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Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 3 Chapter 2A

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Postwar Arc
Chapter 2: In the Town A

One month had passed since Elfrieden Kingdom’s Army had captured Amidonia Dukedom’s capital city Van. At first, Van’s Citizens thought that the occupation would be harsh. However, since Souma strictly supervised the soldiers’ conduct, the city’s public order was actually much better than before the occupation started. Thanks to the distribution of the Susanna’s root dumplings, the fear of hunger had also disappeared. The Citizens’ wariness gradually wore down. The people that could fan the wind of rebellion: The Nobles and The Knights, had mostly escaped from the city already. Nowadays, the city’s atmosphere had become completely pacified.

It would have been alright if it was only pacified, but Souma’s broadcast of the Music Show had ignited the artistic passion of Van’s citizens. It was to the point that troubadours sang on street corners, performers played their instruments or performed their street acts on the road. Furthermore, an increasing number of the houses quickly became vividly covered with colorful paints or had one of their walls decorated with a painting of the beautiful faces of the Lorelei Three Divas, Anchorwoman Chris, or the Program Host Aisha. It had became an uncontrolled situation. It had reached a point where it was difficult to believe that this town was a military town just one month ago.

What happened in Van was what Souma coined to be an Amidonian Renaissance. It’s just… the sudden change had caused a chaotic situation, so everyday there were disputes occurring as performers competed for the same street spot. The three armies: the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, that were camped outside the city, could only pity their comrades, the Royal Army’s King’s Guard that was stationed inside the city and tasked to settle those kinds of disputes. But then again, these disputes weren’t something that could lead to a large-scale rebellion, so Van was generally very peaceful.

 ◇ ◇ ◇


However, on that day, there was a piercing voice. At that morning, Liscia was in her room that she used as a dressing room, and then, without even a single knock, Aisha hurriedly rushed into the room. Her sudden appearance made Liscia stand still from surprise, but Liscia remembered that she was in the middle of changing and was half-naked. Then, she put on her usual military uniform while throwing questions at Aisha.

What happened, Aisha? Why are you that panicked?(Liscia)
T-that is because…… His Majesty…… His Majesty has……(Aisha)

Perhaps because Aisha was out of breath, her speech was disordered.

Calm down. Now, take a deep breath.(Liscia)
Y-yes…… Hu-…...fuuh~(Aisha)

Just like how Liscia suggested, Aisha took a deep breath and finally calmed down.

So, what’s wrong with Souma?(Liscia)
Yes, actually, when I visited His Majesty to give my morning greeting, I entered the government affairs office that His Majesty utilized as his personal room, however, His Majesty was nowhere to be seen…… Then, there was a letter that he had left behind.(Aisha)

Aisha held out a sheet of paper, which Liscia received and read. It was written with these words: I will go for a journey. Please don’t look for me. Souma Kazuya[1]. When Liscia put her hand on her forehead and sighed, Aisha became panicked again.

W-what should we do? We need to quickly find him or-(Aisha)
That’s why I told you to calm down. Today is Souma’s day off.(Liscia)
Eh? Day off?(Aisha)
That’s right.(Liscia)

Liscia nodded towards Aisha who made a blank expression.

Since he had been swamped by work lately, his mental condition is barely holding on the edge, so I advised him to take a day off. I also received Hakuya’s proper permission. Also, since Souma was saying something unhealthy like Then I will be relaxing in my room and creating dolls, I asked Tomoe to forcibly drag him out to the outside.(Liscia)
I didn’t hear any of this! Am I not His Majesty’s bodyguard!? Why was I not informed of this!?(Aisha)

Aisha’s eyes became teary. Lishia shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.

