the change in the village’s crops, she thought that it was more probable that Kazura had granted some kind of blessing to the whole village.

Although Kazura has the appearance and acted like a normal human, that made Zirconia sometimes doubted that Kazura is the God Greysior, but this thought had completely vanished.
Kazura was for sure a real God that hold a special power that was different from them.
Afterward, she should continue to make preparation so he would keep supporting them one way or another.

After Zirconia put all of her ideas in order, she stood up and walked towards Grisea Village.


Poor Isaac……
Zirconia had the talent to become a fujoshi…… I think she hang out too much with her men.

And so, now Kazura is targeted by a village girl (who aims to be lovey-dovey), a noblemen daughter (who aims at his pocket!), a team of a maid and her master (who aims at his status), and now a MILF (who aims at his power).
And that’s why kids, why you should buy a lottery ticket. You don’t want to be end like the man in Sodeto, Spain.

[1] This refer to limit up. That is the maximum amount by which the price of a commodity futures contract may advance in one trading day. In financial and commodity markets, prices are only permitted to rise or fall by a certain number of ticks (or by a certain percentage) per trading session. Because Susunokikuro-sensei seems to like using stock trade idioms, perhaps he is a day-trader or a broker?


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