07 August 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: The Question of Electrical Power

Inside the electronic store that crammed full with all kinds of electrical appliances lined up, Kazura was looking at the refrigerators that were lined up in front of him.
The home-use refrigerators placed in front of him were of various models from small sizes for personal use to large sizes for a large family.

If I have this thing, then…… Ah, but I need an electric generator if want to use this……(Kazura)

While reading the specification list that was attached to the refrigerator, Kazura thought back about his diet in Isteria.

During his trip in Isteria, Kazura almost obtained his entire nutrition from canned food and so his diet was nutritionally unbalanced and was calorie heavy.
Although the taste of the luxurious feast that Nelson had provided was excellent, but he didn’t feel any sense of satisfaction even when the taste was good, since it couldn’t abate his hunger. So he it felt was somewhat strange when eating it.
But since Lieze proactively held conversations with Kazura when they were eating, it was quite enjoyable. However, Kazura wasn’t sure why she did that.

Even during his stay in Grisea Village, his entire true nutrition mostly came from the no-wash rice[1] and the canned food that he ate, so it could be said that this diet is unhealthy.
Even so, there weren’t any particularly unusual changes in his body. It might be because he sometimes ate a lot at a Family Restaurant when he returned to Japan and he only stayed several days at most in the other world.
However, if this unhealthy diet continued into the future, then this unbalanced diet might damage his body.

I wonder, if by some chance when I was eating the food from that world, I ended up using more calorie to digest the food than the calorie that I absorbed……(Kazura)

When he first experienced hypoglycemia at Leveson’s mansion a few days ago, he had just eaten a large amount of food provided by Havel.
If this theory true, then when Kazura ate the another world’s food, he would just be wasting calories no matter how much food he ate, so it might be better for his body to not eat anything from the other world in the first place.
On the other hand, for people who want to lose weight, to be able to lose weight while eating deliciously, this will be was a dream come true situation.
If he made use of the crops from that world and made a zero calorie food, such as a diet potato chip, then it could revolutionize the snack industry.

At any rate, he needs to be considerably careful regarding the food. It was fortunate that up until now, a trip to Japan from Grisea Village was just 15 minutes away by foot. However, he predicted that he would soon stay for a quite a while in Isteria and it would be a 10-hours journey to Japan even if he rode a carriage.
Just in case where he couldn’t leave Isteria for whatever reason, he wanted to bring food as much as possible.
If he could, he also didn’t want to eat only canned food or retort pouch food. If only he could store the food that he brought in a refrigerator or freezer, then it might be achievable……

Are you looking for a refrigerator, Sir?(Store Clerk)

While Kazura was mulling over this, he was seen by a store employee who then approached him.

Ah no, I am just looking for now……(Kazura)

Is that so? Then, this refrigerator is the newest model that has just been released, not only does it boast high storage capacity, but it also has a low yearly electrical consumption rate. Furthermore, its cooling power is also amazing.(Store Clerk)

It was unknown whether the store employee had heard Kazura’s reply, but he began explaining the products of his own accord.

I greatly recommend this product! Even if you pack a large quantity of food, they will be cooled evenly and yet it has low electrical consumption. Currently, this refrigerator is the highly recommended products of this store.(Store Clerk)

Umm, if I use an electric generator to power my electronic appliance, then how long the refrigerator need to be powered for its use? I also intend to choose an electric generator.(Kazura)

The store employee began to blabber of his own, so Kazura decided he might as well asked about an electric generator.
Since if the store employee was talking, then at least he could talk about information that Kazura wanted.

Let see…… Certainly, there is a model that only needs to be continuously powered for 18 hours. I think we also see this model.(Store Clerk)

18 hours? …… How much fuel will I need for that?(Kazura)

Umm, since the fuel is gasoline, then it will about 20 liters[2]…… Umm, do you also searching for an electric generator?(Store Clerk)

If it only needs to be continuously powered for 18 hours, then there would be no problem if he wanted to use other electrical appliance.
However, it would require 20 liters of gasoline for the fuel. Even if obtain sufficient gasoline enough for several months power, it would be a significant amount.
Although the amount wasn’t something that was impossible for him to do, as he could purchase from various gas stations in small amount, store it in a drum can and brought over the drum to another world.

By the way, in Japan, there is a law that requires someone who stores gasoline above a certain amount to report it to the municipality government.
Of course, there is no such law that exists in Isteria.

