21 August 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: The Crops Effect

Kazura slowly chewing the boiled potato inside his mouth and gulped it down.
This boiled potato didn’t have any special seasoning for the flavor, but the boiling had drawn out the unique sweetness of the potato.
The taste is thin, but the faint unique sweetness was really delicious.
If he needs to compare it to the crops in Japan, then it was similar to an unflavored boiled taro.[1]

After Kazura successively stuffed his stomach with numerous potatoes, he took 2 boiled eggs and hit the shell on the floor to crack it.
Peeling the eggshell, he thought to eat it with a pinch of salt, but he stopped since salt is something that he had brought from Japan and just eat the eggs as it is.

The taste wasn’t that different from the boiled egg from Japan, the texture was also completely identical.

…… Fuh, maybe I will be alright to just eat this much. Ah, please eat too, both of you. No need to be concerned about me.(Kazura)

Umm…… Then, let’s eat.(Valin)

Kazura prompted Valetta and Valin, who were seeing Kazura eating the potatoes and eggs, to eat themselves.
Kazura took out his phone from his pocket, turned it on and set a timer.
The timer was set to ring after 30 minutes.

By the way, what about the herbs that grow in the garden? During the time we are in Isteria, did it withered?(Kazura)

Because Kazura didn’t do anything and just watching Valetta and Valin eating, he began to ask Valetta about the herbs they grew in the garden.
It was already 20 day since they first planted the herb, so most of the seed should have already sprouted out.

It seems everyone from the village is taking care of them, when we returned, they were growing nicely. It’s just……(Valetta)


While holding the bowl with the rice meal, Valetta made a hesitated expression that made Kazura asked her again.

Compared to the content of the book that I read, their growth seems to be a bit late.(Valetta)

Eh? Is that true?(Kazura)

Yes, it’s something that I heard from the people who was taking care them. The germination period was just similar to the what the books said, but their growth afterward was a bit slow for some reason……(Valetta)

Then, you mean that the herbs that were planted in the pot with fertilizer, herbs that were planted in the pot without fertilizer, and herbs that were planted in the ground have the similar slow growth rate?(Kazura)

The herbs that received the fertilizer is a bit bigger than the herbs that didn’t receive fertilizer, but its slow growth rate seems to be not that different.(Valetta)

After hearing Valetta’s answer, Kazura folded his arm and ruminating over this facts.
When Kazura was taking care of the herbs in the residence, he didn’t feel that the growth rate was particularly low.
It just, when some of the herbs began to germinate, most of the herbs still didn’t germinate at all.

Even though we had uprooted any grown weed that we noticed…… Perhaps we had made a mistake somewhere……(Valetta)

Hmm…… Then what about the herb seedlings?(Kazura)

The seedlings size didn’t change much. But, it’s still green and healthy.(Valetta)

……That means, it wasn’t because of a disease.(Kazura)

Although he thought that perhaps it was caused by some kind of disease from this world, but if it only have slow growth rate without withering, then the probability of it caused by a disease is slim.
Perhaps, when it crossed over to this world from the mansion on Japan, the herbs ended up have some kind of special effect bestowed upon it.

I don’t know the reason for their slow growth rate even though they were healthy…… Even though they had been given the fertilizer, why they don’t grow well?(Kazura)

We still don’t know the reason for it, right? …… For now, let’s just observe their growth condition. It will be good if we know about the cause, though……(Valetta)

Kazura and Valetta then take turn in discussing the mysterious cause of the herbs slow growth rate for a while, but in the end they couldn’t found the exact cause at all.
In the meantime, Valin didn’t cut into their conversation and just continued chewing his meal in silent.

Then, after 30 minutes had passed, the cellphone alarm rang.

Ah, it’s time. How are your stomach feels like?(Valetta)

Asked by Valetta, Kazura rubbed his own stomach.
Then, he made a long sigh and smiled in relief.

It doesn’t change, still feeling hungry. If like this, then it might be alright to use the fertilizer at Isteria……(Kazura)

Valin and Valetta made a relieved expression.
However, that relief was short-lived as Valetta remembered something which made her spoke out.

Ah but, perhaps if other people than Kazura-san eat it, there might still be some effect…… I felt that we can’t be hasty in drawing a conclusion.(Valetta)

Ugh, that’s true…… But, to have a valid result we need to feed someone with the potatoes and eggs…… But, it will be of no use to feed them on the villagers, right?(Kazura)

Kazura grumbled and then once again fell into a deep thought.
To make a quick judgment on the village crops special effect, he needs to make someone eat the potatoes and the eggs and made him do some kind of exercise to exhaust his stamina.
If afterward, his exhausted stamina had quick recovery then he could make a conclusion that the village crops have some unnatural special effect.

However, everyone in this village already underwent physical enhancement, so it would be hard to judge the effect if they ate the food.
They need someone, whose body still hasn’t been enhanced, to eat the food, so that means someone outside the villagers.
If by some chance, that person manifested the fast stamina recovery effect, it would be troublesome to Kazura and others if that person spread this fact out.
As far as he concerned, the person close to him that he could ask for the cooperation for this was either Zirconia, Isaac or Havel.