Because you are too conspicuous. This is a country centered on the Human Race, so Dark Elves are naturally rare, plus your face was also broadcasted a few days ago, so you aren’t suited for travelling incognito.(Liscia)
However, this place is former enemy territory, right!? If something happened to His Majesty and Tomoe, then……(Aisha)
Don’t worry. Souma and Tomoe disguised themselves, furthermore they are shadowed by Juna-san and elite Marines to protect them, so they will be safe.(Liscia)
Juna-dono is also together with them? In that case, it will surely be… safe……(Aisha)

Aisha stopped her words as she remembered Juna’s mature smile. Juna is Aisha’s concept of an ideal woman. Beautiful, elegant, strong, and kind; a wonderful person who makes anyone unconsciously go: “Ah, I want to be like her.” However…… be that as it may, while being reminded by Juna’s smile, Aisha was alarmed by her own lack of feminine aspects. She shouldn’t let her guard down. If she was negligent, then she would end up losing all the delicious things, so she persuaded herself.

……Will it…… really be safe?(Aisha)

Actually, Liscia was also thinking the same thing as Aisha, so she couldn’t reply back.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

What nice weather this is. Right, Nii-sama?[2](Tomoe)
I agree, Tomoe-chan.(Souma)

I am now walking while holding Tomoe-chan, my Mythic Wolf Race stepsibling, passing through Van’s shopping road that was dazzling under the morning light. Since I had been working to death in the government affairs office lately, Liscia, who couldn’t let this continue, advised me to take a full  day off-slash-inspection around the capital. Although, I considered spending my day off rolling around lazily in my room just like a father enjoying his holiday, I was told “It’s unhealthy!”, and so Tomoe-chan, who had received Liscia’s order, drag me out to the outside.

As expected, since this city was former enemy territory, we were lightly disguised. Since my appearance looks like someone from the Nine Headed Dragon Archipelago, I wore the garbs of a traveler from that country with a travelling coat and a conical hat,[3] just like the appearance of a certain North Wind Youngster[4]. Meanwhile, Tomoe-chan had an appearance like a White Mage from a certain game[5], with her head covered by the mantle’s hood. In this appearance, our face were difficult to be seen. Although, I did question whether we really needed to be in disguise like this,

Whoa, there are a lot of shops, Nii-sama.(Tomoe)

……after seeing how Tomoe-chan was in high spirits, I thought: Well, whatever.[6]

If there is a shop that piques your interest, should we visit it?(Souma)

I gently patted Tomoe-chan’s head who replied energetically. Hah…… I am healed…… The rustling wolf’s ears’ fur that was soft to the touch made my feelings feel better. I also called out to a person that was located opposite from Tomoe-chan.

Juna-san, will this alright for you?(Souma)
Yes. If this is what Kazuya-san wills.(Juna)

Juna-san replied while smiling. For travelling incognito this time, instead of Aisha who has a conspicuous appearance, it was Juna-san and the ten elite Marines who will be protecting me from the shadows…… Yup, from the shadows……

Umm, Juna-san?(Souma)
Yes, what it is?(Juna)
……Why are you entwining your arms with me?(Souma)

While my right hand is patting Tomoe-chan’s head, my left hand was being entwined by both of Juna-san’s arms. She was really close. Today, Juna-san was carrying a longsword and wearing a breastplate atop of her cloth dress, so her appearance was similar to that of an ordinary female adventurer. I didn’t feel any voluptuous texture[7], but my hand was warm from the direct contact. Juna-san then made a impish smile at the flustered me.

Ah, I can’t do this?(Juna)
It doesn’t mean that you can’t do this, but…… Didn’t you say you would protect me from the shadows?(Souma)
We are properly protecting you. Even now, the elite Marines are protecting you while undercover. They are being on guard at the place that is anticipated to be a blind spot.(Juna)
Even so…… Isn’t Juna-san’s face well known?(Souma)

The Amidonian Citizens already knew Juna-san’s face from the music show. Even if it wasn’t to the extent as the dark elf Aisha’s conspicuousness, won’t there still be someone that can recognize Juna-san’s face right now? When I mentioned this to her, Juna-san answered while smiling.