(It will be a hard work to stock up such a large amount of gasoline. Then, is it possible to isolate a room in Nelson-san’s mansion to place the refrigerator? Maybe I need to make a small hut for the gasoline outside the mansion…… If the gasoline inside the drum somehow caught fire, then Nelson-san’s mansion would end up in blaze.)(Kazura)

Sir?(Store Clerk)

Ah, I’m sorry. This refrigerator, please.(Kazura)

Thank you very much! What about the electric generator?(Store Clerk)

Please get me a generator with the biggest power output and the longest continuous operation time.(Kazura)

Certainly! Are you also interested in computers, televisions, or washers!?(Store Clerk)

No need.(Kazura)

I am sorry![3](Store Clerk)

Ah, perhaps a notebook. One with a spreadsheet program.[4] (Kazura)

With pleasure!(Store Clerk)

This and that happened and Kazura ended up purchasing several things which he hadn’t planned on beforehand. After he asked the store to deliver the items by tomorrow, he left the store behind.


The next morning.
Kazura, who had filled his stomach with a tremendous amount of food at a breakfast buffet in a business hotel, headed towards the HomeCenter that he always visited to finish the rest of his plan.
When he was looking over the outdoor section which sells lime, Kazura was approached by an employee who recognized him.
He was the Store Manager who had dealt with Kazura for several times before.

This is unexpected to see Shino-sama. Are you in search for anything today?(Manager)

It has been a while. I want to make mortar myself, so I am searching for lime. Which one should I use?(Kazura)

In that case, it will be better to use this slaked lime[5]. How much do you need?(Manager)

Hmm…… How much do you have in stock?(Kazura)

When Kazura asked that, the Manager had a hint of apprehension ran over his expression.
Perhaps he was thinking that Kazura would perform a large amount of purchase again.

We have 2 ton!(Manager)

Then everything, please.(Kazura)


While his listened to the same energetic response just like the one he had last night, Kazura wrote down the delivery address on the documents that the Manager had taken out of his pocket.
Just like the last time, he rented the HomeCenter’s truck to deliver it. Although he could load and transported it by himself, as expected he didn’t have the willpower to transport the 2 tons of lime by himself.
Although he must transport the good by himself when it had been delivered to the mansion, it couldn’t be helped.

Also, do you sell gasoline jerrycans?[6](Kazura)

We have them inside the store. Do you need me to guide you there?(Manager)

Ah, no need since I can go myself.(Kazura)

After being pointed out about the location by the Manager, Kazura entered the HomeCenter.
Inside the store there were a large number of goods being displayed, from daily necessities to tools. Every single type of tools and utensils were cramped side-by-side.
After he walked for a while, he quickly found the gasoline jerrycans.

Hm, perhaps two 20 liter jerrycans are enough. Also, I must buy a drum.(Kazura)

Where is the place that sells drums? Kazura was looking around.
Then he found a place where the same electric generator model that he had purchased yesterday was being sold.

Ah it’s the same model as the one from yesterday.(Kazura)

He casually approached the electric generator and saw the specification list that was attached to it.
Then, next to that specification list was a label that said Low Noise Specification ~ Long Period Power Generation.

……Ah, I’ll be had. I completely forget about the noise from the generator.(Kazura)

Since the generator uses an internal combustion engine to generate electricity, the sound it makes is quite loud.
When he bought the generator at the electronic store last night he was only thinking about the refrigerator and didn’t think about the noise at all.
Different from when using it in Japan, if he uses the generator who will give out a loud noise in a quiet place such as Nelson’s mansion, then perhaps there would be people gathering questioning the source of the noise.
Though the generator that he had purchased was a low noise specification, he was wondering how loud the noise it made will be when it is activated.

When he looked at the specification list, there was a description that mention, Noise Level 55~85 dBA.

Are you looking for an electric generator?(Store Clerk)

When Kazura was looking at the specification of the electric generator, an employee addressed him.
It was the same pattern with the last night pattern in the electronic store.

No, but I want to know how loud the sound from this generator is. Can this be run as a test?(Kazura)

Of course. Please wait a moment.(Store Clerk)

When Kazura asked, the employee leaned over in front of the generator and switch it on.
Immediately there were intermittent noises from the generator.
It was relatively noisy.

This is when it is running on full power and this is when it is used at ¼ load.(Store Clerk)

When the employee pressed the switch to cut the generator load, it became a lot quieter.
In this case, if the generator was put in a p;ace surrounded by walls or inside a relatively deep hole, the sound might not be that loud.
It’s just that he had a hunch that using an enclosed generator was a bit dangerous.

I see…… I understand. Thank you very much.(Kazura)

Yes, please tell me if you require anything.(Store Clerk)

Kazura saw the employee leave and stood thinking at that place for a while.

Although the portable generator that could be brought to everywhere is a convenient tool, if he want to use it in Isteria then there will be a problem of fuel and noise.
While it might be a good idea to bring one to Isteria just in case it will be necessary, Kazura was thinking about other ways so he can use the refrigerator and other electronic appliances.