When Kazura raised his face to look at Valin and Valetta, both of them seemed to have the same person in mind and spoke out at the same time when Kazura mentioned the name.

How about Issac-san?(Kazura)

It’s Issac-san, right?(Valin)

It should be Isaac-san.(Valetta)

It was a unanimous decision.


Tens of minutes passed since then.
Kazura who had finished with his dinner visited the hurriedly constructed encampment at the village’s entrance.
There were already many tents pitched up in the middle of the encampment and there was a delicious scent drifting among the tent.
It seems that it was the dinner time in the encampment.

Inside the cloth covered plastic container[2] that Kazura carried was boiled potatoes and boiled eggs that he brought from the residence.
These were the food that will be eaten by Isaac.

Kazura asked the nearby Noble Guard who then went to call Isaac, immediately Isaac came running.

Kazura-sama, I am terribly sorry to make you waiting.(Isaac)

No, I am the one who should say sorry for the sudden notice. There is something that I want you to cooperate with me…… Can we change the place to talk?(Kazura)

Then, let’s do the talk inside my tent. Please follow me.(Isaac)

Kazura followed Isaac walking for awhile inside the encampment and moved into the tent used by Isaac.
The tent was as wide as a Japanese 6-Jou room, there was a candle lantern hanging from the ceiling beam faintly illuminating the tent’s interior.

There was a cot[3] with animal fur lining at the tent corner, while there were a long table and chairs in the middle of the tent.
Atop the long table was feather pen and several parchment documents. It seems that Isaac was in the middle of his work just now.

Kazura placed the cloth wrapped plastic container atop the table without disturbing the documents. He unwrapped the cloth and opened the container lid.

……Potatoes and eggs?(Isaac)

Yes, please enjoy them.(Kazura)

I will, thank you very much.(Isaac)

Isaac shifted his sight towards the potatoes and eggs in the container and expressed his thanks.
He didn’t show any particular suspicion about this.

Then, what is the matter that you need my help for?(Isaac)

Umm, for now, can you try to eat these? It is already enough.(Kazura)

When Kazura said this, Isaac made a blank expression.

Eh? Right now?(Isaac)

Yes, right now.(Kazura)

It was obvious that he completely didn’t understand what happened, even so he lightly wiped his hand on the hem of his clothes, took one of the potato between his finger and ate it.
Then he began to chew.

…… Hm, this is delicious.(Isaac)

I’m glad hearing that. Then please eat everything just like now.(Kazura)


Yes, everything.(Kazura)

Suddenly being asked to eat the whole food, Isaac made a dissatisfied face, but he eat the potatoes and the eggs just as he being told. In a few minutes they disappeared into his stomach.
After filling his stomach with a reasonable amount of potatoes and eggs, Isaac made a light sigh and look towards Kazura.

Thank you for the food. It is really delicious.(Isaac)

That’s good. Then, about something that I want you to cooperate for.(Kazura)

Yes, please give me the order.(Isaac)

Kazura began to talk and Isaac straightened his posture in front of him.

Issac-san, do you feel confident about your physical strength?(Kazura)

Physical strength?(Isaac)

Yes. From what I see, you had tempered your body splendidly.(Kazura)

Since I have train every day, I have the confident that my physical strength is on par to that of ordinary soldier……(Isaac)

Oh, just as expected. Then, can you perform heavy activity for a moment?(Kazura)

U-umm, what do you mean by this?(Isaac)

Isaac made a puzzled expression, but Kazura continued his explanation without minding him.

I want you to do muscle training right now in this place.(Kazura)

Eh? Muscle training……?(Isaac)

Yes, muscle training…… Ah, do you know what muscle training means?(Kazura)

Yes, I know but…… Right here and right now, I can only perform push-up or sit-up. Will this be alright?(Isaac)

Although he ended up using Japanese words for muscle training, it seems that the meaning get translated through.
From his experience until now, he didn’t really know what kind of difference between words that can be understood and that can’t.

That’s fine. Then please choose the one with the heaviest burden and perform it until your limit. Do this for two hours…… I mean about one stound[4], continue to do so until you become completely exhausted.(Kazura)

Previously, when he gave the Lipo D to the dying Valin, the effect appeared after approximately 2 hours had passed.
Kazura didn’t know whether eating the food would have the same timing for the effect to appear, but for now, he thought that 2 hours were enough.
Even if the effect didn’t appear after that time, he could ask Isaac’s condition at tomorrow morning and could judge whether the effect appeared.

Eh? To that extent!?(Isaac)


Receiving an ambiguous order to do a muscle training to the limit for 2 hours nonstop, once again Isaac made a puzzled expression and asked Kazura back.
However, seeing Kazura nodded in a serious expression, Isaac perceived that it was something that he must do and so he resolved himself for the worst.
Since inside Isaac’s mind, Kazura clearly is Greysior, an absolute existence above him.
He wasn’t someone that Isaac can just retort back.