It’s alright. At that time I was wearing makeup, so the impression is different.(Juna)

Now that she said it, Juna-san only wore minimalist makeup today. As a diva, she might need “enchanting makeup” when standing on stage or in front of the broadcast orb. But even now, Juna-san was naturally beautiful, without makeup she looked three years younger. Now she looks just like her age.

That’s right…… I look older thanks to the make-up.(Juna)
No, there is also your demeanor…… Or rather, you are bothered by it, nonetheless.(Souma)
I am a woman, after all…… Your Majesty, do you hate linking arms with me?(Juna)

Juna-san showed a slightly uneasy expression. Her face…… How unfair……[8]

How can I hate it. I highly like it.(Souma)
Fufufu, Thank you very much.(Juna)
Hafu…… As expected, Juna-san is so beautiful. I yearn to become like Juna-san.(Tomoe)
……I think Tomoe-chan is better staying as the current Tomoe-chan?(Souma)

I disagree with Tomoe-chan who was looking at Juna-san with sparkling eyes. Tomoe-chan is also a cute girl, so she would grow up into a beautiful woman just like Juna-san…… That’s why I beg to you, please always stay as the pure Tomoe-chan.[9]

In the end, I walked with my right hand holding Tomoe-chan’s hand, while my left arm entwined with Juna-san’s. Even though, my true identity wouldn’t be found out in this way, but in exchange, the envious look from men and the women whispering about what kind of relationship we three had were painful to endure. As I tried not to think about this, I began conversing with Juna-san.

By the way, since Van didn’t have different establishments than Parnam did and since I also don’t have any places I want to inspect either, did you have a place you wanted to go?(Souma)
When they said that you would go outside to inspect the town for your day off, I had thought of something.(Juna)

Juna-san made a wry smile at my workaholic thinking. Then, Juna-san made a quick glance in Tomoe-chan’s direction and whispered in a voice that only I could hear.

(In that case, let’s find a present like a cloth for Tomoe-chan. Since she is an imouto[10], then it will be a present from a family member.) (Juna)
(Ah, that sounds good.) (Souma)

Now that she mentioned it, since I was always occupied in the government affairs office, I haven’t done anything as a brother for her as an imouto (to be accurate, she is Liscia’s imouto, so she will be my future sister in law). Even during those times, Tomoe-chan was doing her best in negotiating with the Rhinosauruses and the Pongos. To pay this debt to her, I might need to do my best today in spoiling her as much as possible.

(Juna-san, do you know any place that has the right shop?)
(I already did the research. Please leave it to me.)

Juna-san made a soft smile.

◇ ◇ ◇

The shop that Juna-san recommended was a largish clothing store on a certain street corner. The smallish signboard was written with a stylish font with words that meant Silver Deer Shop. From the lined up merchandise on the display window, it seems that not only do they sell clothes, but shoes and ornaments, too. I didn’t really understand with my untrained eyes, but the quality of the goods seemed to be high, so this was a high-class shop. It was a shop that was foreign for someone like me who only ever wore clothes sold by mass retailers back in Japan.[11]

By the way, ever since coming to this country, I never experienced wearing something other than what I made myself. Since recently my sewing skill had increased from creating and maintaining Musashi Boy-kun dolls, except for the underwear, all the clothes I wore was something that I made. Although as someone that technically had a high salary and could make an order for custom-made clothing, I didn’t feel any desire for such luxury again (that being the case, I invested quite a lot into Musashi Boy-kun for self-protection). Even the shirt and pants that I wore under this coat were of my own creation.

Nii-sama even made something like this, Nii-sama is amazing.(Tomoe)
Well since there are no shops that sell clothing that I’m comfortable with. Well, half of it is because of my hobby.(Souma)

I felt proud at receiving Tomoe-chan’s respectful look.