Another way of power generation is……(Kazura)

After he thought for a moment, he took his cellphone out of his pocket and made a call to the engineering firm where he had bought the waterwheel from before.
After several rings, the amiable voice of the engineering firm’s directors could be heard from the phone.

Hello, this is Shino who had purchased a waterwheel one month ago……(Kazura)

Oh, so this is Shino-san! It’s been a while, is the waterwheel still working fine?(Director)

It is running splendidly. The pumped water amount is great, so it is really helpful.(Kazura)

That is good to hear!. That waterwheel is an excellent masterpiece. Then what is the reason for your call?(Director)

I want to buy another waterwheel, but it is a slightly different waterwheel this time…… I am searching for a waterwheel to be used for electricity generation, do you have something for this?(Kazura)

Ah a waterwheel generator. There is a waterwheel generator that is almost similar with the waterwheel model you have bought before, though it didn’t generate that much amount of electricity…… If you don’t mind about the model, then there is a hydro generator that generates electricity from turbine rotation using the inclinations and water current ……(Director)

Oh, there is something like that?(Kazura)

Yes, there is. However, our company only makes undershot waterwheel generator similar to the one you had bought before. If you want to buy that hydro generator, then our company can serve as a proxy agent to stock it from the manufacturer. Will this be alright to you?(Director)

Then, I will leave this to you. Do you have catalog for those? If there is, I will go there and check it now.(Kazura)

Yes we do. Then we will be preparing the catalog while waiting for your arrival.(Director)

Thank you very much. I will look forward to it.(Kazura)

Ending the call, Kazura made a small jump inside his heart for the information he got from the engineering firm.
Although he didn’t know when the hydro generator that the engineering firm’s Director mentioned will be stocked, but if he had it then he could have a pleasant life in Isteria.

Since the generator and the electronics were made by a technology on a different level from the other world’s technology knowldge, even if they try to mimic and build it, it will impossible to recreate a functioning product.[7]
These were on a completely on a different level from the waterwheel and the water-powered sawmill, which can be reproduced from trial and error as long as someone knows about its structure.
Different than bringing a low technology equipment, bringing them would have limited effect on the other world, perhaps the effect could even be lower than he expected.
However, as this is certainly something that can be considered as over-technology[8], it is best to not let it be seen too much by the public.
Although for the people who recognized him as Greysior, they would less likely make a useless ruckus.

Then perhaps I should prepare one drum can. It might be useful for many things if I can use the generator.(Kazura)

While he was muttering this, Kazura moved his feet towards the section that he considered would be selling the drum. At that time, a ringtone came from his cellphone.

Hm? Who is it…… not good, it’s the Gunmaa Ranch delivery. Perhaps the compost already arrived.(Kazura)

When Kazura saw the caller ID, he quickly answered the phone, and just like what he thought, it was from the Gunmaa Ranch asking where to put the compost that they had brought.
For now, Kazura asked them to pile them up in the garden via the phone, after he ended the call, another call arrived.

Ugh, now it is the Electricity Store. I never told them to deliver in the morning…… Oh well, it is important for them to deliver before the day is over.(Kazura)

While dealing with the call, Kazura called out to a nearby employee and conveyed that he wanted to purchase the drum can. Then, while holding the gasoline jerrycans in both of his hand and sandwiching his cellphone between his cheek and shoulder, Kazura walked briskly towards the cash register.


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
The reactions of the other worlders on Kazura’s magic tools, might be hilarious to read.

[1] Musenmai (無洗米) : A rice that you don’t need to wash before cooking… Well, you need to wash the rice in my country since everymtime I wash the rice I could find dead bugs, some weird small hard black thingy, and rice husk… Well maybe since I bough cheap local rice… I mostly wash it since it is polished rice…. sigh… Since people like their rice white… I only wash it 2-3 times not until the water is clear.
[2] 20 liters a day! As a non car-driver, this is too expensive. I could use 20 liters of gasoline to travel 800 kilometers by my motorcycle, enough for one trip travel from Tokyo to Hiroshima or round trip travel from Tokyo to Nagoya.
[3] This might be not apparent in English translation. But Kazura reply the clerk in a blunt clearly irritated reply, so the clerk answer him with a sorry. I don’t think this practice is common in Western Nations though.
[4] Huh??? Isn’t all notebook come with a spreadsheet program or this isn’t normal in other country?
[5] Ca(OH)2 Calcium hydroxide, also known as Hydrated Lime
[6] This thing:

[7] After all, even a simple electronics needs a lot of background tech and tools.
[8] A piece of technological device beyond the best understanding of current knowledge or capability to be reproduced. For modern humans it would be something like Gravity Manipulator, FTL Drive, Antimatter Generator, Time Machine or Quanta-Technology. For ancient people: Advance Internal Combustion Engine, all form of Electronics, or Internet.


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