I-I understand. Then, I will begin……(Isaac)

Good luck. If the time arrived then there will be a sound ringing.(Kazura)

Isaac put both of his hand on the ground and began performing push up energetically.
Kazura sat on the chair that was placed beside the table and set the alarm in his cellphone to ring after 2 hour.


Two hours later,
Kazura who was sleeping on his folded arms was awakened by the alarm sound from his cellphone.
Perhaps because he was exhausted after working all day long, he fell asleep without noticing it.

Huff, huff, i-is it, over?(Isaac)

Kazura shifted his sleepy eyes towards the sound direction. It was from Isaac, who was half-naked and sweating and lying down with arms and leg stretched atop the cloth that had been spread out on the ground.
Isaac breaths were disordered. It seems that he continued to do the muscle training even when Kazura fell asleep.
As expected from Isaac.

Ah, sorry, I fell asleep……A-are you alright?(Kazura)


Isaac tried to stand even when he was unsteady and sat on the bed at the corner.
His irregular breath still didn’t stop, it seems he was really tired.

The air in the tent was reek with sweat odor and clammy from the heat emitted from Isaac’s body.

Umm, your physical condition is…… seems to be extremely tired……(Kazura)

Kazura was about to ask the degree of Isaac’s fatigue, but he stopped.
No matter how he sees it, Isaac was panting and it was clear that he was dead tired.
For the next step, all he needs to do is to ask Isaac’s condition on tomorrow morning and the experiment will be finished.

I-I can’t do this further…… I am deeply sorry……(Isaac)

While collecting his breathing, Isaac apologized to Kazura.
It seems he still thinking to continue the training.

No, that’s is already enough. Thank you very much. Please have a good rest.(Kazura)

Yes…… Umm, but what the meaning of this……?(Isaac)

Ah…… That is…….(Kazura)

Kazura thought for a while on how to answer the question that Isaac suddenly threw.
However, he couldn’t just explain to him the objective of the experiment.
On the other hand, to answer that he wanted to see Isaac’s strength would be too weird.
In the first lace, Kazura fell asleep in the middle.
So he couldn’t answer it like that.

I have a bit reason for it, but I can’t say it for now. Also, please keep it a secret about my current visit. You can’t tell about this to Havel-san or Zirconia-san.(Kazura)

…… I understand. I absolutely won’t tell this to anyone.(Isaac)

His disordered breath had somewhat calmed, Isaac nodded with a serious expression.
Kazura was helped by his obedient nature.

Then, please excuse me. Let’s meet again in the morning.(Kazura)

Yes. See you tomorrow.(Isaac)

Kazura left the tent while Isaac saw him off with a deep bow.



Zirconia, who was walking towards Isaac’s camp, had a glimpse of a person that left the tent.

(That is…… Kazura-san? I wonder what is he doing at this late hour.)(Zirconia)

Zirconia tilted her head while seeing Kazura’s back who was walking towards the village direction after exiting the tent.
What kind of business had he with Isaac at the dead of the night?

Zirconia was thinking deeply that perhaps there was some urgent task, as she walked towards Isaac’s tent and entered inside.

Isaac, about the state of affair at the village in the…… noon……(Zirconia)

Zirconia just entered Isaac’s tent without calling out to him.
Then, she was frozen stiff by the sight that jumped to her eyes.

Ah, Zirconia-sama…… Is there a problem?(Isaac)

Isaac, who was still half-naked until now, was wiping the sweat on his body with a towel.
There was a cloth spread out on the ground in the middle of the camp that was wet from sweat.

Zirconia immediately looked outside from the tent and confirm the back of the person that she just saw a moment ago.
The silhouette who was walking towards the village was certainly Kazura’s.


Seeing her strange behavior, Isaac called out to her, so Zirconia slowly turned her face back into the tent.
Then after her sight returned to Isaac, she cast her eyes to the ground while being flushed red.

……I promise; I won’t inform anyone.(Zirconia)

She muttered a short sentence and quickly left the tent.

After Zirconia left, Isaac didn’t understand what had happened and was just sitting dumbfounded in the bed for a few moment.
However, after ruminating what Zirconia had said and seen the condition inside the tent, he finally noticed what she means, and then he quickly rushed out the tent in a dash to pursue Zirconia.


That was some kind of grand misunderstanding….
What will happen next?

[1] For people who don’t know taro: The Akashic Record https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taro
[2] Tupper in Japan. You know: Tupperware.
[3] Also known as folding bed, camp bed, something like this:

[4] The original is時間(jikan) and (koku). Koku is an unit that correspondent to 2 hours (1/12 of a single day). Stound is an old Anglo-Saxon (Germanic) word for Hour. Hour is of Norman-French/Latin origin. Because there is no Englih equivalent for the concept. I use the word archaic English word for hour instead.


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