But, how unexpected. For a fashion shop like this to exist in Amidonia.(Souma)
It’s because of Kazuya-san’s influence. During the music show, Kazuya-san had demonstrated that Amidoniam women may dress nicely now since they are now part of the Elfrieden Kingdom. If there is a demand, then the business will appear.(Juna)
But as an occupied city, there should be a shortage of goods, right?(Souma)
Since there is a Commerce Guild in the city. In the first place, excluding the food that was in the shortage, the Guild was coordinating the supply of the goods. For the merchants, they are suppliers for the clients, whether the clients are the Elfrieden Kingdom or the Amidonia Dukedom.(Juna)

Juna-san elucidated this fact for me.

That’s the way things go, huh?......(Souma)
Yes. Accordingly, the merchants have weak feelings of belonging to any country.(Juna)
Well, that couldn’t be helped, right?(Souma)

Even if we kept talking in front of the shop, it would be useless, so we entered the shop and a grey-haired middle aged man who wore a bartender-like outfit greeted us. Before we knew it, the black-tea scented dandy middle aged man, stood with closed legs, put his hand over his chest and made a courtesy bow.

Welcome. Is this gentlemen a traveler?(Dandy Old Man)

At those questions, my words became plugged. Revealing our true identity is out of the question, but how could we explain about the combination of a man in a conical hat, a beautiful adventurer and furthermore a wolf-girl in a white hood? While I was thinking about how to answer this, Juna-san stepped forward.

Yes. This gentleman is Kazuya-sama, a young master from a silk crepe[12] store in the Echigo Kingdom, one of the nations in the Nine Headed Dragons Archipelago Union. This girl is his imouto, Tomoe-sama. Then, I am someone that they employed to accompany them, please call me “Silvia”. Kazuya-sama is someone who will succeed the store and he is travelling to various countries to broaden his knowledge.(Juna)

She naturally made a smooth speech. Or rather, she still remembered my random talking as a young master from a silk crepe store in the Echigo Kingdom that I had said when I came visiting while on a date with Liscia. Even though I had completely forgotten about what I had said at that time. Also, who is Silvia? The dandy middle-aged man didn’t made any particular expressions and just calmly nodded and muttered,

I see. I am sorry to be late at introducing myself. I am Sebastian, the manager of this shop.(Sebastian)

I thought for a moment, isn’t that the name usually used by a butler? But then I changed my mind as I remembered that Sebastian isn’t really an exclusive butler name. Sebastian continued his words.

Well then, what are Sir and Madam looking for today?(Sebastian)
Let’s see…… For now I am looking for something that suits my imouto.(Souma)

I place my hand on the surprised Tomoe-chan’s head and gently patted her.

Well just like I said before, please tell me if there is anything that piques your interest.(Souma)
It’s alright. Let me do something like an older brother sometimes.(Souma)

After I said these words, Tomoe-chan immediately turned her sight towards Juna-san, who then nodded and took Tomoe-chan’s hand as they begun looking at the merchandise. Although she was stiff, Tomoe-chan is still a girl, and as she looked at the merchandise with Juna-san, it could be seen that she gradually became engrossed in them. I observed the sight of a beautiful woman and a cute girl going ‘kyakya ufufu’ and enjoying their shopping for some time before I began to look over the goods, too.

Clothing, shoes and decorations, furthermore there were also cosmetics. This shop really sold many different types of merchandise. It was as if this place was the Amidonian version of 109 (I never went to 109 in Shibuya, though)[13]. Even though the women had became fashion conscious, perhaps since it wasn’t the age where men pursued fashion, 80% of the store floor was dedicated to women’s apparel. It seems that this shop only sold great coats for the men’s wear.

There was several types of merchandise that drew my interest. The first was lipstick. They ranged from a pink color to a lighter color. The second was hair ornaments. It was made from gold with a small gem that looked considerably magnificent, even so it had ladybug motif that looked childish and created an unbalanced feel. The third was a choker. The bluish leather background was inlayed with silver foil stars, and the gold clasp part was depicting a bird (phoenix?) opening its wings, so it looked luxurious.

While I was looking around like this, I found myself in the front of a small loafer for girls. It had a ribbon motif and a brooch attached to it that made it looks really cute. I wonder if this loafer suits Tomoe-chan somehow.

Hey, Tomo-(Souma)
Sir customer.(Sebastian)

When I was about to call out to Tomoe, Sebastian addressed me from behind. I looked back suspiciously and Sebastian bowed.

I am sorry for my sudden discourtesy. But Kazuya-sama, may I ask you something?(Sebastian)
…… What is it?(Souma)
Let’s suppose you are on the battlefield and are having a war council with gathered generals.(Sebastian)

Hah? Battlefield? War council? Why did he suddenly bring up this topic?

Let’s assume that the opinion that came at the beginning of that war council is a good idea. If you are the supreme commander, will you immediately adopt that idea?(Sebastian)
…… No I won’t. I will wonder if there are any other good ideas.(Souma)
That’s correct. That’s why, if I am at the general’s side, if I have some idea that I want to propose, I won’t immediately reveal that idea and will wait until the discussion has reached the limit.(Sebastian)
What I wanted to say is, the bargaining of man and woman is also a battlefield.(Sebastian)
……Ah, I see.(Souma)

Finally, I understood what Sebastian wanted to say. In other words, it is better for me to wait a bit longer before recommending the loafer that I thought suited Tomoe-chan. Certainly currently, Juna-san and Tomoe-chan were enjoying choosing the merchandise. If I brought something good to them, then I would end up throwing cold water on their pleasant atmosphere. If they chose what I endorsed, then their happy time would be over and if they didn’t choose it, then we would end up in an awkward situation. Either situation wasn’t something that we wanted to happen. I felt admiration towards Sebastian’s attentiveness.

You are……a magnificent tactician.(Souma)
I feel honored to receive your praise.(Sebastian)

Sebastian made a respectful bow. I unintentionally wanted to say, Hahaha, this guy.[15]

By the way, you used a war council as a reference…… Perhaps you know that we are……(Souma)
Oh my…… Please excuse my rudeness. Actually, I only dealt with high class people until several days ago, so I still haven’t removed the attitude towards them, so I ask for your apologies in case you feel offended. My regular client is a person who loves doing such conversation in this way.(Sebastian)
No, I don’t mind it. Is that client perhaps a military man?(Souma)
No-no, that client is a really cute small raccoon type of person.(Sebastian)

Small raccoon (sly person)…… eh? Even the raccoon manager called that person a small raccoon. I am interested. But anyway, I stealthily bought several goods without being seen by Juna-san and Tomoe-chan.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

When we left Silver Deer Shop it was already past lunch time.

Ah, Juna-san. Please wait a minute.(Souma)

While we were walking to find a place for us three to eat, I called out to Juna-san to stop.

Is there something that happened?(Juna)
This is something that I want to give to Juna-san.(Souma)

Juna-san tilted her head, What is it? as I took out a small package. Juna-san received and opened the package, the content was the ladybug-shaped hair ornament.

Ah, this is……(Juna)
This is the compensation for Juna-san for becominng a shadow under the sun today.(Souma)
Please take it.(Souma)

I then took the hair ornament and then put it in Juna-san’s hair. Hm, just like I thought. The design was too childish for the usual adult-like Juna-san, but for today’s younger Juna-san, it was as if she was a girl pretending to be an adult. Extremely lovely.

It really suits you. “Juna”.[16](Souma)
!? Uuu……(Juna)

Although she behaved in adult-like manners, Juna-san made a rarely seen bright flushed red face. Finally I dealt one point[17] to the adult-like Juna-san. Juna-san then turned her face away.

Your Majesty, if Your Majesty gives a present to a woman, please also give something as well to Princess. It has been decided that Your Majesty would marry several women, right? In doing so, you must not be partial. Whether Your Majesty desires to love all the women equally or is just doing political marriages and doesn’t love all the women from the bottom of your heart, in any case, it is also an important task for Your Majesty to not let any friction arise between the women……(Juna)

She was rapidly talking on and on…… Perhaps this was her being embarrassed?

It’s alright. I also properly bought something for Liscia and Aisha.(Souma)

Whether in pretty decorations or her usual clothing (even on the battlefield), Liscia preferred things that wouldn’t hinder her movements, so I chose the blue leather choker that was stylish yet wouldn’t restrict her. Just like Juna-san, I had also been helped by Aisha before, so I chose a lipstick that suited her healthy tanned skin. This was something that I noticed when I hosted the music show, but she seems to be concerned for her femininity.

That’s why, don’t worry.(Souma)
I-Is that right?(Juna)
Yes. By the way, Juna-san?(Souma)
……Yes, what is it?(Juna)
It’s not “Your Majesty”, but it should be “Kazuya-sama”, right?(Souma)

Just now, Juna-san referred me as Your Majesty not as Kazuya-sama. As expected, that rapid talking was her way to hide her embarrassment. Juna-san made a sullen red face.

Kazuya-sama…… You are unexpectedly mischievous.(Juna)
Is that so?(Souma)
Yes. Furthermore, you are an expert in seducing.(Juna)

While saying so, once more she entwined my left arm. This time, her embrace was a bit stronger than before. When I looked over my shoulder, Juna-san was smiling and the head ornament atop her was shining with a sparkle.


Souma, conquering countries and women since summoned. Who can stop him?
ITS █████ Found out in another chapter of Souma’s: A Realist’s Harem Management.

[1] 旅に出ます。探さないでください。The standard cliché “Runaway Person’s Letter” in Japanese fiction. It was so cliché that they made T-Shirt from these words…
[2] Nii-sama means “My respectful older brother”. Just watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aDLksTDqcE
[3] *insert bamboo whistle BGM* Souma looks like this:

This was also was a reference the footnote below.
[4] Referring to北風小僧の寒太郎 (Kitakaze Kozou no Kantarou) a Japanese children Enka song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMsS-xmHP7U
[5] Final Fantasy‼!

[6] I demand an Illustration of Tomoe in White Mage Robe when Light Novel Volume 3 came out!
[7] You know what I mean. Juna-san wore a breastplate after all.
[8] Expression like this:
[9] I see that Souma is a follower of eternal loli faith.
[10] I don’t know what the English word for imouto. What little sister? What’s that?
[11] Like Uniqlo. So.. Souma is just like Maou Sadao…
[12] Actually, Chirimen = japanese silk crepe. Crepe in textile means a fabric with crisp texture.
[13] A real department store in Shibuya, Tokyo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/109_(department_store)
[14] Read Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei.
[15] Hoo boy… What Souma said is:「ハハハこやつめ」. This is a variant of a Japanese meme that came from a Sankokushi Manga referring to a dialogue between Cao Cao and Sima Yi.
Cao Cao: Then I will make a Palace that will be as high as the heavens ().
Sima Yi: Although a high Palace is also splendid, but Your Majesty's age will also increase (昇った) and ascend to the Heavens  (昇天 euphemism for death, see the pun?)
Cao Cao: This guy (yatsu is a derogatory, this bastard)! Hahaha
Sima Yi: Hahaha
The Japanese internet community then use Cao Cao's line as a response for the situation where a Lower Position does something rude (familiarly rude, not hostilely rude) to someone in a Higher Position, either through a joke or advice, but the Higher Position didn’t feel angry and/or has a big heart. Example:
Teacher: Don’t spend the Summer wasting time, alright!
Student: But, Sensei shouldn't spend the Summer alone, too.
Teacher: Hahaha, this guy. (the teacher would get into trouble for referring to the student as yatsu, though.)
[16] Souma didn’t use the usual “–san” in Juna’s name. This symbolizes that he treats Juna in a more familiar way. This is complicated…
[17] As in Kendo term. It means, Souma finally landed a hit.


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    ITS █████ Found out in another chapter of Souma’s: A Realist’s Harem Management.

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